Friday, January 21, 2011


some ppl would probably call me a terrible host.

just.. so... tired last night.

bro and sis came to the room to check it out, and what do i do? i fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

i vaguely remember getting up to lock the door. but more than that i remember nothing.

i don't think i had dinner at all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wHat wAs i sAyiNg? i fOrGet..

staying at the leela, its good. pretty good. well i wouldn't break out the awesome yet.
after couple of keycards not working, lift keys not working, random service engineers entering my room in the middle of the night to fix a lightblb...having tough time with external cabs entering the place and getting notice about it.
i think i'd say its pretty good. mebe not awesome.

i guess this projects making me worse absent minded than before. well what would you say if i told you i accidently locked myself out of the room in my bathrobe and slippers?? or that i forgot my entire hand purse in the cafe and didn't realize until i had to book a cab???

luckily i got my purse back with all contents intact.

and i only had to stand in the corridor for 5 min before the guy came running with a keycard... u know.. the guy with the turban who stands at the doorway.

maybe that's why they have phones outside every door linked to the front desk. perhaps i'm not the first... ha! i can only hope.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

dOn'T tALk To stRAnGerS

i met this funny old man on the flight yest. well he wasn't old old, just about my dad's age.
we struck up a conversation while waiting for the customs in a snake like queue and i was as usual getting a lil bored and so having a conversation with myself..
i think the funniest thing he said was, "are you born between dec 23rd and jan 23rd."
and smack, out of nowhere, everything i was saying or about to say flew straight out of my head.

this is FASCINATING. someone who can tell your b'day month just by looking at you?? now THAT's interesting. but apparently he only guessed that coz he was asking me a lot of questions and i asked him back a few questions coz u know.. didn't want to seem rude there. and he thought "aaha! someone who is as curious as me.. must be a capricorn.."

and apparenlty he tells me, if you google curiosity and capricorn, you'll get quite a few google hits. now that's fun-Nn-ni-er coz now i'm imaginging this lil old man sitting and typing away all sorts of characterisitics along with the workd capricorn into the google search box and poring over the results.

maye someone should tell him that just coz its on the internet, it aint necessarily true. but then as one of the few guys who actually helped build the internet back in those days.. i guess he probably knows more about that.

apparently he works for siemens, in seattle. and i never caught his name. though he did ask mine, and he found out where i was from, and how old i was. ( yes i have finally fallen into the trap of admitting to be few yrs younger than i actually am, but when someone says "now.. lets see... you say you have 2 years of experience, so you must be 25." i'm not gonna counter that with , "oh no, actually i'm almost hitting 30, coz... ". helloooo ofcourse not.

he did mention another thing that was interesting. i asked him where he was from in Andhra, and his wife asked "why", which is when i mumbled , " umm nothing. just curious" < hey i thought i was being polite and asking questions was the thing. heck they asked me where i stayed and how many roomies i had >
which is when he jumped in to tell me, "curiousity is good, never let anyone tell you it isn't" and its peculiar that he would say that, at that moment.
coz you know.. always been yelled at, for asking too many questions when i was a kid. and then intel tells me to always start and end at a question. and then here comes another guy to reinforce that message. funny. huh.

anyways. he was an interesting kind of eccentric man. and his wife had this half smile , sort of like.. "thank you for humoring my eccentric husband, but i really needed the break." and even though we ended up talking about gaming theory and how it was related to the swimming patterns of fish or the disaster area evacuation patterns of cockroaches, i'd say it was a not-unpleasant 15 minutes. and i wouldn't mind going through that again.

high compliment indeed sir. high indeed.

the flights were ok. not so impressed with cathay pacific. food was .. uhhh at best.
did watch 3 movies and god, i think i even watched 20 min of dabang by mistake. why salman khan decides to stop and do his pelvic thrusting dance in the middle of chasing a goon , i will never understand. but apparently that's the appeal.

aaah back in blore. and this time i'm in the nicer-er part of town! 04-05: i always wondered if i'd ever stay here every time i passed this way on my way to office. glad to see that it only took a mere 5-6 years to get to it.
i can't wait to go eat in a dhaba !!


fLyiNg oN a bRoOm

the hong kong airport, not so great actually. just another blatant imitation of the west. there's a McD and there, right round the corner is guess, or is it coach. all these handbags are beginning to look alike now.
and there's the perfume section.. aah big brands, and then they gotta hire a couple of pretty folk to wear suites and just stand around making sure no one steals them.
that must be a little stupid. just stand around all day chatting and making sure 12 handbags artfully placed in lil cubby holes are not stolen.
i mean you could atleast make it a lil challenging. maybe some fiery arrow shooting in the passages, giant swinging axes or a bed os sharp spike ala indiana jones.
but 12 bags? come ON.

the fight so far was uneventful. i got kicked, well actually my seat got kicked by the brat sitting behind me for half the duration of the flight. the other half i was dead to the world.
why does it seem, i always have bratty kids near me in these things?

saw 3 movies. the next segment is not so bad. only 6 hours. i can handle that.

as we get closer to blore, my hearing can pick out more and more ppl around me speaking in kannad. i have mixed feelings about that. while i'm really glad to hear some kannad, most of these folks are fugly man. i mean count me the last person to prejudice against you... but then man ..... i forgot how fugly most of us are.

ok gtg now. this has got to be an interesting two weeks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rEd mOrNinGs

we have one of our usual staff meetings today.

i saunter in all happy as you please since i missed the last one due to a flat tire..

and i see that only our dear dragon lady is in the room. well... looks like i'm early, but that's ok. so i enter the room after a brief second of hesitation and i sit down.

immediately J the dragon lady smiles at me, and i smile back warily.

J: morning
me: morning!

J: i'm in a really bad mood this week. i feel like screaming or crying.
me: < uh oh >

J: i really am in a funk, i could bite someone's head off.
me: < oh god i don't want to be alone with the dragon lady. please someone enter. pls pls pls. i'm too young to die!! >

< Oh boy am i glad you walked in Ken. Ken my friend!! do come in and give me company!! >

Sunday, January 9, 2011

sUd oFf

you think you know how to work a stupid dishwasher.
you think all you gotta do , is put in a lil dihwashing powder, ok so you don't have the powder, maybe you can use some of the dishwashing liquid. its the same innit?
soap is soap.
and you switch it on, to the light wash.


whoa, why is the dishwasher foaming and spewing out soap spuds and foam!!!

make it stop.. make it STOP!!

aaargh... its spreading across the kitchen. just ... too ... much... foam.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

aAaaHa nOw i GeT it

that's it! i figured it out.

my writing is fuelled by me being pissed off at you.

oh jeez , and if i'm not royally pissed at some douchebag like the one 2 posts ago... i got nothing to write.

uh oh bad news. i really shudn't have got married. it's just too non-anger inducing!

probably the best compliment i can give K or maybe the worst.

"happy anniversary, it's been a very non-angry calm 10 years"

"happy b'day. you never piss me off"

"happy new year, here's to another year not getting mad at the world"

quick. anonymous. say something stupid and pointless.
i'm sure i'll rant about it.

sO wHAt?

oh thanks.

for pointing out how glaringly boring my life has become. between 12-14 hour workdays and sleep, the only excitement i have is .. opening a new box of cereal.

the only exciting ppl i meet is , at office.

a new taiwanese tech who cracks random jokes i don't understand, a chinese s/w developer who'd like some red robin food parceled from the US, an indian in blore who's happy that he got my boss to send me there for 2 weeks, a lab tech who actually did a jiggy when he heard i'd be gone for 2 weeks ( oh well, i'll bug him even more when i get back ), a pregnant lady who complains of nothing but food and her stomach and finally my boss. the ultimate clueless one. i think thats a good name for him.

yes i have nothing to write about.

well the ultimate clueless one is a good topic.

but then he's away in europe for a couple of weeks and won't bug me. yaay!


i've been watching too many stalker movies recently.
have you ever come home and found a red balloon tied to your door ? what would you do , if you did ? well first i thought it could be K, but then i think naaah it couldn't be K. he doesnt do balloons.
ofcourse i looked around before i opened the door, and ofcourse i checked the whole house to make sure no one was inside waiting for me. i'm glad i live in a 1 bhk appt. imagine if i lived in a huge house.. i'd be forever doing security rounds of the house.

ok now i'm tired. so buzz off. i want to sleep.

ps: my bro won a couple of awards last week. so hey bro! congrats !! great job shutting up the losers who ever doubted you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

reTurN oF tHe miNionS

its hard to return to office after a prolonged break. its harder to watch everyone stumbling around blinking their eyes at the neon light.
and its even MORE harder ( yes i make it a word ) when you have a FLAT TIRE.
aaargh. stupid tire. like i didn't have enough problems today.

well , happy new yr to me.



looking back i think i have a wonderful relationship with all my tires. i've had 4-5 flats so far including both my trusty scooter and then the car. its complicated this relationship. i think the one i love the most is the spare tire. so humble, so lowly , so handicapped and yet my unsung hero, the knight in shining armor. and then there's the tire i hate the most... the one around my midsection. it's like some ugly and unwanted relative who just won't leave. ( ok now that's a bit harsh and my midsection tire is just feeling hurt by that )