Thursday, September 23, 2010

oFfiCe mEsS

gaah ! its terrible.

just look at my track record this year!

just 33 posts !! ok 34 and counting! somehow in my head i had a whole lot more writing done.

i wonder how many posts i can post about my lack of posts.

gaah! never mind.

today i realized that i really do have a pointy haired boss.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tUrTLeS swiMmiNG

note to myself: neon trees, animal

boy have i searched for this song. it's the ad song for bones. you know the tv show. though i don't watch the show myself. i did happen to stumble on this when channel surfing.

ok adding the hawaii pics. just a teeny tiny subset.

lava flowing into the ocean

this house is trapped after lava flowed all around it! but hey! it survived dinnit?

nice pics aren't they?? HEY I TOOK THEM. everyone stop giving credit to K!! just coz he carries a huge camera around !! and he hasn't even posted those pics yet!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oPpoSinG pOLeS oN fAcEboOk

i know that everyone says opposites attract, but have you actually looked around you to observe it? is it true that opposites attract or do we just tune ourselves to oppose everything our.. umm 'better halves' say and do :P

think about it , right?
on the one hand we have K who's easy going, social, friendly, likes ppl, likes coffee, mebe not necessarily in that order; and on the other hand we have me, who's neurotic, paranoid and actively dislikes ppl AND coffee and prefers the company of dolphins instead.
add to all that narcissistic, egoistical and lazy and can we say hello-big-disaster-here?

its the same case, right. with R and her .. ummmm...."better half" < no seriously this has to be in double quotes. its the highest kind of euphemism to call her partner the better half... >
she's uber friendly and extrovertish and outgoing and he's umm... basically a more paranoid freak version of me.

makes one wonder. were we like this before we met our halves or did we just digress to this opposite points on the scale so that things could be in balance??? like some mystical yin yang thing??

K: "here, try some coffee. its amazing"
me: "i'd rather not thanks."
K: "but it's really good"
me: "no i don't want it"
K: "but it's really reaaaeaally good"
me: "i'd rather throw up" < that shud quiet you, you coffee pusher >

K: "you have to call ppl. keep in touch with them. login to facebook once in a while.."
me: "i hate facebook, i hate it. infact i abhor it. no, i actually loathe it. and while ur at it, i hate ppl too" < good, that should be enough to discourage any more talk about facebook. do you think that's enough? mebe i shud throw in a few more adjectives while i'm at it.. >

i find that, often with ppl, it's useful to NOT stop at politely declining a helpful suggestion. one has to smash it beyond all hope and grind it to dust to prevent it from ever being resurrected in the future again. or else you'll just end up saying "no, thank you" over and over and over again, and that too at the same suggestion. ha! as if 10 minutes later i'll find the idea of facebook appealing.

< now i better stop before i go on a complete bender and an entire 4 pages worth of facebook-hate-rant. No!! i do NOT wish to know how good your lunch break was. thank you very much my-highschool-classmate. and i absolutely do NOT wish to throw a cow at you. stop sending me requests, it confuses my poor brain as i don't know if i'm supposed to remember you and i've forgotten or if your some random psycho stalker >

dOLphiNs pLayiNG iN bLuE wATeRs

so ... i've been a away for a while ... hmmm well u know.. how it goes.. ummm... its not like i forgot you or anything. i mean.. i swear!! i totally remembered you.. like.. yesterday itself. when i was .. umm... buttering my toast. i mean ... i meant to write, but u know it was work, and then vacation.. and then...
yeah.. i know i know.. excuses excuses :P

so. here's the latest.
just got back from vacation. went to hawaiiii. oh it was awesome. the best part?
mebe its the red glow of the volcano, or the green sand beach or the manta ray. omg the manta RAY!! i snorkelled and came up close to this GIGANTIC MANTA RAY!! and in the pacific ocean!! and in the night!! and next to a japanese guy who kept squealing "manta is coming, manta is coming"!!

oh it was awesome. i loved snorkelling. i plan to do more of it. ok mebe not in portland. but somewhere, some day.
hawaii is pretty neat. everyone shud go there atleast once.

yaawn. i'm jet lagged. K is nice , took care of the whole trip. ok K is not only nice, he deserves a "K is Awesome!!"

will post some pics soon. mebe of the Maaaaaaaanta Raaaaaaay!! woooohooooo
< ok no more mai tais for me >