Friday, December 23, 2011

tHe sPeLliNG oF inComPEteNt

it is a given. if i have to go to the blood sucking , semi retarted, vampire/zombie... i mean dentist, then you can expect me to be raging mad bull after i get back. with steam out of my ears and the red face.

especially the dentist like the one i had been today.

she not only made a hole in my perfectly good crown when there was absolutely no evidence any necessity of doing so, but then she had the audacity to defend her useless decisions by talking about the possibility of future infections. HELLO you incompetent retard..... infections are ALWAYS possible with my teeth, does that mean you have to go do a drilling dance on teeth that are not giving me any trouble ? and then stop halfway saying they are calcified and i now have to go to a endo ... endo... endo -idiot  ???

and that too when YOUR own colleague who was the unfortunate idiot to actually do the drilling, when he says that there is no reason for me to go ahead with it ??
so i take a step back. if the two dentists in the same office cannot agree that a procedure , expensive and painful to boot is needed, then why the eff.. should i believe either of you ?

oh and i come back for a filling. i mean its a bleeding filling. how bad can it be... i suppose they teach that in the first year of dental college... but nope. my hopes  were too high and too false on the value of american dental colleges.
so you do the adjustment, and then you ask me , me who has half a numb face to tell you if the adjustment is ok??
uhhh ?? what?

and then i have to come back in a couple of days to get it fixed if i feel the adjustment is off???


no wonder my face is all steaming now and i'm mad as heck.

and you do all this while watching some idiotic day time show about 8000 dollar hair and the importance of the perfect hairdo. should i be worried that you are cratering my teeth ?
come back? HA! are you mad? insane? cuckoo?? BY GOD i should be running in the opposite direction screaming and waving my arms about madly. BLOODY H***. BY GOD i should sue you.

you .. you... dentist! [ whats a better insult ? i can't think of one ]

man , i am steaming. i need to punch a few holes into the wall. brb

dELetE LiSt, eMPty miNd

you know that taskbar on the side ? that one.. the google chat bar on the side of your gmail.. the one that shows random ppl you have ever emailed once in ur life like 4.6 light years ago. it's like google trying to make you more social and friendly. all that pressure.... aaaaaahrgh

so i started removing them. never show, block, block, never show, never show, never show..

pretty soon i have a completely empty chat list. looks like i can finally feel peaceful at last.

it was like all this pressure to talk to these random kindergarden and high school ppl i barely remember. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

mY dRyeR iS hUNgRy - qUiCk pAsS tHe SaLt

so i had 3 socks. there they sat woeful and sad on my dresser. there were 3 and they were each missing their soulmate pair. you know the perfect match, made for them by the factory angel machines or child labourers.

so i got this costco bunch of socks and i dont know what i was thinking, but they were a dozen of them. in different shades of brown. yup , i thought.. easy peasy. i can manage this.

6 months later i have these 3 socks and i can't find their pair. each is a slightly different shade of brown and if i hold them close to each other , even an idiot can tell they don't match.

the other day i found another 3 tucked away in a bag. i was excited. this is it ! here are the matching 3 socks for those 3 socks. jolly good. now i can wear them. i took them from my sun room to the bed room. and lo and behold !

now i have 6 socks.
that are missing their soulmate pair , sad and woeful on my dresser.

there they sit. waiting for me to find their pairs and bring it back to them. waiting and just waiting. its not going to happen, because the big bad dryer ate their soulmates up.
since i don't know what to do.. i have fashioned a nice ... not necklace.. but a string of socks to tie around K's waist when he's cold.
i hope he appreciates the trouble i've gone through.. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

mmMMmmmMmm bREakFasT..

what do you do, when you are absentminded enough to add raw toor daal into your oatmeal breakfast ???


painstakingly fish out each grain of toor daal ofcourse and then go ahead and eat the oatmeal.

hey...this isn't so bad.. crunch.. OOwww. well actually it's giving a pretty good ... crunch... nutty.... crunch.... flavour....

well i'm done with THAT.. somethign was off though... oh right! i forgot the sugar!

i'm really full now....oooowww my tummy kind of hurts...