Saturday, December 20, 2008

wiErDinG mE

i think [ and its mebe only me who thinks this way ] that when your chatting with someone on an IM you need to be a lil more circumspect. you shud write such that if, and i mean hypothetically if some crazy friend of yours decides to make public ur chat histories, you shouldn't have to change your name and move off planet.

actually i need to really apply this principle too. god knows most of my friends are just sadistic B***** and they just might do it too...
but while someone is chatting with you [ and there's an important distinction from you chatting with them ] dont you sometimes wonder? by GOD i shud just put this up on a webpage and let the world have a good laugh. this person is ridiculous.

i mean there's whacked out craz funny [ which is a kind of religion to me ] and then there's plain creepy wierd. and all the time your thinking - 'dude, stop trying so hard to be cool. its creeping me out.'

1 comment:

  1. try chatting 'off the record'
    u wont have to wonder... :)