Thursday, April 30, 2009

dOctoR aWay

i think ppl who go to doctors are .. well you don't want to know my opinion on doctors and their patients in general. :P
ooh trust me, u really don't.

so this just out of her teens gal wants perfect pearly skin with a glowing complexion. enter doctor 1 who prescribes antibiotics for some pimples. does he tell her to stop eating entire chocolate cakes at the rate of one per week? noooo.
so NOW, she feels like throwing up. with a fever to boot.
great. apparently no price is too high for awesome skin.

well i wudnt be caught dead in one of those clinic places. heyy, if god intended man to have a 100+ yrs life expectancy, then you can get there on your own. don't take the help of wierd stuff that comes out of a lab. any kind of wierd stuff.

oh give it a rest. considering my history, your lucky i don't set you on fire everytime you even mention the WORD doctor.
what? u just forgot the nineties?? my family history?? do i really need to spell it out???
ICU's?? endless needles?? endless pills, pipes and tubes, coma, kidney failure...
oh it wasn't me u ninny.

no thank you very much. i've seen enough of doctors to last this lifetime.
i'd rather go peacefully, as nature intended, with my body gradually falling apart.
oww i think the first to go would be my right shoulder...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

baBy bLUeS

"i can wear my asbestos underwear and put out the fire."

where else can you hear this, other than those wonderful meetings i no longer go to?
went to one of them today.. after a looong looong time.. and this is what happens :P

its wonderful how time can heal all wounds..
esp when.. well never you mind that. but that reminds me..

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain - and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.
I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.
I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-bye;
And further still at an unearthly height,
One luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.

- Robert Frost

enya - caribbean blue

Monday, April 27, 2009

oLd aLBuMs

i can see it

in my mind's eye

riding my cycle

listening to this song.

yaay :P

note to self: beatles please mr postman. orig marvelletes.
or some such thing.

hey i'm in an awesome mood today.
neither the annoying girl trying to pester me, or the suggestion of ppl to get my teeth shaped or my mom's suggestion for the nth time.. ok never mind that
none of them will get me mad today. nor that guy who emailed complaining about how he won't volunteer coz they don't appreciate the skills he brings to the table.
ok so they're high school kids , dude. they don't care if u have a double phD from oxford, harvard, watever. they just want to learn how to use logarithms.

but that's not imp.

so i met my friend from the second standard on saturday :)
and after 17 years. it was like...
oh god. i have no words to describe it.
i wonder how i'll feel to meet all of them together like in one room. S and A and V, who were my best friends. and Niv. i wonder if i'll ever ever see her again. i'm pretty sure i'll bawl my eyes out :P
i wouldn't say they were simpler times. but they were....aaaaah. i can't describe it ^_^

i wudnt say those days weren't complicated, or difficult of free of care.
but they were...
mebe i'd say days where i'd always be laughing. like a crazy loon. all the time. laugh my head off, for everything was insanely funny. actually i really don't think i've changed all that much :D

S was like the big loud obnoxious brother. i was the scared timid mouse. A was the one who told me S deserved to be punched everytime he scared me with stories of ghosts in the 7th floor halls.
S introduced me to the concept that people lie. primarily girls lie.

gawd i was such a fool :P
i rem me all wide eyed "but girls don't lie"
oh boy did he fall out of his chair laughing at me.. i was always a lil too gullible.
and the next time S told me a haunted tree story, i scoffed at him and walked away with a brave face. still didnt go near that tree though :P
u know the thing i really miss about childhood. the inability to percieve anything other than yourself and your own view point. i mean the extraordinary selfishness. there's a certain peace in it, u know.. when ur not thinking about what others think of you. or u just plain don't give a damn. when you want something and you don't care if its good for u or not, u just know you want it :P
ok i REALLY haven't changed much at all in 20 years


Friday, April 24, 2009

bArRinG aNy disTRactOnS

i wudnt be surprised if u told me i've already put this up.

i went to the most wonderful place today. it was like a dutch bar/house kind of place, and with dutch street names signs put up evrywhere and stuff everywhere. and high beams and wooden hollow pillars. and they made their own brew, as in they made their own brewery. which was interesting. i think some kind of beer and brandy and something else.... and everyone had something to drink. and i watched ppl. ppl watching is interesting. and there were some wierd couples and a couple of cute guys out there too :P

oh come ON.

k ok. anyways. it was a b'day party and most ppl got a wee bit drunk. and i watched them getting drunk. and we had 25 cupcakes instead of one big cake. and she blew out the candles...

oh so yeah i got her something. i mean everyone deserves some bling on their b'day ^_^

oh yah. the highlight of the day was that i got invited by the girls to join them to go to a place called darcels. or something. its a male strip club. ummm

cough. excuse me?? cough cough. ya sorry. ummm ya. mabe next time. did you say male strip club??!!??? [ hare ram, shiv shiv. jesus christ sweet mother of god, will my sins never cease??? i am certainly burning in hell for this. ]
oh hush u know i'm kidding. i don't necessarily think only sinners go there. just that i don't think it's very me. < grimace > come on. i don't even drink. what wud be the point???
gawd. please let me just go to some remote county library and live vicariously through the lives of other people.
wat?? u think should go?? uhhh. well i'm considering it. i mean. it IS an experience???

iN ThE wiNd

kansas dust in the wind cover version scorpions

I close my eyes
Only for a moment, then the momen't gone
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind, ohh Now, don't hang on
Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away
And all your money won't another minute buy
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind Dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
The wind

i particularly like the music part here...

vAgUe noTiOnS

you ever had the dream where you were on a beach and hiding behind some rocks with a whole bunch of people and trying to get away from the island thing. and then suddenly there were these giant earthworms chasing you across the beach and you were screaming like "aaaaaaaaaah giant earthworms are chasing me..."

and then someone hands you a laser blasting kind of gun and then ur like
"aaaaaaaaah take that you giant earthworms... i'll blast you off this beach. hahaha"

and then these waves were huge waves and they came crashing down and your warning your commander not to go surfing on those waves, but he does and then you have to follow him on this raft.
and then something happens which u don't rememeber anymore , but there are giant birds who might attack you, mebe your hiding from those crows in the first place, were hiding i mean.
and then u turn around and see this giant earthworm flying across space right towards your face and like a snake all wiggly.. eeew and aaaaaaaaaaah
you wake up??? u ever had one like that?


me neither.

[ take that freud ]

and when u get up ur twisted into this wierd position under the sheets and ur wondering where is my hand, i can't feel my hand. oh there it is. by god what is it doing there. no wonder i have this shooting pain in shoulder....

foR thE sAkE oF disCUssiOn

I insist you read that article. through that link below. oh go on, i know its a long one, but what else do u have to do on a dreary friday afternoon.

The dark side

well... i really don't know what to say to that. isn't it really just a condensed version of what's wrong with the world?
aren't rich ppl always made on the backs of poorer less fortunate folks? and isn't THAT what capitalism is? if Dubai is guilty of anything, its of following capitalism wholeheartedly without the heart. or soul.
you know what i mean. seems to me the very proponents of capitalism are finally beginning to see the effects of their politics. or something like that. i mean i know i'm sleepy but not that sleepy.

ok so what the world is finding out is that capitalism doesn't work, neither does communism, neither does... anything. actually.
bout time u guys realized that humans are a race are a greedy washout. hey hey heyy. wat i've been saying all along.

wait lets see, slavery. nothing new there... poor ppl have been building our world's greatest wonders since the beginning of time. if u have 2 people, and one is weaker. you can write it in stone, that the stronger will become king. or some such thing. so does that mean we do nothing. no no thats not what i'm saying. i'm saying, quit being so surprised all the time. work to improve it, but then stop becoming paralyzed with shock everytime you hear such stories...

ooh yeah i'm a cynic.
and yes i'm shaking my head at all u folks. esp the guy who likes his work 30% of the time and is content [ if u don't know what i'm talking about, its a vague reference to some old post :P and yes i never forget some things, until i drop dead infact ]

ok i lost the point. now i have to get back to work, i'm finally feeling a lil better today wrt to my shoulder. waged war on that damned pillow, defeated it and while it slunk away in ignomy i slept in peace. aaah my poor aching shoulder.

well well well what do we have here.
hmmm i change the seat in my office. and what do you know??? its a major improvement.
ok so now i feel like i'm sitting in a booster seat and working. but what the heck !! who cares !!
this is just plain awesome.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cYcLe tO thE stARs

i got it :P

the bicycle.

awesome !! well my friend was upgrading, so she gave me her old cycle :D
how cool is that. sure the seat is a lil too high coz i'm short u know.. but then its still awesome !!
yaay ^_^
went for a spin inside the complex yesterday :)

apparently there's this lake. around US-6
huh. apparently its nice.. well we cudnt see much of the lake in the dark. but the sky...

boy oh BOY. :O
but it still reach the densities of the millions of stars as the planetarium. for that i'm hoping, Utah will be just the thing. that's really why i'm spending 500 bucks u know.. its all about the stars...

so we drove out , to this teeny tiny lake. 20 miles out of town. and there was a stream next to it. and it was really dark. but one we switched off the headlights of the car and the blinking parking lights and everyone quit whining bout the cold.....

u cud hear it. the babbling sounds of the brook nearby, frogs croaking, and the stars singin :P
just checking if you were paying attention...

man - o - man. i wish i had some 10 minutes of silence there.. mebe next time i can go there on my own.

i looooove stars and clouds and skies in general. i just want to sleep on my back and gaze at the sky ^_^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rePEAt afTeR mE


i learnt 20 words in gaelic.
still building vocab. but i'm thinking a goal of 10 words everyday.

hows that sound??

and how do i write those special char out here?? u know..those things..wat r they called again?? watchamacallits :P

nil me fuar. fada agus cam sraid.
ta fear ard agus laidir.
nil se ramhar.

simple stuff only. wait how do they structure their sentences?? is it like english???

cool no? ^_^

cool no? cool no?

yaay !

nO, i cAn'T remEMbEr

ok so i'm wondering... i have this question.
what is the red button on my car key chain. i hear its like some kind of panic button thing. ok if i set it off, how do i switch it off? i mean u know what i mean..
interesting... hmm....

do people do their MBA's coz they've reached a point and they're bored and they don't know what else to do with their lives?? i mean i give you exhibit A.
engg, one year break for prepping, IISc, one year working in Intel, Masters of Finance ... [ uhhhh okaaay ]

i give you exhibit B
engg, working, working, working...

who's really more technically an engineer here?

u know how i define engineers? ppl who do the geek talk all the time. the one's who as soon as you give them a radio, will break it apart and put it back together. who are fascinated by the chips, the cpu power etc etc.
not ppl who use words like thingyto describe parts of the computer/car/cellphone, etc etc. [ yes u know a prime example of the latter group. yes you can say it. ]

that's the problem of being constantly surrounded by engineers for the last 10 years. u feel remarkably stupid.

"heyy, so are you referring to XX or YY for electromagnetic books??"
"the large yellow text book"
"..... who's the author??"
"uhhhh i don't know. its the prescribed book by the board. and its ridiculously large and bright yellow in color..."

"heyy, new desktop. how much RAM does your machine have??"
"enough for my needs"
"ok i'll go with 140 GB"
"that's not RAM"
"ok 512" [ now i'm just hacking away at all possible numbers i can think of ]

"heyy nice car, can you fold both the seats at the back?"
"uhhh no" [ turns out yes u can ]

i've come up with a good survival system
just say whatever comes to your mind when ur asked very technical questions. i mean either they already know in which case they wouldn't have asked you in the first place.... or they don't so they can't immediately refute your answer...
if they do come back, then plead confusion or deny completely that you ever said that.
like "dude, i have no IDEA what your talking about. i said refer the blue book not the yellow one"
ultimately everyone will be so confused they'll just learn
a. not to ask you questions with quantified answers
b. to leave you alone to get one with what your doing... its much simpler all way around....

"nice shoes, how much did u pay for it"
"400 rupees"
< after 10 minutes >
"nice bag, how much did you pay for it"
"400 rupees"
< she gives me a strange look >
"nice shirt..."
"look i really don't remember. i have this feeling that it might be 400 rupees. but mebe thats just wat i paid the last time i shopped. i also have this feeling that it might be 250 rupees. take your pick. i'm just throwing random numbers out here"
[ she walks away in a huff. mebe she thinkns i'm not telling her the price on purpose so that she can't buy it too. women are funny that way. i mean they start out all right u know. all sweet and nice, around middle age, they turn damn funny though.. not saying that i'm middle aged.. just that i've seen plenty of aunts... ok rambling again out here.... ]

ok so you see these people who haven't gone back to india like forever, like 6 years and you have to think.
'what happened?'
or mebe what you actually need to be thinking is
'nice job. how did you manage to do it?'


Monday, April 20, 2009

sOfT doUgh riSiNg

i'm thinking of learning some gaelic. i know a very very brief smattering of japanese.
yeah after watching all those cartoons, something had to stick.

wud be nice to know wudnt u think?
why? coz i like this character in a book. and he's irish. oh u want a LO-GICAL reason?
oh shut up. he's pretty cool.

so anyways... ta me fuhr. ta se ohg. ok that's all i've learnt for today. now yaaawn i'm tired.
made pizzas for my friends today. didn't turn out as good as it did when i made it last time.. i don't understand... well this time, she did come and change all the ingredients and remove the pizza while it was only half cooked. and dump a truckload of onions on the pizza which ended up not being cooked.. and blech. def not one of my better efforts....
i really don't like onion you know... mebe if we want to put onion, we got to cook them before hand and then put them in... hmmm....

my shoulder still hurts like hell. but i really can't complain, u know...
i mean i'm sure u mean well while u lecture me for 45 minutes on how i'm not a responsible adult and not taking care of myself, but its not really helping my shoulder pain right now. and seriously. lecturing is no good for folks of the 15 minute attention span.
oh i'm pretty sure it'll be ok.
don't ask me how!! :-o how am i supposed to know....

sPenDinG iT weLL

so i went to the library yest. i don't understand why when ppl ask me what i did on a sunday and i tell them i went to the library, their voice always trails off in disappointment.

but you DON'T understand...
there was this guy playing accoustic guitar in the lib, a guy called larry pattis. and then there was the brilliant sun warm on my skin. and a fountain and ducks quacking. and children running around. and u cud sit on the grass and read a book. and the next time i'm going with a blanket and a cushion and dozing off on the grass around the lake. sure there's a track around the lake, and i can take a walk when i'm feeling lil lazy. or listen to some music. they got wireless in the lib btw.
and that guy was GOOOOOOD. so i bought 2 of his CD's.

but you don't understand. i really liked my sunday. and the only reason i came home when i did was
a. i forgot the cushion+blanket at home.
b. and i was hungry. i had forgotten all about lunch.

now let the record note, that i did briefly consider driving down to Seattle, it was a seriously nice day.
but then by the time i stumbled out of bed, it was almost noon. i mean there was a BOOK. aaaw come on. ok next week for sure.

hey hey heyyy. its not all my fault. had to teach those kids on sat. and that too i went there alone. i mean, no one else turned up. volunteers i mean. so that's ok. sure i had a bad shoulder. but it kind of got better, also didn't get lost. yaaaay ^_^

man teaching high school kids is T-O-U-G-H!! they keep talking about video games and random stuff and its sooo hard for them to focus :P
but they're also very funny. and i really hope i'm helping.....
anyways. so i managed to get there only with a slight incident of panic. and come back in one piece....

oh boy i haven't even told you about the b'day party we had last night in our house. the party was fun. atleast i think so. coz i really cudn't understand what was going on. u know what wud be a nifty feature? subtitles, that wud run at the bottom of ur glasses or something as ppl around u talk in an ancient venerated blasted language you totally don't understand.
man talk about boring. am sure glad it was at home and i had my computer...
well there's a lot i can take for cake.. so atleast that's SOME consolation. and i also got to see a grown man beg before getting egg on his head.

but seriously. i wish ppl would stop inviting me to parties, nay insisting that i attend the parties. how do u tell ppl that they throw extremely boring parties??
oooh oooh that reminds me i got a question for you guys.
if u have a pretty girl next to you. how annoying does she have to be to cross over from being 'cute' to being irritating??
i mean have you noticed? u see some girl that guys would consider pretty, and she's acting all cute and stuff. and then she turns all whiny or something. and u have only one litany running through your head. something like "shutup. just grow up already. it stopped being cute 2 hours ago"

it makes me question. about guys and girls in general. i mean the kind of girls who do it and the kind of guys who like it. coz u see them everywhere around you.
gotta run.

girls scare me nowadays. i mean i know, that in general girls tend to be a lil ... ummm.. unbalanced. but seriously. the most bloodthirsty of the lot was this girl who actually went to our fridge and wanted to take the whole egg tray with her to pelt the b'day boy with eggs later on.

lady go get ur own egg tray and do it in YOUR house. don't ruin my carpet.

and this other one, who apparently had prev slapped this other guy. coz he apparently joked about something stupid.

man! goose bumps. seriously when guys tell me that they like such girls i can only as one question.
what went wrong?
ok that's two questions....

is it a sign of growing up?? but i don't ever remember having the urge to break an egg over someone's head.



or beat them with slippers for their b'day.

it also makes me wonder. when i see silly girls. have i also been guilty of such things?? after all technically i'm a female too. i shud have those genetics somewhere in me. to do stupid stuff like that. ugh. gives me the hives to contemplate the possibility.
for example what comes to YOUR mind when u hear someone say in a silly giggling way

"ooh my.. < giggle > i'm sooo silly. i talk without thinking at all... < giggle > how cud i be this dumb < giggle >"

me thinks if i was that dumb i wudnt be so proud of it. and a lil more stricken...

that reminds me. the funniest proposal i ever saw was on this movie, city of angels when the guy who was later dumped proposes to her...
"hey u want to get married? we're the same species" < expectant expression on his face >

ROFL. hahahaha. that's like HILLARIOUS. heyy if i was in her place, i'd have TOTALLY said yes. same species??? HECK YA. that's AWESOME. ^_^

rEadiNg fRazZ

i'm reading this new comics called frazz.
about a genius cycling janitor and a 6 year old. and what i like best about it is the vague cultural references they make to books and music. and so now i'm making a list of all the authors or singers he talks about.

coz u know how when you read something you stumble on something else and then u read something else?? like sturgeon's law leads to pareto's principle and etc etc??
right so i wasn't as well read as you. and besides i forget stuff, like an alzheimers thing....
but u gotta admit that's interesting.

ok since this is the best place for me to list stuff for all future references...

beethovens ninth
journey's open arms
rodney crowell's earthbound
johnie ray songs
moveable feast
death in the afternoon
the time machine HG wells
theodore sturgeon
jumping frongs of calaver country mark twain
thomas pynchon
tourist season hiaasen
david mammet
the gashlycrumb tinies - edward gorey
the stupids die book
chiltons repair manuals
isaac asimov
richard russo
dantes vision
hunter s thompson
dave mathews song
jack johnson song
hank williams III song

so this is the list of stuff that i want to listen to/ read/ watch

cool huh.

i L-O-V-E frazz. and all the trivia he throws your way.
ESPECIALLY callipygian. thats like an AWESOME word for the day :D

so the thing was Caulfield was asked to write his race in an assesment test, and Frazz tells him when he is asked for his race he always puts down Callipygian.
:D has it from 2001. and right now i'm at 2005. i've already done part of 2007 before... so i only got a couple more years to go max...
wait i still gotta add to the list.. some of the stuff is on the other machine. will add it in later ^_^

oooh oooh
Jack Johnson song

ok some more
jimmy buffet
cannery row
francisco goya
crow graphic novel
elmore leonard
ansel adams
j d sallinger
slaughterhouse five
dorian gray oscar wilde
harrison bergeron
james joyce

Saturday, April 18, 2009

OLd aNd tHe neW

you'd get away with charging me with a lot of faults. but a lack of depth or layers can't be one of them. oh come on.

anyways, so we have this dining table and its interesting that a simple act of getting a dining table can reveal so much about people.
so this table, we got it for free from a friend. and its a pretty good sturdy, made from good solid wood. but its been moved a lot, so its kinda scarred. and not so smooth perhaps.... well its just got scratches on it.

so i look at the table, and i'm pleased. don't ask me why. i just am happy with the way it is.
you look at the table and start making grand plans of buffing it to a polish and applying some varnish to it..
well mebe that's a good idea from preservation of the wood perspective, what do i know?
but i kind of like things with flaws in them. i think they show character. ok so mebbe not always a good character. but they show that you've been through a lot and you've survived. kinda like my dog eared, much folded copy of reader's digest in my suitcase. which goes where i go.

that's why i prefer old books to new. old furniture to new.. also another reason could be that knowing how clumsy i am, having imperfect possessions gives me the buffer i need when i handle my stuff :P

Friday, April 17, 2009

hObbiES foR a RaiNy daY

rm: "heyy"
me: "heyy" < i go back to my puzzle after a brief distracted glance >
rm: "so did u hear about H's girl"
me: "ummmm"
rm: "u heard about how she slapped C in the bowling arena?"
me: waat! :O ok this is wayyy more interesting than my puzzle. that can wait. why the heck did she slap someone???
rm: "apparently she's a bit unbalanced"
me: "waaat!! u mean high strung...."
rm: "well i don't approve of H with her at all.. he totally deserves better."
me: "uhhhhh well unless ur willing to drop ur current almost boyfriend, then i don't
think we shud talk about who he should be dating..."
rm: "apparently she also fought with two of his other friends and then started crying..."
me: ......

what? are guys that dumb? to go out with such .. umm.. dangerous women?? jeez louis. just stay away from me all u crazy ppl. and let me go back to my ... yeah yeah so i'm a loser for having such a boring hobby.

c: "so what do you do on weekends"
me: "nothing much... " [ voice trailing off. i see her expectant expression and start listing all, i mean ALL of my activities. ]
... and then i go to the library... [ still the expectant expression. slow panic beginning to set in. what more do you WANT?? ]
... and then my jigsaw puzz... < voice lowered to a mumble >
c: "omg, u mean you don't go clubbing or pubbing"
me: "uhhhh no. u mean u do? i didnt even know there were dance clubs in the area.."
c: "how can u not go anywhere. why don't you go anywhere.."
me: "...." [ no really. what DO you want woman. where am i supposed to be going?? ]
c: "don't you cook?"
me: < wince > "no. not that much. but you see...." [ i know what's coming next ]
c: "do you go out? why don't you go out?"
me: "u mean for food?? uhhh ..." [ ok i'm officially lost. where should i be going and with who should i go?? ]
and while her expression changes from horror to sympathy to pity and she starts to tsk at me, i wonder how fast can i excuse myself and go back to having my lunch at my desk. i mean seriously. is it really that terrible that i'd rather spend my free time doing something that i like, even if the rest of the world thinks its completely dorky??

hey u know what i want to do next?? ^_^ build one of those model ships. u know... paint it and all. and then take up knitting. and knit a muffler for myself. i mean wat?? they're arts and crafts.. never did much of them as a kid. am thinking now that i'm all grown up i should be able to handle a bottle of glue and blunt scissors without ..... uhhhh.. never mind.


by Jove. this is some awful pain.
i mean my right shoulder..

yeah yeah it started with the left and somehow that got ok, and then now its my right shoulder. god. i mean i'm not in screaming agony or anything. but its terrible.
aaaaaah i wish someone would just shoot me in between my eyes, or mebe walk on my back. whichever is more convinient to you , you choose. [ yes i know what your thinking, if it means i'll quit yapping, you prefer the shooting... ]

aaaaaargh. well on the plus side, [ ya i guess there always is ] i didn't sleep at all coz of the pain and so i started on my next jigsaw puzzle. sigh.

its like along the shoulder and neck. like it hurts even to touch my shoulder.

mebe u can be useful and strangle me? < hopeful tone >

baaah. your NO help at all >_<

ooowwww < whimper >

Thursday, April 16, 2009

jUmpiNG hoLy CoW !!

be careful what you wish for.


well i feel all fay...

heyy do you remember this one? from your past?? along with that it's a small world song??
check this out!!

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon,
The little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.[1]

awesome !!
oh come on, u know u want t sing it :D i'm just too delighted for words...

look look !!


cAn'T i juSt Let oFf stEaM ?

ok so i like popular pop or whatever it is.

ok ok i admit it, Taylor swift is just canned bubblegum kind of music. so i like the melody. shrug. like i give a.... never mind.

but u know what?? its galling. the kind of prejudice that people have. the assumptions they make.....
i mean heyyy , if you wanted to stick to your pre-concieved notions about .... sigh. i did promise didn't i? that i wudn't talk about people??
not even donkeys who said idiotic things and made random generalizations.

i cannot even BEGIN to tell you how many times i've heard some of them. the random stupid stuff i mean. and without fail everytime i've wanted to yank out my hair and punch someone on the nose.

*the younger generation has no respect for their elders. tsk tsk they just don't listen [ heyy that's like sooooo not fair. here's a news flash lady, ppl have been blaming their younger generations for the last 3000 years. let it go already!!! :O just let the kids listen to they're rock music in peace.... ]

*________ ( they ) have no culture. while _______( we )has a lot of culture.
[ oooo-kaaaay < me rolling my eyes > here's another news flash just for you sweety, all your puritan ideas are actually victorian in origin. all that stuff about not wearing sleeveless and not showing skin? guess where it came from? that's right. queen frickin victoria. a bloody prude. do u actually think that before her, we gave 2 thoughts to who wore what??? for the love of GOD we founded a nudist religion!!! [ very impressive :O ] but will you pls pls pleeeeeez give the moral police a rest?? ]

*i will eat only the food of my ancestors and talk only the language of my ancestors and watch only ______ movies coz that's the best. [ u can fill the blank with ur choice of narrow minded bigoted... whatever. sigh, let me ask you this. now try to grasp this. if your NEVER ever going to open ur teeensy weensy brain to other possibilities in the world and look around you once in a while AND admit that we don't necessarily have all the answers, then what are you doing here?? mebe u shud sit in your village and blow. ya just blow. shrug, don't ask me what? just sit there like a beached whale and blow willya?? it'll be mighty less irritating than me having to listen to some of that rubbish. ooh and btw didn't you tell me your great-grandpa migrated and adopted your current place and essentially doesn't that mean all that your strutting around as your "culture" isn't necessarily yours???

yeah u guessed right, i really dislike nationalistic prudes who go on and on about how great they're culture is. heyy! HEYY u wear full sleeved clothes and ur almost part of a live-in relationship. guess what the BHP/VHP/RSVP would prefer.... ]

*i don't care.
[ gaah! it's when i often hear this all the time.... that's when it really hits me. ppl accuse me of not caring.... but that's like sooooo completely wrong. if anything.... mebe I... never mind.
coz not caring? if you really want to see someone who truly doesn't care? about anything other than their little pod of a world? then u just come on by.... ]

oooh i'm in full form today aren't I. and after all my good intentions not to bash someone. sigh.
i think i need to go somewhere on a break. i'm thinking.... montana.
i wonder how much it wud cost to go by myself ? and just check in somewhere and look out the window. that wud be cool.

and i also wonder what would be suitable revenge for friends who take you for granted??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thE cARtoOn waY

heyy what do u mean?? that's SO rude!!
what do u mean calling me a cartoon?? i mean... i DO act like one sometimes... but still...

sigh. ok so today wasn't all that bad. i did get to meet this guy who works in Intel who got an Emmy award this year :O yeah right!!! an EMMY!!

other than that i only managed to make something horrible for dinner, throw it out, burn myself on my stomach, change my shirt twice coz i spilled food on myself and then accidently waxed off half my eye-brow.
ouch < wince >

sigh. yup i am a cartoon. a hungry cartoon. well you don't sound like u want to listen to how i ended up with 3/4th my original left eyebrow....

i finally found it.
the song. just a chance line on some random show and i finally found the music.

u know why its stuck in my head for the last 24 years ?? when i was a kid like a really really small kid [ that's right i didn't just burst from a pod, despite popular belief ... ] i had this doll and when u sat her up, and wound her key, she would sing this song.

this is like my MOST FAV tune in the whole world.

Disney's It's a small world. sorry didn't find a video i cud embed easily. and too bored to search any more.

hmm mmm hmmm mmmm mmmm la la lllaaa laa laa laa


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

whiNeTh aWAy

sometimes i absolutely positively dislike being a girl.

i mean. look at me!! my eyes are LEAKING.... waaaaaaaaaaah.

hooooooooonk....... < blowing my nose >
its just so saaaaaaaad.

all those .... snifff... sniff....soo many.... sad things. the planet is just gonna... we're all gonna... just die.....


sniff.. sniff... let me check the clock. it must be atleast 3. close to quitting time.

WAAAAAAAT its only 12:39
aaaaaaaaaargh. why hath time frozen!!

commmmmmmmmmeeeeee ON. i'm tired. < whine >

Monday, April 13, 2009

tRyiNG haRd tO pLEaSe

it was perfect. kinda.

i got up. looked at the plank.

then i set up the god. the badam, the raisins, the rice, the turmeric, the red powder. oh the kumkum.
woke up my sleepy roomies. she made a sweet.

it was sweet. no no not the sweet. our efforts at pleasing god. well atleast i thought so. so we prayed.
so it was a lil clumsy. a lil awkward. didn't really matter. we played something nice on youtube. some tamil, some kannada, some tulu.
all together. we prayed. and felt awfully pleased with ourselves.

i come to office.


i can't believe my eyes. i check it again.

the festival....

oh MAN, its TOMORROW ????

oh well it was like the practice dress rehearsal then. tomorrow we'll do it in style
i really hope god doesn't mind.

oooh ooh saw 3 movies yest. monsters inc, kung fu panda and madagascar 2.
there is no charge for awesomeness ... he he he

and read 2 agatha christies. and a half mary higgins clark. my brain doesn't know what to hang over right now... u know.. book hangover. movie hangover. brain freeze.
well its marginally better than watching monsters inc 3 times. which my roommate did btw. yest.

ok now please ppl. control urselves. don't freak out. i'm not turning all goooey.
its just a nice tune i heard on the radio today ^_^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

sOoThe tHe bEasT eaSy wAY

variations on kanon by pachabel something
george winston

trust me.
and the piano version is.. ok its a tie i can't decide which one i like more.

and yes i listen to classical music.

screw you. and yes i'm feeling a wee bit like kickin u where the sun don't shine. so back off.

Friday, April 10, 2009

sETtiNg tHe sCEnE riGhT

Why you should have got leg shackled last year

:D ok i admit 40 secs is not enough for me to grasp the idea. i didn't understand the whole video. was it the same guy??
all i know is that it's taking aim at well.... u guys :D

oooh oooh so in my office...they gave us all a whole bar of chocolate. hersheys!! for easter !!
it's shaped like a bunny too !!

i love it. mmmmmmmmmmm. wait stop don't talk. am enjoying my chocolate.
well u know what they say about chocolate ;P

he he he

oooh oooh wait i finally bought a chair for my room. yup that's right. no no no not a lazy boy. this is even more perfect. for me to sit and read books....
its a deck chair.


u heard right. it's a deck chair.

u know when i was a kid, i had this barbie doll pool set. and it had a pair of deck chairs and she looked soooo comfortable sitting on it. and i always thoguht how awesome it would be to sit on that and read a book. right? and ever since, i never knew it, but i always wanted a deck chair in my room. ok ok so its not white and wooden, like the movies. its kind of brown and goes with the theme in my room kinda.

so now i have the chair, i still need a table and blinds for my room. and a dresser kind of...

oooh oooh i'll have the best room ever. it will be part library, part snack bar, part bedroom, part....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

exTRa baGgAge iN my hoUSe

ok so lots has been happeni--ing [ say the last word in a musical tone ]

there's a soap opera going on in my own backyard. forget the backyard, the crazies have kicked in the door and camped out in my living room. there's turbulence in my own life [ well ahem. that's the part i can't tell u about ]
there's a sick grandma, a pesky boss, a bored housewife.
a.. a... person? well he is a person. but i don't want to say 'a guy'
makes him sound more interesting than he actually is. i mean not to say he's not interesting. am sure he is. to... ummm... weevils?? wait sorry. i'm sure he is... ummm.. never mind.

forget all of that.
so forget the part i typed in just now and deleted too. i mean u don't need all of that stuff either :P
ok so who cares that no matter where i go there seems to be a spurt in the growth of live-in relationships. i mean it's all well and good. but i absolutely irrefutably draw the line when a guy stays over and the next day i find him walking around in girl PJ's..... ok so they are some generic black slacks with white stripes on the sides...but still.....

get your own PJ's man.
from your house which is 45 seconds away from our front door.

aah well. this is the US. we can prob do anything we damn well please. i wonder how he'd look in pink flowery..... aaargh my eyes. get out of my head!!

aFTer tHe sPriNG breAk


ufff u just GOT to understand. there are certain things i just CANNOT tell you.
mebe if you were ...

dear diary,

today a black cat crossed my path....

well your NOT.

hufff and if u can't figure it out for yourself, then i'm not telling you!!


ok sometimes i just amaze myself on how much of a girl i am!!
he he

all right all right. so i have something i wish i could tell you. but i don't want to. coz then you'll know. [ wat the... ]
he he he.

on the bright side [ oh there's a bright side to insanity?? ] the school work is going wonderfully. dude i really think that's like... my calling.. kinds.
we start our actual tutoring sessions from next week.

right right. and currently i'm hunting for that person in I who i have to talk to, to get the kids from the CTS community shelter kind of school to visit the museum in the company. didn't get that?? i think a week long break has garbled my brain. ok who am i kidding. i work in Intel. the I stands for Intel. there.
right. so we have a museum here. right? some science, intel thingy.
now the kids in CTS ( a diff school from rosemary anderson obv) are younger and from a poorer background. right? u with me so far??
and they wud L-O-V-E to come visit the museum, right?
so i'm trying to find out who i need to talk to about that.

phew. man ur slow on the uptake today...

now that i'm feeling all warm and glowing on the inside. well here's wat i'm hoping see? i'm hoping this becomes a large project independent of person, so that when i leave next year... [ oh boy you heard me. i'm still leaving. i aint building bonds to this place to stay here forever or anything. atleast i think so. as of now. that is ]
so that when i do leave, then it won't just fall apart. see?


so that's what's happening on this side of the planet oh btw i finished the 500 piece puzzle and last night i finished the 750 piece puzzle.
and also if ur seeing fewer posts nowadays, that's just coz i'm sticking to my new years resolution to not say anything unless i got something nice to say. i mean i'm sure your DEF not interested in the natural progression of the love triangle that's happening in my own living room , right before my very own eyes. yup. that's what i thought. u don't wanna know.

toodles honey! until next time.