Monday, December 29, 2008

aDviCe tO siNk YoU - 2

when my friends tell me that it didn't work out, so they're breaking up.... moving on. i'm left blinking stupidly at them. they looked perfectly happy the last time i saw them. all the lovey dovey stuff. all the mush. and i finally accepted their partner too.
your telling me i have to start all over again. man thats a long painful process. can't you get married already? here, i have a friend in cancoon who just broke up too, why don't you guys get hooked up with each other??
A this is B , B this is A. don't ask each other how many gfs/bfs you've had so far. i'll take those numbers to the grave with me and you can just live happily ever after. i know for a fact that you both are screwed up. so it shud be perfect.

:-/ < grimace >

huh i know its not that simple. i guess. but what does 'it didn't work out' mean. how do ppl fall out of true love?? was it NOT true love in the first place? i only ask coz someone once explained to me that you just know [ ??!?]. u just know when ur hit by true love. [ really?? ] apparently ur souls beat in harmony or some such thing. [ don't even ask. i have SOME wierdo friends ] but if thats true how can u bear to break up with the one your soul is beating in harmony with??
aaah its confusing. < crossed eyes >

also 5. most ppl enter into relationships expecting it to fix something in their lives or coz they're motivated by fear. [ huh waat?? ] ya. if 'fear of loneliness' was a factor that determined your entering the thing, then, sigh... gud luck.

but i again don't understand this 'didn't work out' thing. i mean. u shud make it work. nothing works on its own, unless made by nature. and this love you have for each other is not natural. [ heee it was funny. :D stupid joke i know.. ]
aaah watever man. i dunno how i can help. sorry.

on another note, N says he's totally waiting to see me fall flat on my face in love. apparently anti-love and staid characters usually end up having legendary and dramatic torrid love stories. [ ya ya watever. don't hold your breath, but on second thots..... ]

btw N is getting married in May. :D yaay CONGRATS N!! he used to be this really cool best friend kind of guy in engg. so am doubly... no thribly... no infinitely happy for him ^_^ he's getting hitched with this really sweet gal. and i think his is the only relationship that survived both a long distance and a long gestation [ 6-7 yrs? ] period. so don't give up hope yet folks!! :D if a creature like N can do it, then so can YOU.


  1. very interesting post...u are totally spot on.
    *mcp mode on*
    I am amazed that any girl can think so rationally!
    *mcp mode off* :-)

    But what IS "true love"??
    Love & infatuation are different. Infatuation fades, but love grows stronger with time.
    I guess, to love someone, you must admire some quality of theirs - their spirit of life,
    their enthusiasm, etc. Otherwise..the relationship is like a house built on a foundation of sand..

    "If love makes the world go round....stop, I want to get off!" ^_^

  2. if you Really want to know ?
    true love is technically defined by psychologists as a combination of

    there are 3 more, but this happens every time. lust always throws me off my stride...

    don't ask me how i know. and i won't tell you a whopping lie.

  3. heyyy! a quote.. :D now you know the direct link to my stone cold deadbeat heart is to gimme a quote...

    aaaaaw... sniffles.

  4. 6. also i forgot to mention. most ppl don't understand that finding the perfect someone is as much a function of time and circumstances than the human heart. [ which is nothing but some area in the brain. u do realize the heart by itself has nothing to do with any emotion... ]