Saturday, August 10, 2013

tRiEd mY bESt tO gEt AwaY... bUt DaRn iT's tOo LatE

i thought of moving, but i'm too lazy. its been more than a year since i last wrote and while i listen to daft punk, i feel the ol' urge to write.. wait lash out again.
ok first some ground rules, if you know me.. do not ping me and say , hey watsup with ur new post, it was great/awful/awesome/watever... if you wish you can leave hateful comments below, but seriously Don't ping me about something i've written and forgotten.

well now. its time for a new category. ahem... hmm aaah how do i say it. its getting close to the date to where we welcome a hybrid DNA concoction of K and me... a rather mini-K-me. welll 2 months , 20 days, 4 hours, 34 minutes and 20sec. wait how do i know its gonna be on time?  coz i'm going insane thats how.
and while its the last home stretch of the what-everyone-likes-to-remind-you is the last 3 months of sleep you'll get for the rest of your life, i sit back and wonder. WHAT the HECK have i gotten myself into ?

yes , my hormones have conviniently gone bonkers and making me dream of wierd (er) things like hijacking an airport and learning how to milk a cow on a drag queen ranch. its also very helpfully i might add, causing me to freak out. thats with a capital F and O.

and while i do my research, god i hate i learn of various , wonderful things that can go horribly wrong and keeps me awake at night. if monsanto was not enough to give me nightmares of cannibalistic corn patches and mutant pumpkins, now i can fret about all the wonderful joys of motherhood.

ah well. so i'm back. and lets see i need a new category. whereas all my old categories are temporarily obsolete since so many well meaning strangers/non-strangers have told me my life is now over.

me revoilĂ  ppl.. [ wait did i do that right? ]