Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i SaiD i WouLdN'T wHiNe, i KnoW

in the spirit of the grand tradition of this blog where i whine incessantly about the teeniest tiniest cut and bruise i have i hereby inform you that thanks to the lil she-devil [ thats her official name now ], i now have a 4 inch welt on my leg. its turning a strange green blue color. its even beginning to hurt when i walk :O

oh ok < grumble > i am a wuss. i can't handle any amount of pain. [ one more strike against childbirth. who the heck does that voluntarily??? :O < wince > ]

but maaaaaan. she almost crippled me! its a huge purpling bruise!! :O [ unfair dramatization and author getting hysterical ]. ohhh. oh well. it'll be fine. ok ok i'll put some ice on it. moooooom quit nagging.

but i still don't like her. >_<
have you noticed that good looking people get away with a lot more. it applies to kids too.
ok mebe its common knowledge and i'm just preaching to the choir now.

but i realized it a long time ago....
cute looking kids, are more spoilt than the average kid. something about a sweet innocent face batting eyelids back at you that prevents you from whacking its bottom for doing something naughty.
apparently its high wired in our brains. someone did a study once, and they found that good looking ppl cud get by with less work than the average looking person. and more perks if they deserve it or not than avg looking ppl. apparently we give them a lot more leeway than we wud otherwise be willing to give.

its endlessly fascinating to me. to observe the way ppl screw up raising their kids. no no am not saying there is a right way and everyone shud know it. nor am i saying i can do a better job. i'm just saying its endlessly fascinating.
its scary to think that if you screw them over in the first 5 years, then their going to be a lil off forever. and the cycle continues through all time. scary!! :O
but watever. heyy, you want to teach your kid to be a brat. thats your take man. i'll just say thanks that at the end of the day, i get to go away home away from you wierdos...

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