Monday, December 6, 2010

cAn iT geT aNY bETtEr

when someone tells you they are just thinking aloud, and then it turns out that ahem, you'd rather they had thought silently instead.

had an 8AM meeting today.



mute.. mute... Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. gosh dangit!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

bRead aT yoUr weDdiNg

i'm trying to make bread tonight.

mostly coz i'm curious, and the rest coz i'm bored.

bread always is such a huge mental block aint it? i mean if i could make bread, then i can probably make any of the other dozen things listed in an enid blyton book breakfast for the famous five. remember the famous five??

here u can read about the process here - bread making for dummies

sorry trifle distracted this week. what with being a lil anemic, and A getting hitched, , < hey! congrats A!! > and us deciding to make another whirlwind trip back to the south-east coast < i really hope i remember to get my paws fridge magnet > and it being a year since i got hitched < aak a year already , and its been SO quiet !! i have not even written a hundred, nay not even 50 posts !! so very quiet, so mysteriously and eerily quiet, what has marriage done to me quiet??!! aaak and i have no turned to baking bread! i mean good lord, aliens have finally mind transplanted a bread baking alien in my place and someone save me ! >

ok ahem, calm down QoD.
its only a wedding, like 4 months away and its not even yours, though just the severely repressed memories of the last trip would make anyone a bit hysterical, and you might feel completely justified in throwing a hissy diva fit when you recollect the shade of lipstick you'll be forced to wear, and then you might recollect Stockholm syndrome and mouthing tiny lil "help me" into the very very bright flash lights the very helpful photographer would be shining onto your sweaty face and all the while when your very very hungry and feel like punching the next person who comes up to you and insists its the best day of your life.

yes lucky i'm not the lucky bride this time. and lucky that i'll actually get breakfast and lucky that i won't be weighed down by 5 pounds of headgear and 5 pounds of .. things around my neck that i won't even be able to sit straight and won't K be lucky coz i won't have the uncontrollably urge to jab him in the ribs everytime he turns to me and tells me to smile more coz its such a happy day and it only comes once. hey i know it only comes once oy, but your the one standing around in a flimsy cotton wrap-around and a toga, while i'm buried under 15 pounds of some freakishly hot silk cloth thing thats baking you inside out.

well yes, things will be decidedly better this time round.
aah yes i will.

omg the bread came out perfect!!
i can't believe i can bake my own bread in 30 min. i am SO never buying artisan bread again !!

update update: hmm a lil less salt, but its AWESOME !!

Friday, November 19, 2010

jUsT anOThEr dAy

it started out normal,

7:45 wake up bleary eyed
7:47 stumble to the bathroom
7:53 switch on the shower and let it run to get hot water
8:10 fire alarm starts beeping.
8:11 i run out and start batting away like crazy at the fire alarm.

wait whaT?

yeah.. its been a normal day.

well atleast office might be peaceful right? but i have to move my desk, to another cubicle a few aisles away. and ofcourse my monitor is locked to the cubicle and i've lost the keys.
ofcourse now they've got to cut the cable, and then they've gotta have a witness < me > and i have to say "aye i give you permission to cut the gosh darn cable"

oh yeah... its just another day.

leaving in a few hours. AND i'm hungry. AND i'ts raining.

Friday, November 12, 2010


note to self: nelly, just a dream

anyone there?

ofcourse it feels like i'm all by myself , gently floating in space.
especially that its 11:01:04 and i'm in the office.

oh coz i'm having an affair with a chinese device driver developer.

is what i want to say. and seriously it would be better than the sad truth.

which is that i'm not even having an affair with a chinese device driver developer.

what i AM having. is a BIG HEADACHE. trying to duplicate stuff done , 13.5 hours away < on a good delta flight > and having to sync up with folks everyday... and having an a*hole yelling at u and making u cry in the office.

oh well.

that's the price we pay for SELLING OUR SOULS TO THE CORPORATE DEVILS.

ok mebe i shud lay off the sugar.. just thinking....

ooh i DID go to the LAME-O < now how do i do strike through? > , i mean .. ahem.. awesome diwali celebration thing we had. actually a couple of dances were good. but the singing.. umm and the oldies dancing.... oh well never mind.
far more than what i did, innit?

11:25:34 and i'm still stuck here. situation has gone from bad to worse.
the sd card had a file system corruption and i had to repartition and reformat. and it still doesnt work.

my life is officially hell.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LazY rOoMies iS to tRAsh

it's easier to take out the trash, when you're fueled by the righteous anger of the fully justified.
don't know what i mean?

have you ever had that annoying roommate who always made a mess, and who never cleaned up after themselves and lets the trash bags just pile up in the middle of the room?

and do you remember huffing to yourself on the simple laziness of your roommate and flouncing to the nearest trash disposal unit in ur appt complex carrying 2-3 trash bags and each step a step in protest of your roommates deficiencies and a symbol of ur self-martyrdom in putting up with the possibly worst roommate in the whole wide world!

and yet,

when ur living by yourself, it's so easy to justify that

it's too cold today.
there's just one bag, thats not efficient. let me wait for a couple of bags.
the bag isn't even full yet! < not even enough trash ! >
its raining
just don't feel like it

i say, lazy roommates help you throw out trash.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

fiNd oF tHe dAy

look what i found stumbling.
ladies , gents and all those folks in between, here's pogo, an australian DJ.

ahhh sunday morn.. cereal, cartoons - a match made in heaven.

good tidings on the way, will tell u all about it later.

you should stumble, if you aren't already. something interesting to read on a rainy sunday afternoon -
Photo of the day

and meanwhile you can listen to this on a rainy sunday afternoon -
8 track - stay in bed

update: for those who are confused about the video, tis guy who takes movie clips and makes music out of them. pretyy clever don't u think? don't forget to check out other videos too!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pUNcH in YouR'e tiMe cARdS

would you believe if i said i have seen the calendar of my boss and calculated the number of hours he is in a meeting?

here is the stats:
me : 20 hours in a week spent in meetings which is 50% of the time if you consider a 40 hour workweek. if you think in terms of how many hours i actually work, its more like 44.4%.
my boss : 30 hours in meetings which is 75% of the week but if u consider the actual number of hours that he probably works, more like 50%.

so it looks like the time spent in meetings just increases the total number of hours u spend at office coz we try to maintain a 50% cutoff and compensate by working more.
ok i don't want that promotion. thank you very much.

one of the main things that worry me, is that i see ppl who joined a yr before me, 2 yrs before me and they give a very good indication of where i'll be in mebe 2-3 yrs from now. < ok mebe i can drag my feet and move along a lil more slowly, but i still gotta move > and then i see the kind of lives they lead. one guy has become just plain 'chubby' and the girl looks like a walking zombie and lives on cereal.

oh well. i can always wear bamboo clothes and go back to raising chickens in some remote village forest near my house back home.
oh but i'd miss "House" so much.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pAPpaRAZzi sHOts

when folks , ur friends or families send you pics of their vacations.
and u feel that mild twinge of envy < or indigestion .. oh whatever..... u took ur pick > when u wish you were on that vacation instead.

but sometimes u get a situation where ur faced with 300 pics of ppl. patel snaps we call it, and its just pic after pic of ur friend posing in front of some of the most amazing scenery and essentially blocking ur view. < hey!! i wasn't lucky enough to go there myself and mebe u cud let me live vicariously through u, u douchey << ok now i'm just making up words >> >
but what if they are not only standing in front of plain ol awesomeness, but standing with their awesome dolce gabana glasses. i mean its bad enough that u block my view, then on reams and reams of pics, u force my eye to be drawn to ur crazy sunglasses that after the 145th pic , just make u look blind.

have u looked at ppl wearing sunglasses?? have you looked at 300+ pics of the same 2/4/6/x ppl with sunglasses? do they or do they not look like blind ppl ?? and slightly ________. < i'm too polite to fill it >

why do ppl assume it makes them look cool?
ok ok i'm guilty of doing that too. i too have a couple of pics somewhere in which i'm wearing my sunglasses and i think i look awesome. but i have 2.
are u frikin kidding me??
ur singlehandedly ruining my favorite vacation spots.

i did not mean to spell out 'ho' out there.

sLeeP oF iNnoCenSe

if you can't sleep

click here to fall asleep :P

LaTe reSpOnsE

big oooops

i had a meeting at 8 today.

a staff meeting where everyone meets and you need to be present in person.

and i woke up at 8.

i didn't even remember the meeting till i came to my desk and switched on my laptop.

i'd put a sad smiley out there if i wasn't so busy laughing at the comedy of it.

can u imagine telling grownups that you missed the meeting coz u slept in ?

it's hillarious!!!!! and sad!!! i don't know if i shud be :( or hahahaha

oh god. < groan >


now the reason i wasn't able to get up, is coz i was dreaming of a revolution in personal transportation. the whole city to be connected by these tubes, and u get into one and say the gate number and just get whisked away to ur location.

also before that, i dreamt i was caught in a burning building.
not very pleasant, except for the fact that i think there was a ghost and i was ghost hunting after the building burnt down.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

aDviCe oN tHE inTErNeT

just a dream, Nelly

the other day i was searching some old forums .. for shucks i dunno.. something and then i happened on someone describing this brand new thing. buy a tiny "webcam" and hook it up to your computer and then u can actually see the person ur chatting with using this new brand new s/w like yahoo chat!!
ok thats when i checked the date, and saw it was 2002.

well that explains it. poor fools who didn't know how far the world would come in just a decade. but wait .. weren't we some of those poor fools? and wait didn't ppl in every decade say it of their predecessors?
still its pretty ridiculous to read those old posts.

then i was looking at some other posts and came upon this religious lady's site.. wait let me try to remember it...
had some junk about .. oh ya. she was advising this other dame, that she shouldn't get a job even though her husband lost his job and things were getting tough at home. "oh no! don't get a job dearie, u'd hurt ur husband's self esteem. it's his job to provide for the family and u getting a job might suggest that u think he's not upto snuff. < so what if ur kids don't have ice cream o sunday? > a good wife knows how to make do with less and the only way u shud help him is to provide a better life at home with the meager things you have around < like home grown cabbage and potatoes?? >. and that's the best you can support your husband through these trying times. by being kind and doing ur job !! < that is taking care of the house.. > and the good lord will take care of you. the end."

oh good lord! i swear i cudn't make this stuff up. this is exactly what was written on the site. i still have a bitter taste in my mouth from throwing up after reading that.... pile of cow.. no wait horse dung. < ok that's the kindest thing i can say >.

i swear i think i found the place where stupid came to die.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


recently i had to make a presentation to my boss.
did i tell u this story already? perhaps i did ...

so you know, me trying to be clever made this clever presentation where i had the title of each slide was in all small letters. and kind of started with a small letter.
now I THOUGHT it looked cool, ok?

but my boss takes one look at it, gives me this wierd look and says, yeah the presentation is fine, but pls make all the title start with CAPS. and now i'm grimacing coz how do i tell him, dude u need to be buried before we can bring back cool. but then he reads my face < i have been told my face gives my thoughts away awfully easily > and then says , yes i know you kids think its very casual and cool nowadays , but it won't work here. we are professionals. we need to make professional slides.

$%@#!! oh ya? i don't see what CAPS has anything to do with professional.
uh uh but i DO NOT.

today he mails me his leadership feedback form. muahahahahahahaha.... < very resident evil laughter fading into the background >

tReaSuRe huNt & oThErS

its unbelievably hard to find a song when you don't know the singer, the lyrics, the album, the title...
ultimately the only way is to comb through the billboard charts and listen to the top 100 songs one song at a time ... not a bad way to pass time though :P

note to self : OneRepublic - secrets



spoke to A the other day. her wedding's fixed!! well then congrats A!! ofcourse A's a lil ahead of the times and i can just imagine everyone in the remote town of Trichi when she walks in wearing a houte couture designer gown.. a really slinky one and then i can imaging some poor grandma with her eyes almost popping out of her sockets at the audacity. hehehehehehe < semi-evil laughter > :D
good fun! shocking the establishment. i say u go for it A. and if possible carry a tiny live webcam so that the rest of us can roll of the sofa laughing our heads off.


now, as you all might know, a close friend has been taken hostage by a tiny lil alien living inside her and the day when its gonna rip her < ouch > and get out is getting closer and closer. as you know, i am terrified of these tiny delicate looking creatures who have the power to bring fully grown adults to the edge of sanity. but i am steeling myself to the possibility of looking the tiny alien in the eye and not running; screaming like a lil girl < puh-lease lil girls have nothing on me, when i encounter the strange mystic aliens >

another colleague is considering voluntarily giving up her job so she can move to NY next yr and host another one of these < how many more will you take darn it! > and that's truly sad, coz she's my only lunch buddy right now. and if she goes away to gah! > be an incubation machine, then who will i have lunch with ? < hey... come ON!! look at the big picture !! >



god knows where my head is at, nowadays. i right slept through a 7 AM meeting. infact i had this really wierd dream, where i had gone into a shoe shop and another senior lady colleague was there trying to buy boots and i thought to myself "aaha! my nemesis. i too should buy a shoe to defeat her" and then next thing i know its 7:44 and i wake up to open my laptop < yes i open my laptop as soon as i can open my eyelids every morning > and then i am kindly informed by my helpful outlook i am 44 minutes overdue to a meeting. < gaaaaaaaaaaah! darn you my arch nemesis. ur the reason i was late!! trying to outdo ur shoe selection!! >

i demand satisfaction madam.

ok calm down and listen to this song instead

note to self: OneRepublic - apologize

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sAYiNg iT tHe riGHt wAY


i really shud back off a bit.

u know the last post, i was raving a bit ? mostly becoz i was having a really bad day at the office??

well my.. ahem friend caught be red handed or u cud say red-lettered.
yeah !! oops!! u cud say THAT again!!

now while he was gracious enough to laugh it off.. umm haha... others who have caught me red-lettered might not find it so funny.

well... i shud really start getting more and more vague-r if i plan to take 'inspiration' from life.

well.. ahem... i'm sorry... errr...

now on another note, u know how sometimes in life ur forced to deal with the government? like the post office or the driving license folks. and u wish you could rather poke urself in the eye with a fork than deal with those guys. coz really if someone was the living definition of moronic or dodoish then it wud be the beurocracy guys. ok so the DMV in this country is marginally better than the post office, but boy do the PO guys take the cake.
trust me, if u try to get them on the phone, u can't even call ur local PO! u get routed to some random HQ where they ask u for ur zipcode and tell u they cant find the PO next to ur house.
yup.. enough to make u want to pull ur hair out.


feeling a it restless tonight. must be the meds.
tell me one thing, how many females in ur office who have .. say 10+ yrs of experience and aren't ... wierd.
ok just say how many are normal and competent.
then think of the rest. i swear my group has only preggers who look like their going crazy coz of the hormones, young females including me < hey i'm young... sort of > who run around like chickens with their heads cut off and then the small elite group of older females who are insane. i mean literally insane.
a couple i suspect are just menopausal but the moment i mentioned that to my colleague, all she said was "eeeew what's wrong with you" to which i replied, "what, its a normal human thing. i really think J's menopausal u know. there can be no other explanation for her behavior."

much as i'd like not to perpetuate negative stereotypes, sometimes it just can't be helped... this female P.. she's crazy man.
the other day she pings me out of the blue and asks me
P: "hey, is the camera working on ur board"
me: "ummm YA?? " < come ON lady its been working for a yr and u've seen it. you CANNOT be serious. >

i mean really?? how would u like it if i came to u and asked u, hey is gcc working.
ugly man. office politics is just plain ugly. luckily i'm not caught up with it. but then turf wars, and ppl blaming the tools for random measurements, taking credit for other ppl's work and just plain ol nastiness... i miss the dolphins. they're highly more civilized.

lot of thrash in the office. as u can see from the sparsity of the posts.. just too much thrash in the office.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hoW tO spELL tMi

you know how on ur chat list, sometimes you have people you kind of know, but don't really know.. i mean, you've spoken to them a couple of times and yet they're vague aquaintances at best bound to you by some random commonality like college classmate or high school classmate or something.

and i know with me atleast its a daily ritual to open my laptop and login to gmail and look at the gmail chat list and then get on with work.
ok these ppl are in today. these are not. its not like i'd chat with 20 ppl on my list everyday, but its like a virtual.... coffeehouse?? and ur just strangely comforted by the thought, that these ppl are accessible within nanoseconds incase a serial killer crept up behind you and tried to strangle you.
"heeeelp, call 911. i'm being stranmgled"

but then all such warm thoughts vanish when u spy this said vague aquaintance with a seemingly incongrous status message but makes u so uncomfortable , that u want to barf.
"i never knew how to pray, until i learnt how to love"

what? i mean here i am mentally strolling through my daily ritual and this brings everything to a screeching halt. before it starts again. just the momentary stall is enough to irk me.
dude what??
i get funny status messages. i LIKE funny. but i don't do ... ugh sends a shiver down my spine...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

rEaL LivE chiCkEn

watching some corny movie right now, but the music is pretty good.

anyhoo...have u ever noticed, how deathly afraid we are of making choices. personally i hate making choices, even of what kind of soap or cereal i buy. always imagining me making the worst possible choice and that moment cascading to a minor disaster of nuclear proportions leading to the end of the universe as we know it.

trust me, every little choice i have to make, black or blue, pink or green, buy dress or not, leads to long internal debates carefully weighing the pros and cons till all possible outcomes of the choices are debated and deemed safe for the future of the world, and then i feel i can commit to something.
that's why most times i feel infinitely better if someone else makes the choice for me, or if i dither long enough the universe finally gets fed up of waiting and says, "hey! i'll take care of this one, u get the next."

but i think everyone is a little afraid of making the wrong choice. what if this was the decision that ended up as the turning point in ur life, and everything went downhill after that and then u ended up homeless, living out of a box?
sounds ridiculous doesn't it?? but let me ask you, how many times have u decided you'd rather stay where you are at a deadlock, simply spinning in one spot than go left or right down the path to wherever u cud be heading?

how many times do we chicken out and say no, when we're too afraid of taking the risk to say yes? or vice versa...
how many times would we rather maintain the status quo than ... than take a leap of faith and just go for it.

ugh! too serious a topic for saturday night isn't it?

note to self: song title, love the way u lie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oFfiCe mEsS

gaah ! its terrible.

just look at my track record this year!

just 33 posts !! ok 34 and counting! somehow in my head i had a whole lot more writing done.

i wonder how many posts i can post about my lack of posts.

gaah! never mind.

today i realized that i really do have a pointy haired boss.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tUrTLeS swiMmiNG

note to myself: neon trees, animal

boy have i searched for this song. it's the ad song for bones. you know the tv show. though i don't watch the show myself. i did happen to stumble on this when channel surfing.

ok adding the hawaii pics. just a teeny tiny subset.

lava flowing into the ocean

this house is trapped after lava flowed all around it! but hey! it survived dinnit?

nice pics aren't they?? HEY I TOOK THEM. everyone stop giving credit to K!! just coz he carries a huge camera around !! and he hasn't even posted those pics yet!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oPpoSinG pOLeS oN fAcEboOk

i know that everyone says opposites attract, but have you actually looked around you to observe it? is it true that opposites attract or do we just tune ourselves to oppose everything our.. umm 'better halves' say and do :P

think about it , right?
on the one hand we have K who's easy going, social, friendly, likes ppl, likes coffee, mebe not necessarily in that order; and on the other hand we have me, who's neurotic, paranoid and actively dislikes ppl AND coffee and prefers the company of dolphins instead.
add to all that narcissistic, egoistical and lazy and can we say hello-big-disaster-here?

its the same case, right. with R and her .. ummmm...."better half" < no seriously this has to be in double quotes. its the highest kind of euphemism to call her partner the better half... >
she's uber friendly and extrovertish and outgoing and he's umm... basically a more paranoid freak version of me.

makes one wonder. were we like this before we met our halves or did we just digress to this opposite points on the scale so that things could be in balance??? like some mystical yin yang thing??

K: "here, try some coffee. its amazing"
me: "i'd rather not thanks."
K: "but it's really good"
me: "no i don't want it"
K: "but it's really reaaaeaally good"
me: "i'd rather throw up" < that shud quiet you, you coffee pusher >

K: "you have to call ppl. keep in touch with them. login to facebook once in a while.."
me: "i hate facebook, i hate it. infact i abhor it. no, i actually loathe it. and while ur at it, i hate ppl too" < good, that should be enough to discourage any more talk about facebook. do you think that's enough? mebe i shud throw in a few more adjectives while i'm at it.. >

i find that, often with ppl, it's useful to NOT stop at politely declining a helpful suggestion. one has to smash it beyond all hope and grind it to dust to prevent it from ever being resurrected in the future again. or else you'll just end up saying "no, thank you" over and over and over again, and that too at the same suggestion. ha! as if 10 minutes later i'll find the idea of facebook appealing.

< now i better stop before i go on a complete bender and an entire 4 pages worth of facebook-hate-rant. No!! i do NOT wish to know how good your lunch break was. thank you very much my-highschool-classmate. and i absolutely do NOT wish to throw a cow at you. stop sending me requests, it confuses my poor brain as i don't know if i'm supposed to remember you and i've forgotten or if your some random psycho stalker >

dOLphiNs pLayiNG iN bLuE wATeRs

so ... i've been a away for a while ... hmmm well u know.. how it goes.. ummm... its not like i forgot you or anything. i mean.. i swear!! i totally remembered you.. like.. yesterday itself. when i was .. umm... buttering my toast. i mean ... i meant to write, but u know it was work, and then vacation.. and then...
yeah.. i know i know.. excuses excuses :P

so. here's the latest.
just got back from vacation. went to hawaiiii. oh it was awesome. the best part?
mebe its the red glow of the volcano, or the green sand beach or the manta ray. omg the manta RAY!! i snorkelled and came up close to this GIGANTIC MANTA RAY!! and in the pacific ocean!! and in the night!! and next to a japanese guy who kept squealing "manta is coming, manta is coming"!!

oh it was awesome. i loved snorkelling. i plan to do more of it. ok mebe not in portland. but somewhere, some day.
hawaii is pretty neat. everyone shud go there atleast once.

yaawn. i'm jet lagged. K is nice , took care of the whole trip. ok K is not only nice, he deserves a "K is Awesome!!"

will post some pics soon. mebe of the Maaaaaaaanta Raaaaaaay!! woooohooooo
< ok no more mai tais for me >

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SpOkeN biTeS

it's hard talking to extended family on the other side.
i thought it was hard to get along old fogeys in my family before..

but after last dec, there are a few concepts i find hard to digest .. oh forget accept.

the notion that there now is my "side" of the family and his "side". really really hate that. i mean i cannot even begin to describe how much i hate that term and that concept. family is family and should be hated/barely tolerated/ignored equally.

its a medieval very colloquial term, that we've heard ppl using all our lives and which seems to express literally what it's supposed to... but it also somehow conveys a division... or a partition if you will. which i really don't want to.
i mean i already was pretty busy, making fun of "my" folks, now if i have to make fun of "his" folks. then i'd like to make fun of all of "them".. toegther.
keeps it simpler for my brain, that way.

( but you know what i mean .. just the idea of having to keep the... ahem.. "relatives" seperate and make fun of them seperately is gonna burn some extra cycles in my brain. which i don't wanna do )

so here's me banishing the sides and mashing them all up together. from now on, i shud refer to all the .. ahem.. relatives in some single group way. yet to be defined.

( i need to find a funny name but yet not too insulting , u know? coz some of them are really computer literate and might be reading this as i type.. ok not as i type.. but you know what i mean. and its really hampering my style < ya right! > )

so. getting back to the list.
what was i saying again ?
oh ya stuff i never get used to.

so you know how they say families are different , and ofcourse they are. but its not really that. all familias are wierd < that's not a typo > and yet we're just used to the eccentricities of our own. it's when we're faced with new eccentricities out of the blue is when we're blinking in a dazed way and wondering "what happened".
it's easier if you're the kind of person, who generally likes ppl .. like K.
but if you happen to be some neurotic, paranoid person like .. ahem.. someone .. then it's really hard not to smack someone sideways in the head, knock them unconcscious and make a run for it.

it looks like i'll not be completing the list today.
but another thing i wanted to mention, that makes me very hesitant to talk to these folks , is that my brain has to constantly kind of censor my thoughts and replace all singular references to K with the plural. now the reason i find it hard, and i only have a 50% success rate, is that brain isn't used to censoring anything. my traditional solution for censoring the brain, was to keem mum.
but now sometime's brain is forced to speak up and then you can watch me fumbling in all my glory.. stumbling over words, tripping until i don't know what's up or what's down anymore.

now it's not so bad when i talk about K , right? coz i can always make sure i never ever directly refer to K at all. < yes my solution, is to just omit the reference and continue with the sentence. ppl make the connection on their own .. the brain can be a powerful friend.. my.. uh.. friend > or the other option is to seamlessly break into english mid-sentence. < its these times that i really appreciate all that the brits have done for us >

but what do you do, when you slip up and refer to Their spouses in the singular.
oooooh now you've really done it.
if X doesn't refer to her own husband by his name, and refer's to him in the plural, how could YOU do it???
uh oh... major blooper. so then i hurry up and move to some topic that will take their mind off , off my foot-in-the-mouth moment.
now to go one step further, its more complicated if you have friends/colleagues with the same names .. which only means that the names come oh-so-easily to you and you just spill them every sentence..

"so how's M.. < ow >. did you and M go to that picnic you were talking about? < ow > i mean the other day K was thinking of calling M < ow , ow stop talking already. >"

ya i shud just shut up. maybe i shud switch languages to swahili. think that would help?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

giFtiNg nAtUre

K's bday's coming up.. and while i troll the online world wondering what i can get him... i stumbled across this site... pretty funny!! and the comments are even more hillarious!! some ppl really don't get a joke.

Funny Blog someone else wrote.

it's true!! if i had to count the number of things K's given me on his own.. < that's without me saying i want it.. >

K: "lookout for the post, i've sent u a package."

me: "really!! what did you send???" < secretly thrilled. it's the first time i'm getting something from him in the post. >

package arrives

i open it

it's Alton Brown's "gear for the kitchen"

K: "what? you didn't like it?? it talks about how to pick the right shaped utensils and knives and equipment for the kitchen. and i read it the other day, and it was so technical..."

i reset my expectations of poor K. now i just tell him what i want and he gets it.. which is gr8 coz now i can go all "ooh i love it, you shouldn't have"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bAke mE a biTe

hey !!

i baked !!

and it was edible!!

incredible isn't it??


i mean , i had a bite, and i didn't spontaneously combust or turn sick .. or .. or ANYTHING!

that's awesome.

i made date and cashew nut cake.

you your right, i'm completely awed by myself. ok ok so it didn't have as much sugar.. but it was chewy. and soft. and not like a brick.

that's awesome !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

tO reAlLy waLk abOvE thE cLOudS

note to self : shontelle, impossible.

how does it feel to be above the clouds? how does it feel to be weave your hand through a cloud? i think i'll be pushing the limits of language to actually describe it.

the only way to truly experience the olympic national park is to backpack through the country. this time we tried a more sanitized view of the park. staying in the olympic lodge, and then going round to all the spots.
couldn't do the coast or the ferry to victoria.

but mebe next time.

i just heard. today my grandma passed away. may her soul rest in peace. and i don't want to talk about it anymore.

i'd rather just listen to the songs.
and just look at the stars..........

Monday, June 28, 2010

aCroSs bRidGe oF thE gOdS

did you know why Dog mountain is called that?

apparently coz starving pioneers were forced to eat their dogs when they did their pioneering thing through the mountains.


oh well. ppl do all sorts of crazy stuff.

like this guy who ran up and down the mountain. TWICE!! :O

lets not kid ourselves, this was a tough hike !! in the first ten minutes i was all .. what the $%##$@!! have i gotten myself into?? already feeling dizzy and nauseous. i felt like throwing up. i think i was mildly dehydrated to start with, and then the weather was a bit hot.

ok back up a little.

me and S, head out to hike. ok it's only the two of us. we can do it. ok here we go.. we're starting now..

5 minutes later i'm huffing and puffing like a smoker asked to run the 50k marathon. and i'm wishing i could lie down some place nice and cool and go to sleep forever.
so i ask S to go on without me, and i tell her i'll follow slowly and meet you when your coming down.

she leaves me reluctantly coz really its only the two of us. but i convince her and so she goes.

another 10 min later, i'm eating my protein bar and drinking water trying to hydrate myself. coz its so friggin hot. and i'm sweating buckets. and i'm thinking of going back. i'm taking breaks every 5 min. but everytime i sit down, someone comes up behind me and i start walking a lil coz i don't really want to look like a douche bag in front of them. so i walk a bit. and stop a bit and walk a bit and fall down a bit. my bag now feels like it weighs a TON. and i even try carrying it on my head like an old indian railway station porter. hey! there's a reason why frail ancient looking guys can carry our heavy luggage, right?

so the trail continues through the forest. relentlessly switching back and forth.

now, the overall trail goes like this. its approx 0.7 miles to a fork on the road. the right is more difficult and the left is most difficult. no, really that's how its labelled. and then they converge someplace and then its a common trail about 1.1 miles to the top. the more difficult path adds about 0.4 miles extra to your hike coz its not so steep; you know ( but trust me, you won't know it ) ... and the total gain is about 2800 feet ( ouch! i know!! )

anyways, so i decide not to be a hero; and hence take the more difficult path rather than the most difficult one; and i know that there's a viewpoint in the more difficult path, and i think. ok i can at the very least make the darn viewpoint. and then mebe i'll head back. you know. so i alternate between walking and collapsing sporadically.

after an hour of huffing and reeling about drunkenly i finally reach the first viewpoint. yaaay!! phew. now most of the time the only reason i got up from wherever i was collapsed was coz of a> the mosquitos and b> ppl coming up behind me and i didnt want to be sitting there like some kind of .. well you know.

i collapse on the bench. take a few pics and cast a wary eye over the next section of the trail. after about 10 min, i think. ok mebe not so bad. i dont feel like i'm dying, i could try as much as i could. the prob right now is i'm running out of water. poor S had given me half her water and i still had gone through it like a ... like a... very thirsty person. < grimace. ok so i can't really think of anything right now! >

now i know that this view point is atleast 1.4 miles away. at minimum. so i start trying to do the math and walk. and i meet some ppl coming down and ask them. and she says, its cooler on the top. and you clear the trees. so its nice. but its steeper than the way we came. coz the way we came also included some walks through the forest where i caught my breadth.

now i'm seriously consuidering leaving my bag somewhere so i can pick it up on the way back. and now i'm looking for a convenient hiding spot.
and then i reach this place. the point where the more and most difficult meet. couple of guys sitting there. and i ask them how bad is it. up ahead. he looks at this meter thing. and he says. well its 900 ft elevation. and another mile atleast. but its cooler. you should do it. i look at the trail. its a friggin mountain. i think its at that point i mentally started praying. i mean literally, doing hare ram hare ram. now these guys were sitting there, and i didnt' want to turn back in front of them, so i think ok let me walk to that point and lets see.

so i walk up and i almost come tumbling down, coz i mean its steep man.
but somehow i take breaks and keep walking. i'm down to a single user path and if i sit down, then ppl literally have to jump over my head. also there might be creepy crawly things. but rememeber she said i'd climb over the trees? so i notice that the trees are getting shorter and shorter. and i look for the tallest tree i can find. and i think; ok let me go to the friggin base of that tallest tree and see.
and i go.

so sometimes i look up, sometimes i look down just focusing on the next 10 steps. and sometimes i'm praying.
and then i come up to this path that's literally a very very narrow path through overgrown bushes. and that's where i get the call from S. she's reached the top and asks me where i am. i tell her as best as i can. and she says there's another viewpoint up ahead. pretty close, so mebe we should meet there, coz its even steeper after that. i agree wholeheartedly.

now armed with the info that its close by. i try to do the rolling hikers walk and put some energy into my steps.
when i'm almost ready to give up, i meet some ppl heading down and they tell me. the second viewpoint is right up ahead. at the end of my present climb. and then you got to turn and you climb straight up to the top.
i look around and i notice, i've cleared the trees completely !! yaay!!

so since i'm meeting her at the second viewpoint, i go lumbering on.

man the view is already great out here. i can see the whole columbia river. i can see cascade range. beacon rock looks so tiny. i'm amazed. and then i spot the sign. it says 0.4 miles to the top.
i sigh. man i made it this far. i cant turn back down now.
and anyways you can see the path all the way to the top. atleast you have hope of where it'll end. so i call S and tell her i'll meet her atleast at 0.2 miles. coz every foot i gain will give me a better view. i start climbing.

now the last stretch is all gravel. and slippery rocks. so she was coming down slower than i was climbing. i met her half way. and i was like how far is it from here. i look around, its amazing. she says u know you came so far. you shud go till the end.
ok i have 2 sips of water left and a subway in my bag. its 2:00. its not so bad. so i tell her i'll catch up with her. and i labor on.

but now i can see the end, so its not as bad. and i have a spring in my step. i come to this kind of clearing where ppl are sunbathing and look around confused. where does the trail go? and then i get it.

i reached the top !!!


well time to plonk down and have a sandwhich. and look at the amazing view !

so i sit there, for a while in the mud and grass. and the sun beating down on me. but the winds were amazing. and i look to my right and i can see st helen through the clouds behind the cascade range. and i look to the left and i see mt hood peeking from behind the cascade range too. and i'm amazed at the height and the river and the wind and everything!!

15 min later i remember S is waiting , and i head back down. full of energy and happy. ofcourse i went down faster. but since the path was soo steep, you literally have to jog down. and the knees kind of take a hit.
but since i knew she was waiting , i went at a brisk pace. only thing was the path just kept on going. it just went on and on and on.
by this time i was sooo thirsty and more than ready to take a dunk in the columbia river.

an hour later we were on hour way home and celebrating with gatorade and a litre of water :P

good times!

Monday, May 31, 2010

tHe sKeW oF thiNgS

if i ever needed proof of my potential for disaster, then i think i got plenty of evidence this month.

oh no, really. things are super fine here. i'm i n beijing and after all the circus to finalize my plans. they cancel the flight to get out of here on the 3rd. and now the brilliant morons, just rebooked one of my flights, without changing the connecting flight!! so basically my connecting flight is 15 hrs before my first flight.
oh brilliant.

and my manager got to know, what i did.
and was like.. aaah thats a no no. booking official trips through external websites.
ok boss.

i think next time, i'd decline the official trip itself.

more and more i feel like there are all these hurdles in my way. "i can hear you plotting you know! darn gollums"

went to this place called pure lotus. some cross over of buddhist and indian and arabian kind of place. pure vegetarian. but in the sense they make everything look and taste like non veg. but made from tofu. actually it was more like, the chinese understanding of indian. there were sculptures of camels around. and diwans and waters and waitresses wearing outlandish salwars. and lot of glitter.
and the serving plates were exotic. hey hang on, i got pics.

and this is a serving dish of tofu that looks and tastes like shark fin.
to be very honest, it was ugh. how could ppl eat this stuff.

in chicago there's a vegan restaraunt that gives you tofu based food that looks and tastes like chicken and beef. this is the chinese version of that place. where food looks and tastes like authentic chinese food. for ppl who hate the smell and taste of non veg food, its a no win sitch. coz who would want to eat veg food that tastes like non veg. ugh.
for ppl who wish they could eat it, but cannot due to some moral upbringing and repressing themselves from doing it. hey! this is awesome.

another place we went to the day before was very upscale and even more awesome. i think i should wait till we get out of the country to post pics. though another thing is i had forgotten to take the camera with me for dinner.
well lesson learnt! now i don't step out of the room without my camera!!

it was al black and white and i had a cushion of purple feathers. and these 8 foot backs to the chairs. and some really fancy and wierd setting. there was this tree that was painted all white. might be fake and it was kind of the center piece of the whole place.

and the whole rest. was just one long table with these chairs around it. the chairs were pretty simple but had 8 foot long backrests... maybe these hotels should be a seperate piece by themselves!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

tHrouGh tHe LoOkiNg gLaSs

beijing is a humongous city. ok its dark out and i can't really see much. 12 AM. the city was bustling. i look out the 17th floor window of the westin, and all i can see are vehicles whizzing by.
4:00 AM and the city slightly calmer. i look out the window and see huge signs on buildings. lettering all of it in chinese. sony erricson says one. gateway says the other.. and unless i see the english translated sign on the other side, i really don't know what they're declaring to the world.

nice roads, short ppl. really short and tiny ppl. or mebe its just coz i'm on the 17th floor.. naah they really are a short race. if you moved from sweden to here, you'd totally get a culture shock.

ok here's the view from my window -
really really early in the morning at 4:00 AM:

and morning 6:00 AM

the lobby :).. aaaaw yes i know i'm being a total tourist!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

sTarT oF tHe NeXt

ok so i've started. blogging from vancouver as we speak.

the last one week has been packed! with a capital P. meetings , working lunches, more meetings and team dinners. listening to a lot of ppl speak, talking and getting bludgeoned. :-/

on the bright side, we had the meetings in a golf course on tuesday and it was gr8!
was on the driving range for the first time! :)
ha! it was hilarious.

omg i don't know what i was thinking when i booked my flights! 6 hrs layover in vancouver, 4 hours in seoul, and then reaching beijing 24 hrs after i depart.
on the way to india i have god knows how many hours layover.
something's wrong with my brain. it just doesn't convert flight timings, landing times and flight durations correctly. mebe that's why ive been telling ppl i land 2-4 hours after i actually land.
its a disaster if i have to be picked up.

its one of the main reasons i hate to book flights. have this horrid fear that i might have booked the wrong dates.
also i'm getting a creeping thought in my head. did i leave the gas range on??
how will i know?? i don't have any recollection of switching it on. but then i dont have very good recollection now, do i???

vancouver isn't so bad. larger population of chinkis than i'm used to. but nice empty airport. and nice open spaces and no ppl around. ok so i admit that's what i like best about a place :D no ppl around.

ok now i hope they don't arrest me for taking pics of the airport! gtg!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sTop wATchiNg mUsiC aLtoGeTheR

have you ever stopped to wonder how the world has changed ?? i mean not since time began, but since the last 100 yrs or so? ok mebe from lil more before ??

i'm watching VH1, and i'm thinking to myself.. wtf??

ok so we came from being primitive tribal ppl, to some kind of .. normal looking ppl?? i dunno. ok then the victorian wierdo phase where everyone was covered up all over. ok ok am talking of the western world, not exactly "we" but its easier for me to tell a story this way, so hang on before you start spamming me about how i'm forgetting i'm indian. but i digress...

and now. NOW, we have something like lady gaag on tv, with beyonce, wearing bikinis and thongs and looking butt ugly and not caring. and prancing around ( helloooo that can't be dancing?? are you serious?? )
actually i like the song. don't get me wrong. but the videos???

wat the eff!!
its all semi naked women, and outlandish wierd clothes. and man is she butt ugly.
and then all of them wearing wonder woman kind of costumes and...

oh man this is a sad sad century. don't think i'll switch on VH1 for a long long time !

Saturday, May 15, 2010

nEw tHiNgs to tRy

Well what do you know, I'm blogging from the new iPad !!!!!

Aw shucks now I know what I said earlier.. But ....ok so I'm still on the fence a bit. It's very cool and all, and I can surf and type as fast as I can on a normal keyboard (ok let's go back and heck the typos :P) but I don't know if I really want to carry this around with me along with my laptop and phone and wallet and iPod. Phew thats a full bag.

But still its a really fancy we browsing device.


Ooooh ooh btw I walked bout 6 miles today. Ran a little, walked a little.. But I feel good :)

Work is getting more hectic than ever. Actually, losing my mind is more like it!! Oh well. Oohh ooh btw off to china end of the month. Looks like it s happening. Found out I need a Canadian visa to transit through there. Which is stupid!!!!!
Ok Canada transit visa check.
Book hotel check.
Pack clothes check.

FAA. I wish I cud take my net book with me when I'm traveling. Wud be cool.

note to self: pure imagination, wonka

Friday, May 14, 2010

cOLoriNg foOd aU naTurALe

with my once neat house now looking like a gollum's nesting bed... well with it looking like a natural disaster survivor's zone.. i just want to hide under the bed.

sigh. made panneer bhurji ( ok what I call panneer bhurji) the other day. came out pretty nice. not so nice were the questionable chapatis that i made. admittedly, they were more than a few days old. and i was taking a 'risk'. but when they turned out orange.. well i was really skeptical. but what the hell. i'm going to china.

who knows what i'll end up eating there !!

so .. i ate the rusty colored orangy chapatis and well. its been 2 days. i'm still alive.

so good. no harm done.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

siNs oF tHe oRiEnT

speaking of peanuts, why the heck was i pouring milk INTO my peanut butter jar???!!??

oh wait, did i tell you that story already??

or about how, i was sending pictures of myself in my new clothes, that i shopped for yesterday and i started off, with one pic of me in my old clothes just so i could "baseline" the results???


its very clear.. i'm losing my mind!

i might be going to beijing, but it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

its exciting, but what do you do when the universe makes the process as miserable as possible.
i mean ok, its I***** thats making me as miserable as possible.

sigh.. its a long story and i shall tell u now.

week 1 -
memorial day , a wonderful weekend for fun. family coming to pdx. plans all set. outlook is good.
next week going to india, booked the tickets, outlook is good.

week 2 -
manager comes with plan to go to beijing, says no other dates available.
think of cancelling which on hindsight i should have done.
but think of making superhuman effort and managing both beijing and india trip. really stretching my abilities here..

week 3 -
find out, now i need to cancel memorial day plan too. life sucks.

week 4,5 -
amex quotes 4k for new trip. admin will have coronary if i book it that way.
so do some searching find the best possible deal online and book it off. phew one big prob is solved.

week 6 -
book the hotel instead of reserving it. oops. didn't do enough research and ended up booking a hotel at thrice the price listed.
major ooops :(

week 7 -
find out that transiting through canada on my cheap ticket and need a TRANSIT VISA even if i stay on the darn tarmac. call the super expensive hotel and find out, i need to call china to cancel......

sigh. ok the weeks may not be really weeks. more like my own timelines. but watever. u get the point.

i ask u one thing. when ARE the good times supposed to start?? shouldnt they have started by this time ??? huh? huh???

oh man, i am sooo living up to my name as the QoD

Monday, April 12, 2010

fAcE oF thE dArK

i have seen the face of the kernel and let me tell you this...


gaaaah. last week was so frustrating.
one side was P the abominable and the other side was V the weak.

let me tell you a story..
there was once a manager called P. and she was a lil.. ok a lot crazy. and then there was her minion V the one with the weak chin.

while one complained of the tyranny of the other, all i wanted to do was learn how to work and get it done. after lying dormant for 4 yrs, finally my workaholic self surfaced and wouldn't take "lets just chuck this and go home" for an answer.
late nights in the office, and many-many-hours-sacrificed-to-the-lab-daemon later...

well the work got done. and the daemon was satisfied.

PHEW. now my head aches and i want to take a week long vacation.

whoa kernel level s/w debugging is hard. REAL hard. the rest of the stuff?? its peanuts!!


wait a sec!! i just won a netbook in an office raffle. that is WIERD man!
i mean i'm normal! i've never won anything!!!


what's happening ???? and why is the universe trying to screw with my head???


was reading pibgorn comics over the weekend. as my love of books is rekindled.. then i feel... i feel like i'm meeting an old friend for coffee and chatting over all the past yrs we've spent apart.

^_^ yaaay!! i shall leave you ppl to do the exciting things like skiing and ... and... skiing. and dancing. leave me to my books and i shall be forever content.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nEw tEcH

i saw the iPad yesterday.

hmmm. i dunno. i'm still iffy about it. i still think its very cool. it was smaller than i expected. the only reason its bigger is coz of the screen size. i dunno how i would carry it around or hold it while standing to read.. i mean almost all the ads show ppl propping it on their laps right?

hmm well i still dunno.. mebe its just coz i expect so much from them. i really wanted to see holographic 3D projector displays this decade :P

now THAT would be cool.

but still right now its really cool to read magazines and comics on the ipad. ( i still think its a stupid name ) i can't wait to think of all the stupid variations that clueless men will come out with.. i mean the other companies, including the one i work for.
like smartpad. i mean "WHAT the Heck!!" can't u guys just pick a better name!!!

dO tHe jiGgY

these days i have a new pastime. ( oh my ADD does come in handy sometime )

its fun to learn something just becoz you want to or can. so i asked my mom what she remembered about my learning dance during childhood.
and she was like - "ummm.... your face was good"



"you mean to say i learnt dance, for 8 yrs and thats all that was good in the end??"

"my Face!!"

"i mean COME OOONNNN!! my face is usually just wierd smiling grimace or stoic in such dances. i mean what about the rest , like the hands or the legs.. aaah phooey. "

well A, has started a dance club. i'm like whoa! thats new. what do you guys do out there? and apparently the first class was all about the rules. how only A would put the steps and the rest would show no dissent, and how the rules would not be broken and everyone would be very dedicated....
I was vaguely reminded of high school or was it elementry school, when there would be the couple of popular girls and they would always... i mean ALWAYS start a group. and that group would be soo coool. and everyone wanted to join... yeaaaaahhh.. i think i'm a lil too old for high school again and playing dressup.

anyways its good, but i politely declined. besides its not my thing u know. the organized listening to a leader thing. :P and i know.. i JUST know.. i'd be itching to lead the first mutiny across ranks :D hehe

and A's bf bought a beemer. well!! apparently the red color Z4 which they flew to salt lake to drive back was quite the bargain at 24k.
i'm like... amazed!! he sold his honda civic and bought the beemer. brilliant idea, why didn't i think of it??

and now he has a yamaha bike, a set of skis, an electronic drumkit and a bmw.
lives in a nice independent house , with his gf and best friend.
hey, some ppl live lives, you know what i'm saying? life couldn't get any more perfect. ( touchwood ) and yes i am touching my head to ward of any evil eyes. ( oh reason! so easily defeated by dumb superstition )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bAbiEs mAkE YoU HApPy.

Note to self: Buble, haven't met you yet.

wonderful weather, lotta work, crazy days, beautiful skies, friends getting engaged/ falling in love, having fun, what more can one ask for?

Happy b'day R, and congrats on getting engaged.
congrats S on ur baby.
congrats M&D on ur new baby
congrats A on ur baby.
ufff too much happening around me. makes me feel like burrowiing myself deeper into my cave.

ok so i moved, and ok so it sometimes feels like a cave.

huff man this baby shower is going out of hand, ya know. baby showers are not really my thing.
i mean all the baby food tasting games ( uuuurgh ) and a whole afternoon of baby talk and baby stuff. its gonna be a very painful weekend.

sigh. ok. i shall brace myself. take a deep breath and somehow survive this weekend.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

caBbaGe HeaDs aNd crAZy tV

have you watched TV lately?

is it me, or has there been a glut of ads showing women how to solve their bloating, gas, constipation, irregularity , etc etc problems.

why is the US suddenly obsessed with the ... uhhh.... regularity of women?? and what the heck are they trying to tell us??
its even more confusing coz it comes directly after an ad for hamburgers.

really?? activa. blah blah beano, and its all for women!! wat exactly are they trying to tell us???


this part was supposed to be a full post wall by itself and it would have been called - why does my friend have 3 cabbage heads in his kitchen?
but mebe thats a bit too long. i mean really? why does someone who lives alone, find the need to go out and buy 3 std sized cabbage heads? ( i will not exaggerate, its not super large or anything, just normal sized)
isn't one good enough? this is just cabbage hell.

this is real life true btw. yup yup yup.


i am now completely integrated into my team. total intel person, team member. that's me. i look like a sleep deprived crazy person with my hair sticking in all directions.
and looking a little dazed and i'd blink in surprise if you pushed me out of the building into the sunlight.


yaaaaaaaaaaawn sleepy day at office.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hArd daYs aNd beST daYs

well heard it on the radio -
the script.
and i kinda like it.

its been a hard couple of days for almost everyone i know.
its been a hard couple of weeks for almost everyone i know.
its been a hard couple of months for almost everyone i know.
ok its been a hard couple of years for everyone i know.

well here's to hoping the rest of 2010 isn't as crappy as the first quarter. and really if its just gonna get worse, then i can't take this till 2012!!!
u know... coz the world is just gonna end then.

today even the security guard of my building noticed that i walk with my head down since the yr started. ofcourse its usually work and i'm thinking about how to solve my next thing on my todos or making a mental tally of what i have going on.
but since this is the second time, that someone has asked me to not look like i'm walking the last mile....

i don't really remember having carefree days, i guess i'm just not the kind of person to not have cares. darn cares!!
but then i wasnt the kind of person to be not smiling like a cheerful idiot either.

oh well till then we have music and mebe u should just go carpe the hell out of ur diem.

oh btw a russian guy sent me a rose today.

ok ok only a picture of a rose. but it WAS a nice rose.


honest to god, this was an ad on craigslist.

$40.00 OBO This TV stand made me popular, this TV stand changed my life, and I want it to change your life as well. When I got this stand I was a short weak little man... Now I am strong like Moose. Let this stand change your life... Invite it into your life and will will change you, put it down, put your TV on it, and watch the good times come rolling in. It has 3 amazing glass shelves that can hold anything... Like Glitter, DVD's, Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Stereo Equipment...I will also include with purchase all rights of awesome that may come about due to purchase of this... But I will take no responsibilities for any misuse of it's powers, or ill ju-ju that comes from the purchase, like if your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, gardner, pool boy etc... start to love this more than you...

like seriously, wtf??

i have a few questions to my roomie. namely why are there 3 large cabbage heads in the fridge.
like seriously, wtf?? who's gonna eat all that cabbage???

Thursday, February 25, 2010

puRrs LiKe a kiTteN

so i got my car serviced today. and after a reallly long time, it actually runs like how it's supposed to. in fact, to use inappropriate metaphors like Dan Brown, it's as smooth as dark soy chocolate milk flowing down your throat on a hot summer day.

ha! u thot i was gonna talk about K purring like a kitten. didn't you?? weeeellllll, i can neither confirm nor deny that rumour, and neither can i confirm nor deny the involvement of a large containment of chocolates that might or might not have exchanged hands for my silence on that matter.
oh ha! you'r not gonna get any info THAT easily.
but yumm these chocolates are deLISH!!

on another note. i DID get my car serviced, my ISP moved over. shifting is well under way. the total cost of me getting bored and moving out of my house is turning into quite a large number
200 to cancel verizon
400 for my car - ok its not really related. but i just like adding large numbers
300 for my tooth - wat exactly does this have to do with me moving again ?
xxx for new bed ?
xxx for new couch ? i wonder what's a good price. should i buy, shouldn't i??
aaaah decisions decisions.

i also signed up for a house on the ground floor. and all those who know my penchant for forgetting to lock doors, close windows.. [ mebe declaring this on a public website and one that's SO widely read isn't such a great idea.... ] wooops.

but i'm excited. finally moving to MY space after ... uuhhh lets see. FOUR years. well that took awhile.

and finally have a proper kitchen for the first time in my life. [ i don't consider one counter, or a kitchen that i share with other humans, as a proper kitchen. ]
only I shall rule in MY domain. :D
[ oh that's just something new i've picked up.. my evil laugh. hillarious isn't it?? i know !!]

ok so. i shall set this house in my image [ oooh not pretty ]
and i shall set this kitchen to reflect my food habits [ which means bread, jam and pasta in the pantry? ]
and the living room shall be a sweet haven of comfort [ currently have NO living room furniture except for a floor cushion. ppl who come to my house, be ready to sit on top of each other on the floor cushion. ]
and the bedroom shall soothe even the most tired person who will be lulled to the land of dreams... [ i don't like the thermostat, so its usually freeze-ur-butt-off-cold-ass freezing in my bedroom. ]

so when r u coming home?

Friday, February 12, 2010

hAVe a niCe wOrK daY

things i hear at work on a normal day -

"i'm in the midst of resetting my brain"

"you need to internalize this data and come up with better answers"
< while i'm at it, should i masticate it too? >

"you need to be a go getter"
< no i mean really, what do you want me to do? just tell me wat to do next man >

"we need a home run on this and you should hit the ball out of the ballpark"
< oh good lord in heaven, we've gone to sports metaphors NOW !!! >

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LearNinG iT in bABy sTePs

maybe I envy you. you with your smiles and charm and the ability to say the perfect thing. or maybe you even care? i wouldn't know...
I was like that till the mid 2000's. with the usual. "oooh nice outfit", or "ooooh nice wall hangings" or "oooh nice pulao, you cook awesome food".

with the being polite, and the constant lying. all the time, white lies to make ppl feel better. and observing more and more ppl, doing that and getting disillusioned coz it was almost like second nature. it didn't even bother anyone.
a white lie here, a wihte lie in their day and they didnt even give it a second thought. so ingrained in their lives, and nature's that it came out .. all smooth as better and so what if it was just empty words that basically was just sound to fill airwaves??


and THAT's when i gave up, turned around, looked them dead in the eye, and said ....
"ugh, i hate coconut. no i wouldn't like to taste those macaroons."
"it doesnt look good on you." and sometimes the "you look ugly in pink"
"WHO made that swan crochet thingy??? its hideous!"

whatever came to my mind.

ofcourse it didn't make me POPULAR.
it made me a social nuisance. coz i wasn't playing the games anymore. all the stupid games ppl play. ofcourse i had awkward moments. and ok i didn't lose my sanity completely, so i didn't say EVERYTHING on my mind.

but i lost that natural ability to be charming and say those lil white lies. now it's natural to me to say the truth. and THAT's dangerous. coz no one wants to hear it. not even me from other ppl.

and since i can't bear to take the responsibility for any of my actions ( :P childish and immature, yes yes ) and yes, maybe its coz my tolerance for stupidity is really decreasing to new lows.... i completely blame this on all the ppl i was hanging out for the last couple of yrs. continuous exposure to fakeness and fake smiles and showing fake concern, i think THAT's wat really snapped my mind.

and suuuuuuure i embarrass myself sometimes. boy!! do i!!
i dunno if i really want to be like you again. i'm not sure i want to go back to uttering those crappy inanities. what i really wish, was i genuinely liked those things or genuinely cared about it.
N was like that, and that's why i used to like him. until he got a gf and she tamed him.
zero social skills. its a surprisingly light way to live. where your not bothered by the layers and layers of complex social skills, that we learn from childhood, so we can be one of the herd.

aargh hate being one of the herd.

but once again, i'm just rambling by now.

so anyways, i'll go back to at least controlling my truths to myself. i mean who really cares if i think ur center pieces are hideous. u didn't ask for my opinion right? and i need to make it an instinct to keep my mouth shut.
and i guess that's the next step. sigh.

so much to learn, so much time to goof up till i do!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oFfiCe wOeS

poor S. trying to make me watch some show on TV, or read it online in the manga format for the last couple of months...

poor S, doesnt know that constant pestering and insisting i do something doesn't make me more inclined to do it but in fact WOULD make me more inclined to hiss, spit and claw some furniture...

dude, really give it a rest. i'm NOT gonna watch a show that has 400 episodes and has still not finished.

gosh this has been a long week. and only coz i spent last week on stumpleupon; god's gift to procrastination. :P

got my yearly review back from M who as u all have already met is my manager. after the usual complaints, that i shud do this and do that ( less procrastination ) he said one of the main comments he had was my written communication skills were poor.


< awkward silence >


< crickets chirping >


< me staring blankly at him >

really? REALLY? my spoken communication is good? and my written communication is terrible??

sigh... i wonder where i can go to learn some written "formal" english.

ps: the only official stuff i've written in a yr out here is my status reports which goes like this.
today i did this. yest i did that. and the day before i tried this and miserably failed.

i wonder how he can do it. the guy sitting next to me, i mean in the next cubicle.
How he can go from meeting to meeting repeating the same information to different ppl. so much for being a planner. ha! if he had planned it better, he cud have said what he had to say ONCE or put it clearly in an EMAIL in "very proper formal english".

really i might just stab him in the eye one of these days with this fork.right this very fork thats on my desk right here.

aargh, go to a conference room you... you... planner!!


its sunny out today. and seriously! its hard to stay in a foul mood, when its sunny outside. and while i blink slowly and turn towards the sun, like a sunflower, just so i can soak up some rays. i feel a little less like a vampire.


yaay sunny days are here again. i don't care wat mother nature says, its officially spring in my book and i'm packin away my winter gear!!

wHy sO seRioUs

many ppl , that is really many many ppl asked me many questions about the wedding. one of them was -
"whyyyyy aren't you smiling in any of the reception snaps??????? it's ONLYEEE once in a life time [ well we don't know that, and while chances are that i wouldn't want to go thru THAT again, it cud be arranged.. mebe a second reception !! :O ]! and you'll never get that day again!"

well, the short answer to that is - i was reaaaaaaaaaaaallly tired as the reception was the next day and i didn't have time to recover from the wedding.

the long answer is - i was actually frowning in concentration trying to decide if i was gonna faint, and if i did, the best angle to do that. see, now when skinny ppl faint, they look all airy and dainty and fragile. when .. ahem 'healthy' ppl faint - that too on stage, they look like a sack of burnin hot potatoes.
and then i'd have to field the inevitable questions, and wise ass remarks.
"i hope the stage didn't crack"
"i hope the earth didn't crack"
"did we just have an earth quake?"

haha very funny guys.
yes , so i was calculating many things in my mind. there are lots of logistics to fainting u know.. right side, left side. away from the crazy person who just grabbed my hand to shake it. back at my seat? falling towards K is surely a recipe for falling flat on my face as he seems to be busy shaking random person i dunno #447's hand. hmmm..

so u see, no wonder i wasn't smiling in any of the pics.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


so you saw the announcement. for the first time i actually actively refreshed my pages every few seconds to get the live blogging and live twitter or watever updates. now as a technophobe , i don't generally like dpoing that, but in this instance i reaaally needed to procrastinate in the office and pretend i was working.. but not actually work...

so iPad. hmm.. can't say i really like the name. i mean what was wrong with iSlate? that sounds so cool.. like some transformer robot. but iPad? reminds me of my ahem... crazy days of the month. [ yes yes my period, can we grow up? ]

iPad. iPad.. hmmm.

oh well. it still feels like a mutated iPod. iPad.iPod. egad. its getting worse.
i dunno. after seeing the stuff that i'm working on and knowing a bit about the future of this market. i'm ... hmm.. not really impressed?

i mean its ok? but guess i just have impossible expectations. and this isn't gonna change the world or anything.
its another step. doesn't feel like a major leap like the ipod was.
[ can you spell "w-a-l-k-m-a-n" ??? ]

looks like the kindle is out. boy on behalf of the trees, i thank both the maxiPad ...ooops i mean iPad and the kindle for saving our lives.

ps: and b4 u start screaming at me, yes the title was taken from some random comment i saw online about the iPad announcement. aargh i hate that name!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

keEPinG a sTRaiGht FaCe

After years and years of brooding about marriages, poking fun at relatives ( yes including my mum ) and berating the system. now i'm a part of it.

and i always suspected that after the dooms day, i'd not have much to say.

well just as i supsected , hic, i was right.
i'm all out of.. hic, steam.

that reminds me of things that happened while i was back home..
it wasn't too bad. except for the endless line of instructions on how to sit. what to wear, how to stand, how to walk, what to eat. wat to say and what not to do.
it was a continous tug of war, between my free will to live and ppl who wanted me to be the perfect bride. a bridezilla.
yup the perfect bride is a bridezilla.

so i was supposed to take a head bath everyday in under 10 min and tie my wet hair up... to get a headache and ...[ hey! i paid close to half a grand for my awesome hairstyle. u show me the money, before i let u anywhere close to it... ]. but anyways i did.
so i was supposed to wear a bindi, wear bangles, wear a heavy chain and basically be a walking temptation to all thieves. so i did.
so i was supposed to be happy 24x7 even with ppl telling me that my husband would now be my god, and i depended on him for realizing my happiness. [ ok i did not/ could not do that, but i didn't hit them on the head either... so i think i'm even steven ]
so i was supposed to wear sari's every day. well.. ok. i did. but then they were like.. OMG, we can see ur stomach. HELLOoooo its like.. a sari??? and itz umm like HOT?? like a 100 degrees in here.. and helooo its my stomach. even u have a stomach. why the heck are you freaking out ??? heyy.. no touching me.. all hands know shows less skin??? SALWARS or bloomin shirts and trousers... >_<... HEYY i SAID hands off of me!!!

so i was supposed to do this and do that.. and if not, the wrath of hellfire on my head. well mostly the wrath of this ONE aunt of mine.
and after everything was done.
"where's the flowers"
"what flowers"
"you are a bride to be. u gotta have half a kilo of flowers on ur head everyday"
so i did.

and after 3 years of living on my own, on basically being this social outcast and not caring wat ppl said i did and doing my own thing, i found it REEEEAAALLY hard to listen with a straight face and not smacking someone. so i HAVE to thank L, for being there so i cud vent to her. and for being my maid of honor kinds and letting me blow off some steam.

and so i walked around advising my younger cousin sisters to elope and generally trying to create other kinds of mayhem by not combing my hair like they wanted me to.. [ yaaa i'm a rebel, i refuse to plait my hair.. jeez man. haha u can't catch me.. ha! i refuse to eat rice.. i'll starve but won't give in. oh its the little things that make life worth living ]

but otherwise it was good.
note to self: never EVER get married again. or next time, just elope.

sWimmiNG wiTh tHe riGht cOmpANy

i don't understand twitter. i understand wanting to follow some famous personality through their day. yup i'd be interested to know wat AA had for breakfast and if i could have the exact same thing and feel good about myself.

ya riiiiight.

so anyways i kind of fried my computer yest. it started off with a virus ( i think ) or internet explorer. one of the 2. and i tried to fix it by installing something called bit defender. but after that my computer did like... nothing for an hour.. so then i tried to delete symantic.. and a bunch of other stuff. and my computer .. like crashed a couple of times... there was some ... swearing and some ppl got a lil upset ( me )
and finally i ended up doing something after which my desktop does not show up. neither does the taskbar or the quick launch. and then i tried somethign and now i think i deleted the network drivers.

what i REALLY think happened is that symantic and bit defender were having all out war and they fried my computer from the inside. had nothing to do with me going and removing files willy nilly.
oh no no no , not at all.

anyways its a good excuse for me to get ubuntu on my comp.

note to self: swimming with dolphins, sillhoutte. i just like the name of the group coz i want to swim with dolphins too.

sALtY sHorEs

note to self : saltwater room, owl city
nice lyrics.

saw a movie yest. ok i admit it i'm like REALLY behind on my movies.
luck by chance. interesting. its nice to see such movies if only for the fact that they're experimenting. and they found a realistic way of introducing songs into the movie, other than the usual dreaming sequence and sudden cuts away from the story line.

right now i'm thinking that i'm glad i haven't gotten into the habit of calling K , hubby. the word is too close to chubby and dubby. and really.. why wud u put someone u actually like through the embarrassment of being called "Hubby" in public?

i'm thinking i'm also glad that i don't call him "pooh bear"....
seems to be there's a lot i can be thankful for.. and it looks like K has even MORE to be thankful for.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NeW wiSHes aRe ThE sAme WisHeS

yes yes i know i'm supposed to be wishing you a happy new yr.

i'm supposed to be doing a lot of other stuff too. like writing my '10 goals and writing this driver software thingy so that the other thingy works.

and i'm supposed to be finding some stuff i really really want, online. like a second hand guitar. < hint hint to anyone who wants to buy me a second hand guitar, here is my address... oh shush u know you'd like free stuff too >

but i don't want to specifically wish you a happy new yr. thats kind of like saying i wish all the ppl i don't know an especially crappy new yr. i mean why can't i just say, i wish the whole world a happy new yr and go back to sleep? makes it a lot simpler doesn't it.

pffft OFCOURSE i'm rambling coz i'm trying to find a way to kill time at work, after i'm done for the day.
get back to watever ur supposed to be doing willya?

oh and i guess i wish you an ecstatic new yr [ just cz u read till here :P ]