Tuesday, December 30, 2008

dOEs iT mAtTEr

i was reading this apparent random thing about how Mills and boons sells 130 Million books world wide. and how it serves a demographic from 16-65 which is interesting. it interests me to see how the world chooses to do what it does.
but then i read something which was even more interesting. there was something about how "a woman wud never look in the mirror and admire herself. she'd only see the flaws."

OMG that is sooooo true :O

you know i once read this piece where they said a 100% of all females wud change something about their appearance if given the chance.


thats too much. don't you think?? way way too much. now am not sure if guys have even thought about it. but i guess they worry about stuff like beer bellies and balding too. man its a wierd world out there.


worry about your SOULS ppl. not about the transient bodies that go back to dust once your done with it. what about the immortal soooooouuuuul....... < voice dying down >

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