Friday, December 23, 2011

tHe sPeLliNG oF inComPEteNt

it is a given. if i have to go to the blood sucking , semi retarted, vampire/zombie... i mean dentist, then you can expect me to be raging mad bull after i get back. with steam out of my ears and the red face.

especially the dentist like the one i had been today.

she not only made a hole in my perfectly good crown when there was absolutely no evidence any necessity of doing so, but then she had the audacity to defend her useless decisions by talking about the possibility of future infections. HELLO you incompetent retard..... infections are ALWAYS possible with my teeth, does that mean you have to go do a drilling dance on teeth that are not giving me any trouble ? and then stop halfway saying they are calcified and i now have to go to a endo ... endo... endo -idiot  ???

and that too when YOUR own colleague who was the unfortunate idiot to actually do the drilling, when he says that there is no reason for me to go ahead with it ??
so i take a step back. if the two dentists in the same office cannot agree that a procedure , expensive and painful to boot is needed, then why the eff.. should i believe either of you ?

oh and i come back for a filling. i mean its a bleeding filling. how bad can it be... i suppose they teach that in the first year of dental college... but nope. my hopes  were too high and too false on the value of american dental colleges.
so you do the adjustment, and then you ask me , me who has half a numb face to tell you if the adjustment is ok??
uhhh ?? what?

and then i have to come back in a couple of days to get it fixed if i feel the adjustment is off???


no wonder my face is all steaming now and i'm mad as heck.

and you do all this while watching some idiotic day time show about 8000 dollar hair and the importance of the perfect hairdo. should i be worried that you are cratering my teeth ?
come back? HA! are you mad? insane? cuckoo?? BY GOD i should be running in the opposite direction screaming and waving my arms about madly. BLOODY H***. BY GOD i should sue you.

you .. you... dentist! [ whats a better insult ? i can't think of one ]

man , i am steaming. i need to punch a few holes into the wall. brb

dELetE LiSt, eMPty miNd

you know that taskbar on the side ? that one.. the google chat bar on the side of your gmail.. the one that shows random ppl you have ever emailed once in ur life like 4.6 light years ago. it's like google trying to make you more social and friendly. all that pressure.... aaaaaahrgh

so i started removing them. never show, block, block, never show, never show, never show..

pretty soon i have a completely empty chat list. looks like i can finally feel peaceful at last.

it was like all this pressure to talk to these random kindergarden and high school ppl i barely remember. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

mY dRyeR iS hUNgRy - qUiCk pAsS tHe SaLt

so i had 3 socks. there they sat woeful and sad on my dresser. there were 3 and they were each missing their soulmate pair. you know the perfect match, made for them by the factory angel machines or child labourers.

so i got this costco bunch of socks and i dont know what i was thinking, but they were a dozen of them. in different shades of brown. yup , i thought.. easy peasy. i can manage this.

6 months later i have these 3 socks and i can't find their pair. each is a slightly different shade of brown and if i hold them close to each other , even an idiot can tell they don't match.

the other day i found another 3 tucked away in a bag. i was excited. this is it ! here are the matching 3 socks for those 3 socks. jolly good. now i can wear them. i took them from my sun room to the bed room. and lo and behold !

now i have 6 socks.
that are missing their soulmate pair , sad and woeful on my dresser.

there they sit. waiting for me to find their pairs and bring it back to them. waiting and just waiting. its not going to happen, because the big bad dryer ate their soulmates up.
since i don't know what to do.. i have fashioned a nice ... not necklace.. but a string of socks to tie around K's waist when he's cold.
i hope he appreciates the trouble i've gone through.. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

mmMMmmmMmm bREakFasT..

what do you do, when you are absentminded enough to add raw toor daal into your oatmeal breakfast ???


painstakingly fish out each grain of toor daal ofcourse and then go ahead and eat the oatmeal.

hey...this isn't so bad.. crunch.. OOwww. well actually it's giving a pretty good ... crunch... nutty.... crunch.... flavour....

well i'm done with THAT.. somethign was off though... oh right! i forgot the sugar!

i'm really full now....oooowww my tummy kind of hurts...

Friday, November 18, 2011

cOnTaCts nEeEdeD. cALL N

it's fascinating. going through some of the ppl on my FB list.

yes yes it's friday and i have nothing better to do. so there are all these ppl.. and for the life of me i can't remember them.

hmm... you. the funny looking guy who's making monkey faces at the camera. the camera sure doesn't love you, but i swear i remember you. are u my highschool .. scratch that. i went to an all girls high school... maybe college ..bud..classmate??

wierd. but ur name is sooooo familliar. i need to ask my friend. she's the walking memory banks who holds the keys to my past. i've pretty much forgotten everything else except her name and email id. actually i've forgotten her email id also. thankfully gmail does the job well enough. 

FoRgEttiNg oLd poTs

i am appalled.

here i am. taking a very small 3 .. ok maybe 4 year break from socializing and what do you know? i find that most of them were all around me for the last 2 years.
for all i know we could have missed each other walking on the same street many times.


i am appalled. aghast i say.

hey. you know where i am. i haven't moved in 4 years. ok i have moved. maybe 2 times. but you could email me if you were coming to join me on this forsaken continent !!

ok ok, granted ur busy with your "wedding" and you now have no time to talk to your college buddy of 6.. ok 8 years ago. but .. hufff... i did inform everyone i was getting married.

wait. i think she did mention to me, she was getting married. did i Forget???

uh oh. i wonder how many more of those i have forgotten.

UH.. OH. i need to check on gmail. darn i wish it had better search.

quick ! what time is it in india, i need to call some college buddies. oh no shoot too late. quick what time is it in europe? how about new zealand??? anyone awake anywhere in the world. i have 3 minutes before my next meeting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

iNtELLigEnT tRoLLinG

if i was smart. you know what i would do.

i would script something on FB that would troll through my contacts every day and leave a happy b'day message.
it doesnt have to be a special message. just a "hey! happy b'day. have a great year.. blah blah"

done. then i dont have any mortal enemies. and the burden is on THEM to reply back to me nicely for remembering their b'day.

if i was smart, i would turn my entire FB over to a troll. i might have a better social life too.

stupid M rejected my upgrade to an iphone 4S. baaka.

yes i am learning japanese now, since i'm on the 198th episode of na-ru-to.
ha! baaka M.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

rOaD tRiP mEmoRieS

this is what happens if you don't listen to your mechanic and get your alignment fixed before a 3000 mile road trip. K! you failed me !! YOU are the auto genius in the family.. that's why i married you!! pfffft

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

yOuR uPdAte cAMe a LiTtLE tOo eARLy

this is great. just great.
you ask me to come. nay infact you literally plague me with needy emails to come help you.

i finally make tickets to fly across the country. book my hotel, book my rental car, book my cab. book the heck out of my itinery. and then what happens?
then you call me 6 hours before my flight, and tell me you fixed the issue. so you don't need me to come after all.

this is great. just great.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

oNLinE gAmEs

facebook is wonderful. if nothing else, fb is filled with my 16 year old cousin and her classmates. and like a gazillion pics of her with couple of other ppl , looking cute [ what? i did say they're looking cute .. that's about as nice as i can be ]

what is wrong with 16 year old girls. was i as giddy back then ? god i hope not.
ok, so i log in once a while, when i'm completely bored. and just want to find that one person i feel like sending a message. i mean it IS an online glorified address book, isn't it? but lo ! what do i find?
3 pages of pics of my cousins and all of them with comments such as
"sooooper cute"
"looking cool"

which is OK. i can scroll down. it's ok, i don't have carpal tunnel syndrome at all.

but then i find, pics of children. 5 YEAR old children on my status updates. good lord , i have peers who have 5 year old children ? who are then decked up like mini-creepy brides for their 5th b'day ?
and i have to look at those pics ??

sigh. ofcourse then i give up and start playing angry birds.

i wonder how many honest ppl spend time on farmville. the other day , my cab driver spent a good 20 minutes talking about how great farmville was. so, we don't have the time or the back bone to actually farm anything. not even plant a cactus. and yet we are perfectly happy , staying online harvesting fruit or raising virtual sheep. isn't it great?
is there already a game for hunter-gatherers? i mean its kind of biased against the agri folks isn't it? maybe a game for hunting down animals and driving them to extinction. how about discovering new continents and giving all the natives hep B ?
that's a good game? "here, i now name this continent Ninjaland and now you all can die of syphilis"

Friday, November 4, 2011

gOoD LuCK FriEnD

so i have a friend in the office. is it politically incorrect to mention that she's from the land up north at home and she's getting married in true style to someone from who's a lot less north from home ?
ok i'll be slightly less obscure.. she's chinese , he's marathi. specific enough for you?

i think it's awesome. Ofcourse. i especially envy their indo-chinese wedding which is apparently meeting up at an office, signing a few papers and then driving home. she's apparenlty planning to wear jeans.
sigh... hello.. Jealous !
no fuss , no muss. i mean if i could just sign some paper online and send an email.. how awesome would that be?

like clicking an "I accept" button at the end of a 42 page contract with Apple or Google.

cool huh. i wonder how cool would weddings be, if all we had to do was click a button or some kind of a digital signature... man i am way ahead of my times.


it's been a while since i felt this numbing in the nether regions of my digits. jeez, when will this winter end [ ok so it's been about 2 days since it started ]. did i mention that i hate icy winters. did i mention that i hated my time in pitts.

while i spend all my time getting over the weather and watching naruto.. [ yes my new and already fast fading obsession ]

it's friggin cold out here. never a fan of the north-eastern weather, now i'm steadily regretting my long drawn draggin my feet decision to move to the noreast.
can we move to california? or bangalore?
how about next week ??

i can hear my manager quickly getting bugged with me. he just completed my transfer request form after a month of him dragging HIS feet. hope i atleast get a raise out of it.

on the other side of the globe, ppl have kindly informed that i am giving birth in 2.. nay 3 months. THANKS for the headsup aunties !! i never even KNEW.... imagine my shock if you hadn't taken it upon your kind selves to inform me and it had just ... just happend??

what a blessing aunties are.. aren't they ? the happy gossiping penguins !! aaAARgh.

what DO you say, when ppl tell you that. hellooooo i know maybe i put on a few pounds.. but i'm not THAT fat. hmmmmph darn these cookies.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sAiLinG ArOuNd - pArT oNe

so we drove cross country for a week. from portland to boston. my car has finally been introduced to the amazing city of Boston. ( if i'm over enthusiastic, you can take it, that i'm slightly intoxicated from being exhausted from all the cooped up inside a tiny moving vehicle for 6 days)

so i come back to 263 emails. can't say i'm happy. that's after i cleaned up about 74 emails of junk mailing list spam. took me a whole day to get through the 263 emails and categorize them. actually took me 4 hours to categorize them and 3 hours to read them.
most of it was drivel, but some of it was important. ok 2 were important.n
took me a day to reply to those 2 emails.

great. i can take a break now and tell you about the amazing trip we had.

so we passed through glacier national park and i wish i could show you the grainy pictures i took with my phone, but not only are they grainy. it's pretty ... what's the word? the word to say the image does not have enough contrast ? i forget the word. [ do you sorry 24 ppl actually Enjoy reading me ramble on this way ? i am filled with a peverse ... intent to continue rabling on this way for another 10 minutes. when will your patience snap? ]

but really, the trees were an amazing florescent yellow and green color. i never knew such colors existed in nature ! the mountains were majestic. we drove through those towering mountains playing the background of bourne ultimatum. it was kind of fitting. i drove a little bit.
sheer cliffs, towering mountains, yellow colored trees , grey skies with gathering storm clouds, clear and sparkling rivers [ some of the cleanest water eh .. ] and us. driving through the winding roads.
us and the construction workers that is.

we had to be escorted to the top of the mountain and we could only spend a brief 3.5 minutes taking pictures since it was so friggin cold. aaah but what a glorious 3.5min it was !!

so montana and wyoming was pretty good ! flat lands. a bluish, reddish moon in the horizon. it looked HUGE. miles and miles of empty spaces... i finally felt i had room to breathe.  aah space.. finally.

more in part 2.

Monday, October 3, 2011

fOrGeTtiNg piLLs

my awesome classes , didn't really end with a bang. more like a limp and a whimper, with one black eye to boot. not really the trainer's fault. it's not his fault that the class was filled with the winjerks.

it;s a friday afternoon and china has gone on leave. well i mean the chinese office is on leave all of next week. invariably this means that things will be a little slow, since we still depend on them for a lot of things.

lets admit it already, i'm exhausted. i'm looking fwd to a break.

she tells me she's beein a s/w engineer for 15 years.


what have you been DOING?



thats's horrible

on another note, i think my friend is defending her thesis today.. i think so. i swear i remember vaguely her mentioning it, but you know.. the voices in my head.. they drown out everything else. one of the "better" things about marriage is that you have a lot more ppl in your life. a lot more ppl who care about you.. which is nice, but you are also legally or emotionally required to care about them. before i could honestly say i pretty much didn't care about what 99.99999% of the world's population did or do, or if they had a cold or sneezed or had a backache. now that number might have reduced by 10ppl. that's 10 ppl too many. i mean do you care if "U's" sister's daughter's cousin gave birth and because of which i cannot celebrate a festival, which by the way somehow just slipped past my mental calendar so i didn't really know i was missing it?

but ofcourse i "should" care. and if i was more of a human being, the thoughts of how little i care would haunt me. but luckily i'm not.

so anyways now there are x more ppl, and sometimes... [ just sometimes ] i feel horrible for not remembering their b'day or the fact they had a fever [ sorry ak, how are u feeling today btw? ] and etc etc.
ofcourse the feeling lasts about 15sec before the voices in my head drown them out with another internal crisis. [ STOP it, i'm trying to think. will you guys be QUIET for 10 sec please??? thank you ]
so what DOES end up happening is... i remember to call about 4 ppl [ my mom, my FIL, my SIL, my MIL ] about once a week. and i remember to call my husband about everyday. that's about it. more than that and i don't think my mental checklist could handle it.[ that's how i forget to call my poor brother about 3 weeks in a row now ] now that i do all this remembering, i can't remember what each one of them told me the last time i spoke to them.
now these folks are all kind. and all allow me some mental deficiency. and kindly remind me of the events i should remember in the next person's call.  so my FIL will remind me what my SIL told me yesterday and my SIL will remind me what my MIL said last week.

so what ends up happening is a brief flash of rememberence that i forgot to wish someone luck on their thesis defense and then an even briefer and brilliant flash of guilt before, like a chipmunk i see the next shiny object and oooh, when did that happen? and the voices in my head start their blasted cacaphony all over again. [ i said BE QUIET or it's loud opera for ALL of you for the next 4 hours straight ]

i'm not sure you get the idea of daily cycle of panic and guilt and crazy amnesia i live in.. but remind me next time, and i'll tell you all over again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dAy 1 oF AwEsOME cLAsS

i kind of liked my old blogger design.
 oh well. anyways,

so i signed up for this really really cool class. or so i thought. Linux device driver developement class.

 and i'm really excited to listen to lectures for a change.

 ofcourse i'm freshs back from Boston, so i OBviously have Jetlag. and i come to class at 6:15AM and be prepared to wait for 2 hours.

 all is well. or as they say in dutch alles goed. then the folks start trickling in.. and ppl slowly fill up all the empty spaces. class starts normally enough. in 10 minutes someone has a question...i'm prepared to listen with baited breath, these are some great minds of intel. surely they have insightful questions.


"is there a UI interface to format the thumbdrive ? my linux screwed up my thumbdrive and now i can't see it."
instructor is silent. he looks around. he asks quietly, "are you a windows programmer"
"yes" i see his face getting a little red.
and someone hastily jumps in. "you should install gparted, thats an easy UI interface for formating filesystems."
"how do i do that?" here let me show her. she is slowing down our class!
"uh oh, you don't have any network connection installed. but i have it in my virtualbox. how did you install this thing?"
"i don't know. i dont have shared folders , my thumbdrive is not detected, no network connection... windows is so much easier"
"DON'T SAY THAT" [ that's me unravelling a bit here ]
i must have startled her with my vehemence. she finally gets her thumbdrive formatted on a windows machine. [ she actually then swapped her hard disk to get a linux hard disk so she wouldn't have to deal with virtualbox!! ] so then she goes up to the instructor, and practically mumbles "windows is so much easier, i dont think i like linux as much"
"i HATE windows" [ that's me unravelling a little bit more ] " i'm a die hard linux fan"
instructor looks at me sympathetically, i guess he understands more than anyone else how i'm about to slap someone something fierce.

 anyways all that's done. she's quiet now. and probably warned by the look in my eye. the instructor continues.. and shows some of us how to untar a file , copy contents.
"can't i just use the UI for that? isn't there drag and drop?"
OMG U.F.M [ and incase you don't get it.. it's Unbelievable effing MORON ]

 aaaaaaaargh. stupid windows programmers who know nothing about nothing.

after a while on another topic the guy sitting to the right of me, suggested locking down pages in user space. i don't know what that means exactly, but the isntructor's jaw dropped, his face definitely turned purple and he said "NO, DON't EVER DO THAT". still that guy was pretty convinced he wanted to do it.

talking about system calls and the stack depth, someone else had an argument if it was 4 or 5. while this smartass [isn't there atleast ONE in every class ] chimes in " my GOD, you unix guys quibble over everything. registers are CHEAP, who cares how many arguments you pass and the stack depth. it DOESN't MAtter"

i left before i really slapped him.

alles NOT goed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

aM i a nErD a GeEk oR nEiThEr??

urk! i can't imagine how it could get much worse. i could SWEAR that i had booked my tickets a week ago! but then i check last night, and OMG, i couldn't find the paperwork! it never went through!! so here i am two days before i need to leave without a ticket! what will happen???? [ 2 days later... ] ok i'm on a flight to portland.. phew.. made it on time. but curses !!! i've got a united ticket... though it's operated by conti.. so that's a good thing.. but then the seats are so terrible, i got a terrible neck and shoulder ache... but they DO have direct tv, which is ofcourse not free, so not at all helpful.. argh!! i hate conti. saw an episode of new girls. hmm i like this quirky crazy female.. though she is a little too crazy if you know what i mean. it's sad to think of what i've become. sat evening, i spent configuring my VirtualBox on my windows host to behave perfectly or even better than the machine in the lab. it's so perfect it brings tears of joy to my eyes... no more downloading and uploading files to my machine .. stupid windows to linux limitations. now i simply have a shaerd folder and voila ! i'm in heaven. and then ofcourse it's been a while since i watched some star trek. silly costumes, completely fake looking sci fi stuff and jean luc picard... there isn't a better way of spending a sat evening, yes and that includes looking at the silly makeup for data. you can clearly see the "android" getting older and saggier. Riker .. poor riker. after 6 seasons, he just looks drunk , or stoned or beer'd up. speaking of beer, we went to niagra for the long weekend. was awesome ! i don't think i could have imagined how awesome it could be. after that we went to a vineyard and that's where i was amazed to see my FIL try some wine!! woohoo.... go FIL!! sleepy now. yaaawn. jet lag catching up. i gotta go back and play with my new linux box.

Friday, September 2, 2011

eXpANdiNg tO fiLL sPaCeS

i can't believe how much stuff we've accumulated in just a short month after moving into our new place.

and NOW i can't believe how i survived 5 years without any of this stuff. it's funny huh, when you look around yourself and notice all the nice and shiny new toys you ABSOLUTELY need to complete your day. like.. like angry birds and tea kettles.

while i await my deadly midnight meeting , i'm forced .. really forced to wonder.
OMG what is WRONG with me. i'm working more than 12 hours a day. urk! it's horrid. leaves a very bitter taste in ur mouth. yes work does. well atleast excessive work does.

i think i'm forced to admit .... maybe half my problems are self made. aaw shucks ofcourse most of my issues are self made.. [ who am i kidding? ] maybe i was a little careless or a little complacent or just too tired. in any case, apparently my stuff is the only one incomplete, and everyone is suddenly awake to the fact that i exist.

oh well. atleast tomorrow i won't have to stay up half the night. and i can always catch some sleep on the flight to and fro from this place.

yaawn, damn you stupid pigs. die!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

tOuGh cLiMb

ok so i didn't have a camera.. it's in hudson. and so i just downloaded someone's pic off the web. guess i'll have to wait for S to send me the pics off her phone later.

saddle mountain hike..
amazing and exhausting. well not so bad. i just had a tough time in the last leg, the last 0.75 miles of the 2.75 mile climb.

the view WAS amazing! and totally a fitting last hike in Oregon!!!

here's to many more hikes in Boston..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

iCaRuS mOdE

this is me , like last weekend.

K took me sky diving and it was AWESOmE !!!

i always did want to fly... and now i can tell you all about it.

i'll update later.. gtg now.

update - ok stuck for another hour in a stupid meeting.
what's interesting is to see how different ppl handle something like jumping of a plane. four of us went to do this. we all had to sit in a room and sign away all waievers or claims to our lives in case of negligence or stupidity. it's like saying, well u can be stupid and dumb, or plain lazy and kill me... but its ok, no problem i forgive you coz those few moments i'll be flying in the air will be the most glorious moments ever!

4 of us. the first one , probably the smartest one [ yes the one who goes to MIT ] decides to think , not to think so that she can enjoy the jump. [ yes figure, maybe that's why she's in MIT ] , the second is terrified about jumping off... the actual act of jumping, how will he ever get himself to do it, the third is scared of landing.. [ what if i just go .. splat!.. like a hot sack of potatoes falling from the sky and voila instant potato pancake! ] and the last ofcourse our very own man of steel is already planning for his sky diving license.

ofcourse it was awesome ! nothing like you can imagine, you can taste the clouds. [ yummmm..... vanilla... ] you can feel the wind... look at the view from 10,000 ft up... [ ofcourse not much registers , what with all the screaming. did i mention there's a lot of screaming? ]
i did finally stop screaming once the parachute opened. suddenly everything goes quiet. and silent and you can see for miles and miles in all direction.

the planet like a green .. multi green colored carpet. the rivers, the trees, surprisingly we don't notice the silly motorways and highways. we'd rather admire the snake like rivers and jewel like water bodies.

yup it was amazing! and i can't wait for next time.

ps: ok ok i admit , i did kiss the ground when i finally landed. i was never so happy to be on land.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cOoKinG wiTh ZeST

we went to a team event. it was a cooking class. we cooked and ate the food for dinner.
some of it was actually good !

my team made some ricotta and vegetables fritters.

lets see

there was ricotta cheese, 1.5cup + grates zuchinni (grated) + fine chopped red bell pepper (1 or 0.5) + garlic fine chopped + parmeshan cheese grated + salt and pepper + breakdcrumbs to coat it all. mix them well.
i think some olive oil in the mix. like 0.5 cup but i cant remember how much exactly. so dont put too much olive oil.

and mix them all up and make like pattys. and then shallow fry it. and eat it with a sauce, but then we didnt make the sauce. all i know it was white, had some lemon in it and some herbs and garlic in it.

it was yum though.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

mAkiNg mENtaL LiStS

yes i admit it. i like a good challenge when it comes to cooking < ok.. OK. FINE. i haven't exactly mastered making a LIST and shopping by the 'RULES' which is chiefly buy stuff when it gets over.. yes THAT rule. >
which is why, more often than not, i come back from a grocery trip and open my fridge and go Doh! < wince >
i shop in my own 'style'. walk haphazardly round the store in no particular order and randomly pick stuff if it catches your fancy. YES, that's a style. Yes, very rarely do i have all the ingredients to make anything and yes i am forced then to come up with my own recipes that albiet taste a little < little, i said little > strange, still somehow manage to keep me alive.
and yes that also sometimes means i have to search google < the god of everything > for recipes.
tuesday: tomatoes + peas + methi + no onions.
friday: potatoes + garlic. no tomatoes + no ginger + no corriander + half onion.
most times google gives up and gives me the number of pizza hut or noodles&company.
aah google, so wise..

this 'style' doesn't really work when you live with a roommate. that's something i quickly realized [ ok OK , realized after it happened the 4th time in a week... not so quick after all ] after a brief stint of cohabitation with K. an outing goes typically something like this.
K: lets make chole today! i soaked the channa!
me: sure. sounds good.
K: we need to pick up some onions and ginger
me: ok. sounds good.



< enter the house , deposit the groceries , open the fridge to start food preparation attempts >
K: where's the tomatoes?
me: huh? what?
K: the tomatoes, the tomatoes < K's getting a lil louder ... and some primitive instinct of self-preservation makes me slowly edge away >
me: uhhhh... aren't they there? umm.. < belatedly realizing i used the last of them for lunch yesterday. my brain is rapidly trying to think of alternatives.. lets use ketchup.. no. there's a jar of salsa* in the fridge...hmm maybe. >
K: < while opening another drawer > where's the garlic?
me: < shit shit... i'm still edging away > ummm.. i think that's over too.
K: why didn't you say something in the store !!! < voice is now atleast an octave higher.. >
me: well, you see, i was thinking of this stuff i read on the internet in the morning. and there was this opinion, but i was just thinking that if everyone thought the same way, it wouldn't work out.. but then you know the other voice in my head piped up and was arguing for it... but mostly there was this huge argument going on in my head over this thing i read.. and...umm....
K: .....

K's got pretty used to keeping his car keys in his pocket and making three trips to the store in a day.

making a list doesn't really work. THAT usually works like this.

me: ha! lets go to the store. i have a LIST. it's pretty comprehensive too. it's 2 effing pages.
K: ok




< enter the store and get a cart >

K: ok whip out the list. anytime now.
me: ummm i forgot the list. i think i remember 4 things from it. did i need lemon or lemon floor cleaner?
K: .....

my way is sooo much better...
now, let's see what can i make with quarter of an onion, some frozen peas, 1 tomato and coconut ?

*yes i have used salsa when i ran out of tomatoes once. and believe it or not, the curry wasn't too bad. the pasta didn't turn out so good though. reminder: don't use salsa in a pasta recipe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

a sMaLLiSh sToRy

An unfortunate occurrence to be sure, but I have lost the ability to keep track of dates. What we do here in the Company is to assign work weeks and then track them as wwXX.2 or wwYY.4 which means the nth day of that work week. Now R pinged me yesterday and reproached me for forgetting her b'day. "What?? What do you mean June __th??? Why didn't you tell me in plain English that ur b'day is ww25.3??? What date is it today btw?? All I know is that it's ww26.6…

Now I've been reading quite a bit since the last one week and something seems to have come over me. an idea, nay in fact a germ of an idea in my head. If you would give me , but one moment, just a smidgeon of a moment and allow me to clear the idea in my head and jot down a few thoughts... I would be very much obliged, to say the least.

Now the Company [ henceforth it will always be the Company ] was pretty hard headed. Indeed , if the company had been a person, then it would be a steely eyed, gum chewing, expensive suit wearing, new york broker who'd give you one look and tell you how much money you had in your bank right down to the shilling.
But that's besides the point.
What's the point?... I know your wondering... Well lets get right to it then. The Company, though pretty hard headed, didn't begrudge it's employees some of the perks that some others considered an extravagance, but instead a justified means to boost employee morale, though secretly everyone had already guessed at the ulterior motives of the Company in providing the above said perk.
Since an excess of 10,000 employees worked in close proximity to each other, [ closer than they wished ] sitting in dull grey cubes that remind them of the 5th moon of Jupiter [ and by that I mean barren, icy and hellish looking ] , and these faithful employees worked from dawn to dusk and sometimes more, always loyal and mindful of the remaining 9999, who were simply waiting to jump on the chance to stomp the one down, in case of a mistake. And since all these employees had something called a lunch break which was an only natural and humane break to have considering the number of hours stuck in the hellish cubicles... Now you could imagine the pandemonium that was the 'lunch break'. 10000 ppl stomping out of the building and getting into their cars and hunting for lunch.. And then all of them stomping back an hour later, to their dull , hellish cubicles. But on second thoughts perhaps you shouldn't imagine it.

So the Company of course offered this perk. This perk of an in-house café. Now imagine , you could get lunch right in the building! Wasn't it marvelous. Never mind that the food reminded one of the nether regions of pluto [ and by that I mean so bland and pale and insignificant that even the gods rejected it and threw it out of the categories. ] and never mind that strange straggly, bearded and tattooed men were regularly ejected out of the kitchens bearing 'lunch' to the mute uncomplaining eyes of the employees in their plain tshirts and plain looking jeans, who were clearly impressed by the array of tattoos and a little bit disconcerted that the man was smoking a cigarette and still never mind that the one hour lunch now turned into a 20 minute break to pick up the food and the rest was spent pouring over the quarterly reports while stuffing one's face with the special of the day. Now not one of the 10,000 uttered a word of complaint at this, after all the Company had provided a wonderful perk! In the august form of the in-house café!
And thus we finally come to Bertie. He was simply one of those thousands thankful for this wonderful perk that the Company had provided , just like the basketball court outside the building which ofcourse no one used because they just HAD to complete this report. Everyday bertie would do a quick dash to the café to grab a box of something, no not something… he would grab a sandwich and a soup. Day after day, Bertie faithfully went down, stood in line , got a sandwich and a soup, stood in line, paid for the aforementioned sandwich and soup and climbed back up to his cubicle.

Life was pretty good. Bertie COULD have bothered to make lunch and get a lunchbox to the office, but then Bertie was a terrible cook and it's saying something that Bertie preferred the tattooe'd man's soup over his own cooking. Also there was another reason why Bertie never got lunch from home. A very special reason. And her name was April.
If there was one highlight to Bertie's god awful day in his hellish and drab cubicle it was the 30 seconds he got with April. He would patiently wait in queue with his sandwich and soup till it was his turn and he would hear the clear ringing tones of "Do you need a receipt with that?". Bertie of course could only stammer bleakly indicating that he didn't want a receipt and walk away feeling slightly dazed by the sight his eyes had feasted on for 30 seconds. He would then spend at least half of his afternoon reflecting on the many extraordinary qualities of April , not the least of which was her clear glowing skin, her bright eyes and brilliant smile while she always asked him the same question, "Do you need a receipt with that?". Even her tone was so refined, and so her words were spoken so melodiously and…. aaah Bertie was indeed happy to avail of the perks, the Company had so graciously provided him in the form of April in the in-house café.
Of course Bertie was no fool, he knew that he was never going to actually speak real words to April. "no" was not a real word when answering the same question and he didn't have the slightest intention to go beyond this kind of worshipful adoration done from far far away. Sometimes, like today when he was forced to also have breakfast in the café, he would meditate on all the charms his April possessed, that made her stand out amongst the rest of the café employees; her trim and neat appearance with her hair all glossed back and her neat black uniform with not a wrinkle in sight, her clean neat hands and well polished nails, unlike that hideous tattooed soup maker! Now, look at that martinet!! With her close cropped severe hairstyle and dour demeanor and never asking if anyone wanted a receipt! No, Bertie would not go to her if his life depended on it!! Once when April was not around, he was forced to pay at the only open cashier and the old pigeon had fixed such a baleful eye on him while ringing up his order that he very nearly spilled his soup in her lap!

Or consider that scrawny looking thing with the messed up hair and the numerous ghastly pink beaded necklaces around her neck, gulping down her eggs. Her hair was a complete mess! [ Bertie worshipped neatness above everything ] what? She was wearing a tank top in the august offices of the Company and not a suit with a tie?? Bertie frowned unbelievingly that one of the Employees would be so impertinant and flippant as to disregard the dignity of the Company. [ Bertie was all about dignity ]. Surely she did not work here… Any by GOD was that a cigarette tucked between her B______!!! Scandalous. Look at those hideous pimples on her face. Poor thing !! How unlucky to not be blessed with April's clear creamy complexion… to not have her gift for tidiness and order. How unlucky to be so severely marred that it was literally painful to hold her countenance while it was just pure joy to behold his April. Surely she did not work here.. That top was just too scandalous, noted Bertie frowning and squinting to look more closely trying to see if he could recognize this person. Wait a minute.. Was that.. It couldn't be, Bertie almost choked and joined his venerable great grandfather. But .. But… how could…
And thus finally was Bertie introduced to the miracles of modern makeup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sEttiNG tHe riGhT eXPEctAtioNs

i'm not sure i've mastered it yet. the art of looking at a new born baby and lying with ease about how cute i think the baby is. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying the baby is uuhhh 'not-cute' [ do i dare write in bold that i think a baby might look like a baby chimp or monkey ?? will i get stoned out of existence?? ] .. it might be the cutest cherub born on this side of the galaxy.. just that i don't really see it.

i mean i see it. but i don't "see" it. ppl tell me its supposedly different when / if i have one of my own. i guess the human id is a funny thing and pride and evolution combined will force me to coo and oooh and aah over a mini-me. but i just don't see it.
my very esteemed colleague says never get pets. they roam all over your house using it as a litter box and eat ur food and generally leach off of you. well KD , you have a daughter who's in her 8th yr of undergrad college.. you made a very good argument never to have kids.

anyways with multiple ppl around me popping out the lil monkeys. it's all i can do to smile politely and tell them how cute the thing is. R keeps reminding me. it's not a 'it' it's a she or he. ok ok.

well i wish you all proud parents good luck. and i probably will have to join your ranks some day. i'm either going to look back and read this post and wonder , "what was i thinking!! i was soo wrong" or i'm going to read and be "aaah i knew EXACTLY how it was going to be, and i was SO right."

ofcourse i have a private bet which one it'll be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

caLL oF thE wHisPheRinG temPtaTiOnS

finally! i feel alive again. i feel a strange lightness in me. a hmm or a buzz if you will. for a while now i've been sad that no book has kept my attention fixed for more than 10 minutes..... had i really lost interest in a passtime, once so dear to me?
but then A sent me a link. to the professor , C Bronte. and ofcourse! stayed up half the night and did not stir till i finished the book. it was done in 1 night flat.

it wasn't enough and i needed another. i could feel the old madness descending. i can't remember when was the last time i went crazy like this. i found another. now its been 2 days.. and i still hadn't finished. 15 more , then 10 more , then 5 more.. the chapters steadily dwindled, and yet monday was here..

for the first time in a long long time i thought about not going. well i had stayed up till 2AM and my eyes were a little blurry. but i stumbled in to the office. there was just too much to do. and my mind was too bzz'd up to actually read the book. but tuesday. enough was enough. i walked in, checked email and continued to read the book. i must finish !

ha! so i did. and both the professor and villette are excellant books. extraordinarily exquisite. the characters are drawn so subtly and so fine.. that you feel you could touch them and they'd be solid like you or me. [ also i always write with a very markedly different touch after i read the classics, you'll just have to bear it. ]
aaha ! atlast once again a book where a sentence is almost a page. where it takes slow thinking to understand what the author means.. where its not junk food for the brain. my brain is abuzz.
you can't help but feel the feelings , that the author wishes you to. the suffering , the joys, the suspense of the characters become your own. always a fan of the bronte sisters. one day i hope i have the courage to re-read the wuthering hights. the one and only time i read it, i felt such strong sensations that really i don't think i could go through it again. all that anguish and all that despair. i've only read it so exquisitely defined in the victorian books.

what is it about that era , that made them so pathos. and so surreal ??
not rude, not crass, not vulgar at all. something fine in their sentiment [ or atleast portrayed as such ]

hmm i don't think i can get anyting done today. and already i can feel the pull towards another book. just one more whisphers the voice .. one more. just a few more chapters.. no harm could possibly come of it. but after the last two nights of 3 hour naps instead of sleep.. i'm not sure i can afford another book. ofcourse the temptation is strong. just the first few pages, the voices continue. but i try to remember why i stopped reading for a while in between.

reading is a dangerous addiction for me. i don't eat, barely sleep, don't move, don't talk to anyone. ha! i see you scoffing at me. you don't believe! you think i simply exaggerate. well never you mind it then. what do i care?? to me, i feel it. its a single minded obsession that pulls me on and on.. continously towards the last page... to know what will happen.. i need to know, and need to know now. and if someone in the book dies. well never mind....

yes. it is time to step away. and take a breather. but i wonder how long before i slip back in .....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

kEePinG iT liGhT iN tHe cLasSifiEDs

i have to admit , i'm a little freaked out.
for the first time i've posted something on craigslist and getting these replies from random ppl asking for the stuff.

so i'm selling my gigantic tv and dining table. and i'm glad to give it for free, which is when i suddenly get flooded by enquiries.

for a week my posting languished, imageless and unfree or notfree and no one cared. the moment i put it in the free listings.. whAm ! suddenly i get a delude of emails.
and they all want the TV. guess we all know what's important.

now ofcourse craigslist works because we have implicit faith that all we meet are not axe murderers or stalkers.. but some ppl have wierd signatures and wierd names.. and they sign off as Service Guy Extraordinare.. [ i mean what is that?? ]

so here's a note to the 17 of you, my apparent faithful followers. [ and the unsilent one's who do not wish to notify me of their perverse stalking nature ]. if suddenly i don't post a follow up [ and let's hope it's not just me forgetting as usual ]
please launch an intense manhunt for me somewhere in the northwest of the US region.
it's fine. you don't have to hurry. i'll probably be decomposing in peace anyways..

[ ugh, gruesome thoughts. i HAVE been watching too much of CSI and FBI and NCSI and criminal minds and missing something and etc etc ]

well i've packed 3 bags. got another 2 more to go. things are slowly moving.. hopefully forward i say. i'd hate to be moving backwards now...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

pLanS fOr neXt weEkeNd

there is only one way to describe this video.

jaw dropping

i can't believe a human has actually done this. that many humans have.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

pAcKinG yOuR bAgs isN't sO eAsy

its funny. i keep hearing this phone ring. but its not mine.
is it the guy who lives next to me?? if i can hear his phone ring... does that mean he can hear me speak on the phone.
not that i'm saying anything terrible.. but still i'm just saying... u know?

thats downright weird.



is it paranoia if it's true? i feel like everyone in the office knows. hey, what r u staring at me for? yup i'm leaving in a couple of months. what?? u didn't know.. oh come ON. don't pretend you didn't know that i'm mov.. i know just by the way ur staring at me. i can hear kD asking me, "why are u arguing with urself??"

i like kD. he's cute. he's like this big santa claus. must be atleast a 100. ok i'm exaggerating. kD's divorced. but he's so laid back and funny and cool, that i wonder how someone like him could ever get so mad at someone so as to get divorced.
i'll miss kD.

and for those guys in the office who don't know yet, and keep giving me work. i look at them. just look at them. how will they react when i tell them i'll not be around to do the work. that they'll have to count on someone else to share they're long term dreams and projects. i'm not saying they'll be devasted, come on. i'm not THAT vain [ only a little vain, but not THAT much ], but still they'll need to reset their expectations.
and what about those idiots arguing with me for control of the project?? will they be happy? will they be relieved that they are the 'owner' of the project. will they smile and say "good lord, finally??". i wonder who they'll ask for data now.

I is a funny company. you need to shout at the top of ur lungs to tell ppl that u've done something. toot ur horn. report ur brag sheets. its frustrating, annoying and quirky. but yet...yet i spent almost 3 whole yrs in a funny grey building. day after day. it taught me a few things. i met a bunch of incredibly smart ppl.... some not so smart ppl. and i found that i could do more than i thought i could. it taught me that my limits are not where i thought it was. i haven't found it yet. my limits. its just a matter of training. it's here that i found i could run 2 miles. that i got leg-shackled. that i went from a scared kid to ..a not so scared kid.

yes perhaps its time to move on now. and looks like i've finally made my peace with the thought of leaving. i'm ready to follow the tide once again. and i can feel the tides turning. i dont know where they'll go, but i'll end up somewhere and the most important lesson of them all, that i learnt here in portland, is that i can be happy no matter where i am. doing anything in the world. as long as i got something useful to obsess over.

que sera sera.

i gotta go to china once again. hmmmm.....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i'M coVeRed. wiTh fLouR.

so it looks like i might be moving. to boston.

this raises a whole lot of different questions.

like what do i do with the 5 pounds of baking flour in my kitchen?? [ what the heck was i thinking?? ] and the numerous pounds of daal and rice and stuff. just stuff. everywhere i look in the house i see hideous amounts of stuff. good lord what happened to me and why did i buy so much stuff??

so in an effort to not throw away groceries, i tried to make some dosa. seems simple huh. i got urad daal and i got rice , plenty of it..

so i even have them soaked. only thing is , when i go to grind it, i can't really remember the propertions. well lets try it on instinct, whatever... i finish grinding and it looks anyways i finish up and clean and it takes me the better part of an hour. ofcourse all through that hour i have the nagging feeling that i'm doing something wrong and i should have checked the recipe...

so here i am 2-3 hours later. i stop in the middle of reading my book. let me fire up the ol' rusty internet and check the recipe and after all how bad can it be. for god's sake its just two ingredients. rice and urad daal.



oooohhh kaaaay.

big. effing. mistake.

it's 3 cups rice to 1 cup daal.. and not 1:3 of rice and daal....


$%#&^@. i'm screwed.

DON'T you understand yet???????
if i have to make this right, i have to eat this dosas for the next 4 months.....

time to host a dosa dinner party. jeez man, no one is gonna want to eat this. ^$%%^#$%

Friday, May 20, 2011

whY tO wriTe AnD hOw

one needs to have thoughts to write. thoughts that your willing to commit to paper [ not those that might put me in jail or send me straight to hell ] , thoughts that will not majorly offend those you know are reading this junk the next day, also thoughts that are not just plain stupid or boring. [ do YOU want to read about how my ear is itchy today??? or how i can't find the pair of a sick i mean sock???. if yes, by god why???!!?? there's facebook and a million idiots for that ]

one also needs time to put those random thoughts into sentences and then time to open the blogger website and type those sentences. but the most important part is having those thoughts. [ the thoughts that won't put you in jail or hell... ]

both H and D gave me 25 bucks each for .. i don't really know why. mebe being a good sport and helping their teams? so in all i did have some fun in beijing and worked a lot and sightsee'd [ wat? ] a bit. is it sightsee'd sightsawed? oh watever. [ you get the point and i gotta throw a few bones at the grammar police. how else will i earn their undying love/hate?? ]

aaah i'm gonna miss you short funny ppl working in the beijing office.
i guess i'm gonna miss a whole lot of things when i leave portland. [ yes i have made my peace; i will leave, with or without I ]

yaawn. can't really sleep and beginning to feel hungry. there's nothing useful in the fridge except some peas and.... argh i swore i'd never talk about my food issues... oh no i'm turning into a facebook clone!!

hOw cAn i sLeeP whEn mY brAiN is aBuzZZ

Gawd it was a nightmare of a flight back. First of all , for some strange reason everyone and their mother was travelling today back to the US. Second , there was this squawling, screaming brat of a kid who couldn't or wouldn't shutup through the whole 15 hour duration of the flight. Actually that's not true , she did give us a brief respite a couple of hours in between when she fell into an exhausted stupor. At first of course I pitied the parents, what could they do?? But then I heard them ofefring her a cookie, and o-m-g are you crazy? Are you giving her sugar???!!! Why don't you stab that fork in my eye while your at it. Your so effin insane you unfit sob's. pardon my french but a few dozen hours without sleep, is like sharp needles being driven into my brain.

Hmm she actually stopped crying to eat the cookie. In-flight attendent, please bring the whole darn box of food you have at the back. We need to keep feeding this baby till we land!

I can't tell you how much I missed google while I was in beijing. It was horrible. I had seperation anxiety and kept trying to refresh my chrome browser page and it kept kicking me out of my connected state. Oh cruel google, how you have made me dependent on you…
Though I did finally finish shantaram. Yes I admit. It was awesome. Yes I was wrong to say he's too preachy.. [ Though I still feel that about the first 150-200 pages. ] But then his experiences are awesome and allowances must be made. And after all that he's gone through, I guess a lot of allowances must be made. The book is well written , and he does have a way of telling a story. It is primarily his point of view and I have to admit I have a hard time sympathizing with him fraternizing so much with the m's.
But what strikes you the most is the amazing life experiences he's gone through and a guy who can write ! Yes go read the book. And yes he HAS captured our indian spirit very well. All things that make us tick [ food and movies and song and dance ] , all things that make us stupid … yup he's pat on.
I just don't agree with some of his sentences.. Or wisdom that he throws out. Hope dies when you stop dreaming.. Or something like that. They're scattered across the book in plenty and … oh well allowances must be made.

Ofcourse it's 3AM, I have been awake and staring at the ceiling for the last 2 hours. Just landed back yesterday and my boss tells me , moving to boston isn't going to be possible within the group.. So I'll likely have to change my job within or without I.
Sigh… I hate change. Its so much work! [ yes I'm just lazy ]
One thing I don't like about being an adult is how much work it is. You gotta remember so many things! Pay the bills, pay the rent, pay the tickets, get the money, pay the money.. Cook the food. Eat it. [ far worse than cooking the food, trust me ]
Remember ur bags, don't forget this and don't forge that.
So .. Much.. Work. Can I just hire a nanny ??

daY N

It's the nth day. I've been eating peanuts and apples all week. With an occasional pasta .. But mostly my diet is congee or rice noodles with some "pickle"
Everytime I put a morsel in my mouth , I sniff it, ask the waiter numerous times , "is this rice boiled in water?"; " are you sure sure, or just guessing…". Even then , I highly doubt I'm being true to my "origins" and eating only "kosher" .. What's with all the double quotes today? mebe it’s the congee….
And even if the waiter politely assures me that indeed, its just water and powder and I can tell from the tasteless smell, that really they have added no beef or chicken, its just some bland stuff.. Yet I glare at him balefully and with a gloomy thought in my head, that my dear ol' granny is probably turning in her grave at this very moment while I eat the noodles.
Oh well.

I thought guys in india were bad. Traffic and all that, but today I saw a guy just blatantly break atleast 4 traffic laws within the space of a minute. He rips on the platform, takes and illegal left turn from the platform on the right side of the road, enters the left road when the signal was red and does all this at breakneck speed.

Its amazing! These guys are worse than us!!

Whoa! I'm suddenly feeling thankful for home. Darn it, I just realized I probably I'm having so many browser issues becoz I'm using chrome!!

Tomorrow I plan to go to an indian restaurant. Wish me luck!!

The next day…

It was awesome. I had gobi manchurian. I know it wasn't half as good as it should have been, and I should have taken something more traidtional.. But there were just too many items on the menu and I went a little crazy. It's two days later and I still have biryani in my fridge in the hotel!!

Went shopping this weeekend and to the temple of heaven. Went a little crazy in the shops too. Shopped a LOT. And I won't tell my awesome find. It’s a fake bag of a certain ahem brand.. And I don't want to get arrested, so until I'm home safe… mum's the word.

The temple of heaven was pretty nice. I liked it. nothing like the summer palace or the forbidden city though. They were a-mazing.

I'm pretty proud of myself, went in the subway station all the way. To and back. Lucky the chinese are pretty organized and all the stations are written in english. I even changed routes and switched train lines. Awesome ! Chinese kids are cute, and funny and cry a lot when taking the subway. Ofcourse that could also be due to the indignity of having your bare ass exposed to complete strangers. I'm pretty sure anyone would be very very upset when put in that kind of sitch.
I think it's all thanks to the olympics that they had to put so many dual , triple language signs around. Makes it a lot easier for folks like us to travel on our own. Ha! I'm not paying an underqualified, over zealous tour guide kid fresh out of college to take me around and bug me about where my boyfriend is.
I can take the subway !

I saw another interesting thing today. a tree growing in the middle of another tree. From far it looks like the same tree has two very different kinds of leaves. The pagoda and something else. Juniper? Its pretty funny.

The ancient chinese were a pagan gruesome lot. Praying to the heavens, wind and sun, sacrificing animals , pushing them into big pits of fire and finally feasting on them. Btw eating vegetables is like fasting to them. wow! they must consider us a nation of starving sods..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

dAy zeRo

Ofcourse, It is interesting to travel to a place like the south east or far east. It is most interesting to keep track of all the different kind of visitors that are going to the same place as you, and know what kind of wierdos are entering the country on that day.
To a place like china? Yeah you have some variety. You can say that.

There are the whites, the folks so enamoured with the orient and so desperate to show their adoration. The ladies end up wearing all sorts of junk on their person. You know the baubles.. And yes they do kinda clash with ur gucci and reebok maa'am. There are the men, who show their preference of all things oriental by turning into some unshaven monkey clones and letting their hair go. Literally.

There are the business travellers like moi, who are only noteworthy for their lack of anything colorful and their exeptionally drab outfits.
And in the end you have the strange little natives.
Such as that little man, standing in the middle of the corridor, wearing red headphones and doing this strange little exercise dance and looking so ridiculous that I can't resist snapping out my laptop, getting it out of blissful hibernation and whipping up a paragraph.
Hey, you. Strange little man. Did you know those snappy hip movements would get you arrested in my home country ? Just saying.
Oh god I look over and a full 20 min later, he's still making those little forward and backward hip movements. I must be careful not to stare with fascinated horror.

The general chinese public are not very much unlike the indians. Little regard for queues, and impatience to get where their going and absolute no care for conventional ideas of public decorum. Though to be fair they are far more well behaved in public than any indian back in india could every hope to be.

Have you ever noticed that are chinky cousins < if I may be so politically incorrect > , ok strike that, our northern cousins so resemble fish ? I often wonder, is it their fishy diet? That over eons they have stoppped looking like monkeys , like the rest of us and start resembling catfish?
That is one thing I notice most when I go there. Especially the ugly men. Ok , once again backing away from the political incorrectness, the not-attractive men.

Finally the funny little man has stopped dancing and gyrating his hips and is standing in the queue. Wait I am supposed to be in that queue. Ok toodles.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

cHinKy Fu

just so happens i find i'm on a plane to beijing on monday.


now that was quick. especially considering i don't have my passport back from the visa office yet.

oh, wait. that's why i have disaster somewhere in my name don't i? apparently they have an option, where they would meet you at the airport with the visa and passport.
you know when your reeeeaaaallly in a hurry and can't wait for the post office to get its act together, or fedex.

that's cutting it reeeaally close isn't it?

so... off i am for 2 weeks.

Monday, April 25, 2011

hOw tO sAy hi

i shall now cr8 blasphemy.. wait that sentence is like.. all wrong. i shall now.. do blasphemy.. blasphemize?? da**it. anyways i shall now say something which is probably blasphemy to half of you out there.
i don't like FB. i did type out the whole name, but somehow i had this vision of fb cosp braking down the door in the night and carting me off to places unseen.

this is probably the nth post detailing how much i dislike fb. i mean what do you say?
you know the situation? when ur at a party talking to ppl... and suddenly everyone falls silent and is waiting for you to speak. just waiting for you to floor them with ur wit and uproarious hillariousness. speak da**it. say something funny. everyone's looking at u.. aargh the pressure is too much.
that's why i don't go to parties.
FB is something like that. everyone is right there. the most inane "hey how you doing" that you can come up with, is right there. the moment you ping someone, you have this sneaky sensation that ppl are smirking that you cant come up with funny things to say or funny cartoons of cats playing the piano at hogwarts or something slightly less banal. ok ok "I" feel it.
and its not like you can say anything else after 6 months of not loggin in and all you want to do is say hi.

what DO you say?

"hey i was just reminiscing about the good old college days and i remembered you and thought i'd say hi?"

ooooh that's a good one. let me write that down, so i can post it the next time i login. like after 4 months.

ps: i feel like i shud somehow acknowledge the nice folks who leave comments , but you know.. um... i really dunno what to tell u. so i will just walk away. and thanks for reading and not calling me a pinhead?? umm ok bye.

yuMm... sOme mOre pLs

so the cafeteria in my office does these specials.. local folks come by and sell jam, salsa , cookies, on occassion - pot... naah i'm kidding. pot might be legal in dear ol oregon, but no one sells pot at my office... that i know of.

but there was this lady on friday evening, handing out brownie samples.. and i had some. and they were awesome !! awesome and Awesome!

so, ofcourse i bought the pack and i was excited. here i cud go home and have brownies after dinner.. ofcourse i shud pace myself and not have the whole pack all at once. i really shud start that diet .. but man they were soooo goooood and goooey and delish.... and vegetarian to boot!

so i go home and K stopped by. and i showed him the pack. he wasn't very enthusiastic coz he's already started his diet. but ha! i'll start mine after this pack of brownies is o-v-e-r.

and so after dinner i go and open the pack.

wth. whats this powder? this is brownie MIX???!! when did this happen???
oMG was this, what that lady was babbling while i was tasting the brownie in the cafe???? that i had to actually Make em??? she can't talk while i'm eating awesome brownies... thats like.. cheating !!

by god i was so lost in its deliciousness i completely overlooked the fact that i have to MAKE the blasted brownies???? with APPLE sauce and vanilla yoghurt. what the heck is apple sauce and where do i get some stat?? do you think if i shook the bag a couple of times, they would appear????

aaaaw man, i was really looking fwd to a couple of them after the fab dinner.. and that's how we ended the evening. with K rolling on the floor laughing......

Monday, April 18, 2011

i ThOughT yOU sAid goOD neWs!

ugh.. all is lost. Mr T is thinking of getting P into our team!

ofCOUrse all hell breaks loose , as soon as the indie folk hear about this.

and ofcourse you can hear all sorts of groaning and sighing from the lowlie tech coolies in the lab. ( i'm not racist..that's ME for crissake! )

what is he THINKING?? is this a test? of some strange how-long-b4-u-breakdown-and-stab-P-in-the-eye-with-ur-lunch-fork kind of test?? if so, then i do NOT want your bonus, or your help or .. or.. ok i don't know if i'll quit.
but good GOD. why HER?? i mean isn't it enough we slave fourteen... even eighteen hours a day ?? her?? HER?? her who looked at the android logo and asked me what kind of bug it was???

i think come monday morning.. you WILL see a lot of weeping , gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair.. and thats only me we're talking about. no idea how V will take it. he might quit! just plain up and leave! aah brave V. the only guy with a marketable skill set. lucky V!! how i envy you.

well folks. stock up on ur spirits. take a heavy swig. barricade the door to ur cubicle and wait for the news.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

tHis iS ArT, dArNit!

aaaha! finally finished.

i can't take credit.. this was in the opening credits of miyazaki's cartoon, ponyo. while i discover that netflix is my friend...
i finished this over the weekend.

ps: you'r only allowed to say its awesome.
pps: what can i say? i really like blue?


my left eyelid is still swollen :( but i can't really give that excuse for not blogging. how about this? i was busy earning that darn promotion.. which only means more moolah.. bwuahahahahaha ;P

update: everytime i feel blue, i just look at these paintings.... see what i did there?? blue?? get it? get it??

Saturday, April 16, 2011

aM i ReaLly BacK?

if the only thing i get to hear everytime i call home is how "awesome it would be" for me to bloat up to twice my size and spawn a mini-me.. then thats what you too will be forced to read for the next.. oh say i don't know.. xx years.

so i thought my life had got boring.. now that i was hitched , and ppl ( my family ) finally left me in peace... but oh no! its just a short termed break i got. little do i know that folks are just gathering their breath for the next tidal wave of barraging.

so now... where is my escape plan and emergency runaway kit again? oh! here they are! we're all set and the only thing left to do is book the airline tickets to siberia or alaska.
i think i'll take my chances with russians/polar bears rather than listen to more of this right now..

hellooooo...... ppl...... i am not ready.... what part of that is so difficult to understand???
i would rather stick a fork in my eye.....difficult to grasp????... should i stick it and show you????

Monday, April 11, 2011

suRviVaL sKiLLs

going home for a visit is a serious test of your immunity, system, digestion.

with all the well meaning folks who insist you eat the special halwa, peda, khara, jalebi "they" made. it's not like they make normal quantities either. for some twisted reason, they make the same quantity you would have eaten if you lived there and then wait for you to finish it.
ofcourse then you have the offended moms/aunties if your unable to stuff your face full of awesome jamuns.

"omg, how could you not eat it. i spent 3 days making this stuff"
"maa'am you are better off, just giving me curd rice for 10 days, because my system is revolting so hard that its pushing all the stuff back the way it came.. through my easophagus."

i only have one response. "please pack it."

whatever you got. make them non perishable and pack them.

please i cannot eat it. 4 years of cereal and toast has made my system extremely sensitive to sugar and oil and fat.
one jamun is all i can take.
i can think about the jalebi .. the week after.
no no not eat it. i said "think" it.

now it turns out, i was the only one who made it through this trip with just some minor cough. the rest had fever, fever, jetlagged induced cold , vomiting , yada yada yada.
what? am i the only one with the constitution of an ox??

perhaps its all the conditioning trips i've had to india.

actually there is a secret. eat only idlis , dosas. yup for 10 days straight. eat only idlis and sambar.

tHerE's a GoOd reAsOn.. i kNow iT

there's a very good reason i don't call home often. i just KNEW there was.

i thought things were supposed to get BETTER ppl.. not WORSE :-/

sorry about the resolution and the stick figuredness. but i use paint. and you got the point didn't you... just click on the image. you'll be able to read it without having to gouge your eyes out... excuse me! there's no need for that kind of language !

Monday, February 28, 2011

wHy sO mAny S@!%#y dAYs?

everyone seems to be in a foul mood in the office.

everyone lives with their own set of prejudices about what would work, what is easy, what is hard and what they just don't wanna do.

and sometimes even the most amiable of characters turn into complete morons and start snapping back at you when all you do is ask them for a serial to USB cable.

aaah the ides of march.

what DO I do, when P asks me.. "what is that BUG?? is it the symbol for android???"


< crickets chirping >

< appalled silence >

"uhh, sorry? what did you say? sorry the voices in my head were too busy laughing out loud in derision at your s****** for me to hear what you said"

finally sent off the h/w guy.. poor slob was crying that the s/w was too complex. and it was just too messed up. well welcome to our world buddy.

btw the word up there could be smelly.. well it COULD!

Friday, February 25, 2011

bAttLE cOnTiNUes

what ! you dare enter my lair??? [ ok my cube ]

why P, you have grown more bold and daring in the last few hours since i have declared war!!

this deed shall not go unanswered.

you enter my cubicle, i curse you with rotten tomatoes. < where all your tomatoes will rot 2x faster than normal in your fridge.. yes i'm devious >


coming in to my cube and saying i'm watching a movie! when all i'm doing is listening to some songs.

and you! YOU! you who were snoring in the meeting yesterday. i had the good grace not to poke you in the face while you were sitting next to me and snoring away to glory.

you.. YOU who was constantly harping about cookies and coffee when all you had to do was walk to the vending machine , put a dollar in and buy your own darn cookies!

grrrr ... how i hate thee , my arch nemesis and the curses of a thousand locusts on you.

fiGHtiNg tHe gOoD bAtTLe

aaaaaha! P! i am hereforth and henceforth declaring you as my arch nemesis of the workplace.

you have shown urself to be worthy of this title , through your dastardly deeds and twisting of basic facts of life and physics.

evil madam!! we are now at war! you are advised to stay to your side of the darkest abyss which is the second floor of our office and i shall defend my side of this hellish abyss.

ha! better beware P... i am fully cognizant of your manipulations and trickery. and also pure stupidity which is by far the most dangerous of the dark arts you practice.
but behold! i hold the axe of truth and physics and laws of nature with which i shall cleave your wicked arguments into a million pieces and render them useless!!

now begone! flee from the bright light of logic and reasonableness, run away and hide in your hidey hole...

au revoir
until our next battle.

< bows and exits meeting room >

[ wish i could suddenly stand up in the middle of a meeting, say this and leave in a hurry. expressions would be priceless ]

gOdS gEt aNGry , sO doN't diSs tHEm

ha ha it was funny yesterday.

i had to walk this dude through some s/w setup.

so now , Dude .. and i mean literally a hippie looking kind of dude, walks up to me and says he needs my help to install this s/w right..
since he was gonna help me fix my problems somehow, i was like "sure man, no prob. lets get started", and i grab by SD card.

now he spends atleast a good 15 minutes ranting about how linux is so messed up, and you have to do everything so manually. omg formatting the drive... so hard. < ofcourse i learnt how to do it, just a week ago. so now i can act all high and superior in front of the ignorant h/w folks >

so he says he's a h/w genius and a s/w idiot. hmmm well ur some kind of idiot.
and he rants about how they're team thought they would save a feq bucks by outsourcing to india, and its been such a waste, coz they didnt get any good results of moving part of the team there.
and how everybody is so effed up and no work is getting done.. and blah and blah and blah.

so i was briefly flummoxed about how to move an 8GB OS to a 4GB card, when he declared everything was useless. he had this awesome s/w on windows to copy/write any GB OS to any GB filesystem as long as the actual data was within the limits of the smaller filesystem. and lo and behold! he produced the s/w. installed it. and tada! did his magic.

unfortunately, it didn't work.

unfortunately due to some incorrect settings , he formatted his office laptop and lost his entire HDD.


well that shows you should never anger the linux s/w gods. retribution is swift!!!

aVoiD cAtChiNg sTuPidiTy

have you every really pondered the big questions in life?? i mean like the serious one's ??


"dude ... why are my hands so red today??"


"am i allergic to soy sauce and stupidity??"

i think i'm allergic to soy sauce. just ate some soy sauce soaked veggies last night and today i was like half an ounce bloated. < are you crazy if you notice half an ounce of bloating in your overly reddish hands?? >
i'm definitely allergic to stupidity.

have i said that before???

some ppl are stupid. and the rest are just plain messed up. but its the stupid you gotta look out for..

they're dangerous man.

its like they have some radar in their brains man.. that... that kind of forces them to go headlong into every pothole in their way. and if your not careful they'll just drag you along with them man....

how do you tell if your allergic to stupidity ??? you start sneezing when infected ppl come near?? hey! i sneezed just now, and A just walked by.. hmmm... must monitor A for more signs of infection.

no? how about if they come up to you and speak complete random c**** ??
and your face turns an interesting shade of purple that isn't found in nature??

whatever it is, we better figure it out. fast. coz pssst, they're increasing in numbers man.. and soon they're gonna be everywhere..

shhhh.... P just walked by.


hide under the desk before she sees you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

iT's toO bRiGhT anD i MiSs mY bEsT fRiENd


its snowing.


means i'm not going to office. also means i'm brewing myself a cup of hot hot tea.. maybe some pakodas... some music... and sleep in.

did you SEE , how many posts i have on the weather??? it's not natural i tell you.. just not natural.


life is tough without my TV. i think i miss it more than...anything :P
how did my brain get stimulated before? without the constant influx of flashing images on the electronic tube ?? < i'm sure some smartass is gonna point out how incredible inaccurate i am... the tv is not an electronic tube.. its a cuboid !! ok ok i get it jeez >

Sigh… I miss my HGFNHC and ABHDC

Its interesting to be in a room full of people , trying to have an all day or couple of days meeting.
You have the constantly-tell-you-how-much-they-work ppl, the doing-anything-is-pointless ppl, the oh-just-relax ppl, the clueless ppl < these are like locusts and termites. They are everywhere > , the omg-sky-is-falling ppl and the how-do-I-get-credit-for-doing-nothing ppl.. Just to name a few.

I'm sure I can think of more categories if I put my mind to it, but I got too much to do and the sky is falling. My boss is clueless and my partner tells me to oh, just relax coz doing anything is pointless anyways…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

aLl dAy LoNg

working in I****, teaches you two things.

how to multi-multi-infy-multi-task.. which is listen to some BS on the side, keep blogging, spy on P playing some local office politics, working, chatting, etc etc

how to .. ok, i forgot...

man these day long meetings are boring.. almost brain deadening.

and man some folks play a lot of stupid local politics in the office. including have multiple meetings on the side with individual folks ...


ok perhaps this is beyond boring if we are discussing the egg yolk color between Europe and US chickens.

people over here are so not listening to this meeting...


ok nothing else of interest to report. except for the fact that P is acting weird again.. what is Wrong with THAT woman??? neither do i understand your random jokes and nor do i care that your going to india for only 2 days. first of all, i don't understand what it is that you do ... and second of all this hopping between continents is not really working for us.... perhaps you can stay in one.. the one far away from me. far far faaaar away from where i live.


now shooo go away.

oh my god! i just found out, P the crazy lady has ordered glasses exactly like my new one's. :O that's bad.. that's very very bad. dude, she's nuts and she's like ... FORTY.

ugh ...

Friday, February 18, 2011

hOw diFfiCuLt iS it tO saY No?

its takes a lot of kahunas (kahonas?) to ditch it all and walk away.

a friend of mine finally sent a lengthy goodbye email. R's gonna work her way through S. America volunteering and working in remote villages. its gonna take her 4 months and she'll land in india much the wiser.

kudos!! i think thats simply awesome !

ofcourse i wish i was going too.. ofcourse ... for sure..

but when i read her email, i remember the bygone days when i really really was even considering that. and researching/figuring out how i could do that.

turned out i was too much of a cheapo to pay my way across latin america. and then i heard the kidnapping stories. someone in our company sent out an email about being kidnapped and held hostage for money to be wired from the US.


ofcourse another thing about the virtuous is the de-facto superiority they(we?) feel on being so virtous. by god was i ever that pompous and deluded with the sense of my grandiosity?? ha! must have been nice....

aaah peru, machu pichu and argentina.. when will i ever live amid your awesome mountains and think to myself how blessed i am??

Friday, January 21, 2011


some ppl would probably call me a terrible host.

just.. so... tired last night.

bro and sis came to the room to check it out, and what do i do? i fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

i vaguely remember getting up to lock the door. but more than that i remember nothing.

i don't think i had dinner at all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wHat wAs i sAyiNg? i fOrGet..

staying at the leela, its good. pretty good. well i wouldn't break out the awesome yet.
after couple of keycards not working, lift keys not working, random service engineers entering my room in the middle of the night to fix a lightblb...having tough time with external cabs entering the place and getting notice about it.
i think i'd say its pretty good. mebe not awesome.

i guess this projects making me worse absent minded than before. well what would you say if i told you i accidently locked myself out of the room in my bathrobe and slippers?? or that i forgot my entire hand purse in the cafe and didn't realize until i had to book a cab???

luckily i got my purse back with all contents intact.

and i only had to stand in the corridor for 5 min before the guy came running with a keycard... u know.. the guy with the turban who stands at the doorway.

maybe that's why they have phones outside every door linked to the front desk. perhaps i'm not the first... ha! i can only hope.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

dOn'T tALk To stRAnGerS

i met this funny old man on the flight yest. well he wasn't old old, just about my dad's age.
we struck up a conversation while waiting for the customs in a snake like queue and i was as usual getting a lil bored and so having a conversation with myself..
i think the funniest thing he said was, "are you born between dec 23rd and jan 23rd."
and smack, out of nowhere, everything i was saying or about to say flew straight out of my head.

this is FASCINATING. someone who can tell your b'day month just by looking at you?? now THAT's interesting. but apparently he only guessed that coz he was asking me a lot of questions and i asked him back a few questions coz u know.. didn't want to seem rude there. and he thought "aaha! someone who is as curious as me.. must be a capricorn.."

and apparenlty he tells me, if you google curiosity and capricorn, you'll get quite a few google hits. now that's fun-Nn-ni-er coz now i'm imaginging this lil old man sitting and typing away all sorts of characterisitics along with the workd capricorn into the google search box and poring over the results.

maye someone should tell him that just coz its on the internet, it aint necessarily true. but then as one of the few guys who actually helped build the internet back in those days.. i guess he probably knows more about that.

apparently he works for siemens, in seattle. and i never caught his name. though he did ask mine, and he found out where i was from, and how old i was. ( yes i have finally fallen into the trap of admitting to be few yrs younger than i actually am, but when someone says "now.. lets see... you say you have 2 years of experience, so you must be 25." i'm not gonna counter that with , "oh no, actually i'm almost hitting 30, coz... ". helloooo ofcourse not.

he did mention another thing that was interesting. i asked him where he was from in Andhra, and his wife asked "why", which is when i mumbled , " umm nothing. just curious" < hey i thought i was being polite and asking questions was the thing. heck they asked me where i stayed and how many roomies i had >
which is when he jumped in to tell me, "curiousity is good, never let anyone tell you it isn't" and its peculiar that he would say that, at that moment.
coz you know.. always been yelled at, for asking too many questions when i was a kid. and then intel tells me to always start and end at a question. and then here comes another guy to reinforce that message. funny. huh.

anyways. he was an interesting kind of eccentric man. and his wife had this half smile , sort of like.. "thank you for humoring my eccentric husband, but i really needed the break." and even though we ended up talking about gaming theory and how it was related to the swimming patterns of fish or the disaster area evacuation patterns of cockroaches, i'd say it was a not-unpleasant 15 minutes. and i wouldn't mind going through that again.

high compliment indeed sir. high indeed.

the flights were ok. not so impressed with cathay pacific. food was .. uhhh at best.
did watch 3 movies and god, i think i even watched 20 min of dabang by mistake. why salman khan decides to stop and do his pelvic thrusting dance in the middle of chasing a goon , i will never understand. but apparently that's the appeal.

aaah back in blore. and this time i'm in the nicer-er part of town! 04-05: i always wondered if i'd ever stay here every time i passed this way on my way to office. glad to see that it only took a mere 5-6 years to get to it.
i can't wait to go eat in a dhaba !!


fLyiNg oN a bRoOm

the hong kong airport, not so great actually. just another blatant imitation of the west. there's a McD and there, right round the corner is guess, or is it coach. all these handbags are beginning to look alike now.
and there's the perfume section.. aah big brands, and then they gotta hire a couple of pretty folk to wear suites and just stand around making sure no one steals them.
that must be a little stupid. just stand around all day chatting and making sure 12 handbags artfully placed in lil cubby holes are not stolen.
i mean you could atleast make it a lil challenging. maybe some fiery arrow shooting in the passages, giant swinging axes or a bed os sharp spike ala indiana jones.
but 12 bags? come ON.

the fight so far was uneventful. i got kicked, well actually my seat got kicked by the brat sitting behind me for half the duration of the flight. the other half i was dead to the world.
why does it seem, i always have bratty kids near me in these things?

saw 3 movies. the next segment is not so bad. only 6 hours. i can handle that.

as we get closer to blore, my hearing can pick out more and more ppl around me speaking in kannad. i have mixed feelings about that. while i'm really glad to hear some kannad, most of these folks are fugly man. i mean count me the last person to prejudice against you... but then man ..... i forgot how fugly most of us are.

ok gtg now. this has got to be an interesting two weeks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rEd mOrNinGs

we have one of our usual staff meetings today.

i saunter in all happy as you please since i missed the last one due to a flat tire..

and i see that only our dear dragon lady is in the room. well... looks like i'm early, but that's ok. so i enter the room after a brief second of hesitation and i sit down.

immediately J the dragon lady smiles at me, and i smile back warily.

J: morning
me: morning!

J: i'm in a really bad mood this week. i feel like screaming or crying.
me: < uh oh >

J: i really am in a funk, i could bite someone's head off.
me: < oh god i don't want to be alone with the dragon lady. please someone enter. pls pls pls. i'm too young to die!! >

< Oh boy am i glad you walked in Ken. Ken my friend!! do come in and give me company!! >

Sunday, January 9, 2011

sUd oFf

you think you know how to work a stupid dishwasher.
you think all you gotta do , is put in a lil dihwashing powder, ok so you don't have the powder, maybe you can use some of the dishwashing liquid. its the same innit?
soap is soap.
and you switch it on, to the light wash.


whoa, why is the dishwasher foaming and spewing out soap spuds and foam!!!

make it stop.. make it STOP!!

aaargh... its spreading across the kitchen. just ... too ... much... foam.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

aAaaHa nOw i GeT it

that's it! i figured it out.

my writing is fuelled by me being pissed off at you.

oh jeez , and if i'm not royally pissed at some douchebag like the one 2 posts ago... i got nothing to write.

uh oh bad news. i really shudn't have got married. it's just too non-anger inducing!

probably the best compliment i can give K or maybe the worst.

"happy anniversary, it's been a very non-angry calm 10 years"

"happy b'day. you never piss me off"

"happy new year, here's to another year not getting mad at the world"

quick. anonymous. say something stupid and pointless.
i'm sure i'll rant about it.

sO wHAt?

oh thanks.

for pointing out how glaringly boring my life has become. between 12-14 hour workdays and sleep, the only excitement i have is .. opening a new box of cereal.

the only exciting ppl i meet is , at office.

a new taiwanese tech who cracks random jokes i don't understand, a chinese s/w developer who'd like some red robin food parceled from the US, an indian in blore who's happy that he got my boss to send me there for 2 weeks, a lab tech who actually did a jiggy when he heard i'd be gone for 2 weeks ( oh well, i'll bug him even more when i get back ), a pregnant lady who complains of nothing but food and her stomach and finally my boss. the ultimate clueless one. i think thats a good name for him.

yes i have nothing to write about.

well the ultimate clueless one is a good topic.

but then he's away in europe for a couple of weeks and won't bug me. yaay!


i've been watching too many stalker movies recently.
have you ever come home and found a red balloon tied to your door ? what would you do , if you did ? well first i thought it could be K, but then i think naaah it couldn't be K. he doesnt do balloons.
ofcourse i looked around before i opened the door, and ofcourse i checked the whole house to make sure no one was inside waiting for me. i'm glad i live in a 1 bhk appt. imagine if i lived in a huge house.. i'd be forever doing security rounds of the house.

ok now i'm tired. so buzz off. i want to sleep.

ps: my bro won a couple of awards last week. so hey bro! congrats !! great job shutting up the losers who ever doubted you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

reTurN oF tHe miNionS

its hard to return to office after a prolonged break. its harder to watch everyone stumbling around blinking their eyes at the neon light.
and its even MORE harder ( yes i make it a word ) when you have a FLAT TIRE.
aaargh. stupid tire. like i didn't have enough problems today.

well , happy new yr to me.



looking back i think i have a wonderful relationship with all my tires. i've had 4-5 flats so far including both my trusty scooter and then the car. its complicated this relationship. i think the one i love the most is the spare tire. so humble, so lowly , so handicapped and yet my unsung hero, the knight in shining armor. and then there's the tire i hate the most... the one around my midsection. it's like some ugly and unwanted relative who just won't leave. ( ok now that's a bit harsh and my midsection tire is just feeling hurt by that )