Monday, January 29, 2007

FUBAR .. the true state of affairs

to be 'fucked up beyond all recognition' :-|

i think this word pretty much sums up every possible situation on the planet, is the only word we will ever need to have deep meaningful conversations and to be understood by our fellow human beings ...its even good for small talk ..

how r u ?

hows the weather down there ?

hows your health ?

hows your wife ?

why are u looking so happy ?

does god exist ?

so u see, this one word covers everything we would ever possibly want to say .. and soon i think we will alldescend to the trues communication of all ..
2 ppl talking ?

fubar ?

fubar .... and so it continues.. they are of course discussing yesterdays football match ..

oh u ask why i'm in such a cheerful mood ?? well i just realized my bid to run away from coding .. my efforts to avoid it ... so much of wat i tried .. if i had put half that effort in actually learning something , i wudnt be today where i am .. stuck with coding in vc++ for image processing ...
which of course is nothing but 'fubar' ....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Picture Perfect

it snowed today !
and all my quibbling over the last couple of weeks bout the snow , forget that !
it really really snowed today !! theres a perfect layer of white everywhere. and i almost slipped and broke my ankle .. thank god that didnt happen ...

And .. and ... it snowed today !!
other than that obviously my life is an absolute mess ...
but i still can't believe i'm in a place where it snowed.. hey trust me , when they advise u back home not to apply to cold countries coz its too cold. BELIEVE THEM and apply to warmer places ..

dont try to do anything funny and u'll be fine ..
haan zyaada hoshiyari dikhane ki zaroorat hi nahi hai ..

went to a microsoft info session .. cudnt stay till the end .. ibm kept flashing at me and telling me to get out .. i just cudn't :)
some loyalties run deep ..

am getting confused with my parallel dimensions by the way .. so u gotta gimme some leeway..

posterior theory of life

remind me to kick myself
in the posterior ...

everytime i think of myself , so happy. oh so happy and oblivous of what was in store for me.
what did i think ? it was going to be a cake walk ? yeah right !
everytime i read bout posterior and priori probabilities ... i feel like giving myself a good kick in the behind ... my behind.

i wish i had stayed at home.
no am serious. i wish i had quit my job and stayed at home. perhaps got married and had 4 kids ..
whew now that i see the alternative i better kick myself and get back to work.

this HAS to be better than that !! has to.
has to.

i'm so dead.

call me dead man walking.

Monday, January 22, 2007

where have i landed ?

What is wierd in this country , is the constant questioning u get. well questioning i had seen in india. its just the sheer variety which is different ....

do u drink ?
do u have a boyfriend ?
what do u do with your free time ?
sleep ? [ thats when i get the ur-so-wierd kind of look ]
what kind of music do u like ?
eh ? [ apparently that answer is gonna give gr8 insight bout my character to the questioner ]
how can u dance without drinking ?
eh? double eh ?? [ what the heck does drinking have to do with it ? i can dance fine without drinking thank you ]
what kind of a girl are u?
boring. [ok now ur just making me conscious , what am i ? an alien ?]
how come u dont have a boyfriend ? dont u like guys ?
whoa ! wait a minute. now i'm a lesbian ????

whats wrong with this country ??? phew i thought WE back homw were obsessed with typecasting.
looks like i've just come from the frying pan to the fire ...
ha !

what i particularly dont like is the implication , that something might be wrong with you , just because you are not a certain way. which is ridiculous !!!
PPL. leave others alone and mind your own damn business.

i gotta a life to lead and let me remind you, so do you.

a totally random point is that I hate being pushed ... u know how i hate being pushed .. dont ya ?
yeah , u know that ...
well one of my roommates , the one who'll stay till dec is one of those fussy ppl.
u know the one's who absolutely must ahve everything in its place and thats ok by itself , but they expect ur life to toe the line right to the dots in the i's and the crosses in the t's. am i making anysense ?
its just thats she's a bit annoying and she's gonna get on my nerves very soon.
i hope i dont loose my temper too much .. u know the kind of scrapes i keep getting into.

i like the other 2. they are genuinely easy going.
perhaps its so coz i'm so uptight ?? thats the most frequent accusation made against me this month.
and no guesses for who keeps saying it !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

thot 4 de day

Calvin's Principle:There is no pleasure in having nothing to do;The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it

this is soooooooooo true !! :D
man i love calvin!! in all the mushy gooey sense of the word.
how can u not ? he is so utterly agnostic and rebellious , u just gotta love him...

the most profound incongruous stuff spews out of his brain and even at his satanic worst , he never fails to come up with the wisest stuff u cud ever hear. truly a testimony to his creator , who is
GOD !!!

Snow White .. its a fairy tale all over ...

Wow , it must have snowed esp hard last night. everything is just an amazing layer of white ..

but i just dont feel like going out .. man , am a lazy bug !! nothing better than , staying with an open book , listen to songs and be connected to the world. just a computer makes such a diff !
dont feel so bad anymore .. how diff is it ? if ur in ur room at both places ???

i know i know , am not spending a fortune to sit an bask in my room!!
but seriously i hope i get paid for my work !!

i wudnt mind working all hours , hey i can do 20 , esp if the management doesnt take that long ..
but i wud prefer to be a RA. so that i cud do something over summer..

my heart sings again , for there is hope and that is always so in the besginning. hey if she can build a robot. i can write some code can't i ?? and how long can i run away from that ????

i guess its time i got used to it ..sigh. let me read up on some dsp !!

it really is lovely outside . go ahead look out ur window !

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Am I crazy enuf ?

I really like Pittsburgh. Yeah SURE I do. u wanna know why ?
It snowed today. how does it feel ? Why dont you stick your head in your freezer ,for about an hour ? Thats exactly how it feels.

you don't need to fly thousands of miles to find out. its exactly like sitting in a giant freezer. go sit in ur fridge.
yipee ...snow...

stupid snow.

i love m'lore. all my life i treated it with bare tolerance. baah boring place , nothing to do... but its FREAKING warm is wat it is.
now i love the place with fanatical passion. i'm gonna live in a tropical climate all my life you *&^%^.

thought I'd take walk to college the other day. 1.5 miles. hey big deal i can do it. and its not so bad.the cold i mean... so i walked.
now all of you know how brilliant my internal compass is. so i took a google map with me and i kind of reached college fine. didnt wander too much.
its the way back that really did it.

now see, i'm brilliant. so i thought i dont need a map to go back the way i came. i can find my way.
thats the reason i wandered for B*&^&%Y TWO FREAKING HOURS in circles before i finally saw another human being, who i cud ask for directions and realize i was walking in the opposite direction. of course it didnt help when the dude started laughing when he heard where i wanted to go....

i need GPS installed in my brain.
2 hours ...sheeesh.. the worst part is when i was walking i feel my jeans are all funny , no no nothing gross , u psychos .. my jeans were turning into ice !!! which was just gr8 , coz now i was lost and walking with frozen popsicle pants.
all of u know right? i used to be cold in b'lore ... which is damn funny now, coz guess whats the temp out here now, right at the point when i was walking from the bustop to the lib (thats right i decided i'm not trying anymore stunts and am talkin the bus , though i missed a stop and had to walk back yest, but thats another story). ur not guessing....

its -9 centigrade.

can i come home now ?


ps: the snow isn't all that bad to watch when ur inside. OR u go out wearing 2 sweaters , a snow jacket, 2 gloves , 2 woolen caps....
ofcourse after all that u can barely turn without bumping and displacing everything around you. they were real happy to see me off the bus btw.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

every dog has its day ?

I really dont have anything to say. just that since I wont be able to login for the next 4 days , i'm already feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

so this friend of mine , got bitten by a dog. what was he doing , that got him into that ?? sheesh.
he shud have bitten the dog back !!
forgive my crass insenstivity on the topic ... but its kind of a bit funny. especially since i dont have any of the details to make me feel guilty for finding it funny.

we dont talk to each other anymore.
apparently i failed to display the appropriate amount of MATURITY and sympathy when presented with the situation. i give in. I SAID i was sorry for his misshap. i SAID i hoped he felt better. what else did he expect ? i actually forgot he was supposed to take his rabies shot and enquired bout his tetanus. mebe THATS what pissed him off ?? that i cudn't remember the exact name of the disease mad dogs passed on to humans? hey i knew tetanus was a bit off.. but then i wasnt exactly racking my brains at that time...

never had anyone ANGRY at me before for a lack of MATURITY !! jeez what a reason.
but then ... i'm sorry ! i found it a bit funny ! he got bit by a dog !! thats ridiculous. who is bitten by a dog ????
he wasn't in any amount of pain if its any consolation.

man it must have been traumatic.. imagine. ur bitten by a dog. the whole exp is traumatic. and then u have an idiot friend who doesn't display the necessary MATURITY for the situation.
the universe was out to get you THAT day for sure ! life is soo unfair.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

the biggest city in the world is

hey , too cool ..

went to TGIF for dinner , had a real heavy dinner there . they have only one veggie dish ! some veggie pasta. any living creature except a cow and me wud have hated it !! :-/
anyways on our way out , we just decided it wud be too cool to go to new york :) so we did

bot a 2 hour trip where i saw ground zero , walked around in times square , saw the statue of liberty from a distance , the empire state building , wall street , drove thru 2 tunnels the names of which i totally dont recollect ( i know i'm hopeless ..groan ..) drove over 2 bridges , saw 4 planes land in 5 minutes in JFK while we drove past the airport ...
TOO COOL ! man , it was freezing, was wearing TWO jackets !! but had not worn gloves... ( and now that i've almost lost my fingers to frostbite , i really wish i had ..)
also since its impossible to cover ur face , it almost fell off. literally. my frenz said after a while ur face just becomes too numb ..
unfortunately i retained the sensation on my face the whole evening ...groan .... it was so F***** COLD. swear i cud feel the blood in my face turning into ice !!!!! F***

and thats not even the wierdest part.
I SWEAR while i was taking snaps in times square , guess wat i saw ?
A &%$#^ man wearing what i cud only describe as a &^%^& SWIMSUIT running thru times square and into madison street.

it was FREAKING - 4 degrees !!! the dude was in a F***ING SWIMSUIT !!!!!! I SWEAR. the kind girls wear. one piece :-
dont ask me wat that was about. u think i had the balls to ask ???

and now i'm off to bed with this scene running thru my mind ( ya thats exactly wat i needed to help my insomnia , an image of a one piece black swimsuit clad white guy running thru times square .. the universe obviously hates me :-/ ) i only hope u have the same dreams (why shud i be the only one to suffer , huh ?? HUH ???)
I just had to write this. i know when i get up tomoro morning , i'll have the vaguest recollection , and a week later , i'll be like -
new york ? hey i've never been there .. hows the place ? :-/


Toilet Training at 25

statuary warning : some ppl may find this topic slightly revolting. don't even try blaming me if you barf ..

Its completely unnerving when u have to learn new tricks at 25. hey, u spend the first quarter of your life with water , and i'm telling you, it aint funny, when suddenly all u got is paper !

the first time , after you land, you just dont want to think bout it, u know.. mebe u wont have to go. mebe u'll go once in a fortnight. mebe if u really wish hard enuf, a faucet will magically appear near the throne.
no such luck

so there you are , u really got to go. and ur dreading it. coz u know its gonna be icky. HOW THE F*** do they manage without water ?? ur getting my drift aint ya ?? well i hope not literally !

now i really got to go ..

see ya after