Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CaLiForNia cALiFOrniA

from my recent weekend trip to cali.

muir woods. and lincoln city park :P

this one is the view from a trail in lincoln park. there's also a holocost museum there.

pic taken at sea level :P

this is from above. u can see the bridge ^_^ can't u?

muir woods now

i think this looks like an old oil painting !!

are they really 200 feet tall???? i dunno!!

look into the sun

so now u know. i haven't been wasting my time , just coz i haven't been writing to you !

ttyl !! cya!

uTaH aNd ariZoNa

random images from the entire memorial day trip :P they're not even the best !

ok let me try to get this right.
this is our campsite at lake powell.

for anyone interested :P one of the 2 dozen cloud pics i collected in arizona !

cloud pic!! yaaay!!!

inside antelope canyon. the weeping eye. looks like its weeping in rains.

the delicate arch on utah license plates !! :O

the double arch

on lake powell. aint it pretty :)

lake powell dam.

a very very very tiny subset. we have 500+ pics :P
sorry can't put all

balanced rock.

the 3 kings?? ok that's what i call em :P

wooops one more of antelope canyon :)

rAdiO uPdaTeS

so what is it with people?

that we think we're the center of the universe??

ok ok b4 all that i know i've been a tad tardy , in not writing regularly. wat with the constant travelling, falling sick, cleaning the house and work. and ahem.. err.. some other stuff. i haven't found much time :P

its not that writing is not imp. its just that more and more i realize being in angst is an imp part of being a writer?? [ yup be a gud writer, be miserable forever! sad ]
ok that's just plain BS. its just that i had nothing to write about. plain and simple.
i mean sure, my friends gf proposed to his roomate { !! waaaaaatf !! :O ]
and sure all hell broke loose in P's house when they found out about his almost live in relationship. and suuuuure 2 of my friends are ready to buy a house. but that's not muu..... alriiiiiiiiight i admit it. i'm actually Working these days. in the office dude. so those hours & hours of endless hrs of creativity no longer.... exist.

sigh. but really. summer is a pretty hectic month. and omg do i have SO MUCH to tell u guys !!

ok < rubbing my hands together > where should i start ?

now you all remember H, right? with the crazy psycho gf. ok ok so we all know that they weren't officially going around. but just hanging out like 28 hrs a day...
and then she went and proposed to his ROOMMATE !!! :O
omg what is this? like a soap opera something !!
so now the dude is heartbroken [ kind of ] and then she has the gall to tell him , she just hung out with him so she cud make that roomie jealous!!!

oh.... my.... GOD

so now he just feels disgusted.


july 4th coming up ppl. what are your plans??
A's off to montana. with 3 other ppl. driving there. from portland. yup with just 3 days, u can imaging they're just gonna touch the glacier and head back !!!
i'm off to eastern oregon !! :)
its gonna be awesome ! no camping and all this time.
spent the whole day morning trying to convince useless cali ppl to join us. but they're chickening out. actually only N is being such a ninny. I herby propose that N is kidnapped. bound hand and foot and the rest of u drive up north. once she's here, she'll have fun. you'll see.


oh.......my.......GOD. forgot to tell the most imp news. EVER.
mommy dearest landing. july 17th. here. yes HERE. uh OH. i have visions of carrot salads and papaya juice running through my mind. OMG she's here for 2 months.



brain froze... can't..... breathe.

:P kidding. it'll be awesome!


ppl have started asking about weddings, honeymoons [ !!waaaaaat!! ], sari's, jewelry < permanent horrified expression tatooed on my face >. u know this is where i really envy u guys. if anyone asks you about a ring or a dress, u can proudly proclaim ur cluelessness and no one is gonna look shocked.
now if 'I' say, "who knows, i'm clueless. just throw something together, shud be fine"
not only do i have to contend with shocked looks. i also have to deal with pointed fingers and the shaking heads. { oh god pls anything but the ppl shaking they're heads ] i mean really. ask me what food i like. i'll give u list. don't ask me if i like zardari sari's < name made up. coz, really. gimme a break willya? i don't know even one kind to write about it > and don't talk about mauve. [ wat the heck is mauve. sounds like the something the cat wud say while tearing the sari to shreds. here. mauve. take ur sari in 2 pieces ]


2 of my friends are planning to get houses. both of them females [ what's with females and needing a house? i do not know. but i'm one.. by all means i shud. shudn't i? k random rambling... change the topic. quick. ]
so both plan to leave the country in 5 yrs? [ ya right ]
atleast one plans to have a baby next yr [ yes, the horrified expression is back ]
both have lazy ass partners who refuse to mow the lawn [ infact A's bf hasn't even held a vaccuum cleaner in the last 9 months i was here ]

oh wat fun this is gonna be :P
actually i think they're just gonna get extra help to clean the house. never mind that right now, i seem to be that extra help.

well gud luck to u both. and hope u spend that 8k well!!


ok that's it for now. unless i leave u with a few pics. oooooh now THAT i can do :P next post. see ya!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ELtoN thE kiNg sAys

ive been searching this song, forEVER. ok ever since i listened to it on the radio 2 days ago ;P

so watsup with u guys? ofcourse i was away last week too.. in california. running around conifer trees, actually the redwoods. and no not with K!
just by myself! omg i have to post those pics too !!
uff too many :P

ok here are the lyrics -
It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world
-Elton John

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

toO mAnY to CoUnT

don't go breaking my heart

rofl. man i heard this song on the radio today :D
its hillarious!

so N is engaged, A is engaged, another A is in the works [ who i'm currently not talking to, as she refuses to divulge details! ] and S is engaged too ...
so that makes it... let me see. 4 down for sure.

Friday, June 19, 2009

sLow aS a TurTLe woULd bE inSuLtiNG

9:48 AM

9 - 5. gOOD LORD. how can it get any MORE painful :(

10:19 AM
so i'm here in santa clara today and my friend pings me if i can stay back. now i really really wanna. :(
but i didn't get any clothes ya know.. and now i have to listen to all these ppl, go oonnnnnn and oooooonnnnnnnnnn [ uuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk ]
so they're explaining something to the planning guy. omg they are going into such RANDOM crap stuff....... i don't get ANY of it. why the heck am i hereeeeeeee.
hmmmmm.......i wonder what's a good b'day gift for P.

11:47 AM
i am BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEED. sommmmmmmeeeeeeeboodddddddyyyyyyy saaaaaaaaavveeeee me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.
i wonder what other's are doing this weekend.....

1:12 PM
omg have u read the news? u shud u shud. ok i forgot what i wanted to write...
ooooh btw want to buy D a baby crib as part of her baby shower!!!
awesome no ? and forget K's friends who'll mob our wedding :P my entire batch seems ready to have the 5 yr reunion out there in mlore :D
awesome !! no?
i wonder what other's are doing for labor day weekend...

1:23 PM
ok so there are russians, the french, some east asian, some indians and then americans in this meeting. god awful mess. they are frickin BORING me !! >_<
hmmmmmmmm.......i wonder wat others are doing during xmas break....

3:45 PM
OMG the russian doesn't understand the french dude who doesnt understand the chinese who doesn't understand the indian .....
i think i'll blow my brains out......

4:00 PM
everyone shut up.
i think my brain is beginning to atrophy. dude! stop. no really stop. ok one more hour to go.. sigh.
i wondr what ppl are doing right now. mebe i shud go downtown tomoro. just to see the library...hmm wonder what time the train schedule runs... huh? wat? yeah i work on the SDK. huh? no no.
[ good lord god knows wat they asked. but i said no and i'm sticking with... huh? java?? good lord. i don't know java. heyy. heyy wait. don't stab that guy with the plastic knife!! i mean i know he's annoying.... ]


Thursday, June 18, 2009

mAKinG pigS haPPy

ok sigh. that's it. i can't ignore the facts anymore.

i hereby am giving up cakes , coz it has eggs.
i'm giving up anything with gelatin in it. coz it has pork [ omg that means goodbye chocolates ]
and i'm giving up tiramisu. well tiramisu requires a special mention coz its the frickin food of the GODS

but seriously. did u read how gelatin is produced?? from frickin BONES??

gaaaaak!! blech. sheeeeesh. also means i can't have capsule meds anymore !! :O
ok that might prove a weee bit harder to give up !!

rAnDom sciENce

this is interesting.

Self Refilling bowls are not a good idea. obviously!!!

oh i don't know, its just interesting that's all. just like the other study on the memory boundaries we make to retain an image in our heads...


now the NEXT study is even MORE interesting. coz it directly pertains to the way my roommate shops :P she TOTALLY believes that high priced stuff is ALWAYS better than the same object bought in a lower priced store. sorry babes.... but ... no comments :D

price-placebo effect

the biggest takeaway from the above article is that
People assume that they perceive reality as it is, that our senses accurately record the outside world. Yet the science suggests that, in important ways, people experience reality not as it is, but as they expect it to be.
-Jonah Lehrer

WHOA!! backup a second!! THAT's EXACTLY wat Krishna said in the bhagavad geetha :P
reality is an illusion!


also there's this random statement i read somewhere that has stuck with me ....

virginity is only an obsession in societies that are concerned with property rights. in the sense of knowing paternal rights and so forth....
interesting ha??

oooh another nice article
weathering the storm

cRickET sCoRes

now if your actually keeping count....

so there were 6 guys and 6 girls. we were like 'this' [ you can't see me, but i'm holding my two fingers together to indicate closeness.. ] i still think of them as home ground friends.. god knows why. been yrs since i saw em or chatted with em.

but if ur keeping count of how many wickets are down :P i'd say its 3 girls confirmed. 2 girls in the making. 1 guy done, 1 guy confirmed and the rest happily gallivanting around :O

not bad for 2009 if i do say so myself !!
and all this happened just since feb :O

omg. we are one fast set of friends!!!

jUst iN gEnEraL

k so i've been a lil tardy... now now we can move past that can't we.
now now, calm urself Wilson, what's a lil tardiness between friends

anyways u totally have to know what i've been upto last couple of weeks dude... dudette.

so one weekend, i went to cali for the friend's wedding. did i already tell u about that? then last weekend was P's b'day party. we went camping .. well sort of on the beach. awesome fun!! played mafia till 3 in the morning!
and then....played on the beach. played with other dogs... [ waaaaaaaaaah i wanna a dog too!!! ], went to the newport aquarium!! [ OMG they had an octopus. and sea otters... and sea lions and ... :O ]
watched a budding romance developing right before my eyes. [ so what if the completely clueless dude's mom was right there too...you just go for it S!!! ;P ]
P cut his cake on the beach in a nook, overlooking the sea.... admired the sea.. stayed in a yurt.

well and then u know we got back and did the whole R's b'day thing.

aaaaah gud days.

ooooh oooooh so yest i went for a walk [ now before u make some smartass comment, let me tell you that they were watching DDLJ at home. puhlease i'd rather poke my eyes out than watch... well actually mebe DDLJ aint so bad. its mohabbatein, i'd rather poke my eyes out than watch... ] so when i was getting back i saw the cutest dog EVER. apparently it's a maltese poodle, but it didn't look like the maltese poodle pics online...else wud have inserted one right about here ->
but still it was a lil bigger than average M.poodles and grey and white and oh so friendly!!

ooooh i wish i cud get a dog :)

does everyone also go through a point in their childhood when they want to become a vet ??? :D
omg me toooooo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

aLL iN a daY's wOrK

uffff toooo many b'days this month:)
AND u ppl really don't know how to tell a story !! :O [ must i do EVERYthing?? :D ]
ok so the story goes like this. atleast one of the stories of this weekend...

so we're rushing back from the camping trip [ that story's later honey ] to plan the surprise. we still have only a vague idea of what we're gonna do. none of us have phones to find out where R has disappeared with her hubby !!!
[ right. we need some context set here...backup a sec

basically R and P's b'day this weekend, ok? now P's gf planned this whole camping extravaganza surprise trip for him from sat morn to sun evening. 9 of us go to the beach and party for 2 days. but R's husband has to work, so he's planned this midnight cake cutting thing on sat night. result? we're not around for R's b'day party on sat night and the whole day sunday!!! :O MAJOR UH OH. >_<
[ now ofcourse i panic. and we're thinking - "ok we'll come back on sunday and do something... it's the best we can do.. see? so we're calling and calling a dozen times, but the happy couple have disappeared. later on, everyone's phone just dies. ]

so we rush back.. get the candles, baloons, cake , etc
rush to the park next door. its got a mini-forest. initially we think of setting up in the clearing inside the forest..so that the trees shelter the candles u know?
then we contemplate getting into jail for creating a fire hazard... then we also contemplate how much R means to us vs jail time, and finally we contemplate if R would bail us out...

so we go to the lawn sheltered by some trees and set up all the stuff out there on and around the side table ( all purpose target side table.. has been a stand for 5 b'days so far :P ). the whole kaboodle. lit candles around the table. cake on it. helium balloons tied down by stones/twigs... something... it's almost 11.
convince a shocked S that we won't set oregon on fire...

it's 11 in the night. an hour to go and her b'day is officially over...

i rush to get R, do some natak, 'borrow' a scarf. blindfold her with it. [ hehehehe. THAT was funny!! "heyy, can i borrow a scarf?? ok now turn around, i need to blindfold u ]

get her in the car with her voice all high and squeaky and doing nakras... ( i can't trust QoD's driving...yada yada yada )

when we come to the park, the stupid gates are closed. so I park outside.. haphazardly. barely not scratching the neighboring car...and all the while madam is like "omg where are we going..." :D
[ dude, u've been in the car for 3 minutes, we're not in cali for sure!! ]
and then we get her /half drag her to the spot. she loses her chappal halfway. her poor hubby has to do the honors of putting her foot in the chappal....

and we removed the blindfold.


in the end

bag of candles: 10 bucks
glass candle holders: 10 bucks
helium balloons: 5 bucks
table: 30 bucks
cake: 20 bucks
princess tiara with pink fluff on it: 2 bucks

R's expression.... priceless


so she finally cuts the cake.

and the sprinklers go off.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

aNgELs wEep

so we all go to see a movie, u know... one of those crazy weekend days.

ok now the only movie that was playing in that particular theatre was apparently angels and demons.


so we're off to see the movie.. and now i really don't want to offend anyone who actually liked the movie. but really?? i mean REALLY?? mebe u were just confused that you like it :P

thankfully K and I, are both not such big fans of religious and science mumbo jumbo. infact i'd say 'someone' has even less patience with the rubbish than I do.

what else can you do? if you're thoroughly bored, and suddenly everything goes kind of silent during a lull in the movie. a whole bunch of cardinals come on the screen and suddenly out of nowhere, the person sitting next to u points at the screen and shouts, "what the heck, you cross dressing bastards!! "



yeah... between furiously trying to shush a bored guy , cringing in my seat and trying to avoid accusing eyes of devout religious ppl.. i had a gud time i should say....

seriously though, i dunno wat u guys thought, but me and my friend were the only one's laughing our heads off in the movie. i mean come ON. anti-matter??? pope-elect?? seriously... WHO CARES??
oh jeez but i can't be too harsh. seeing how i did not actually SEE the entire movie. more like heard it in my sleep, while i was dozing off to glory land atleast half the movie. who knew loud constant noise would be such a sweet lullaby.. yaaaaawn.

atleast one of the good things of going to a movie with K is that now i no longer have to calculate my seat in the row.

wazzat ?? kabab mein haddi??

naa naaa naa we're no longer haddi. now we're kabab


oF beLLs aNd riNgs

whoa!! man phew. the dude's friends know how to party :P

so we went to this part indian/part west-indian/part cowboy/part european theme wedding. ok ok so now that you're thoroughly confused... let me start from the beginning....

but really the story is tooo long for me to type... aaaw who am i kidding. i'll break it up into episodes if i have to .... not to worry Wilson!!

ok so the wedding was in half moon bay. right? that's like a beach see? and it was the night, see? but before u jump to the very obviously funny image of us freezing our asses off in the middle of the night, next to the freezing.... right right FREEZING pacific ocean.... i gotta say, it was at a rented ranch house.

now now.... i know what you're thinking.

aaaha!! a cowboy themed marriage. crazy foreigners and they're wierdnessesssesss...

but. BUT....
so we went there in the morning. and its a quaint lil ranch house. got a clearing, with these quaint old-western style ..... umm.... rooms?... places??... shops something built around the clearing. u know like a mock-movie shoot kind of place. a saloon, a bar, a barn, an inn.. feeding post, etc etc
so then we set up the tables, table cloths, arrangements. as in all the friends helped. the ladies got busy wrapping the napkins juuuust so. tying the orange beads/golden beads ribbons around them, arranging the fork and spoon juuuuuuuust so.

[ ok over here, i have to confess that i TOTALLY bailed out on the women and went to help the guys move the tables and chairs. come ON, if the bride knew me, she'd like TOTALLY ban me from anywhere near the delicate stuff dude :O infact i wudnt even be allowed to LOOK at em... ]

but unfortunately somehow by noon i found myself tying some gauzy wihte cloth with some fancy ribbon and attempting to crimp it < wince > [ I KNOW!!! ]

bride < looking harried > : omg u guys are out of cloth. wait let me get some more gauzy white cloth.
me and S < look at each other in abject desperation >: u mean there's more ??? [ i'm horrified. with visions of this being my sentence in hell... ]
bride: yeeeeeeaaaaaah.... so don't use up the last piece of cloth. u'll need that to measure the size for the next batch.
me < holding the last piece of white gauzy cloth and staring at it with glazed eyes > : wait... what do you mean size???
S: [ correctly interprets the horrified expression of the bride ]: oh don't worry bout it. we'll hold on to it like u said. and we'll take care of everything. everything is A.OK at this end. don't u worry about a thing. [ finally manages to send a mollified bride away, and gives me this look ]
S < at me >: now she's gone. quick hand me that piece of cloth. we're finishing this in 10 minutes flat.
me: 45 pieces of cutting, tying, crimping in 10 minutes???? gud god that's impossible.
S < gives me this look >

[ btw we DID finish in 10 min flat and in the end, think they forgot to give them to the guests ]



so now a whole bunch of us are hungry and getting dramatic about it.. and so glad to see the bride's parents make some dal and rice. unfortunately the dal was just that. cooked dal with salt in it.
but that detail is imp for later. not now....

so the next big thing is the dance practice. coz the girls are dancing. and while guys might not understand this... here's a tip. i know u think its just a dance ... and ur being nice.. and kind. but offering me ( a last min arrival ) a place in the dance, without the express approval of ur wife [ who's co-ordinating the dance ] and then not understanding her frantic horror as her mind races to think of costume, position disruptions, steps, sequence, and all the rest of the chaos... i mean i find it funny. YOU are just gonna hear about it later, when ur alone with ur wife :P

so K needs to learn the dance? and guess what. they give him 30 minutes :D
and guess what again?? the only guy who can teach him the steps is the worst dancer in the group...
so i'm sitting there, grinning away and attempting to take some candid shots using my trusty 3 Mpixel camera and i see K with a half horrified-with-jaw-dropped-to-the floor expression and half sheepish expression on his face, refusing to move his limbs. finally S got thoroughly disgusted with the both of us and shooed me out the room...
later heard that it didn't help much!

sorry K :P

so there was that and then the lunch. and then we had to go back home and we went through some awful winding twisted roads and then i threw up. stopped the car again and i threw up... went for a small jaunt along the road and ugh threw up again... went home and completed the whole process of throwing up. ugh.

dude. rice and dal is so not happening dude.

well anyways the wedding in the evening was fun. we had dances, dinner, and a dj party. wedding started around 10 in the night. and yes u guessed right, by then we were all freezing and clustered around the warming burner thingies.

ok i gotta run so let me hurry this up.

within the hour, we were all shivering and holed up in cars and nodding off. while some ppl fortified themselves against the cold, using the age old remedy of whiskey and rum. :P

ok ok. i'm late am late...
man - o - man. fantastic wedding. a lil cold. loads of fun ^_^
never do THAT again :P

oh and about the bride and groom?
groom: north indian. works in cali
bride: west indies, third gen indian. new to the US. trinidad to be exact.
romanced online for 6 years. and in all met for 15 days in person.
heyy, and u thot i had a wierd story... [ oh that's right, i haven't even told u my story :P ]

anyhoo ... wish u both the very best ... uhhh [ what were they're names again?? ] ... uhhh C and ... and.... [ i want to say R , but that can't be right ] ...c and U!!!
yup that's they're names.. C&U. congrats to u guys!!

now i HAVE to run
see ya!

std disclaimer: i dont know if all this happend, or if the whole thing was one big hallucination. if you were there, and nothing i said co-incides with your perception of reality, please don't tell the medics in the white coats i've started hallucinating again. as long as i don't burn down this building too, i don't think they really mind all that much....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sCarY aNd obSeSseD woMen

ok so you've been waiting. like wth! i can't just drop a bombshell like that and disappear. ok ok.

anyways there IS a very good reason. on why i didn't write. coz then i'd just write about one thing and that one thing is something i didn't really want to write about. and ... oh all right.


so it's interesting how many ppl now suddenly are concerned about stuff i quite frankly don't know or care about. now for example.
"what you're going just a week before the wedding?? what about the shopping?? :O"
"uhhhh. WHAT about the shopping?? we just have a one day wedding. its no big deal..."

[ i see horrified expression on A's face and i'm thinking, mebe i better say something before she gets a minor heart attack ]
"well.... hmm my mom'll buy something. i mean its not like i have to see the sari, i just gotta wear it..." < voice trailing off. the situation has somehow become worse >

< i try again > .... < aah foolish me!! >
"well u know. i'd rather spend time planning on what i'll do AFTER the wedding. u know. after all the wedding is just ONE day. and then my mom has probably already picked out everything in the last 10 yrs... i mean..."
[ ok lame duck ending. but HEY. i can't help it. ]

so then A gives up in disgust and walks away muttering about how some ppl are so wierd and have no respect for the sanctity of a marriage. i mean come ON. so you maybe very very particular that you need to wear a major fashion designer for ur wedding. [ which by the way i wudnt be caught dead in ]
but then ok so different strokes for different folks eh??

so i'll wear something. and i'll prob look like a doofus. so what? it'll be hot. i'll be zoned out. [ trust me. think of 1000 ppl stuffed in a concrete structure in mlore. u'll wish u were zoned out ]
right now the best thing i can hope for, is that i don't fall flat on my face in front of hundreds of ppl.

or look like a frozen deer caught in the headlights in any snaps. puhlease. do you KNOW how many ppl look at random wedding snaps. even if they have no clue about anyone in the entire darn book... ppl are interested... which by the way, reminds me. u think i can get proffessional photographers banned from the premises.

OMG are u kiddin me?? do you even REMEMber how annoying they can be?? with the please stand like this. and please look there and please do the wedding again, the lighting was not good....

ok mebe i shudn't think so much about the wedding. i'm sure to freak out and then where will we be?? most def with a dozen ppl chasing me to kick my butt.

u know what wud be nice. if i had a clone. see? i cud send her in my place. see? ok the plan is slightly flawed..

right right. rambling again. i know.
well ... why the heck did you think i haven't been writing !!!

jeez. do i need to spell everything out!!