Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dOiNG iT riGhT

they shudnt have put me in charge. i mean i really am not the best person to be doing this.. but ya... ur right.. it IS my wedding...

but wat can u do, when ppl tell u so sorrowfully that they can't make it.
heyy, dude its totally ok. i mean have you ever attended one of our weddings. can you SPELL B-O-R-I-N-G??

well if ur coming u better come with ur posse....thats the only way u'd ever have any fun. and also that cask of blue gin rum watever.
now even though I know everyone there, I'M reconsidering attending. shhhhhhhh don't tell the groom.

but ya. so here it is. it's my wedding. yaaay. ^_^ and i'm inviting ppl. friends. yada yada yada. and some of them really can't come, u know.. and i started turning into a classic bridezilla and sulking, but then i think to myself.... come ON. this person doesnt even KNOW anyone else in the wedding party. they will be SO TOTALLY bored. so mebe we shud have this las vegas party thing after all.. but then half my friends are teetotallers.. gaaah

lets think about it next yr.

here. i'm getting married on dec 2. see if u can make it. and if not, i'll see u around?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tHe fATs iN tHe fiRe

well... ahem... yeah.

yeah... u probably already heard.

hmm well ... i meant to tell you. i mean i thot i did. didn't i??

yeah i know i know i've been very tardy.. and really busy.. no no i havent been blogging someplace else. i mean i cud hardly betray u that way, cud i? wat do u take me for??
yeah i know i haven't been around. but i promise, its all gonna be different now!!

well anyways, here's what i've been working on, all this while.... and really!! u gotta believe me, when i say it took me 2 months to recover from the brain damage caused by someone visiting me.. staying with me... driving me literally up the walls....

but see here!! what i got!!
the most exciting link of em all !!
New and exciting info

so consider urself invited. and mebe we've never met. and as long as u promise to play nicely, with the rest of the ppl there, u can come too ^_^

yaay. it feels good to be back!!