Tuesday, December 23, 2008

jOLt tO tHe sYtEM

oh man oh man oh man.

my brother just lo-oves to mess with my head. i get up in the morning and i see this mail from my bro asking me about some guy. and when i sent him a scathing mail [ more like begging him to shoot me email ]

all he replies is
"he he just wanted to see your reaction...assuming that was a no"

sneaky ass!!

oh i wont put up the guy he sent OR the pic. though by popular vote i know you guys want to see it.. but i can send you my reply verbatim.

on second thoughts mebe i shudn't. let me just say that there was some cussing involved. there was some begging to be shot or have eyes plucked out one by one as opposed to this kind of thing involved. and some shoot me and dump my body in the pacific ocean [ dramatic yes i know, but i'm always finding creative ways of saying no these days.. ]. also dude is in kansas. who the eff goes to kansas. you know what's in kansas??? effing COWS.
and so in tribute of the wizard of oz movie of 1939. i'm sporting two pigtails and am gonna be singing for toto the whole day...

yeah this post ever gets around in mlore, :D boy i'll just have to go into witness protection. ppl have been calling me arrogant since the day i finished engg [ who? me? the sweetest lil pie on this side of the solar system?? :D surely ur kidding! ]. but seriously? kansas?? seriously???
i'd be better off married to a tree stump? no??

disclaimer: i have nothing againts kansas personally. i might even move there. or to a more coma inducing place. its obvious something he said in his email set me off on this angry tirade. and no even i have enough brains not to share it. heyy my skin isn't worth two buttons if this gets out. ok ?


  1. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato

    btw, check this out: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/23/health/23blin.html?_r=1

  2. are u saying that i shud be kind to kansas guy?? don't mouth proverbs at me boyo. you have no idea what was in that email he sent.
    OR some of the crap my female friends are going through.

    on the other hand if ur saying that i'm going through a hard battle, save it. don't need no sympathies boyo. can take care of myself. did for 26 didn't i ???

    its an interesting article anyways. and i'm still stewing in my juices...

  3. what's boyo?? Are u swearing at me in Tulu?? :-)

    Yes, I did mean that Kansas chap..hmm, true I don't know what he said in the email. I meant..ripping into him because he lives is Kansas sounds awfully harsh, cruel and totally un-Qod-like.

  4. naah its just boy in some lang, bt i just read up on it and its like an insult too. so i'll take it back.

    yeah this is one topic where i have a very skewed bias and i didn't rip into him coz he was from kansas. that was just an added bonus.
    also u still don't know what set me off. so back off ok?

  5. oh honey you don't know me at all... or ppl for that matter

    everyone is capable of cruelty. you just need to press the right buttons...

  6. yes..very true (read about the Milligram experiment).

    But I hope we can overcome our baser impulses and strive to become better (hence the quote)..