Saturday, November 29, 2008


actually this is more appropos. i think anyways.

may ur soul rest in peace. whoever u are. alive or not.

listen to this now.

ciTy tRenDs

you can't be flipant in the face of death. esp someone else's.
esp to the survivors.

and all the religion .. and all the philosophy in the world doesn't help. to the survivors i mean. what do u tell the mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the children when something senseless happens and someone pays for it in blood.

ok this is a random song

ofcourse it doesn't help either.

ofCourse this is about mumbai.

frequently it hits me, that mebe THIS is the reason god exists. no NO, its not because of god that this happened. but its coz of god that you can sleep at night after this has happened.
its true what they say.
if no god existed, it wud be necessary to invent him.

so now what ?
for ppl who are extremely disturbed by this news. anything i say..... ur gonna say i'm full of shit. which is prob true.
i can tell u how i maintain my sanity, but then the fact of my sanity being intact is still under delibration isn't it???

but like a long lost friend's dad said to me once - "no one needs ur damned pity or ur feelings. if ur feeling bad, do something about it. or shut ur mouth and get on with ur life."
it made sense then.

it makes sense now.

if u think this is the worst. think again. its gonna escalate, don't you think ?
till an all out... watever.
jeez see it from an aliens perspective, and we'r pretty much doomed. maybe NOW is a gud time to hit the bottle....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

sToP gAssiNG thE peOpLe

u know what i completely forgot about, after being here for the last 2 yrs???


do you remember them ???


ok this song has no correlation perhaps... but then again...

man remember the clunky cylinders, and then the exchange every month , mebe twice and the cost and the endless wait for a permit. which was RIDICULOUS. i did NOT understand that whole thing at all !!!

that was the time i learnt the importance of a ration card


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pEoPLe aRe scUM

yup ppl are scumbuckets.

i leave a winter coat overnight and wat happens to it?? its effin stolen

here! in Intel! scumbags stealing my coat.

bastards. i hope theyr hit with the plague.

no... i seriously do.

forgiveness?? NO i DON'T >_< forgive them. a pox on them. a plague of locusts on them. it was my brand new winter coat < angry tirade >
ok so i had gone off for 5 days to santa clara. it was in my CUBICLE. damn u all.

hey! if i had superpowers , i'd be shooting bolts of lightning at whoever had done it. no xmas spirit in me... nopes. no thnxgivin spirit in me... nopes.

damn u humans. i hope u all get hit by the locust plague and ur all wiped out ... annihilated and replaced by dolphins.

< sulking >

iN tHe moOd

huh and u wonder why i love these old movies...

oh come on... look at em ;P

ok tell me ur not tapping ur foot too....go on.

and no the title suggests NOTHING. thats just the name of the song.
Glenn Miller...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

hAve yoU tWo MEt

I don't get it.

there i admitted it.

i just don't get it.

so u've been searching for the last 3-5 yrs [ diff ppl referenced here ] and your nearly desperate to fall into the yawning pit of eternal torture [ just another euphamism/metaphor? ] and yet you have these really specific conditions.
like all your asking is for a decent, good looking, fair, well educated, the family shud be well educated, family shud not be joint family, shud have a gr8 salary guy from the Rohit caste [ name changed and cudnt think of anything else ] of the Mohit state [ ok i'm really running low on imagination here.. so sue me! my pills ran out ok? ] and he shud be able to juggle with one hand. oh AND he shud be within 300 km of your parents house so you can visit them every other week.

come oooooooonnnn. why the heck are u so specific if ur worried that ur getting on in yrs.. u shud be more like that wierd 30 something tamil dude i knew, who was searching for a bride a couple of yrs ago. anyone who was walking on 2 legs and still had all their teeth, hair and limbs was fine with him. [ hey! u aint seen desperate till u met HIM ]
but thats wat i dont get. u DON't get to whine till my ears fall off, if ur going to be so anal about the whole thing. the least u can do is remove the caste and state thing. atleast remove one of them!! by god atleast forget the location thing??
well if ur not ready to do any of that. don't whine that there aren't any guys around. oh and if ur a guy, don't whine that there aren't any guys around. [ btw u have to move to Connecticut. the only place where its legal now. ]

sheesh so my roomie was talking about her sad and lonely 50 yr old uncle [ presumably to scare me and make me marry the next guy i meet, wether he wants to or not.. ] who was too fussy and now has a broken hip and no one to take care of him. ya ya. i get it. very sad story. but the fact of the matter is. he DOES have other options. if ur going to insist on finding a nubile [ gud lord! who wud have thot i'd ever use THIS word on my blog?? ] young virgin goddess, even when ur 50 with a broken hip..... i got news for u pal. GO LOOK AT URSELF IN THE MIRROR.
ur not exactly the horse that won the derby.. [ what is with all these metaphors today?? ]

so for all u single and lonely ppl exacting obsessive ppl. pls.
let me introduce you to each other.

hey! thats not a bad idea... hmmm.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

fOunD thE anSwER

what i find increasing nowadays are the nosy parkers. [ i wonder how that phrase even started. who was parker and why cudnt he mind his own business? was it spiderman who started it all?? ]

so many ppl. so many nosy parkers.

but i think i have the solution. i finally found an answer.

"why aren't you married yet?
"i'm an alien. i'm not genetically compatible with ur species."
< say this with a straight face and make a dash for the nearest exit while they'r still blinking stupidly over that one >
"i'm an alien and i'm waiting for my mother ship to pick me up. wait. i think i can hear it."
"my alien ship is here. they'r just searching for a spot to park. parking is such a b**** in this neighbourhood isn't it???"

ok ok i give up then.
hey! BELIEVE me, i'd get married tomoro. just to stop the incessant questions. point me to whoever u want to sacrifice. we can hit him on the head with a club, drag him back to my lair and be done with it.
[ i dont know about you, but thats how they do it on my planet. ]

but u know what? aliens are actually a very accurate explanation for the q - if god exists. i dont believe that god exists. i believe aliens came to us when we were shaggy neanderthals and taught us how to make the omelette. and becoz it tasted so good, we made them our gods and since they came flying on their ships we decided they lived in the sky above us. [ wats scary is that it actually makes sense in a wierd sort of way. hey! if u can believe in an invisible man who sits somewhere, then why not this??? ] so if incase u had aliens in the midst of us. obv they wudnt admit it.
"excuse me, are u an alien?"
"oh ok" [ ya like i believe u. superman wud NEVER admit he had superpowers... but i know u... ]

man but i can just imagine my upcoming trip to mlore. they dont have a lot of patience with alien stories....
thinking of it is actually producing cutis anserina the [ scientific name of which is goose bumps :P ]

disclaimer : the views of this author do not represent the actual views of this acuthor. i mean the views of the post do not represent the views of the person who wrote the post. i mean.....

hOUse qUoTes

some House quotes that i Lo-oo-oove.

man , i just lo-oo-oove House. no no not in that way! in a totally he-is-my-god way :P

On People -
"Everybody Lies"
"Humanity is overrated"
"Reality is almost always wrong"
"People like talking about people. Makes us feel superior. Makes us feel in control. And sometimes, for some people, knowing some things makes them care." "
"It's one of the great tragedies of life — something always changes."
"I was never that great at math, but next to nothing is higher than nothing, right?"
"Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation is almost always somebody screwed up."
"Never trust doctors."
"Idiopathic, from the Latin meaning we're idiots cause we can't figure out what's causing it."
"Tragedies happen."
"I know you're friends with her, but there is a code. Bros before hos, man."
"Do you notice how all the self-sacrificing women in history; Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa, can't think of any others; they all die alone. The men, on the other hand, get so much fuzz, it's crazy."

On diagnosis
"It does tell us something. Though I have no idea what."
"The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth."
"You know what's worse than useless? Useless and oblivious."
"If her DNA was off by one percentage point she'd be a dolphin."
"Welcome to the end of the thought process."
"You've lost perspective, Cuddy. You've stopped looking at this as a doctor. You're acting like someone who shoved somebody off their roof. You want to make things right? Too bad. Nothing's ever right."
"New is good. Because old ended in death."
"You know how they say, "you can't live without love"? Well, oxygen is even more important."
"Do I have to spell it out for you? Pheochromocytoma. Actually, I'm not sure how you spell it."
"No lesions, no aneurysms. Ironically, the mind of a killer looks completely normal."
"Do I have to spell it out for you? Pheochromocytoma. Actually, I'm not sure how you spell it."
House: "Well, I don't want to say anything bad about another doctor, especially a useless drunk."
Cuddy: "You're addicted to pain pills."
House: "But I'm not useless."

"I'm happy to report that we are now so in sync, we're actually wearing each other's underwear."
"...the fact that the sexual pleasure center of your cerebral cortex has been over-stimulated by spirochetes is a poor basis for a relationship. Learned that one the hard way."
"And humility is an important quality. Especially if you're wrong a lot.... Of course, when you're right, self-doubt doesn't help anybody, does it?"
"There's an evolutionary imperative why we give a crap about our family and friends. And there's an evolutionary imperative why we don't give a crap about anybody else. If we loved all people indiscriminately, we couldn't function."
"If you can fake sincerity, you can fake pretty much anything."
"What usually happens when you poke something with a stick? It pokes back."
"In this universe effect follows cause. I've complained about it but—" "
"Arrogance has to be earned."
"Saying there appears to be some clotting is like saying there's a traffic jam ahead. Is it a ten-car pile up, or just a really slow bus in the center lane? And if it is a bus, is that bus thrombotic or embolic? I think I pushed the metaphor too far."

House vs God
Boyd: "God says you look for excuses to be alone."
House: "See, that is exactly the kind of brilliance that sounds deep, but you could say it about any person who doesn't pine for the social approval of everyone he meets - which you were cleverly able to deduce about me by not being a moron. Next time, tell God to be more specific."

House: "You know it's all nice when people start to dig these holes, but then they start to live in these holes and get angry when someone pushes dirt into those holes. Come out of your holes people!!!"

Patient: "The nurses talk about you a lot."
House: "Don't believe them. I keep a sock in my pants."

House: "Gotta go-building full of sick people. If I can hurry, maybe I can avoid them."

Chase: "The honor of working for you is not worth a felony charge."

House: "You talk to God, you're religious. God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Chase: "You're gonna talk to a patient?"
House: "God talks to him. It'd be arrogant of me to assume that I'm better than God."

House: "Isn't it interesting... religious behavior is so close to being crazy that we can't tell them apart."

Wilson: "And that's why religious belief annoys you. Because if the universe operates by abstract rules you can learn them, you can protect yourself. If a Supreme Being exists he can squash you any time he wants."
House: "He knows where I am."

Wilson: "Can this wait five minutes?"
House: "Is she dying?"
Wilson: "Yes."
House: "Before the end of this consult?"
Wilson: "They could build monuments to your self-centeredness."

House: "They could build monuments to your self-centeredness."
Wilson: "And you're worried about trademark infringement?"
House: "Then he passes on advice from God so he can watch them jump. It's a power trip."
Wilson: "Ah, and there the similarities end."

Wilson: "House! Why the hell did you let an unstable patient wander the hallways?!?"
House: "His leash broke."

House: "So, you're a faith healer. Or is that a pejorative? Do you prefer something like "divine health management"?"

ok u have to read the rest here, there are just too many !!!

House quotes by episode

Friday, November 21, 2008

diNneR anD cRaYOns

so we went yesterday to this place for dinner. it was pretty awesome. they had these sheets of paper as table cloths and they gave us crayons to draw ^_^
so while my friends were gabbng away to glory in tamil. i alternated between interrupting them with random tulu sentences, drawing the classic house with a tree picture on the table, playing tic tac toe on the table with Wilson, and singing loudly and off key just coz they were all talkin to each other in a language i am beginning to heartily dislike and loathe.

i totally love this place. and then i got two of those sheets home... and i tacked them on my wall. its like those pizza places that have a graffitti wall. i ALWAYS wanted one :P
and i've already started filling it.... mebe i'll post a pic here once its filled. cool huh ?

talking of my great number of tamil friends. they invited me to watch this surya movie in the theatre with them.
ha!! AS IF!

i took great pleasure in telling them in excrutiating detail what i thought of their 'o-so-smart' hero. and what i thought of spending good money over a useless regional movie.
hey! insulting kannada movies does not offend me, infact i'd throw the rotten tomatoes even before u.
if uve actually seen a kannada movie recently. then u've watched way too many kannada movies. and ur prob an idiot. [ but we'll not let the others find out, don't worry :D ]
but they kept insisting. that all i had to do was see ONE surya movie to be wowed by him... [ lord save me from the overly zealous! ]. but when i told V that i'd sit right next to him and interrupt him at every sentence and ask for a literal translation, the context, the cultural context of the dialog, not coz i can't read subtitles, but just coz i want to... thats when they agreed i was better watching House at home.

anyways. my so called social experiment failed [ big surprise there ] i flirted briefly with the idea of taking my blog off circulation. but that makes it 3 private blogs and thats just crazy even for me! :O [ even my multiple personalities wud start getting confused ] and thats enuf of this entire messy topic. topic closed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

bOtTomS uP

so apparently morarji desai, lived to a ripe old age by drinking his own pee.

ok don't ask me why i suddenly thought of that.

but hey. ajji. if u have to live a long time by drinking your own pee, wudnt u be better off dead???

oh btw today is world philosophy day

read this read this read this !!!

4 Questions

its like i finally found my mother ship ^_^

mUsT hAve lOve, aPparEnTLy

during my college yrs, one of the biggest problems i had, was the lack of idols.
or celeb crushes as i called them. watever.

so there were the four of us.
A, N, SJ and me. we stayed together.

[ actually in class, we were a bunch of whacked out 15. the only way we landed up together was no one else would talk to any of us. so basically our wierdness brought us together... but thats another story. aaaah the good old days. ]

but in the hostel or paying guest house. it was just the 4 of us. and each had a major idol crush which she wud die for. i mean literally.
A had tendulker. SJ had ...ummm wait i have it. aaha. Rahul dravid.
N had her latest non celeb crush [ some unfortunate senior ]. but since she stayed awake planning her wedding to each one of them and behaving in strange stalkerish ways, i think its better she DIDN'T have a celeb crush per se.
i had no one.

so they spent hours cross examining me to find out if i was keeping secrets. [ ya right, i cudnt keep a secret, if YOUR life depended on it ] and they spent hours explaining to me why i shud like THEIR particular idols too. [ thnx, but no thnx. i'll pass ]
sorry i just wasn't going to hang up 3 posters over my bed and dream of marrying that celeb. [ ppl wake up! their like OLD. ugh! ]
but i cud see this was driving them nuts.....
"but u gotta HAVE SOMEONE" [ ok ok calm down. don't hyperventillate! calm down willya?? leggo of my leg!! ]

and then one day R [ one of the 15 ppl. and a guy ] suggests that mebe i'm a ahem.. u know... one-who-drives-on-the-other-side.

no i wasn't dude. [ just coz i never had a crush on you or your dumbass comrades.... hmmmph ]

but to end the discussion and to kill all rumors i finally thot through all the movies i had seen and decided i actually did like someone.
actually there was a choice
Val Kilmer in The Saint. and Spock of Star Trek. which resulted in

"why Spock??!!"
"he's very logical. like a computer!!" [ oooh cool. warning - geekiness alert ]
"but he's ugly!!"
"what? now looks are a criteria. u like TENDULKER. he's looks like a horse's ASS"
< offended silence in the room. i realize my mistake and slowly pile up pillows around myself. A has been known to throw scissors at ppl who insult her idol >
"Spock is no gud" [ valiant effort by SJ to change focus ]
"oh ok fine. i'll have val kilmer then" [ can i go now? i'm hungry ]

so that made A and N very happy, and they spent the next few days teasing me about my new crush/love-o-mine [ some ribbing that i withstood for the sake of potential future peace of mind.. ]

and the next time Top Gun played on TV, they called me out.

"hey!! look its ur boyfriend on TV"
"eh what? ohh its him.. no no he looks like a complete doofus in this"

appalled silence.

"hey he's ur celeb crush. u can't say such things. he;s like the one you loooove" [ i have committeed the sin of betraying my celeb crush ]
"i can't? ok then let me be more clear. i like the CHARACTER in The Saint. THAT'S my crush. i wudn't like die to meet val Kilmer himself. the dude himself is an alcoholic father of 3 [ thats right i did some research ] and he's OLD. why the heck wud i want him as a boyfriend or my love or watever. sheesh."

appalled silence.

"so wat ur saying is u WUDN'T go all eeeek everytime u see val kilmer on tv or u WUDN'T get offended if i said tendulker is way cooler than kilmer anyday?"
"ummm no. well i might go eeeeeks if i saw kilmer on the Saint [ as a concession to ur disappointed selves ] but tendulker being cooler than kilmer is just plain ridiculous."
"u take that back" [ fan #1, A, up in arms as i insulted her idol #1 ]
< run. Spock. run >

disclaimer: all of this is actually true and really happened.

mOniToR tHe sTatS

oh god. someone just shoot me with a tranq gun coz i just wanna SLEEP.

hey that might actually be a gud name for a book or a tv show???

so i was looking at the stats.. did u know
that this wierdass blog got 650 visitors in october???!!???
seriously. thats like a freaking huge number.
and thats not even page views. its like 650 visits. [ ok i cna't explain more than that, coz thats all i understood ]

and nov has had 554 visits as of.... right now.
no kidding! its like soooOo friggin cool. [ these are the kind of things a dork like me wud find cool. sorry to disappoint u. ]

so a while ago, i was totally pmsing [ not actually but thats a pretty gud description of my mood that day ] and i blocked all anon commenting. A.A.the.jackass will be happy to know that he can now go back to being a royal pain in the ...ahem.. posterior by continuing to leave anon comments like b4.

ok OK i admit. its more fun when the risk of getting a coronary heart attack or stroke is increased...
actually its more like an experiment.
since i see from the stats that visitors, drastically dropped around the time i blocked anon comments. i want to see if enabling it, will have a reverse effect. ofcourse, that might not happen. its an extremely crappy way of carrying out a social experiment. but then, its friggin 2:30 AM man. i'm just trying to send myself into a sleep induced coma out here....

spOrTs & taLk iN scHoOL

my biggest problem during my teenage yrs was that i cudnt stand silly girls. seeing how I did my high schooling in an all girls school, its kinda hard to get away from the silly girls...
trust me. i tried. they get u no matter where u hide. [ even behind the tree in the corner of the school backyard. ]

as i'm turning nostalgic i remember my school days. the endless giggling. the groups that wudnt let me join coz i was a dubai kid. the many friends i made. unfortunately to keep those friends i had to participate in their most popular sport.

clothes watching.

apparently this is a highly developed sport in mlore, where high school had uniforms and college had [ brace urself ] 'color dress'. the more advanced players cud Actually identify the tailor who had stitched that dress!!
so every afternoon lunch break, we'd sit by the road and look at all the clothes the college girls wore, and discuss it. and debate it. and dream of what kind of dresses we wanted. and who was in and who was sooo last yr.
i had to say i was a complete social disaster

"hey did u see that black dress she wore"
"which one? and who wore it?"
"Girl X, u know last yrs rose queen"
"who's that?"
"good lord. she just passed us. didn't you SEE" [ friend getting agitated coz i didn't notice her excellency ]
"ummm.... no actually. but now i'm curious. where is she? i want to see her." < craning my neck, trying to catch a glimpse >
"sheeesh she was right here... wat the heck were u doing??"
"hmmmpppffff, your ALWAYS doing that. don't u get bored" [ yup, thats what she said ]
and then we'd talk about < surprise! > boys. and some more about boys.
it was pretty boring.

it was either that or stay with the girl who spoke incessantly about her diamonds [ her parents owned THE diamond and gold store in mlore ]. she gave me such intricate details about her diamond collection... thats actually, when i learnt to block ppl out. and though my eyes were glazed, atleast i wudnt be drooling!!
that training stood me in good stead all these yrs. thnx H!!
i also managed to retain a few important diamond care tidbits. fyi, its bad to keep diamonds in the freezer. i have NO freaking clue wat the actual conversation was about or the context. but after 2 yrs, thats about all that i remember.

and ppl wonder why i left agnes as if my tail was on fire!!

iN a DreAm

when i was a kid, i had this dream.

no. i mean literally. i had this recurring dream.

in my dream, i was living in my native place, bedra and i was with a hundred brothers. and we could fly to various cities all over india to solve crimes or help ppl or watever [ pls note my altruistic bent of mind that started from a very small age :D ]. ok granted that the dream was mainly influenced by too much of mighty mouse [ btw, what happened to mighty mouse?? ] and watching the weekly Mahabharat episodes on the sly [ all the rage back then ].
the brother thing? i think thats coz my 'real' brother cudn't fly at all AND he was all of 4 yrs and whiny and a brat. and so i was kinda convinced that all i had to do was 'make' 100 brothers and then i'd GET those powers and then i'd be the NEXT mighty mouse.

took me a couple of yrs. actually couple of decades to face reality. it was in college actually when i was in a girls hostel and the topic of discussion was ... < surprise! > boys!!
and while i was sitting on the side, bored, [ coz i didnt think boys were anything to giggle about [[ hey! puppy dogs tails and frogs and snails... ]] ], suddenly they turned to me and were like -
"who's YOUR crush?"
"ummm.... no one"
"u mean you don't like even ONE single guy in our college"
"have you SEEN the guys in our college???" [ theyr MAJOR dorks !! why the heck wud i swoon over THEM??? ]
"ok now your just lying, there are plenty of cool guys, like A, and B [ names changed to preserve hotness < rolling eyes here > ]"
[ wats with all the brackets < grimace > ]
"i cant have a crush on them, theyr my defacto brothers"
ghastly silence

"why wud u make the cool guys ur brothers?"
and then i told them of my dream. u know the whole flying and saving the world thing.
ghastly silence

"are u serious? u don't really believe that do you? ur like 20 friggin yrs old"
[ roommate losing her mind by this time and i was thoroughly enjoying myself :P ]
ya but that was the time my dreams were shattered and i realized... [ brace urself ] cartoons are NOT real.

so much for the dream

oh we had a dog too, in my dream. i mustn't forget him!

ps: the damn experiment is &%#%^# WORKING!!
darn it, i want to SLEEP darn u, creepy-person-in-my-team who suggested the idea.
[ imagine kicking the dude in his shins ]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LioNel riChiE

hey !! the sun was out today ^_^
woo hoo sunshine !!

and its also as a half apology to S___ coz i started semi-dancing to this song in the supermarket :P

sUn brEaKs ouT

i think this song is there somewhere on my blog already. NO WAYS i cud not have put it up yet :O

but seriously in this miserable excuse of weather we have...this is like the best song ever !!

in the words of Ram , "can you stop being so disgustingly cheerful at 6 AM in the morning ?"
and the answer, Ram, as always is... "Nopes" ^_^

hoNeSt nEw wOrLd

a few yrs ago, VD sent us this mail.

it was was a pretty cool concept. before we even heard of this, Nayak had already spent yrs experimenting with Radical Honesty on a small scale. but now that Nayak has been tamed by his gf :P mebe we can go back to the source...

I think your Fat

oh btw if u see any typos, thats coz i ran out of vitamin B tablets, and my fingers are turning numb again

tEstiNg NeW thEoRieS

someone told me last week. [ wait...thats not right ]
last week, someone told me that if u eat less, you sleep less and hence you can work more.

right. this dude had worked in I___ for 15 yrs. Looked like a 15 yr old kid himself [ btw that cud be malnutrition and stunted growth ] and literally worked round the clock.


i can't compete with that. so lets me just put my feet up on my desk and pretend i'm in tahiti sipping my mojhito.

but still. dude, WAT R U DOING??

and then awarding such ppl is like enabling bad behaviour !! i mean, ur just encouraging everyone else to become a mindless drone of the corporate world, whose soul is sucked dry by the machinery of endless work and bureaucracy and who one day can't recognize the sun as a source of light but takes all forms of nutrition from and lives off the monitor screen of their office laptop.

but hey. lets be objective here. lets not trash that theory [ wat theory?? hey don't get distracted by the lenghty pontifications, keep up with the program here.. ]
so in the spirit of science and for the sake of curoisity, i'm gonna try it.

lets see the whole not eating much thing, not sleeping much thing, more alert thing. if it works. and as a bonus its supposed to make me healthier thing too... ofcourse i'm not gonna stop ALL food intake < rolling my eyes >. man thats just crazy talk!! [ wat are u? insane? ]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wHo dUnNit

so according to this article on Wiki

Click Here

the masala dosa was invented in Udupi, by some distant ancestor o mine. now THAT explains a LOT!!

Also explains my love for dosas...

well u cud argue that its not true. and wiki lets anyone write anything. but WHO CARES !!
thats my great-great-great-great grandpa up there!! its the mostest fun ;P

mY dAY ofF FroM Q

so i thot i'd take a break from my life [ trust me. the number of disasters i get into i really really need a break someitmes.. ] and hide out inside a locked room.
unfortunately, i had to catch a flight back to hillsboro and apparently now its too foggy so we can't land at the shuttle airport. so... so we're going to the commercial airport.
[ oh thats just great, coz now its gonna take an hour to get from that airport to the office. on top of it, i'm lugging around my carpet, that i bought yesterday ]

so i'm sitting in this teeny airplane [ somehow i thot the shuttle was gonna have a lounge with a pool table and a wide/flat screen tv and drinks. reality was far far.. Far from my fantasies... ], with my eyes semi closed and wondering if i shud trust this tiny airplane on landing in the middle of foggy weather. actually i don't see that much choice, the other option is to get hysterical, accidently hit the guy sitting next to me in the face and scream my head off.
naaaaah not this time. i'm too exhausted for that kind of thing today.

but seriously. look at it. ITS SO TINY compared to that cloud.

ok ok think about something else. not that there is 10,000 tons of metal improbably suspended on thin air hurtling at a speed of... lets just say very very fast. and the pilot cannot see what he's doing, coz of the fog. ok lets not think about that.
lets think instead of white fluffy bunnies. no Wilson, pandas do not eat bunnies. u just eat bamboo. yes i know its a tough break since you don't get bamboo in canada.
sooo.... sorry.

wait don't look out.. think pink bunnies. think pink bunnies... no no don't think of them in an airplane crash, alll mangled up!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, November 17, 2008

pOoR mAn'S taLEnT

words fail to describe as the description says


just watch it


don't tell me u didnt get it???
the dude isn't singing japanese!!! its kannada !!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

gRumPy iS Me

i don't like ppl

< pout >

i'm better off with the voices in my head

< sulky >

and i don't wanna talk to anyone right now


LisTeN tO feEL goOd

"suddenly i see"

this song is dedicated to L.
i know i know the video is crappy.

but hey listen to the song


rAndOm bLoGS u seE

so i get this random mail from some random person.

apparently Devenshi Joshi, at [ hey u spam me, i release ur mail id to the public... ] has written a blog and wants ppl to check it out.

ok lets see. she's a news correspondent [ hmm gud ]
and she has published news articles [ hmm gud ]
but the moment i saw that she was thanking her friend Darshak [ ya ur name is released to the public too.. ] for 'baring' with her... [ !!??!! :O wt heck ? ]

hmmmmm i don't think i shud be clicking on that link.....

[ hey i figure if she's a news correspondent and analyst in vadodara, i think she shud use spell check before she spams ppl who have no interest [[ can i get any More narcissistic??? ]] ]

so thats it devenshi joshi. thnx but no thnx. but since i released ur name to the universe at large u can always hope that some jobless person out there will check u out. perhaps A.A.the.jackass will. he seems to be searching for... ok i better zip it ;P

kEepiNg tHe gReeN cLoSE bY

You shud seriously watch Peter Schiff on youtube.
Youtube on Peter Schiff

you can read more about him out here Wiki on Peter Schiff

the dude predicted that the US was heading towards a complete self destruction in 2006.
infact each yr he was pretty spot on

i think thats amazing !!

coz i have zero financial sense. hey, my idea of savings is to stuff all my money under my mattress. and right now there is nothing there. i'm a typical survivalist omg-the-armegeddon-is-coming-any-day kind of person. and i have a post somewhere around. that you can't trust banks. the sure fire way of being happy is to keep away from ppl who tell u some papers are worth a lot of money, to never ever take a humongous loan, to keep your needs simple and to buy all the gold u can get your hands on !!

yup thats my 2 cents on the investment advice. dude, money is an illusion. [ psssssst its the tool of the devil and you don't want to go to the dark side.... shhh don't let him hear you, but come back to the light.... ]

wiSdOm oF tHe agEs - 1

i also remembered/ re-learnt another piece of wisdom.

don't wake up early on holidays like sundays and stand in front of your sleeping parents and stare at them, willing them to get up and make your breakfast.

1. it doesnt work. they DO get up, but theyr NOT AT ALL in the mood to give you, your brkfast or let u watch disney. i've noticed the closer you are to their face as they wake up, the less chances of getting wat u want. [ funny huh ? ]. ur prob better off sorting through ur wardrobe [ aaha a nice messy nightmare ur mom can wake up to ] or painting a picture with water colors [ aaha a nice messy nightmare ur mom can wake up to... ]
2. when they do get up and see u staring at them intently, ppl tend to freak out. [ fyi even friends in California tend to freak out. when all u want is for them to get up so u can go out [[ wat am I?? a dog??? ]] or u want permission to use their phone ]
3. 6 year olds don't know jack squat about making toast, ironing clothes, heating water for a bath [ can't reach that geyser switch ], a lot of things.
4. if u rationalize that since ur parents are asleep on an early sunday morning and that allows you to watch disney cartoons and eat your own brkfast [ hey! theyr not awake yet, i'm bored and hungry ], ha! think again.

imp stuff man. imp stuff

also don't try to heat water, by heating an iron box and sticking it into the water. [ 1. it chars the bottom of the iron box, 2. the water does not get hot that way. also u have to be REAL convincing when u tell ur mom later that u don't know who did it, mebe it was the leprechauns. apparently leprechauns are smarter than that... ]

and another thing is don't try to save your mom work, and help her out. if ur mom is asleep, its better u sit down in the center of the room and not touch anything.
i once thought i'd help her by oiling my hair b4 she got up and surprise her. u know.
unfortunately i spent a lot of time rubbing ghee into my hair. and for the life of me i cudnt rem why the heck i even had the idea in the first place, when i was being yelled at. it might have earned me some brownie points, if i had told i was trying to help her.. no wait. i did. and thats when she told me the sitting in the centre of the room thing. very imp stuff...

some parents don't even like if u try to jazz up your clothes and cut them artistically. i don't get that concept. so i don't know bout if its true for all parents. mebe your mom wud like it. i'd say that its your call on this one.

LisTen tO yoUr mOM

hey u know a major piece of wisdom i learnt seeing all my married friends.

do NOT upset the ladies.
i know their a hysterical lot prone to having fits over the mildest things like towels on the floor and cups left for the last 4 days behind the sofa. but lets face it. everyone around wud be a LOT happier. if u did not upset them. ok mebe theyr just angry pink bunnies incapable of having a logical or rational thought. but

just DON'T upset them ok. if u want something so badly that u need to argue with a woman for it. just try to sweet talk her into it man. wat kind of a guy ARE you? if u can't even sweet talk an irrational and delusional pink bunny... kind of person.

and hey dude, making your mom cry???

its just not done dude. get with it and learn it already. the ladies rule the planet. and all you have to do is listen to them when they gab, and your set man. ur set.

for example - my friend out here. she insists she's not a neat freak. but she wears gloves to wash her dishes. and she wipes her sink dry everytime she washes her hands and there isn't a single plate with dried up food behind her couch or for that matter not even a single glass lying around.
hey i don't know about u. but when i'm faced with such a person wielding a deadly looking knife, [ cutting those vegetables ] and she's insisting on something. i just nod my head, smile at her and try to hide the fact that i've broken the handle of her tea cup.

hey, lets face it. i'm a yello/lily livered coward and i'll do anything to avoid being yelled at.

i also make sure my shoes are put away, my clothes are folded and not strewn on her Queen sized bed and ... aaaaaargh i forgot to put the towel away.
< makes a dash for the bathroom >

juST LeAVe mE bE

Wison, sometimes i don't even know why i tolerate some ppl.

i mean they'r just major a-holes man.

YES i know thats strong language. but seriously. just coz u have a personal philosophy of never turning away someone who needs a willing ear, doesn't mean ppl have the right to say all kinds of crap and use u as a dumping ground for all kinds ***** *****

hufff watever


sometimes i just want u all to .....


oh just aaaaaaaaaaaargh stay away!!

mY phiLoSopHy foR tOdaY

hey Wilson.

WILSON, wake up man.. guess what. there's this game called mafia. dude its pretty funny mna and a whole load of fun if u play with more than 13-15 ppl... u shud totally do it dude.

ok spent a whole evening with gangsta types :P
but boy it was a blast.

so Wilson, i come home and the question that strikes me is this -

why do u exist. well not you perse Wilson. we all know why YOU Wilson, the cuddly woops super bear exist. no no i mean ppl as general humans exist. i'm talking about the person who might be reading this stupid post [ come on admit it. it aint as cracked up as you expected it to be... ]
why does a human exist. no i mean that particular one. does it matter to the universe as a whole if any single person is there. or not there ???


interesting huh Wilson.

well i know the answer. well atleast i know why 'I' exist. but i don't know about the rest of the people who are out there.... do they even know that there is probably a valid reason and they need to find it before its too late for them ???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LitTle pLeasUReS

man i found this great website ...


read it read it

read it

and then implement it


gLitTer fALls oN YoU



we shud soooo watch this movie !!

News Release

i'm sure he doesnt even remember me. but we were classmates


I mean the dude who directed that movie. ya ya the one being premiered in NY.


hey i dont know about u. but i'm sufficiently small town to appreciate this. i rem this guy. he'd do all these skits and stuff. and boy was he talented. he was never around though.. always on the road doing competitions and stuff.... man thats
freaking AWESOME !!

woo hooo.... congratulations Abhay!!!

this is soooo coool...

thE CurSe sPeAKs

this was friggin hillarious.

u know when ur awake horribly early on a sat morn. and then ppl ask u , how come ur up so early. and u say its the curse. [ u mean to explain its the curse of sat, where u always wake up early on a sat no matter wat ]
but b4 that they say -
aah yes. ur mom call again ?


man when did poor mom turn into a curse!!

man thats friggin hillarious!
ok to all u ppl who are offended on behalf of my mom and are frowning in disapproval. my mom is pretty cool. she'd be the first to laugh at this joke. infact she did!
and we get along really well now.
now that i live on the other side of the planet!!

she needs her space as much as I DO. and she says I'M the major pest.
:D and besides i think she's one of the only 2 people who actually knows me knows me kinds. the other one being a doctor who knew me since i was less than knee high. probably since i was an atom. hmm i havent seen him in 6 yrs... so THAT leaves only my mom on this planet who actually knows me knows me kinds. its actually a scary thought..

ROFL. i just can't believe the knee jerk reaction was to think my mom was the curse that kept me awake on a sat... man he's not THAT far off

iT's FinaLly oVer, mEbe

Woo Hoo!!!


i finally did it. NOW i can go sleep in peace


onh btw if possible i'll show u guys the view from my friends house. she lives in downtown SF. i told u bout her na? u know? the one whose b'day was today?
man u shud see that view !!

on the other side of the road, A.A.the.jackass sends me an email during working hours. with all sorts of exclamaiton marks in the subject line saying u shud move to CT now!!!
i open the mail and its a news clipping on how gay marriages are legal in CT.
in the evening he tells me that he loves S Korea.
now Excuse Me for assuming that u have a new S Korean boyfriend and u want to marry him in CT. hey! i know for sure that i don't prefer the other lane... but hey A, anything that makes u happy dude !!

and THIS is a gud ending for this marathon :P

Friday, November 14, 2008

mEetinG mY friEnD

so you were saying Wilson?

uh ha?

uh ha... uh uh.. NO WAYS :O
really?? YOU DID WHAT ????


come on ur kidding right?
get out.... no no not literally, its just a phrase Wilson.

but seriously ???
i don't believe it...ur kidding me.. shut uuup!!

hey do you mind? i'm having a private conversation here. what do u meam imaginary. hey


ok considering that we've come this far without even introducing Wilson to u.. its an abomination. [ phew spelt that right ]
so anyways everyone? meet Wilson.
he's french canadian.
he's a hunk with gorgeous blue eyes...
he's 6 ft tall and he's been all over the world.
he's the best. and not scary at all.


AND most importantly since he knows about my low boredom thresholds , he has the ability to morph into anyone i chose.
awesome, no ?


pEopLe aRE maDe oF

Wislon, would it be interesting to think of people as Operating systems.
eh what? you say. well let me put it this way.

think of personalities as operating systems. and people as... i don't know computers. and then have that some ppl have the capability to house multiple OS, and they switch at will.
some ppl are the same OS everywhere. some ppl are like DOS and some ppl are some high end OS.. oh i don't know that much about OS Wilson.

ofcourse then u have the core kernel [ am i right? OS ppl ?? ] and then each person , woops OS is loaded with a unique set of functionalities. yrs yrs ago i had this discussion with Nayak on how all ppl are unique but yet the same. its like the building blocks are all the same. upto a certain segment. its how much of each building block exists and is used... ok we digress.

so coming back to the point. we all are loaded with set of applications that are run on our OS. and most of us are multiple thread , parallelism capabilities. [ am i making ANY sense here? ] and sometimes things get broken. there are virus programs that infect us. like depression can be considered as a virus. and sometimes the virus program takes over the entire OS.

[ btw THANX S for giving me a MASSIVE cold. i am now coughing like an 80 yr old dying old person ]

anyways. so sometimes need hardware upgrades. thats when they get new teeth , glasses, etc..
and then sometimes the OS hangs and thats when they ... ok i havent thought of an appropriate anology yet for that...
but unlike the computers, since you can't replace the motherboard in humans a.k.a the brain. when the motherboard dies out. your dead.

interesting huh ?

i had this other theory Wilson that people , esp children were like ships being built in the harbour. but thats another theory for another day....
and mebe some other time..

sEe yoURseLf iN miRrorS

cognitive ability is defined as the ability to recognize ur behaviour DURING the behaviour. or to recognize your feelings WHILE your having them.

has it happened to you also. when ur behaving like a colossal jackass. and you KNOW your behaving like a colossal jackass. i mean u can see urself form a vantage point ,and even while ur doing wat ur doing ur thinking to urself. "OMG i'm such a moronic ass!! i shud be locked up for stupidity/ meanness, etc"

nopes never happened to u ?
it has. to me. i'm not ashamed to admit that there have been times. during the long course of my progression through life, that i may have behaved with less than sterling character. i might have failed to keep to the standards of my umm illustrious... ummm forefathers? hmm they weren't that illustrious. but we digress...
yup ive been a jackass. many many times. and it prob started from the cradle. except that , back then i had zero cognitive abilities. so ur stuck with my earliest memories at the age of 4.

hey now. lookie here. u can't go around judging!!

cHanGe iS nEedED

Wilson , tell me why does Personality have to be a static entity set in concrete??

i mean why do we say some ppl are mature and some immature [ u can guess, what i was called by my roommate ]. why are some ppl categorized as this or that.
i don't get it
granted most ppl get into a rut and stick to one personality. but the capability to be what you want to be, to choose to change your personality exists within all of us.
don't you think?

i think I'M a complex mixture of immaturity and maturity. i mean i can't buy my own unmentionables [ i need mommy ] but i can pontificate on the reasons why all ppl are essentially children on the inside.

i think you might be too. mebe u don't choose to exercise the option. but i think you do.

why do you have to be a static single kind of personality ? am pretty sure you can spend a couple of months as an extrovert, some months angry, some months as a bubbly person , some months as a serious intellectual type..

u don't think this is possible????

Wilson. wake up. don't pretend to be asleep. i know your awake....

jUsT teLL mE aLreAdY

some ppl do it on purpose ok.

they tell u the beginning of the story and then tell you, the story is too long. i'll tell u the whole story when we do .

that cud be
meet up in india
get a speaker headphone /webcam attatchement

its not happening. ok?
just TELL me the ****** story man.
wat the heck are you doing? leaving me in suspense like this !!!

ok so ive done it a couple of times too. but with my legendary patience limits, i end up blurting the whole thing before the other person has even comprehended that i was gonna balk on them...

oh btw.... Wilson.
do u think ppl wud notice that i came to office in the tshirt i slept in???
i mean its not like i knew i'd be in california for another 4 days... u don't think they cud possibly know, cud they?
also they can't really tell, that i'm just using part of my hair and a hair clip together as a rubber band, now can they ? hey wat do u mean fake female, i lost my rubber band man. i'm impr-o-vis-ing. its called inn-o-vat-ion.

sUppoSe iT HitS yoU

wouldn't it be terrible if i got struck by writers block at this point and couldn't come up with anything at all?

like absolute zero ????

now THAT would be really really funny.

ok for the rest of the posts we shud not allow me to get away with posting random poetry or songs or half a page of dumb stuff. like this one.
man i haven't had so much silence since i locked my door and stayed inside my room for 8 months....

hey Wilson. you want to practice the Oboe now? no one's around....



Do you think this is profound too Wilson???
btw i'm going to a flea market tomoro...

“There are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion That if by chance it be shaken, or into its depths like a pebble Drops some careless word, it overflows, and its secret, Spilt on the ground like water, can never be gathered together”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for boredom, ever.”
-Viggo Mortensen

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


oh btw you DO know that all this verbal diarrhea has a purpose and i'm officially done this yr at 155

ok ok i know i've been bidding gudbye for quite some time. and i prob won't be able to keep this one too... but yup thats the plan.
i have a hard stop at 155

phew now i can go back to living my life instead of writing about it :P

LotS to Do

you know how some ppl just HAVE to show you all their wonderful accomplishments and awards and stuff. its not just letting you know, its literally rubbing it into your face.

ha! i can paint amazingly well, ride a horse, own a red brand new merc, am 2 yrs younger than you [ wait how is THAT an accomplishment? ], went to china last week, work for A___, got a 4.0 gpa, play in a band as a guitarist, went scuba diving last summer... etc etc etc

"what have you been upto?"
"ummm... i 140 posts on my blog?" [ damnit! i knew i shud have taken that flight to mexico."

ok OK i get the point already. stop shoving it down my throat.
< grumpy >
< and sulky >
darnit Wilson, i want to go to china too.

rUn frOM thE zoMBiEs

some ppl are really something. hey i know i crib a lot.
but seriously? do i bring you down to a completely depressed level wanting to just blow your brains out???
ok imagine spending a whole evening with such a person. not even the eeyore kinds. more the kinds of, i-hate-the-world-i'll-kill-u kind.

i mean. come on. u mean to say the whole world is crap, and everyone is crap and nothing is right and everyone is a freaking moron.
ok i grant u all that, but dude.


there MUST be something that makes you happy???? come on. pink bunnies?? puppies???
locust plague infecting ur worst enemies houses???

coz ur one stressed out person who's gonna pop an artery any second now. and your making everyone else around you stressed out too !

you do know that such ppl are viruses. they may be the most perfectoinist characters around, who know how to do everything and prob a gem of a person inside. deep deep inside. but just stay away from them. coz you KNOW theyr just gonna suck all the life outa you and leave you a dried and withered husk of yourself


hOw sHE dOes iT

some guys are just plain chumps
i mean theyr perfectly nice guys. smart, intelligent, very sweet apparently. and yet they lose their head for a pretty face or a pretty leg.

i don't gte it. i just don't. i mean here we have the next cruella in the making.. a reportedly mean and spiteful girl. [ i don't know... ] and yet, these fools fall all over themselves to fulfill her every whim.

i just don't get it.

i mean. really?
does a pretty face compensate for a whole lot of faults ??

Thursday, November 13, 2008

aSk a QueStioN

Wilson, do u think its the questions we ask that defines who we are.
like, they 'explain' us

interesting huh?
mebe we shud schedule a meeting so we can further explore this. wat do u think , Wilson?


god i just ask a question and you fall asleep....
[ continues nagging.... ]

wHat dOEs tHE mooN haVe to Do

ok so i like it.
ok so i'm boring.

so sue me

oh btw Wilson, i predict i feel much better. much much better in a couple of days. see? its the waning gibbous now. [ hey! i spelt it right the first time !! ]
lookie here
Moon phases

cool, no ?

tHat diDn'T fOol tHem


psssst Wilson.

u think we fooled them?

darn it. theyr back again. to read what i write.
now lookie here, don't you get that ur not supposed to be here??
waddaya mean i said gudbye. did u really think i'd quit so close to my goal???
the real fun wud be if i just deleted the entire blog at 153 posts.... hey.
hey. don't bet on it. i've done stuff like that before....

oh btw Wilson. how is that i'm surrounded by a whole bunch of smart ppl. i mean really really smart ppl who are actually the people who make the damn computer what it is.
and YET i have a stupid laptop that eats batteries for brkfast??? and NO ONE will tell me why my batteries won't charge. uffo the computer ka Wilson. tum bhi kitna buddhu ho.

yaaawn , hey


get out of my head. ur not supposed to be here....

oh btw Wilson, i'm supposed to meet this bunch of ppl today. N's b'day. a whole bunch of ppl. unfortunately half of them can't stand the other half. i don't know if vice versa is true. but i just spent a whole evening last night [ wait, is that right? ] trying to calm some very angry youngsters down. jeez don't pop a coronary, just coz someone else is a jackass.
sigh. its true Wilson. its true. the world is full of angry angry ppl. but we digress... [ actually i'm just rambling so that those obnoxious ppl go away, so that THEN i can discuss what REALLY happened yesterday with Wilson... ]

sAyiNg goOdByeS arE eASy

ok thats it.
i'm exhausted with that marathon bout of writing for the last 2 months.

i think i'll stop here..

see u all around next yr during the last quarter


bbye.... yaaaawn it was gud while it lasted wasn't it??

tO giVe a sURpriSe

so there was N's b'day yest? no wait today. but we went to her place last night..
with her bf who flew in as a surprise. tippy toed to her appartment, put him in a box with some balloons. knocked on her door and made a run for it!!
it was hillarious. man i think we have the video.

and also she stayes on the 19th floor in SF downtown. THE VIEW IS AWESOME !!!
i mean seriously. the full moon view is awesome.
then we went out for dinner and we played chinese whisphers. man that was even more hillarious. R was literally convulsing like a fish !! [ paroxysms of laughter ]

oh but u know what i did?
we were supposed to surprise her na. and we hid after we knocked on the door. and somone handed me a camera to video tape the whole thing. ofcourse i did it very sincerely and later found out that the recording was off the whole time
u can imaging the ribbing i got for THAT !
luckily R [ another dude ] got it all on another camera.....

also i have to formally apologize to a whole list of ppl who have been unwitting victims of the full moon madness that effects me every fortnight. i think i have the list in my pocket. it has 287 names. let me start at 1......


wats that on my shoe?

eeew its gum [ aaaaaaaaaaa ]

get it off

get it off

get it off



ENabLerS cAn dO iT tOo

Wilson. i finally caved in. you were right i cud not take it. i shud have never tried. so i blocked all anonymous commenting.

now if they have to say something i think they have to login. AND their name shows up. [ i hope so ] if THAT doesn't work i just disable commenting completely.


blessed peace.

was just tired of that dog barking and barking and barking.....
it just threw me off completely.

nEwS fLAsh

something messed up my gmail talk list.
i had painstakingly labelled ppl so i wudnt forget who they were
so there was S - ibm - dba
and there was SM - purdue - R
but somehting messed it up and now it shows only the email ids. ofcourse most ppl have brains and so they include their name as their gmail id.

unfortunately tbannuru i don't know who you are. so i'm not keeping you around anymore. also the same goes for loving memory and life goes on.
u both have to go. yup there's nothing i can do to help it. CALM yourself down man. there is a life beyond existing on my gmail list....
just look and you will find the way!

ok thats enuf silliness for now.
news flash !!
economy is turning into a bucket of crap and i'm staying in California for the weekend. guess which i care more about right now [ something isn't quite right with that statement... hmmm ]
but yaaay, i'll miss R and her indefatigible [ urgh, i can't spell ] spirit, but then i'll have loads of fun, so the pain of seperation is lessened


woohoo sunshine !!!

tO ThAt paRtiCULar aNon

ok ahem. [ clearing my throat ]

i may have been a little harsh. in my... umm criticizm of the person who... umm... who had commented on my post.

you have to understand the ummm.... strange effects of the full moon on beings like me. and basically i had lost contact with the mother ship. but thats not to say it gives me a license to be rude to you, ofcourse.
infact even though u may be the biggest jackass on the planet. i shud have the good grace to not mention it.. i mean...u can't help it that you evolved from a spider. a particularly stupid spider.

yaah so i shudn't have been so rude as to point out that your nothing but a lily livered 2 pence show off [ Nayak ] and i think it must be hard to go through life with a personality like that. so we shud all make some allowances for u...

u do get that i'm aplogizing in the nicest possible way right?

i'M tRyiNg oKaY

i'm in the middle of thinking deep things like vices and meaning of happiness and then this happens.

i'm in this hotel during my stay in SC and i try to bathe using some random brand of soap or watever. and i'm wondering. man this is some wierdass soap. it just doesnt lather. and i look at it again.

ofcourse u can guess what i was doing.
i was trying to bathe with body lotion!!!

to those of you who still don't get. i was trying to bathe using body cream. no wonder the wierdass thing refused to lather. ha!
i still get confused between body soap and body cream. why the heck do they all LOOK the same. in the gud old days, u knew that soap was mysore sandal and cream was nivea. thats it.
ok mebe some used vaseline.
ok mebe some used ponds.
aargh thats exactly how the world ends up trying to bathe with cream.

infact just to be sure that i wasn't applying soap on my body thinking it was cream, i googled the web definition of body lotion.

your right.

it IS cream.

tO feELinG gOod

i know when i'm whiny and cranky and its all the fault of the full moon.

u know what wud make me feel gud?

someone in blore kicking Nayak in the shins. right at that spot where it hurts the most. ok thats somewhere else...

but if i cud just get someone else to do it... now that wud make me laugh with glee.
who's Nayak? he's another fathead. but he's a cute papa bear kind of person [ as if!! rofl!!! ]
ok u don't get the joke... some of u will though. and if ur in blore. u think u cud like... i don't know. kick him a couple of times and drop me a line

tO wiShiNg yoU

Happy B'day N___

on the other side, u can prob tell. by my very very short temper these days. i've been pretty frustrated with my computer and its battery. apparently my computer eats batteries for brkfast. i'm on my fifth and sometimes the system just freezes up.


i wanna punch someone.

listen u fathead, u better tiptoe around me during this lunar phase. coz it usually makes me more insane than i normally am.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sEveN rEasOnS

so lets see.

do u think ur free of all the vices?
lets take the basic 7.

wrath, gluttony, greed, lust, envy, pride, sloth.
so ur a normal person and u think. hey i'm not that bad. i don't have any of the seven deadly sins in me....

ok so which do u think is the worst sin?
and which sin do you think is the most difficult to get rid of. which everyone has and is not even aware of that they have it??

so i had this friend once. who wud tell me with a straight face that she felt absolutely no anger or no jealousy or no greed or no envy.
but are u free of them all?

coz u forgot vanity. or pride if u will...
well THATs the one i'd bet being the most subtle and the most difficult to be rid of.

tell me.

don't you have vanity ?
in you?
aren't you filled with pride?
isn't there an ego?

what are you so proud of ?
your humility ? [ but there itself is the evidence of your vanity :) ]
your looks? [ that which is something you are born with and u have absolut zero contribution to ]
your money ? [ that which is a byproduct of your fate and which you can't take with you when u leave ]
your name ? your genes ? your blood ? your birth ? your style ? etc etc

man no one is free of ALL the sins, coz even if you have NONE of the rest...
if you really honestly look at yourself. there you'll see vanity.
and that one , according to ME is the worst of them all.....

i wonder how many actually do it. look into the mirror and actually see yourself for who you are. with the good and bad. now for years and years ppl wud pester me saying i had many faults and had to try and eliminate them. i just had one reply to that. man i know i have a whole bunch of faults. infact i'll give you as much to say i might be the biggest moron on the planet.
so wat. who said i had to improve and change and die your version of perfect. when i think, i'm perfect as i am. faults and all. we all are.

we're beautiful....

yOu cAn rEaD ThiS toO

I measure every grief I meet
With analytic eyes;
I wonder if it weighs like mine,
Or has an easier size.

I wonder if they bore it long,
Or did it just begin?
I could not tell the date of mine,
It feels so old a pain.

I wonder if it hurts to live,
And if they have to try,
And whether, could they choose between,
They would not rather die.

I wonder if when years have piled--
Some thousands--on the cause
Of early hurt, if such a lapse
Could give them any pause;

Or would they go on aching still
Through centuries above,
Enlightened to a larger pain
By contrast with the love.

The grieved are many, I am told;
The reason deeper lies,--
Death is but one and comes but once
And only nails the eyes.

There's grief of want, and grief of cold,--
A sort they call 'despair,'
There's banishment from native eyes,
In sight of native air.

And though I may not guess the kind
Correctly yet to me
A piercing comfort it affords
In passing Calvary,

To note the fashions of the cross
Of those that stand alone
Still fascinated to presume
That some are like my own.

- Emily Dickenson

LoOkiNg bAck aT tHeM

i know you don't believe me that i make friends with all kinds of people. i mean, seriously anyone. if i think ur even remotely not boring, i'll talk to u.
for example, now you cud make the case that A.A.the.jackass is a moron. a complete nincompoop. a jackass as his name suggests whose brains were swapped with a lab monkey. you cud say that.
i won't.
but he's a friend. a gud friend in fact. most people won't even talk to him coz he's wierd. wooops i wasn't supposed to let him know that.

or most people wud say the guy was a complete despo and a wierdo. ppl wud. not me. but he's a friend too [ i know, with friends like me , u sooo don't need enemies ]

but i was just thinking of the random ppl i made friends with.
i have a nice list. mebe its normal. mebe u have a similar list. mebe u have a BIGGER list.
i'm not interested in ur list. just keep it with u.... ok?
and by friends i mean, theyr on my mailing list, or i have their email id. or that we have/had a conversation for more than an hour. thats the baseline
so here it goes

security guard at my part time job in pitts
security guards at my office now [ wat can i say, they seem to like me. and most of them are awfully nice ppl ]
telephone booth operator in mys [ i actually keep in touch with him through email, turns out he was an engg doing a part time job till he got a proper job. he's married with a kid now ]
guy sitting next to me on an airplane [ turns out he was a major salesperson for Sony and he has a son studying in ASU ]
guy eating idli sambar across me in my daily idli sambar brkfast place [ turns out we were both ibmers, from mlore and we had common friends. and we lived close by ]
girl i wud meet in the bus on the way to high school. she was in college that time. [ she taught me how to kick eve teasers in the shins or the toes. and how to attack them with safety pins or umbrellas ]
girl i wud meet in the bus on the way back everyday from high school. she wud walk back home with me. [ turns out she was her high school topper ]
random guy in my blore gym [ turns out he worked for cisco in california, and was searching for a tamil bride for the last 6 yrs ]
shuttle bus driver for my school in pitts. [ awfully nice grandpa types. i actually miss him sometimes. he had the cutest kids. aaaw ]
girl 5 yrs younger than me, in pharmacy college. [ dont even rem how we ended up as bff. she told me to do my MS ]
girl in my driving class in mlore [ she got married later and a job out there ]
girl who waited in the same bus stand as me everyday. [ hey it was 3 yrs.. everysingle day. we'd wait for that stupid 1B bus together ]
ooh ooh
married lady with a small kid and whose husband was in dubai, and who worked in the bus pass office in mlore. [ man that was one lucky aquaintance, i didnt have to wait
in the queue with the rest of the ppl. i'd just give my pass application to this lady in the morning, and by evening i wud get my pass.
she was like the head honcho there... :P ]
the pav bhaji guy in adigas, near my house in blore. he'd start making pav bhaji the sec he saw me
coz he knew. thats wat i always got from there. so i didnt have to wait there either :P

i was really gud friends with some of these ppl [ not the pav bhaji guy though ]. like discuss what u want to be when u grow up kind of.
giving advice kind of friends...
i don't know. its nice to list them somewhere so that i don't forget them...
its like a minor dedication to them.

u know?

cAn'T bE haPpy, wHY

ok so u know how people always think they'd be happy once some random event happened in their lives.
like i'll be happy once i get a job.
i'll be happy once i finish studying
or i'll be happy once i have kids
or i'll be happy once i get laid.
or i'll be happy once i find my special someone [ come on ppl , let that one go already ]

yaa people wait for all sorts of things and think that once THAT something happens, they'll be happy.

but COME ON.
i don't understand that concept. WHY THE FUCK can't u be happy no matter wats happening in ur life. my god man there is so much to see and do and experience. why are u cribbing that you don't have a goddamn girlfriend.
[ pardon my french ]
and why do ppl think that there need be all these preconditions to their happiness.

ok so here's my question
why is happiness conditional?
why can't YOU be thrilled with yourself no matter whats happening with your life.
i don't understand it. and i don't pretend to either.
sure sure u found ur someone. thats great. i'm really thrilled for u. but u dont have to suggest that i have to be miserable and sad and lonely just coz i don't coo at babies and flowers and hummingbirds.



i sing the dolphin song.

don't tell me I'M not happy.

and btw YOU look dumb wearing that silly shirt.
i know 'she' gave it to u. but i have to tell u, pink and frills. not doing it for u man.

anyways, so for everyone out there, when u feel lonely [ and don't pretend you never ever do, everyone does at SOME point. like at 3 AM and u wanna watch dark knight and u got no one to watch it with... ]
well then all i gotta say is -
wait why is the floor of this airplane getting so hot? that can't be good. open the window to cautiously look out [ hey i don't know how thats gonna help. but right now thats all i can do ]

hooo sunshine!!

sEeiNg iS beLiEviNG

oh my effing god.

u HAVE to see this Wilson. we're flying through clouds !! i mean a whole blanket of them. first of all i haven't seen sunshine in a week.
i mean zero, zip, nada. i just haven't seen the sun. its been rain and drizzle and blanket clouds all week.
and now. i'm all excited coz i finally get to see the sun!

and first we go through the lowest layer of clouds... and we see clouds above us and below is and on the side of us.. too cool huh?
soon we're like flying through the heart of the clouds. so its just an effing blanket of white...
and once we break through..

OMG there's the SUN !!!
wooo hooo
helllooooo sunshine.

and look at that carpet of white clouds Wilson... aaawww ur flying on them pretending to be an angel. how cute is that!


i think i saw some of the most beautiful cloud formations ever.
i think i now know how heavel looks :P

oh damn i have to close the window, coz its glaring against the comp screen.
but seriously ?? how can ppl work under these conditions??
i wud just open the window and gaze at the clouds !!!


wooo hooo sunshine. yaaay...

YoU cUdN't bEgiN

u know how google shows an ad, which it thinks is most relevant to u...
thnx to the recent spate of emails...

the ad i saw today was

how to make your dog stop barking at the wrong time




wait. is today the 12th ????
damn it, i have a flight to catch in an hour.

shit i hope i remember the right time.
darn it i hope they were talking about PST.


gotta run.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ThE ZeN maSTerS

just as a random thought. u think i'm happiest when posting? or writing? [ i have now started on my book. the life and adventures of a blue dolphin disguised as a neptune planet dweller disguised as a human. catchy title huh ? ]

have u heard of 'the Zone'

the zone is defined as a task or work that sends u into a Zen state. like when ur doing this task or work or art, the whole world just fades away and u lose perspective on time. and ur totally 'IN' to the task ur doing.
so ....
just take a sec, wats your zone? wat sends u into that zen state where time has no meaning till u fin the task. u don't do it, coz ur under pressure from ppl or home or managers. u do it coz u enjoy it. for me its writing.
writing and teaching are my Zones. and jigsaw puzzles. did i ever mention my obsession with jigsaw puzzles??? they totally send me into a parallel universe. i can sit for weeks in one place and fix up a 1000 piece puzzle ....
even if my back is like killing me.
i mean jigsaw puzzles are my holy grail for finding nirvana...

so wat sends YOU into the zone??

aNsWErinG tHe q'S

whoa Wilson, i got a lot of flack about that dolphin phase.

some people thought i was desperately trying to be cute [ they kindly informed me, cute didn't suit me very well.. i shud go for gothic vampire slayer type ]
some people spent a while figuring what the heck i was talking about and why i was doing it... [ WHYY are u wasting ur time on this?? ]
some ppl thot i had finally.... FINALLY fallen in love [ ya right. will u give up already ? ]
some people suggested it might be my.. ahem.. ya, that time of the month when all females go nuts. [ u cudnt have been more deader wronger [[ dont say its not grammatically right, i'm inventing it. like right now. waddaya mean i can't??? ]

i mean i can't believe a simple thing as me going through a blue dolphin phase wud generate so much outrage! or interest! or just plain ur-fucking-insane kind of comments.

ok mebe i shud spell out what exactly is the blue dolphin phase. its not that complicated.

the other day i was sitting and watching TV in R___'s house. and i had a cushion on my lap. a simple one. and after a while i held it in front of my face and went cooooooooo.
like a whale tune , u know? no no not like that. u have to go longer.
like the whale songs u hear on the... sonic stuff.

ok. and then i proceeded to do that for the next 15 min until R__ got really annoyed with what i was doing [ which was staring into the cushion and going coooooo? cooooooo ]
and she was like what the heck are you doing ?? [ R__ doesn't swear and believes it to be very vulgar btw ]
r u trying to be a dove?
and since i don't like doves or pigeons [ all that dull gray ]
i just said i am a dolphin. and i'm trying to find a kindred dolphin soul.
"THROUGH THE CUSHIONS???" and thats why R___'s husband found her rolling on the floor, laughing, a half hour later...

and THAT is the reason why i was in a dolphin phase...

got it??
NOW will you stop making veiled references to females and PMS and that time of the month and full moons and new moons and werewolves.....


thank you

dOn'T waNT iT aNYmoRe

ok Anonymous is just getting meaner and meaner by the day. [ refer comments on "females can shop!" ]

so i'm gonna sulk. i'm not talking anymore.

this is me sulking




Wilson, pack our bags. we're off to Acapulco...... we're not talking to these mean people anymore....

adMitTinG iT

the first thing an addict has to do is to

is admit they have a problem.



i admit it then.

ok. phew that was hard. now..... wats next?


dE guD oLd DaYs

man you guys missed SO much during the summer. i wish i was blogging then.

i mean wat cud be funnier than me, teaching 2 kids how to paint. how to make a volcano. telling them random stories....

we were pirates, army, navy, chefs, space astronauts, circus clowns, house cleaners, princesses, dragon slayers, kings and queens of england, artists, french spies, japanese cartoonists, war heroes, cops, international jewel thieves, movie directors, etc etc
all over the space of a summer.

its true. kids are the greatest timepass. and keeping them interested is like THE greatest challenge. it kinda works for me coz i have the same threshold of boredom as they do. and the same attention span.
so its ok. to know that you and a 8 year old think alike. in most matters.
i mean me and my cousin were like clones. we watched the same cartoon channels [ infact i introduced them to a couple better one's , now theyr parents hate me :-| ]
we have the same opinions on clothes and hairbands and bling stuff, bathing on sundays, boys [ we both think boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails ] , food [ brinjal is eeeew, chips and cookies yumm ], on how important it is to see cartoons on a saturday morning and go to birthday parties and avoid the mandatory sunday kannada lessons... etc etc
i mean i was made to sit along with them for the kannada writing and spelling tests.

and my breakfast was supervised too, after my uncle found out that i cudnt fend for myself and left to my own devices i wud have a box of biscuits as a meal....

it was an awesome summer.

where i made sure every friday movie was a cartoon [ oh u HAVE to watch Howl's moving Castle ]. and the kids learnt some japanese. and we made a HUGE mess everytime we wanted to paint....
[ after the painting i'd be the one with the MOST paint on myself and my clothes. its mortifying to know your messier than a 6 and 8 yr old... its also scary to think that you 'get' a 8 yr old much much better than anyone even remotely close to your own age... i mean not ONCE did i think, what an idiot, omg! she's SO...
except for that one time... with that cookie.... ]

yOU hAve tO Go

oh btw Mr

i'm sorry. i cudnt tell who you were from the picture of the moon rock. so i'm deleting u.


who ever you are .... [ psycho ]

ooh ooh guess what? i'm going to the land of sunshine for a day.
won't THAT be nice???


to all u ppl battling ur way to office through the snow... aaha ! enjoy the snow while i'll be........ stuck in a windowless meeting room all day.
oh damn it. will you take a look at my schedule???

jUsT tAke iT

it's true. i don't know how to accept a compliment.

nor can i give gifts graciously.
i can RECIEVE them very prettily. oh btw my b'day is coming up in :P
but i can GIVE compliments very nicely. without hemming and hawing.
but i can't do the other two.

oh btw, i'm sorry i threw that watch at ur face and ran away, G___. i didn't mean it to hit your face...i'm really sorry about that. and am glad u liked it.
so when someone comes up and says, u have gorgeous hair. [ i do btw. its the new conditioners... see? i told u guys. i'm on the other side now. Wilson, get that gun out of ur mouth... ]
and all i do is smile at them and look at the ceiling.

LOOK i can't help it ok. stop looking at me like that!! u know how some ppl, once u compliment them on something, then hold a monologue on it for the next hour. its like giving them a license saying u really want to hear about it. and ur like, look i just meant to say i like ur shoes, i don't really want to know every single detail about it. like how u had to mount an indiana jones quest to FIND it.. etc
so being conscious of that. i just tend to say thank you and then look at the ceiling.
so there u'll have someone looking at me expectently waiting for me to ... wat? i dont know give a thank you speech for the emmys? and i'll be looking at the ceiling. anywhere but at them. coz i dont know how to accept compliments graciously.

i gOt iT toO

wooo hoo i finally made it.

i forgot to mention that the shopping trip of sunday 08 was of historical importance. i mean i finally made break through progress.
i succefully evolved from neanderthal ape woman to a female of the 20th century and no thats not a typo. i still have a long ways to go b4 i become a female of the 21st century.
wat did i do, u ask. aaha, my friends. i bought some bling.
u now....

the bling.
that all girls own.

the useless pieces of vague and completely zero monetary value jewelry. hey but they look nice. i think.
anyways i spent like a colossal amount on it. and am sure i got a lil dumber just by the experience. but while i was killing some of my brain cells. some part of me was happy to make the transition. u know. the part that was slowly dying with no hope of ever turning from caterpillar to butterfly...
yaaaay [ in a very faint voice ]

i now own bling and have got my pass to enter the exclusive world of female gobblydygook gibberish.

"omg thats so pretty , where did u get that?"
"ummmm... claires?" [ yaay i understand wat she's saying. i'm in!! ]
"omg, isnt that place so cool. i bought the cutest ..." [ eyes glazing at this point, mebe i hadn't really thot this thru.. ]

no NO Wilson, get that gun out of your mouth....

sCarY TiMes

i saw 12 angry men. nice movie

oh btw sitting in a roomful of people giving you presentations all day?
oh god someone kill me.

also, u know wats the most horrifying thing that can happen to u.
its when ur taking ur shower and notice a bug on the shower curtain. its like u can't even run out. coz of all the soap in ur eyes...
and ur watching the bug like a hawk. except if ur half blind and can only see a blur without ur glasses..
then ur watching the bug like a drunken hawk.

and then it suddenly disappears.
and ur brain is like WTF??? WHERE DID IT GO?? find it find it find it.
atleast thats the female half of the brain :P

huh. regular psycho movie...

fEmaLeS cAN sHop!

god, the previous post was so dumb!
i mean i have a feeling that if i ever read half the stuff i end up writing. and think about the fact that people other than actual 5 year olds [ the original target demographic ] read it... i'm pretty sure Wilson would be embarrassed. pffffft not me though. why wud i be embarrassed???

anyways i went shopping on sunday. oh boy. did i ever.
i went with one rabid shopping freak and the other anti shopping freak.

sicne i lean more towards the latter than the former... i think we drove the rabid shopper up the wall.
she was like hows this and hows that and we were just shooting stuff down.
also i dont like to buy random stuff just coz its on sale. hey thats just stupid.
and i dont like everything...

ALSO i realized a major portion of my shopping is done by just buying the same shirt in diff colors. hey! it saves time !!!
my roomie from shopping hell didn't allow me to do that. so thats how i shopped for 7 hours and ended up with only 6 tops and one jeans.

darn it!! the productivity was soo low.

but i got nice stuff. unfortunately its the fall shopping season. so i ended up buying mostly stuff in pink [ gaaah ] 'she' didnt allow me to buy any black. something bout making me look like a raving lunatic gothic or something... apparently i have rosy cheeks [ ?!!? ] and pink goes very well with those.
then i did a mini analysis of why i was only buying pink and purple shades and realized there weren't any nice blue clothes [ i think ppl bought them and theyr out of stock ] and i dont like green clothes and certain shades of blue so much. that leaves black and white. i tend to avoid white if i can, coz its like a magnet for all my food. and she didnt allow me to get anything in black. so that leaves .....

aaaaaaaaw, half my wardrobe matches my bathroom now.

sigh. dont have the energy for another gaaaaah


Monday, November 10, 2008


did you know that your ears keep growing all your life?
apparently even your nose does.

huh who knew that ?

are u guys missing me ???
well no matter. i'm in a blue dolphin phase. during this phase, i don't talk. actually i do. but i don't make any sense. [ ya ya i know what ur thinking... when did i ever? [[ rolling my eyes ]] ]
i only cooo. and at any questions thrown at me. i will only cooo at you.



Saturday, November 8, 2008

aLL oVeR aGaiN

ok now i'm just getting tired of this.
i mean the whole enthusiastically volunteering to cook, the cutting my finger, the running around for a bandage, the bleeding, the falling in a dead faint, the whole shabang.

u know how it is.

ok OK i'm not cooking anymore, and if i am, ur cutting the onions and opening the can of tomatoes.

and pls dont start that this is getting stale. OBV its getting stale.


hOw tO sAY No

so my roomie tried to get R___ to agree to have a haircut.
[ ok guys this is girl talk, u wudn't be interested. WIlson, here's 10 bucks. go get a beer with the guys... ]
R___ hasn't had a haircut in like forever.... her hair is almost reaches her knees or something...
and she .. needs a serious upgrade to her wardrobe. [ ok she's standing behind me as i'm saying this isn't she?? ]
but R__'s husband was there. and he just said a flat out NO! for the haircut.


i cant imagine ANYONE telling me what to do with my life.
i know my mom tried. and btw i totally blame the burnt-fingers-incident of 94 on her. [ u shudnt have told me not to do it, then i wudnt have done it. hmmmph,ya! if u can understand that... ]
but ya i have a really really bad track record of listening to ppl. first of all i'm not a gud listener. [ according to M____. and i TOTALLY agree. yes, Wilson, this means now we don't have to listen to boring ppl. we can just tell them we're bad listeners. keep the expectations low ;P [[ aren't I smart? ]] ]
yup so when ppl push me to do something, i just make sure i do the opposite.

things weren't that hot when my mom figured that out and started telling me to do the opposite of what she wanted.

don't clean ur room , i thot of organizing it today. [ huh, i'll show u. i'll CLEAN my room. huh how smart am i ?? ]
don't join that college. its too hard to get in. [ huh. i'll show u. i'll slog my ass off. have no social life, eat breathe and sleep chemistry and i'll get in ]
dont go to the US. [ ha! eat my dust. i'm gone. i later find out , thats wat she's planned all along, so she cud get a visa and then finally come live here. darn it. why am i so easy to manipulate???? ]
and so on...

yup. so if u try to push me into something, i'll push right back. even if its incredibly stupid of me to do so. sad.

oh btw Wilson, WHY THE F*** does this apple taste like vinegar?????

bRighTen TheM uP

its the bane of my life. like a curse.

that i have such a hard time getting up on weekdays, but on weekends i'm wide awake at 6:00 in the morn.

hey hobbes lets have some chocolate frosted sugar bombs !!- Calvin


mebe i shud do that with Wilson....

hey u thnk i'll reach 156 ?? before my b'day ??? lets hope so !!
i juts realized u guys are not big with the survey stuff.... so sad. coz i actually thought i'd ask u which color scheme i shud go for in my room. i was thinking something like psychedelic pink and fluorescent green with a dash of purple.
am pretty sure thats gonna give me a stroke


Friday, November 7, 2008

fRidAy niGhTs iN tOWn

omg some ppl are sooo OBsessed with work.

i have some friends who are always working. its like 24x7. always and always.
its like their gtalk status is always red. even on a friday night...
WHO works on a FRIDAY NIGHT ??? aaaack
wats up with these ppl ???
are u on a fast track to become the next CEO ???


i really really want to ping them and ask.

"hey wassup? busy?"

sEt iT stRAigHt oR crOokEd

what would my manager do if i gave him a list of my REAL Q1 2009 goals...

- join french classes, learn some french.
- join guitar classes, learn to play yankee-doodle-went-town on it.
- save for and buy a nice car.
- learn to drive without scaring the pants off Wilson
- get a Mac
- go to mexico
- buy a new wardrobe with scarves and stuff
- learn to dance the cha-cha-cha


Hey wilson!! can i submit this as my goals for this quarter????

giMmE SoME mOre

ok i'm a sucker for them.. and this is just a pansy ass way of reaching my Q4 goal

but seriously, i love to collect quotes, and since i'm such a ray of sunshine in ur life AND soo generous, i just wanted to share.....
aaaaaaw [ how was that for a yuppy Wilson? did i do well? did i? did i? ]


have a gr8 weekend !!

Only presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we".
- Mark Twain

Life is rather like a can of sardines: we're all of us looking for the key.
- Alan Bennett

Hey, the way I figure it is this: if the kids are still alive by the time my husband comes home, I've done my job.
- Roseanne Arnold
[ lol, imagine saying that to YOUR SPOUSE :D ]

Anyone who is considered funny will tell you, sometimes without even your asking, that deep inside they are very serious, neurotic, introspective people.
- Wendy Wasserstein

All modern men are descended from wormlike creatures, but it shows more on some people.
- Will Cuppy
[ so true! so true! :D ]

The only way of catching a train I ever discovered is to miss the train before.
- Gilbert Chesterton

The profoundly humorous writers are humorous because they are responsive to the hopeless, uncouth, concatenations of life.
- V.S. Pritchett

By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.
- Socrates

There are terrible temptations which it requires strength and courage to yield to.
- Oscar Wilde

Anyone who can only think of only one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.
- Mark Twain

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.
- Will Rogers

bReaKinG YoU iN

group dynamics is really really interesting.

u know when u move to a new place, you get a unique perspective from the outside
on how groups work, how they'r formed and how different and yet same each group looks
also some groups are harder to enter than others.

[ yes this is how i spent my high school lunch breaks. i was the new kid ]

if u actually think about it [ or care to ] there are many permutations and combinations.
girl entering an established all girls group [ very very hard ]
guys entering an established all guys group [ no data avail ]
girl entering a mixed group with more girls than guys [ easier ]
girl entering a mixed group with more boys than girls [ harder due to the jealous
girls and all of them vying for the attention of the guys in some form or factor... ]
boy entering a mixed group with more girls than guys [ easier? harder? depends on if all the guys in the group already have girlfriends? ]
and so on...

and this is just a tiny part of GD. i havent even spoken about the traditional roles taken up. u know... the leader, the joker, the silent one, the monk, the princess, the party pooper, the cynic, etc etc
GD is an interesting subset of psychology [ again, only if u care for such things ]

and once in a while i like to throw such stuff at you, just so u know i'm not a complete ditz/ airhead