Monday, December 6, 2010

cAn iT geT aNY bETtEr

when someone tells you they are just thinking aloud, and then it turns out that ahem, you'd rather they had thought silently instead.

had an 8AM meeting today.



mute.. mute... Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. gosh dangit!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

bRead aT yoUr weDdiNg

i'm trying to make bread tonight.

mostly coz i'm curious, and the rest coz i'm bored.

bread always is such a huge mental block aint it? i mean if i could make bread, then i can probably make any of the other dozen things listed in an enid blyton book breakfast for the famous five. remember the famous five??

here u can read about the process here - bread making for dummies

sorry trifle distracted this week. what with being a lil anemic, and A getting hitched, , < hey! congrats A!! > and us deciding to make another whirlwind trip back to the south-east coast < i really hope i remember to get my paws fridge magnet > and it being a year since i got hitched < aak a year already , and its been SO quiet !! i have not even written a hundred, nay not even 50 posts !! so very quiet, so mysteriously and eerily quiet, what has marriage done to me quiet??!! aaak and i have no turned to baking bread! i mean good lord, aliens have finally mind transplanted a bread baking alien in my place and someone save me ! >

ok ahem, calm down QoD.
its only a wedding, like 4 months away and its not even yours, though just the severely repressed memories of the last trip would make anyone a bit hysterical, and you might feel completely justified in throwing a hissy diva fit when you recollect the shade of lipstick you'll be forced to wear, and then you might recollect Stockholm syndrome and mouthing tiny lil "help me" into the very very bright flash lights the very helpful photographer would be shining onto your sweaty face and all the while when your very very hungry and feel like punching the next person who comes up to you and insists its the best day of your life.

yes lucky i'm not the lucky bride this time. and lucky that i'll actually get breakfast and lucky that i won't be weighed down by 5 pounds of headgear and 5 pounds of .. things around my neck that i won't even be able to sit straight and won't K be lucky coz i won't have the uncontrollably urge to jab him in the ribs everytime he turns to me and tells me to smile more coz its such a happy day and it only comes once. hey i know it only comes once oy, but your the one standing around in a flimsy cotton wrap-around and a toga, while i'm buried under 15 pounds of some freakishly hot silk cloth thing thats baking you inside out.

well yes, things will be decidedly better this time round.
aah yes i will.

omg the bread came out perfect!!
i can't believe i can bake my own bread in 30 min. i am SO never buying artisan bread again !!

update update: hmm a lil less salt, but its AWESOME !!