Saturday, February 28, 2009

sHRedDeD caRrotS aNd sinGLe foLk

i saw a movie. after a really long time. with a bunch of ppl i didn't really know that well. friends of friends.
you know how after the movie ends everyone starts discussing the highlights of the movie??

ok this wasn't like that.

i was sinking into my coat/seat every few minutes till i was almost falling off the seat...

you know the kind of movies, where you can't look at anyone's face while your watching it?? and when you leave, you never ever ever talk about that evening again??
with ANYONE. no referring to it... it's like the day should be erased from your memories.
god i hope i can erase it from my memories. it was a bit traumatic.
so why am i making such a big deal out of it?? it cud not have been that bad. surely.


GOD yes it was.

i went for a potluck. with a bunch of ppl i didn't really know that well. friends of friends. i turned into the creepy person clicking random snaps of everyone there coz i cudn't understand telugu. EVERYONE was telugu. ok nearly everyone.

so i've hit a major vein of a tamil group and now a telugu group.....

kannada where art thou?

ok i'll settle for any english speaking/hindi speaking group.

tulu?? PUHLEASE don't make me LAUGH.

Friday, February 27, 2009

sOmE crAZY niNjA sKiLLs

"hi i'd like to rent a car"
"SURE. no problem. here .................
............. all the legal stuff...............
.......all the billing stuff..........WHAT i'm paying 200 dollars for a weekend???.......oh billing error. ok ................
.......checking car stuff........ [hey alrite alrite point the way back and gimme the car already. and let me go before i forget , first left , then right , then left. got that]

okiy now... got the car. start the engine. check the mirrors and lights. alritey. check the gear stick thingy. and ok wait someone next to you so let them pull out first. alright. lets go..... wooops forgot seat belt. ok wear the belt. now wat did she say? turn right out of the lot?? ooh crud there's a car waiting to get in. i can't turn right. it looks dangerous, let me turn left. i can come back to this road somehow.
ok now let me turn left. hmm road looks strange. oh here's a dead end. ok the guy in front of me is turning left. left looks reasonable. i should totally turn left. my instincts tell me to turn left, so that's what i will do.




did that sign just say 'thank you for visiting hillsboro, please visit again. population 89,986???????????

i'm going out of HILLSBORO in the FIRST FIVE MINUTES???!!!???

wait. i'm on a HIGHWAY?? HOW DID I GET ON A HIGHWAY. ok don't panic. you can't take a uturn on a highway. i think i read that somewhere.

hmm i need to turn right. so i can take a uturn. hey here's a sign. golf course. sure.... why not.
ok let me go. i need to get out of creepy cornfield areas. and ok uturn back to the road. now rem not to turn right again. we'll be right where we started. ok
back on this road.
i think now i'm in the right direction. hey. HEY MISTER. get out from behind me your making me nervous.

ok straight on for 6 miles. turn left and home. hey wait i got mapquest directions somewhere....
ok. hmm stay on the middle lane.



hmm this area looks so different. like i've never seen it before. but that's not right. it should be familliar. i've come by this road for the last 3 months to... oh there it is!! my office. yeah see. i told you this road should look familiar. [ strangely it doesn't ]



ok let me lane change to the right. coz i need to turn right....



wait why did i do that?? i have to go left. not right. its left. dow!
ok lane change back. hmm which lane do i stay in? i'll follow the guy in front of me. maybe hes going where i am. why are there so many cars on the road??? hey MISTER. either speed up or slow down. ur making me nervous driving along my side. i've got a HUGE car. i'd crush you like a bug. [ thadump ] there see??? i almost drove into your lane.... get away... yeah that's better...


now. home SHOULD BE here somewhere. john olsen road. hmm that's not what it says in mapquest. but what the heck. i can't go straight coz i'm in this lane. let me take a left. coz that's what my instincts say. [ the last time i listened to my instincts..... ]
hey!! what do you know. this is TOTALLY the right road. now all i have to do is turn a left and .... wooops i should have gone right. this is the apartment complex OPPOSITE to mine. can i just stop and think for a while. i really want to take a break from driving. like just rest my brain for a while... hey lady! get out from behind me. your making me nervous.
ok she's making a left, let me make a right so i can get away from her.....
hey what do you know. i came to the exit. ok now get out. look around. take that right and turn into your.. woops sorry lady. forgot to sign. and i'm in.


phew. now how do i go home from here? like all these crazy lefts and rights....
hmm its been 3 months. i've been coming home this way... ok let my senses take over.
right. left. car behind me. so another right to get away from him. oh crud he followed me. no no go away from me. let me think. ok straight. hey i think i know this building. hey ... hey.. HEY there's my home !!




fLYinG cLoSE to tHe grOunD

if you REALLY really reaaaaaally want drama.
then you should wait for me to login tonight.

i'm off to rent a car. and my biggest problem right now is how do i get back from the rental office? coz i don't know the way. and i don't have a GPS.
i'm directionally challenged, my phone battery is dead. and i'm gonna be driving around in circles.

here's to hoping i don't land in seattle.

oh btw if i don't write in by tomorrow, will someone please notify A.Li i'm not gonna make it to the potluck tonight coz i'm prob be stuck in Seattle??

oF aLL thE oTHeR siDes

so i happened to run into this person. patent lawyer. interesting huh?
never met a patent lawyer b4. woman. electrical engineer, and then law school and about to graduate. interesting.
oh guess where she's from. Pak. oooh got u to sit straight on this didn't i?

well. the most amazing thing was she came up to my shoulder. now i'm not the world's tallest person. and finding ppl who come up to my shoulder. man that's tiny!
totally made me feel like Gulliver.

she was nice. pretty ok. happened to tell me some stories about her home country.
its interesting.

this NGO i joined? its made up of a bunch of bangladeshis , one paki and one indian. oh that's me btw. mebe other nationalities too. i dunno, haven't met everyone yet.
but lets see...
its interesting.

and i'm reminded of this jackass friend of mine, who wrote last month such a filthy letter abusing so many ppl .. and i wonder. will the day EVER come when everyone will get along?? i don't really think so u know....

oh apparently true story btw. in P, the army just ups and takes ppl away for ever kinds. like detains them indefinitely. like educated ppl who prob raise a voice against their actions or something. i dunno. that's what she told me.

mAkiNg tHe riGht cALL

at the risk of being shot dead the next time i take a walk to the local grocery store... is it alright to call someone a psycho and tell them to go away ?

i mean i don't really want to be rude. but hey. what am i supposed to reply to these whackos??? i don't get it. why do ppl do this kind of stuff. is it a prank? is it some sick perversity?

ok now. i'm not being dramatic, but just to see if your grey cells are working fine, i've put up that guy's lines somewhere in my post. just think about it for a min, and you'll know where to find it. just that i didn't want to put it up out here.
[ i really really REALLY don't want to be shot ]
and yup its still pretty funny. ok mebe not as funny as last time....

years and years ago i had this neighbour. it would be stretching it to call her a friend... she was wierd.. u know? i mean rea-lly.... wierd. her fav pastime was to call ppl on a prank... u know. THE prank calls. she found them hillarious. just dial random numbers and not say anything.
now in prank calls you have all kinds of sickos
the silent-vigils
the hangup-as-soon-u-pick-up
the heavy-breathers [ really creepy ]
and the rest of the plain stupids

i don't see it. the charm of doing that. it's a perfectly wasted afternoon, and for some reason i always imagine broken hips when i think of prank calls...

u must have had prank calls in your life. i mean someone must have done it to you??
i've had a couple. like someone actually called up my house and asked for me. and then they ... well u know and oh! my reaction was SO classic.

"hello? can i speak to QoD?"
"yeah this is she"
"i love you"
"i LOVE you"
"sorry this is a wrong number"
[ slammed the phone down and walk away miffed. creepy anon stalker char....i'm not THAT desperate. puh-leeeeaaase gimme a break. < muttering to myself >....... and NOW you know why i like anon ppl so much. they bring back SUCH fond memories < rolling my eyes > ]


well then. that was just ONE of the anon prank calls i got. never was good at making them. i remember this one time... we were calling up my neighbours, who had an answering machine [ not the same one, diff neighbours, and in those days an answering machine was still so new. so exciting < grimace > ]
so my mom makes me call, and she's standing right in front of me [ i was like her....secretary those days... ] and i'm already nervous [ coz those days i was SO sh*t scared of my mom ] and i get the answering machine, and as usual i.... i mean i'm listening to this woman go yada yada yada.. leave a message after the beep, [ yes yes i know woman. get on with it.. ] and then the beep and then i.... freeze. i try to thrust the phone frantically at my mom, she refuses to take the phone to talk, i'm standing with the phone in my hand and not knowing what to say and the tape is rolling... ok i can do this. [ put the phone down put the phone down the voices in my head are screaming ] but when i'm about to DO that.... her highness suddenly gets the devil in her and she's like, "leave an anonymous message as a prank" [ she whisphers to me... 10 seconds and still rolling ]
and i'm trying to bat her away and leave a message coz its been 10 seconds and i'm saying "hi, this is sheeths and just calling to let you know... what?? [ belatedly realize what my mom is saying and since i live in mortal fear , belatedly trying to follow her orders. hey those were the 90's. EVERYTHING she said was an order from god.. ]
umm ok so... [ ok ok i'll do it i'll do it. batting away my mom's gestures at me ]
ummm so.......GUESS WHO????"" < said in a bright happy voice and slammed the phone down >

phew that was over. i turn around and i see my mom holding her head in her hands.
"what are u?? u just told them your name and then said GUESS WHO??? are you sure your my child?? coz i want a refund...."

internal pause.


my bro is rolling on the floor and laughing and all noise fades away as i stare in dismay at the phone and imagine my friends face when her parents play the tape when they get back. ummm is there a way i can delete that message?? like mebe if i call them again?? or like 20 times. isn't there a limit where it will be overwritten?? or mebe if i break into their hou....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

riGHt siDe of ThE roAd

me trying to buy a car ?

"hi how can i help you today"

"ummmm actually ... ummm i saw this ad for a car on this website. and i got this number from there. its a mini cooper. and ummmm... i just got my license and this is the first time i'm doing this.... ummm. and i've never done anything like this before .. so basically.... have i called the right number? i want to.... i mean i was thinking of buying a car"

< speaking very very slowly >
"ummm so can i come over on saturday to see the car? and ummmm i wanted to know the details of it. i just got my license yesterday"

"oo---kay. very good. yes we are open on saturday. you can come over. we still have the car by the way"
"oh good thats good. so i'll call you back then."

"ookay then. bye!" [ wierdo. why did she even call? ]

me trying to give my drivers test ?

"ok please take a right" [ clueless instructor]
"ok. that means a lane change, i can do this. signal , check blindspot, move. smooth as butter" [ muttering to myself ]
"ok now don't panic. You are all right, but keep a watch out for that guy"
"huh?? what?" [ why did you say that?? now i'm already panicking... what am i supposed to look out for?? < turning my head and looking both ways > ]
"OMG that guy is in the WRONG lane and on a collision course with oncoming traffic. OMG WHAT IS THAT GUY DOING" [ did she Just tell me NOT to panic?? ]

me telling people that i passed my driving test ?

-"look out people , QoD is now on the road"
-"lord help us all" [ muttering and walking away ]
-"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" [ uncontrollable laughter ]
-"lord save the people in your town"
-"gud lord. i've seen the way you drove your bike! only god can save your townspeople now"
"heyy what do u mean"
"you drove like you owned the road, and that was when you drove a tiny kinetic bike. imagine if someone actually hands you a car" - R [ heyy R!! how are ya?? ]
-"they gave YOU a license? ha ha ha ha ha. who the heck took your driving test??"
-"oh thanks for letting me know. i'll keep a watch out for you and stay as far away from you as possible."
-"get a 800 dollar car. that way if you wreck it, then you can just walk away" - A :) [ i love optimistic ppl ]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tHe BuGs iN my WorLd

i'm wondering if you all are interested in FM's latest email.... its not racy or anything or all that scintillating. [ he doesn't tell me to fuck off, or go drown myself or jump off a bridge or anything so dramatic. aaw ]
all together a bit low on the entertainment value, but then again mebe i'm just jaded :P

well if i can get , lets see atleast 3 comments that your interested, you can have it. just copy paste...
if you REALLY ask nicely u can choke on my reply too. [ yeah wat can i say, i just hate to get rid of such constant entertainment ]

aah well. except for that particularly foul mouthed anon, i don't think anyone else is out there.

hey...hey. HEY!!




what are all these earthworms doing on the ground. get them back under it.
eeeeeeeew it rained so much all the earthworms are strewn around. and aaaaaaaaaah they're everywhere. aaaaaaaargh gross gross grooooosssssssssss

eeeeeeeeeew get it off, i got no place to step... aaaaaaaaaaargh [ meltdown 37% complete. 2 min 24 sec to go ... ]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

beiNG ruDe and goLdeN bALls

normal conversations with people i haven't met in like forever

random person == rp

rp: hey
me: hey [ hmm ok its you.wait how do i know you? oh well, wait, give me a min to remember who you are ]
rp: how are you
me: i'm good how are you [ automated response. safe ground here ]
rp: hows work
me: work is good [ still on automatic. well i give up. i don't know where i know you from. but obv i do, since your kind enough to ask about my work.... ]
pause for 4 minutes
me: oh! how's your work [ woops how rude of me ]
no response
[ oh well. atleast i tried. there's another person who's off my xmas list... ]

well you gotta understand that i'm not being rude. not really. u know. just that... sometimes i... may.... not be ...... interested.
esPECIALLY when i don't know you at all :P

ok now tell me. how does on end up with 700+ friends and 150+ fans on orkut?
what do you even DO , to attain that level of notoriety?? :) hmmmm curiouser and curiouser

oh the golden balls? that's what M tells me when i BS too much. :D its funny. ive heard of brass balls. but not GOLDEN


Monday, February 23, 2009

wHEn itS imPoRtANT

so i was watching a sienfield episode and you know how awesome costanza is :D

so costanza had been on a date and there's this scene where elaine is telling him the gal actually likes him. and he's sooooo relieved that the babe liked him.
and u know what happens next right? elaine lets slip that he had nothing to worry about, the woman even said "looks were not important to her"


rofl. oh boy was he upset. i mean wouldn't you be??
no prizes for guessing why i find this SOOO hillarious.

no seriously what DO you do when someone wants to set you up with a person for whom 'looks are not imp'

costanza: she thinks i'm ugly
sienfield: no she doesn't.... atleast look at it this way. there are so many ppl who go through life ugly, but not knowing it. coz there isn't anyone to tell them that their ugly.
costanza: and how does that help me.
sienfield: i don't know.


heh costanza is classic. a summation of all the neurosis in all of us ^_^ i love him. he's such a jackass/jerl/neurotic paranoid freak.

btw u tell me that 2:13 does not crack you up. its frickin HILLARIOUS !

stEp a TWo

coz its a monday.
coz its a beautiful day outside.
coz i have hay fever [ kind of ]
coz i'm bored and this is one of my fav songs. especially when on a drive and i'm on a straight road that drives straight into a blue but snow capped mountain range in the far distance [ horizon types ] and the sky isn't really a brilliant blue, but a hodge of grey clouds and the sun just breaking out from behind them. and all around is the semi-empty fields of the airport and some vague houses..
coz today is a festival for my most fav god. [ even if i'm an agnostic ]
coz i might finally get my license ^_^

it's a lovely day and i'm stuck inside.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

fLYinG monKEYs

ok ok i have no social life. you said that already. twice.
>_< OK i get it ALREADY

but this is a DISASTER !!

when did THIS HAPPEN?? i mean when did wolverine become the leader of the X-MEN??? i mean i know he's hot and all, and every woman's dream hunk, but HEY, what happened to that bald guy?? and besides, i kind of liked wolverine as the second in command kind of rogue wildcard guy. ok i didn't like jean that much anyways.. she was kind of depressing and a downer. i mean she was SO A GIRL. she wasn't spunky at all. i like my superheroes with a lil more spine.

but wait this is a complete Disaster. aaaaaaaaaaaaah i missed a whole chunk of the series

wait what's this? justice league? hmmm been a while since i saw it. was never a fan of it.. all those wierd alien creatures from all over the place, confusing the heck out of me.
heyy i don't understand this at all. where the heck is wonder woman from? and why are they talking about communists???
omg they're actually saying its the american responsibility to save the planet !!
that is SO funny. the last time i saw that attitude was independence day? or older than that.. can't rem.
i mean who says, "today it does not matter if we are democrats or republics, hawks or doves, today we fight as americans. all citizens of a free country/ america something.."

omg that's like hillarious!!!

i mean can you imagine such awesomeness in a cartoon?? gawd i'm glad its not 1950.

but yaaay they got an x-men marathon all night today on nick toons....

Friday, February 20, 2009

baBY sTEpS anD tHe PoLkA danCe

it's easy to talk. talk is dirt cheap.

how do they say it back home? paying lip service.

i've done it for years. talked about it i mean. the teaching, the going back, the vision. yes yes i've had it for years. but what have i done about it? till now?

then you'd ask why was i always talking about it? was i trying to boast? pretend? show off?
yeah i knew you'd ask that.

i talk coz its the simplest way for me to remember without forgetting. for me not to lose sight of it. and to put pressure on myself. by repeating the same story again and again, i'm just reminding myself that it's been 6 years since i started talking about it and i haven't done anything yet.
they say you should talk about your goals, coz it pressurizes you into trying to achieve them. tell 10 ppl that your on a diet and the next time your reaching for that cookie, atleast one of them is gonna question "what happened to the diet?"
maybe you'll keep that cookie back 2 times out of 4.

heyy it works trust me.
though that's only if u have friends that care :P

ok anyways why was i rambling as usual? oh ya right. so i met this guy. S.C.portland.
10 years of work exp in Intel, started an NGO in 2007.
how is this relevant. yeah right. i'm joining them. well keep your fingers crossed. as long as they want me, and everything works out. and i'm not a complete failure as a teacher. i'll be joining the volunteer team to teach in a community center for homeless kids. one hour every week. lets start off slow. its like building muscle, mustn't strain and lose interest right in the beginning.

also, it's quiet a drive from here apparently. that sucks. but it's ok. i'll need 2 hours per week.
no one said it would be easy. shrug. and no i don't have stars in my eyes that it's gonna be glamorous. and yes the world is screwed up and it's kind of unfortunate that within the first ten minutes i blabbed to him that i'd be in intel only for a couple of years coz i planned to teach full time. and that i was disappointed in the human race as a whole and i have no expectations of decency from ppl.
:P [ good heavens. lord only knows what he thinks of me !! ]
but seriously it's true. too many people get dillusioned too fast. too shocked. i think i'm beyond shock at anything. but i don't know. the universe is pretty wierd, it cud throw me a curve ball yet.

and i'm probably going to be the youngest member in the team. that's ok. he wonders what's getting me into this. why do i want to do it ... :D
where do i start??
well you know me. most def i blabbed... and prob insulted some ppl... :P
hey it IS hard to get that momentum once your stuck in your groove. once you have a family, your priorities change you know... i can understand that... kind of. it's harder to get off your ass and do something esp if you have to go home and cook and clean and coach your son's soccer team.. yada yada yada

so i mentioned this to some of my friends. oh they were interested in a vague theoretical sense. but you see, when i went to them with the concrete set of required commitments needed, they put me off. vague excuses.
ofcourse it's gonna take a couple of hours of your work hours. you find a way to work around it. what did you think? did you really expect this to be a painless process?? then everyone would do it wouldn't they??
but again this is just paying lip service.... before i say more, i need to put my money where my mouth is.. kind of.

oh did i mention i managed to impress the founder of the NGO and he said in a few months i could be invited to join the board of directors. ^_^
that's cool.

HEY. SO WAT if its just a nickle and dime Non-profit. i've never been invited to ANY board of directors before :P i'm taking it....

oooh ooooh since he already has contacts with the schools, he said if i was really interested, then i could take a part time teaching post at the school...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

miSsiNg a LinK

how do you find someone who has dropped off the face of the planet??

i mean i know that if i go awol, i have my roomate who can break my door down [ wait i forget there are no locks in this house except for the bathrooms ] so she can just walk in and haul me out by the scruff of my neck.. ok i exaggerate as usual. she's like 1/4th my size, she can't really do that...
but seriously. i tried to go awol and ppl found me somehow.
but what if you didn't have a roomate and you had moved to another city, so no one knew your address. and you canceled your orkut and facebook and linkedin accounts.
you also didnt reply to emails and didn't answer phone calls. and if people called the company where they thought you worked, they were informed that such a person had never been there and never worked for them.

interesting. then how do i find him?
i don't know the number of his family in india. theoretically he would have atleast kept in touch with his parents right?
who am i talking about? someone i knew and thought was a good friend. someone who just upped and went away. suddenly.
without even saying anything.
anal bitch that i am, now i've sunk my obsessed teeth into this, i just can't let it go. hey the least he could do was let me know, that/if he didnt want to talk to me anymore.

no nothing. nothing. nada. zilch. i got nothing. he has a blog. no posts since jan 13th or mebe 14th.
i write to some ppl who follow his blog or who's blog he follows. they don't reply. god alone knows why. i know we had some common friends and they have no clue where he is. and no one even knows where he lives in NY and right now no one knows where he works.
so in the end. i have one AWOL friend. and i'll be damned if i'll let it go at that without finding out if he's dead or alive.

hey. it stopped being funny about a month ago. i suspect he might be in india. but he** they got internet in india too u know. the least i cud get was a postcard or anonymous email or some such BS. i'd know if it was him writing as anon, wouldn't i?

hey you anon ppl out there, are u A.A.the.JA? and if your not i'd appreciate a Nay from you guys.

iN tiNy cRAMpeD pLAceS

do you feel comfortable living in big cities or in more suburban areas?
[ oh u knew this was coming didn't you? after all i just went from a village to a real big city for the weekend ... ]

but seriously. what do you like ?
i realized that while gotham like cities, and places like NY are COOL [ u know, to crane your neck and gape at the buildings. oh my gosh look how tall they are!! ]

so i admit it. i need the wide open spaces. i havent actually ever lived in a big city except for bangalore. but u can't really compare it to bombay or NY or shanghai or watever. and besides. i was terrified of crowds in blore and just preferred to stay at home on weekends or go to the coffee day right across my house. [ here the nosy parker anon is going to point out that there could not possibly have been a coffee day near my house, since i lived in the middle of nowhere , etc and he has further extrapolated my location in blore through various other posts. at that i will start disabusing him of the notion that he has any intelligence in his head and then we devolve into a pithy exchange where we each try to out do each other in insults, except that i can't be insulted by him coz, after all is said and done there WAS a coffee day near my house. phew.. ]
[ oh yeah crazy M is back alrite ]

anyways, so i had this radius and i stayed inside my lil circle. i had everything i needed right inside the radius. coffee, bread, dosas, dry cleaning, ironing, coriander leaves, bus stop to mlore.. everything. so staying in blore doesnt really count. besides where are the sky scrapers??
and i found the roomiest part of blore to stay in too [ this is where anon will butt in that there IS no roomiest part of blore but this time i'll be ready with the stick with which i can ...... ] :P
anyways, so i prefer wide open spaces. i like to see the sky. even if i'm not gawking at it everyday. and i get twitchy when i spend many many days without having seen the sky. thats my desktop background by the way. some random pic of clouds. very soothing. tried to change it to some other pic and nearly gave myself a heart attack with the instant loss of soothing feelings :P heh.
i don't know, mebe i was a bird in my previous life. [ along with a giant sloth and an panda bear ]

that's why i loved colorado so much. it's got the best sky i've seen so far. las vegas has some pretty neat skies too, but too many people and bling bling. i know women are supposed to love their bling bling, but boy its just too much. california? cali is ok, except something is just not right in cali. something is off, and i can't put my finger on it. it's not the true wideness of the prarie lands or the plains. it's more like ... i can't describe it. cali just makes me very itchy.
so i like colorado springs. i like austin too. but then again u have too many ppl there....

def wouldn't want to live in those cramped one bedroom places where your cramped into this tiny place and you can't really even turn about without bumping into yourself. have you TRIED doing cartwheels in one of those appartments?? or dancing. bet i'd break a few pieces of furniture. that's prob why i'll always live in such a sparsely furnished house too...

oh yah i know that even in these cities, ppl live in humongous houses too. just that i know i'd have to be born atleast 3 more times before i can afford that. and thats if i can carry over my bank balance from each previous life :P

not a day goes by, without someone telling me i think too much. oh bosh. go suck an egg :P

maKinG tHe LiST

did you know about the movie
The Bucket List

I didn't. it's absolutely amazing and not something new. we've heard of something like this before. but i keep forgetting which makes it abs amazing everytime i hear of such a thing again.
am i rambling ? sorry

but read this Wiki on Bucket list

i heard of this from A. no no not that A, the other one. the girl. blore. u know...
anyways, so she just finished hers. and i'm going to do mine today.

what would yours be? your list i mean. what would it be??

and i was going through the original bucket list and i found a couple of things
i never knew serengeti was a real place. find it on wiki yourself.
and i never knew about the victoria falls. i mean i knew about it, theoretically. but not really how awesome it was
Wiki on Victoria falls


iT haPpenS iN banGalOre toO

ram sene in Bangalore

i don't really know what to say. anything i say would be the talk of a mindless fool and just me moving my mouth and noises coming out. this has gone far enough, don't you think.

the question now is what should we do? to stop these people?? when we are being held hostage by our own ppl??

god what a mess. why do u complain about pakis bombing us. we have plenty idiot morons getting on our nerves in india. but then i shouldn't call them names. doesn't serve a purpose. but legally speaking can't they be classified as class A terrorists? why do we have the police if not to arrest such ppl?

i think it is a part of being human, that humans are naturally idiot morons. aargh

where IS that mothership?? get me off this insane planet already.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gRoWinG numBErs

ha ha ha

and you all thought i was a fool for talking about this.

hey! i always did say i was years ahead of everyone else... thats right. i'm just a misunderstood genius :P to paraphrase Calvin

On The Population

of all the news i'm catching up with after i got back, the most interesting is that the vatican actually spends time and money on defining what are the biggest sins of men and women.
:O ya right. like i cudnt tell you that.
guys like food , sex and slothful
girls are proud , envious and angry

btw did u know that there once existed giant sloths , the size of elephants. they looked like bears but were sloths and giants. like 20 feet tall !! :O
thats like so cool....

but wait why is the vatican doing watever its doing?? i dont understand them at all. but that's a whole new story which we don't want to get into right now.

so did u read the article through that link? i'd say since it was such a political hot topic, they were pansy ass pussyfooting around.... in my opinion [ which i'm sure no one really cares about ] one kid is more than enough. and you adopt the other one. logically speaking, thats perfect. and the rest of the world is just plain selfish.
but hey! selfishness and stupidity aint a crime u know. so till then u have every right to both.

on another note, i remember why i like Earth so much
Aliens on earth
i mean where else would a leading newspaper read like a cheap supermarket tabloid?
and where else would i get my daily fix of alien news??

aRouND tHe LaKE

you stand on the edge of a lake and look out into the horizon. its almost like looking into the sea, except the color is different and the waves are tamer. and you can't really hear the sound of the sea. i miss the sea. the constant sound of the crashing of the waves. but if you look into the lake , you can delude yourself for a minute that it really is the sea. so very calm and peaceful. depths that cannot be imagined.
and you can't see the other side anyways. with boats on the lake, you wish you were there too...

its cold with a nip in the air and your thinking, by god its magnificent. with the skyline on the other side and the empty calm lake on this side, you sit down on the steps and think how it wud be in the summer. abs fascinating.

you imagine the ages, that have gone past, the people that have lived, loved and died along the lake. the millions of years that went past to make this moment as it was now. the make this very second as it is now.

you look up at the clear sky and think about what you saw in the planetarium. the stars and the universe and the different suns out there. and you wonder and you wonder. is the universe really made up of some dark matter that has not yet been identified as it says in there? you can't really trust scientists in the US. they'll say anything. even with dna proof of evolution, these are the people who want to teach their children that god made the world in seven days. then u think about that rock that came from outer space and that fell on mars. and you see in your mind, the live image of the sun that is constantly shown 24x7. and you think. by god. its here the reason for life, the god of the mayans and the aztecs and the cause of all the wonder in the world.

the sun, the moon and the stars. and you remember the midnight strolls in your field back home where you could look up and easily see a million stars. and you wonder you wonder. a million things as numerous as the stars....

can you really walk away from it all? can you give up your ipod, your laptop, your car, your clothes and air travel and mongolian coffee?
go back to feeding the cows and no power and humid skies and constant flies and mosquitos? can you go back to traveling in the smelly buses, evading those eve teasers? can you do it when your 50? when your 60?
and can you not?

cHiCago ChiCAgO

"hang on a minute, have you seen my purse?"
"what purse, why the heck do u carry so many little girly bags anyways??"
"well i have my wallet in my pocket, and my phone and my ipod.. whoa i got my passport and house keys in the purse. i abs need gotta have it!"
"oh alrite get in. lets go back to the bus stand"
< ten minutes on the imp of not being absent minded ...which i'm nodding my head to, but barely listening.. >
[ did i have it in the train? yeah i rem the creepy guy who said hi and i moved a seat further away, then i rem removing something from it and also when gettin off i rem thinking , thank god i didnt leave the purse anywhere in las vegas or chicago or the flights or the restrooms...or train stations >
"must be the bus stand, thats where i was thinking all these things"

it was a fool's trip. as in a packed my bags like a fool [ too much junk ] i booked my tickets like a fool [ wierd timings, layover and twice the time to fly ], lost my luggage [ on the way back ] and fell ill on the way [ thot i'd cancel the trip back , but phew made it ]
but the stay out there was MARVELOUS
abs fun

i got to see the city and roam around and visit a couple of museums and meet my cousin bro's gf. [ whoa!! backup a minute, you waaat?? ]

shhhhhh shhhhh i meant my cousin's classmate
btw i really liked her. did i mention she likes xmas and i mean really like like.
oh ho ho ho < rubbing my hands together in glee >
boy are they gonna be some fireworks in my family when this gets out.[ and i thot i was a rebel. i got NOTHING on these guys ]
but seriously? i like her. and i'm throwing my considerable weight behind them. if push comes to shove.. but u know it won't come to that.
times are-a-changing ajji
kaliyuga ajji :P [ my std answer to my granny every time she laments the state of this generation... ]

so i met my cousin, went to the museum, got photographed by some random person for some photo journalism class [ whoa! u what? thats right i did ], ate at some really nice places, went to the planetarium, aquarium, saw the silver bean, walked in the freezing cold along the lake, saw the downtown skyline from the shore of the lake, hancock tower, saw the world's largest McD, trump tower, sears tower...
wait what else did i do?
saw an ice sculpture fest, the river, think i covered it all?
after all, i gotta log it here, before they're lost in the labrynths of my memory forever...

oh the museum was awesom. spent half of monday on it. gud thing i went by myself too. else i'd have been whining all the way..
they had ancient egypt [ sarcophagus, copffins, mummies, pottery, a boat, papyrus, hieroglyphics, stones, gods, cats, animals things, jars to keep organs in, wierd stuff.. ok stop ], ancient china [ pottery, bronze, clothes, dolls, drama, statues, buddha statues, vessels, etc ], tibet, buddhism, mesopotamia, pacific islanders [ masks, hut, house, their totem pole kind of things, their rituals for the dead, their art, animal carvings, etc ]
then there was the mammals, insects, minerals, underground bugs [ oh u guys wud have LOVED it. it was nasty and gross. u had to go into this cave and it was as if u were one inch tall and all the bugs and worms were scaled up. so u were in the middle of roots and larvae and worms and they MOVED! and eeeeew. i hightailed it out of there :P ]
then the dinosaurs[ awesome i got to see a stegosaurus, but it might have been part plaster ] and fish and ice age and stuff.
and the jade collection. and the gold jewelry collection.

i think thats it for the museum.
i liked ancient egypt and china the best

then i went to the aquarium where i saw the sting ray, normal and polka dotted. my fav fav fish. and some dogfish shark and some sea horses. aaaw sea horses and sea dragons are soooo cute.
the planetarium was cool but i was so tired, i fell asleep in the first show. the second show was better, [ robert redford. how can i not love it? ]
and u know how planetariums are.

i am SO going to Boston next. and this is the official kick off of my travel logs.

oh btw did nothing for V day. in case ur curious...i didnt get even a bud or a cacti plant :D
yeah yeah i know i know. V day is just a big conspiracy perpetuated by the card and flower companies. but now that i think bout it i WOULD have liked atleast a carnation. [ i like carnations, actually are they the wierd flower with papery petals?? i don't think i know what carnations are... ]
anyways i'll just buy myself some flowers this week. [ and b4 u ask, no i'm not gonna tell ppl someone gave them to me u doofus ]

but mebe ur expectring me to rant and rave against vday as a lie and a big hokie and etc etc. but ummm u see, i like getting gifts :D
heyy. i'll celebrate any stupid day that involves girls getting gifts.
yeah i know its a rough deal for guys, but whatever :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

oOPS i foRgOT thE tiTLE

Somethings I definitely don't need as I'm sitting in the airport -

Woman.Indian. Screaming hellooo HELLOOO on her phone. Honestly sometimes we're soooooo rude!!!!
News flash of a flight crashing in buffalo. Hey I don't PLAN to run screaming from here..., but it's looking like
A good idea.
The itouch running out of power..... NOOOOOO....

Sure I cud come up with more.... But there is0 the small issue of batte.......

Thursday, February 12, 2009

tO sEe tHe waY cLEArlY

i'm off to chicago. for a break. yaay. and no i got nothing to say this week other than that. u don't really want to listen to me whine about me being ill do you? no i thought not.

if your the observing kind, you notice that ppl are wierd and unique but made of the same building blocks. a contradiction? yeah thats what they are...
the same fears, prejudices, hangups, wrapped up differently to make us unique...
so i generally tell anyone who's willing to listen that i'm gonna one day teach. usually comes up in conversation. and you see all this fascinating reactions.

some outright laugh at me. some ppl give it a thought and laugh at me. some ppl tell me that i'll never do it and i'm living in a fool's world. but more than them, the maximum number of people actually pat me on the back and tell me i'll do well.
and to all those who tell me i can't, well... there's no point in talking about it right now, and endlessly arguing with u dismal sods. i'll just have to find a way and keep my trap shut till then won't i?

heyy, have a gr8 long weekend to those who have a hol on monday ^_^

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

onLy sLigHtlY nUTs

Of what the moon told me

heyy so i like to believe crazy stuff, why wouldn't i?? its in perfect character...


ok ok the image is from the website, i don't want the big fat blog police on my tail again,
ok ok that wasn't very nice, to call u fat...

oh well. am totally not in the mood. coz i'm tired and exhausted and the weather is completely dismal outside my window..
ooooh ooh btw did u check out the moon last night ?? it was amazing.. totally spoke to the lunatic in me..

wait a sec, where the heck is my purple lollipop. no no its not a euphamism, i really had a lollipop out here yesterday....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

hOw cAn it noT bE?

So its a brand new day


note to self: joshua radin

oh and quit trying to psychoanalyze me man... i just heard it on tv...

oh btw i passed my driving test ! yaay!!

oh i was seeing this movie, "homeless to harvard"
you should watch it. true story....

Wiki on Liz Murray


Saturday, February 7, 2009

hANdY mE

one of the reasons i really really... REALLY like Calvin is coz i'm like him in so many ways. notably, even i'm incapable of accepting responsibility for my actions. :P

i mean it really wasn't my fault. oh... ur wondering what i'm talking about... well see, i didn't really do anything.. i mean it wasn't really my fault.. oh i already said that.
well see the sink wasn't draining and it seemed a simple matter, you know. so i kind of thought i cud fix it myself, you know. so i ummmm kind of opened the pipes under that. ok...
and then i poked around a bit.. and then i coudn't see anything wrong, right... so i tried to put it back.
and well. ummmm u see...
i cudn't put it back together exactly right. i kind of... tore the washer. and then i called maintenance anyways.. coz there i was sitting with all the pipes on the floor...

i shouldn't be allowed any plumbing equipment. or heavy machinery, or fancy gadgets, or expensive cosmetics, or things made of glass... or white carpeting... good heavens the list is endless... < rolling my eyes >


Friday, February 6, 2009

mY 2 ceNts tHAt mAy bE woRTh nOThiNG

hmmm everyone is so serious. they're all talking about the ram sene. [ first of all, thats a rid-ic-ulous name. they should so consult an image consultant. i'm thinking being an image consultant to these ppl wud be a fantastic way of raking in the moolah....but i once again digress... ]

so some ppl went and hit a few drunk women in m'lore [ < wince > yes i know, my town. gawd do we always have to be notorious for the worst reasons possible? ]
and so my friend despaired and wrote this piece on it [ long diatribe on the whole issue, how those ppl are rotten finks [[ my words not his, don't want to get him beaten back home.. ]] and so on... ] and another replied with another piece on how we need to analyze the political agendas behind these things [ how politicians study demographics, manipulate ppl yada yada yada... ]
so one vented and the other rationalized...
and normally in my younger and more brash days i'd jump right in, and join the fray, wail along with the rest and beat up a few politicians [ i wish! but if its any consolation i did once consider a career in real-life-politician-beating-up ]

so how come a fool like me, who has an opinion on everything on the planet, wants to keep mum on this? and is strangely reluctant to put my 2 cents in?


boy where do i even start?

ok in conclusion [ waat!! :O we're concluding even without the whole debate?? wat are you? nuts?? ] i think, that it all boils down to educating ppl on the right thing to do and thinking rationally. so you have these ppl being swayed by politicians? and they go insane and beat up women [ heyy dude , thats so not cool. if i know my mythology right, only shikhandis beat up women. actually wait, even they had more honor than that..... ]
ok so you have id'd the problem as politicians and their ability to sway impessionable fools [ lets all agree that these here are fools unable to reason out a lying SOB's false propoganda ]
but think about this. why are there so many of these fools?
how do we turn them into rational ppl? [ i mean if a politician came to you and told you that women drinking in a bar was harmful to/hurting our 'culture', what would you or me do? laugh at him to his face and spit in his eye. yeah... ]

so you want this mass of frustrated confused ppl to be able to rationalize. to think for themselves. now think about this [ take baby steps here ] how come you have the ability to rationalize? coz your educated. you finished college. ok pre-college. ok high school. [ you haven't even finished high school?? why are you removing your hockey stick? are you gonna break my bones now? aaaaaaaaah. run. ]
so basically you have to improve ed-u-cat-ion for all. [ AAHA. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I WANNA TEACH IN INDIA ]

now it would be blasphemy to suggest that we had it coming. no no, i don't mean those women had it coming. [ thats plain stupidity to say that ]. i mean WE as a nation had it coming. why?
well for 50 years we all pursued our own goals, improved our lot without really bothering about helping the rest try to improve their lot. come on. do you really believe that everyone is responsible just for themselves?
look at history. [ you don't read history books just for pictures you know ]
look at it. everytime we had a large disparity of wealth distribution, we wud end up with mindless idiotic dolts who were impressionable to propoganda and then out of sheer jealousy would wreak havoc on OUR life.
if they don't know better, its coz our apathy never bothered to teach them better. we led myopic lives that were intent on making our and our children's lives better. is it wrong? no. but its exceedingly short sighted.
democracy is not just a stupid right to vote. its also a responsibility. to our nation as a whole. in our everyday lives. your supposed to think of the country too. everyday. your supposed to give something back. have a lil nationalistic pride mebe.

ofcourse its a dicey concept. i still don't know how you can trust a majority to make the right decision for the minority. thats cagey by itself. but we also don't have a gr8 track record for altruism. we don't have a gr8 track record for not being greedy.
its unfortunate but there you have it. given the opportunity. there will be atleast one person who is greedy and power grubbbing and money grubbing and plain evil. he becomes a politician.
[ atleast in most places ]

so is there no hope? hey i never say that. i'm the person hoping i'll pass the drive test today. [ talk about hopes.. ]
but it requires a mass change in basic cultural mindset. it starts with us. in our homes. with what we teach our children. and our neighbours children. and some adults too.
its how we teach them to think. and reason. and make the right choice. and spit in a greedy persons face. you know whats cool about education? it never fades away. like giving ppl jeans. you teach one to think, and i'm hoping he tecahes another and right then and there you got yourself a national epidemic of rationality. thats what the world needs. a lil more thinking.

50 years? 100? who knows. all we can do is but try. and if someone beats us up. we try again.

ps: now i might have been a lil random and all over the place. thats coz i gtg in 10 min for a drive test. [ oh boy u shud hear THOSE stories. i promise they're HILL-AR-IOUS ]
and i'm a wee bit tensed and that tends to make me ramble. but u know that...
oh man. i wish i had sweaty palms [ ok now your just plain losing it ]
but you fill in the gaps. you shud have learnt by now to make those quantum leaps in logic.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

riNg a DiNg dinG

sorry, can't stop grinning

L is getting hitched. its so CUTE ^_^
a dude from her office.

well you know L... she's from mlore. my puc days... one of my 4 friends for 2 years...

man this is SO COOL!!

woohoo congrats L !!!
aaaawwww for all my cynicism , its ALWAYS SO COOL when my friends find their ppl...


omg so many ppl getting hitched in May. i shud SO go home...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hEaRt oF a PoET

ha! and they said i don't have the soul of a poet.


and you thought u cud make me feel bad by questioning my sanity?? come ON... i've heard worse...for instance look at what this dude wrote to me a while ago...

if this post was delayed, its coz it took me so long to stop laughing and to post it up...


are you angry on me
sorry if there are any mistakes from my side
please do mail me
i like you
recession is on and i am
struggling without job
was not able to get you online
might be that.. you have put me in blocked mode
hope you ll understand me and add me back again
Once again am sorry for anythings
.....................End of patience......
If you still dont get convinced...
Fuck you.. idiot..
what the hell did i do with you
i just wanted to be a friend of you
just get this into your shit head
Sorry for the above passage.. iF it hurts
See you

- S. K


and you thought poetry was dead along with chivalry...
tsk tsk..

ps: if your the dude who wrote this to me and reading this now... i got ONE request.
can you pen some more?? i'm gonna frame them onto placemats on my dining table. they make HILARIOUS dinner conversation...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oF teA aNd mY grAnDMa

coz i spent all afternoon blasting this into my brain.

huh who says we won't go back?


oh right. ur the cynic. the one who doesn't believe anything i say. and has a complaint for everything anyone says. wait a min... your Becker !! aaah how can we not like you...
oh relax will u. thnk about the last good mug of tea you had.... in that dirty glass in your college canteen. the one that cost 10 rupees and you said was too expensive for tea.

this song? i'm a visual person. it gives me pictures.
of rain. of puddles. of walking back from school. soaked to the bone.
of buses that careen around the corner and drench u in muddy water, on its mad dash to the next stop.
of the college canteen. of the tea and pakodas. of the dosa.
of the 3 ppl sitting on a moped and illegally driving like insane blind ppl in the rain. [ its allrite the driver wears glasses, its fogged up and she can't see the road anyways ]
of walking on the main road, in rain [ rain? again?? ] without an umbrella, skipping through puddles, tilting your head up and drinking the fresh water of the first monsoon the most direct way.
of power cuts and the heat. the water in the fields, the mosquitos and the flies.
uh oh. we're slipping into reality here.... better stop

note to self: rahman, swades

oh crud. i have a question. on pointers. now the last thing i want to do on earth is to turn this blog into any kind of forum for intelligent discussion.... groan.
god i hate pointers.

pULLinG iT coRreCtLy

don't remember if i had put this up. too lazy to verify

shrug. you'll just have to somehow find it in you to bear with it.

are u kidding me? that video is HILLARIOUS

ok ok lets get serious. do you instead want to talk about how they removed a kidney through a vag... no?
yeah :D man thats funny and disturbing on so many levels.

oh go bbc it u nut. am not giving u all the gory details..

i actually have a friend. well more like i know someone who's doing a phd in genetics in john hopkins. like how cool is that???
a phd. sigh always wanted a phd. < getting nostalgic >
well... i ALSO always wanted a corvette and to fly....u know like superman. and a HUMONGOUS library....

i'm not getting any of it, am i?

tHe uPsiDe oF IT is

and to prove the point that it is STILL a wonderful life we end the boring monologue lecture by reading this

Drink out of a toilet

no no. that link title was just a joke. it really is a cool thing..

anyhoooo. who wants to listen to a pompous old bore going on and on about how we're doomed?? granted that its me who is the pompous bore in this case. but seriously. lets just put those thoughts in a box and keep it on the side...

actually lets talk about CEOs of universities. [ first of all who knew unis had CEOs and second of all did you KNOW he was paid about 700,000 dollars. in THIS economy??
gud lord what does he need all that money for??
SURE he can buy these really nice 300 dollar shoes that i saw yest... ok forget that. ]

but i have a question. when you say we are in a recession. does it mean we don't have enough to eat and a place to stay? or does it mean we can no longer afford that second summer house in cabo and to go to the maldives for our bi-annual vacation??
oh u mean now i can't afford to buy the real pricey garbage bags that make my house feel soooo nice?? and i can't buy diamond collared accessories for my dog?? how sad.

HEYY even a 10 year old could have told you this was inevitable.

wat? wat do you MEAN no one will buy the 4 million dollar car that ur building. oh there's a REAL need for those flying limos right now.

yup this recession is a reaaaal b*****

Monday, February 2, 2009

gOdLY mEn

this guy. jaggi vasudev was.. i mean is a guru

Shekhar kapoor writes

so he was like... umm... the brother of the uncle in who's house we stayed as paying guests in mys for 3 years.
didn't get that?
ok so i was staying in a PG in mys during my engg? ok so that guru he was talking about was that uncle's brother.
pretty cool. didn't speak to us much when he visited. and no i don't know if he was a murderer. all i know is he ate some non veg and he wore bermudas when he walked around.

but no matter what he is, he does have some cool impact on the world in general. and he writes well. i DID read his book and it was pretty neat. something like Osho... again, i would probably not go and stay in his ashram.. coz am always wary of such things... too many books and stories have turned me into an eternal skeptic. u know how you hear all those cult stories...
but the book is definitely worth a read.

wHerE wiLl it cOmE frOm?

you might think i'm a dark cloud. actually thats not the word for it... wat do they call them?? the ppl who keep portending doom.
ok you get the drift.

but read this
Water Crisis

now a couple of months ago everyone got all het up about some bombings. "how cud they do that?? we shud totally go to war...." yes yes. and now?? we have all gone on with our lives....
when i predicted that last month, everyone jumped down my throat. and loved to bash me up. next election will anyone even remember??? or is it gonna be some fool trying to milk it for all its worth and get elected??

tell me.

does it still keep you up at night?

yeah i thought so.

ok so now i'll tell you this. THIS article above? THIS keeps me up at night. this is EXACTLY what i'm tlaking about when i tell people they should stop having kids. yes yes i know. its an unpopular idea. EVERYBODY loves to have kids. the emotional stuff, the bond.... yeah yeah yeah..
man its so frustrating... how can ppl not see it.

its said that by 2015? millions and millions of ppl won't have access to drinking water... no water can you imagine??

ok now read this. On Population

so this is it. all laid out. and yet no one wants to see it. he talks about population correction, happens naturally which we see in all species. did you know every year this bunch of mammals, i forget what they're called... rat like things all go enmass and jump into the sea. its soo wierd. they just form this stampede and rush into the sea and drown. every year like clockwork. somewhere in europe. wierd huh? yup we've seen it.
btw do you think its a coincidence that there's so much crap going on in the world? naaah.
ok so humans were always a miserable bunch. just think about it. which era really had any peace? there were always slaves and the oppressors and the oppresees. wars. and fighting and ppl dying. it was either rome killing others or rome on fire. or rome with plague... you get the point right. its not that ppl are worse now. its just that we have more information now. and if crime has gone up 10 fold , thats coz the population has gone up 10 fold.
my point being, the world is exactly as crappy as it was hundreds of years ago.

wats really interesting is seeing these black and white movies that are from 50 years before. some of the stuff they talk about? fashion, corruption, wars, fighting... and you think. gud lord NOTHING has changed in fifty years !!!

yup thats right. so that was the good news. that we haven't gotten worse. the bad news is that i don't see us getting any better. as a species i mean. and since 6 billion of us cannot live in harmony on this planet , its kind of inevitable don't you think? logically speaking??

yup the apocalypse is totally round the corner.
heyy but you have a great week ahead. and don't worry about recycling or having your fourth baby or your brand new SUV or printing that 200 page e-book in your office and reading it....
sure you just go right ahead.

btw did you know that food wastes contributes to 20% of our global warming? decomposing food, releases all that methane. so along with methane produced from farting cows, we have that plate of chicken you threw away to thank for the dying polar bears....

kiLLeRs aNd BooKs

if your wondering where i am. i mean i know your probably not. [ i KNOW already. stop trying to rub it in .. ]
i've started my book ^_^

yaay. and here's the kicker.
i think my mum is finally coming around to the idea.. u know of the whole thing.
its much easier when u have to break it to them gently... get them around to the idea. outright lie to them...

well anyways. so there's that. and then there's this. and the first chapter of my book is done. well kind of. the first draft. and i'm gonna like take 3 years to complete it.
but its started... so yaaay.
and yes no one will probably read it. but thats ok. its just for me. i always did want to write a book. and no i'm not telling you what its about. but i really got the idea from the website.
43 things.
look it up. its neat. put up these lists of stuff you want to do. and you see how many other ppl want to do it too... and you join these communities. which is like damn cool..
well anyways.

thats all. and i hope you guys are being gud out there..
oh wait i forgot to tell ya. bought these pairs of killer 3 inch heels shoes. i mean i don't know if i'll EVER wear them. but wats the point of working as a slave to a corporate entity if i can't enjoy the perks of it??

"i'm selling my soul, not giving it away for free. that would be immoral and stupid"
- House :P

so i blew like 250 bucks in 3 hours. who's counting?? and psssst don't tell my mom, she'll kill me!!