Saturday, March 31, 2007

thE LaST wiNteR dAY

This country is a strange one,
summer is here , finally !! am glad. while no longer have this wierd tendency to hibernate , i see ppl all around enjoying the sudden sun.

Yesterday i go to school and I see the strangest things ever, people juggling , swimming in inflated pools, stalls offering lemonade.
guitars , jam sessions in full swing. ppl just happy that the winter is done with.

had to admit , it was amazing,
actually had our project meeting on the grass :) i have quite a mind to one day take a book and sit and read in the sun. wat fun !!

:D yes i do think i will do that ..
hey looks like i got a plan for the summer !!!

aaha , seasonal affected disorder , take that :P

another aaha, I have discovered how to add videos in my blog. now this is the beginning of something I'm sure to enjoy and your sure to regret .. lol


This is a tribute to someone ... well u know who you are i guess.
it was good while it lasted , and at the end of a road, there's nothing more to say , except goodbye and good luck even though it seems so lame.
so not enough , so inadequate.
but it will have to do.

For now this song perfectly reflects my mood.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cross country with Tintin

I spent an exhausting 12 hours on the road. well specifically , in the sky.
and here i sit, pretty sure am stinking , coz i came straight from the airport.

ooh ooh, they lost my bag and they say they'll send it to me. but that was after i spent hours waiting for the bag that never turned up.
ofcourse i still say the stupidest thing I ever did was to forget my camera !! can u believe it !
I went to San Diego , California. the land of oranges and sunshine! and no camera !!!
dow !! :-/

Saw a lot of places and am glad i didn't miss this chance to visit a place. so , i still missed home and didnt lose a single sec comparing everything i saw with home. sure, i drove him crazy, but hey, i cudnt help it. its home. and i have crazy ties to the place.
I did tell ya didnt I? that this was gonna happen.

Hmmm , another one has landed 2 days ago. and mebe , just mebe things will be better now? a short stay apparently, so it actually may not make much of a difference.

Another Winter Day has come and Gone away
in either Paris and Rome,
And I wanna go Home
Let me Go home....
And I'm surrounded by
a million people
I still feel alone
Let me go Home ....
I miss you , u know ....

Let me go Home
I had my fun,
baby I'm done
Let me go home ....

It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home ...

Michael Buble :')

Oooh Ooh I got a tintin book. fantastic !! its pretty cool. feel a lil guilty , i never took anything in return. but like i said, my gift was my brilliant company ;P
yeah yeah, my winning personality around for 2 days .. who can resist :P

m off, back to my tintin !
see ya

Sunday, March 4, 2007

whats in a snow storm?

the weather , yeah u said it aright, its the weather.
its crazy , thats what it is. snow storm one minute, bright and sunny the next. raining the third minute and back to snow storms and cold winds again...

its like pitt hates having only one kind of weather in a day. i remember mysore, if the weather changed in the week , we wud grumble ... calling on all sorts of reasons, global warming and otherwise.. and now ? i just hope for the best when i head out each day !
funny how u get used to things .. isn't it?

on another note , a friend came over yesterday, took me out for a spin and a drive. that was nice.
i ate something which after my 4th bite i realized i cudnt identify, why is it always the fourth bite ? why cant it be sooner? after that point i'd rather not know if i'm eating something wierd , u know?
well anyways , i ignored it , and continued my pasta... but it was rather spoiled for me after that ...
had a whole box of chocolates by mid morning !! am def on a sugar high !! :D
well in my defense it was a small box ...

oooh , wait i went to starbucks for the first time yest. reaaal nice. nice place to study actually. heard a lot of folks finished their thesis in starbucks. which is prob where i shud head out when i need to study.

still ahvent got batteries , i know i know am shameless. hey i may end up going to detroit next week, to visit this guy, and more travellin , which is gr8...
hmm i had a doubt yesterday , but am not spellin it out... but its a possibility :P and wud be damn cool if it was true...

something good finally happened. its the 4th right? mercury must have finally come out of the retrogade stage.. damn ! but its distracting ! nope ur not getting to know what it is exactly :P

aah i gotta go. gawd sometimes i wish i hadn't come here...