Sunday, December 21, 2008

StoLeN soUL

i categorically and summarily object to photographs. the whole darn concept of them. well i think the basic concept is all well and good, but when my mom wakes me up at 5 AM on a sunday morning just to pester me that she has forgotten the way i look. yup thats when i feel like smashing ...smashing.. something.

so i begged my roomie to take a snap. ANY darn snap so that i can fob off my mom for another 6 months... but i don't really photograph well. many things come to mind when u see the snaps. 'deer caught in headlights' , 'psycho killer' , 'scary'...
SM says that ALL females love to get their snaps taken. and love to doll up for them.

ya right. all women. i agree.

wat? u didn't get it yet ??? ur not the brightest fruit on the tree are you ??

ok ok. but seriously. 4 hours later i was able to cobble together a few snaps for my mom. but no WAYS am i sending them all at once to my mom. no no no. thats just foolish. i'll release them like 5 snaps every 3 months. just enuf to keep them off my back. coz u know... you just know.... that the moment you give them an inch, they just want the whole darn 9 yards. which means to say, that i send them some snaps today and tomoro, i just KNOW i'll get a call for a snap in a sari and posing like an idiot.


aaaw maaan not the sari thing. groooaaaan

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  1. Wat time again? BTW I sent u a sweet picture of myself recently. Please return the favor soon.