Monday, December 31, 2007

mY b'DaY

it was the best of times

it was the worst of times

one of the most poignant starting lines in a book and perfect to describe my week.

my b'day week. i had my b'day a couple of days back and i gave myself the best gift possible. a complete hibernation from the world. i didnt check my email, didnt care about my phone. i didnt come online and didnt reply to emails. it was like i dropped off the face of the earth. and i have to admit , it was glorious !

strong words :-/ but i wasn't depressed or sad or didnt feel despondency.. oh hell i can't spell. i was content to read my books. to sleep, eat and read my beloved books. granted they had to be done online. i listened to peaceful music and i didnt have to deal with anything i didnt want to.

in a way it was a brief respite. i know i have to get back to it tomoro. the world. i cannot hide forever. but it was a good break. i know i need a longer.

sometimes i've thot assylums are probably the best places in the world for sane people. how can people ever get bored with solitude. if they have books that is?

i can say my 25th b'day was awesome. coz i spent all night reading and then all day sleeping. yes i can say that it was truly bless'd.

aaaw jeez i gotta go back to school tomoro... until the next break i can have ....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

kiLlEr beEs

in exactly 3 days it will be one whole yr since i came to this .. place.

now i wish i cud pontificate ( a new word i learnt from another fav prof ) about how i never realized how time flew and all that. but the truth is. i WAS aware. every excruciating minute of it. every day i was aware of the minutes i spent away from home and as snoopy says, the mere comprehension of actually having spent a yr out here makes me wanna bang your head on the nearby wall.
ok ok snoopy didnt say that, but its just sounds way cooler if i quote him.. ya know?

i think i have reached the pinnacle of success in my life. why? coz i have started a blood feud with this annoying... person. actually i seem to have started blood feuds with many annoying... persons. except that this one is different. this one is hates me too. the rest are just nincompoop dodos who dont know a blood feud when it hits them in the face.
ha ! u blundering fools atlast i have an arch enemy worthy of my time.

ok i admit it. all the hibernation seems to have got to me. i'm wierder than usual. must be all the disney cartoons i've been watching lately.
yaaaawn , okies back to sleep. i tell ya. bears have got the right idea.

u shud read this comic strip everyday. agnes. its funny. i mean its as funny as calvin sometimes. kids that have a killer sense of irony. that and chocolate chip cookies make life worth living :P

Monday, December 17, 2007


so i try to go shopping. and what happens ???
we get lost.
well not lost.

but we got off the bus about i/2 hour away from the bus stop and ... and than wat !!
we trudged the rest of the way, singing wayward songs... and seeing our life pass us by.. boy was it freezing. and there we were walking in the middle of a snowstorm and trying to keep our limbs from falling off.

it was funny.

well the gud news is that i finally have a coat. woohoo.
and my fees for next sem will be paid off !

woohoo !

i'M dOne

stick a fork in me, am done !!
whew its been a tough couple of months. like we said .. ( thats me and my multiple personalities.. yup they'r back )

wooohooo !! am done. and i don't even care a damn about the coming cold and long winter months !!! :P

so what if i got crazy morons around me who call me unspeakable names !! so what if i got work ahead of me and no chance of a break. so what if my colleague next to me in the lab is trying to turn me into a true blue christian ??? so what if my mother back home is desperately trying to off me. well not kill me, no. but trying to get rid of me. well u know...

so what ??/
a lesser person might despair ! but not me !! woohoo. am done.

ouch. i just tripped over the chair while i was doing the single-boy-am-i-glad-to-be-done dance.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


its always strange, when a well meaning christian tries to convert you.
i mean has it happened to you yet ?? u shud try it sometimes.

they'r very friendly folk you know. and i think its part of they'r thing. u know get more sheep. all very noble ofcourse. but not helping the global balance at all.
its sad that these gentle people, are so mixed up. i mean i'm sure they'r a fine folk, but its ridiculous. them trying to convert everyone around themselves.

unfortunately for my shepherd friend, i am a lil too opiniated to be swayed. and besides i'm part agnostic, part fanatic when it comes to this one topic.
no way am i falling for some cockammammy story on how one religion is better than the other. if you want my opinion ( and am sure u do.. yeah right )
there's one god and if he didnt exist it wud be necessary to invent him. its just one giant coping mechanism , and if you got time and your interested i got this fabulous idea on how energy is concentrated and becomes god and how our brains control our reality...

thats what happened you know...
i ended up giving the poor guy a lecture, on how all gods are one. and the universe is just made up of energy. i did get a ride home though.
mebe that was time well spent for him..

Monday, December 10, 2007

wiErD fRiENds

so a friend of mine pings me after a long time..
just to say hi.

i got an exam due the next day. right? so am a bit terse. i mean i'd LIKE to get all chummy with you pal , but hey take it up with my prof. or mebe my moronic project teammates who decide they'd rather party than do anything else ...

ok ok its just the frustration talking..

so he pings me. (yes its a he, we have now established that)

me: "hey"
"how you doing?, by the looks of your blog, your not doing well"
me: eh what ?
"yeah your pathetic "
me: "whaaaat ?, excuuuse me". "oh are we doing that now??" "ok i think your a **&%^%* &*%^$ *&@%&&!"

lets just say you don't want the rest of the conversation. its def PG rated. :P
i mean whats with these wierdos??? ofcourse the more pertinent question is. what the heck are they doing on my friends list ?
its funny. oh come on u know its funny. just like that time you told me you had carpal tunnel syndrome, i thought it was a joke and i insisted you type out the entire chapter 3 back to me just for kicks... ok that was not that funny...

but then seriously. wats with guys ?? are they born morons??? and the explanation was
"you jumped the gun i was just saying your circumstances are pathetic."

yeah like that helps a lot.

with the mood i'm in right now. i could just kick someone's ass. mebe yours. mebe the chinese guy sitting next to me. i don't know. i could just do it ya know.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

iT's hErE

sigh , its here... the snow. too early.. much too early.

i got only one thing to say


aaaargh, i need to sleep.

just finished the demo yesterday, it wasn't that bad, not as bad as i thought it would be...feel like my term hols have already started ! yikes hakf the day is already gone !! ok gotta get back to work... see ya in 2 weeks


its the home stretch...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

fiNaLs aRe hEre

being a person with OCD , doesn't help at all... ok ... so i started the story from the middle , but isn't that the best way to tell a story ???
start at the middle, go any which way you please based on a random prob generator and then hit the beginning somewhere along the way....

if your lucky, your listeners will be so muddled you can then ask them for lunch, then they might just look dazed and hand you the money.. or bring you lunch. either ways your good. ;P

ok i've started rambling again, not a good sign..this is what happens , end of sem..

this week has been gud, all my old friends started pingin me , one by one.. u know .. friends from my old gang.. reminds me of how close we were. ok we used to bitch a lot. but its like the siblings thing.. u know like brothers and sisters.. have you watched that show? we're all like that...

yeah i miss them, and i don't know when i'd get to see them again ... everyone keeps asking me how come i'm not going home.. i don't know. the thought never crossed my mind. am sure when next summer i'll look equally puzzled. hey what do i do at home? when i got research piled up all around me out here.. mebe its coz i JUST CANNOT imagine booking a two way ticket to go home..

but all thats besides the point.. so everyone is going home..for the winter.. for the christmas.. hols and cheer and all that bunk..
thats nice.

even ppl who went 6 months ago are going home.. thats nice..

last 2 weeks of school and things are heating up. its great. but this sem was pretty slow compared to last sem.. don't even rem the last month of spring.. but here i am, excruciatingly aware of each minute...
well its the last sem of crazy subjects i hope.. nowhere closer to the answer than when i started out.. but then we don't want to start talking about that ! wrong time wrong place..

ok ok
am going
have rambled enough for today.
you'll get a disaster update after all the exams are done :P

have a gud dec folks.. 07 is almost over and boy was it a ride !