Saturday, December 27, 2008


my new year resolution is gonna be back to a OLD yr resolution.

NO more venting and bad mouthing ppl on this blog. i TOTALLY forgot, THATS why i have my second blog.

so yup thats it. and in view of that i just deleted the previous 2 posts. so they're gone. buddy bbye. obviously i can't go back and edit all the old posts. but no more.

its the new me. no venting and no bad mouthing anybody. on this blog atleast

happy b'day to ME


  1. Hey QoD,

    Many Happy Returns of the Day :-)! Hope the next year brings u many glad tidings & joys..

    -Anon ("for what's in a name, a rose by...")

  2. ^_^

    aaha! ur invited to the party. and u can wear a mask. but everyone has to wear the pointy hat! and blow the pheee phee thing and dance and sing.