Friday, November 18, 2011

cOnTaCts nEeEdeD. cALL N

it's fascinating. going through some of the ppl on my FB list.

yes yes it's friday and i have nothing better to do. so there are all these ppl.. and for the life of me i can't remember them.

hmm... you. the funny looking guy who's making monkey faces at the camera. the camera sure doesn't love you, but i swear i remember you. are u my highschool .. scratch that. i went to an all girls high school... maybe college ..bud..classmate??

wierd. but ur name is sooooo familliar. i need to ask my friend. she's the walking memory banks who holds the keys to my past. i've pretty much forgotten everything else except her name and email id. actually i've forgotten her email id also. thankfully gmail does the job well enough. 

FoRgEttiNg oLd poTs

i am appalled.

here i am. taking a very small 3 .. ok maybe 4 year break from socializing and what do you know? i find that most of them were all around me for the last 2 years.
for all i know we could have missed each other walking on the same street many times.


i am appalled. aghast i say.

hey. you know where i am. i haven't moved in 4 years. ok i have moved. maybe 2 times. but you could email me if you were coming to join me on this forsaken continent !!

ok ok, granted ur busy with your "wedding" and you now have no time to talk to your college buddy of 6.. ok 8 years ago. but .. hufff... i did inform everyone i was getting married.

wait. i think she did mention to me, she was getting married. did i Forget???

uh oh. i wonder how many more of those i have forgotten.

UH.. OH. i need to check on gmail. darn i wish it had better search.

quick ! what time is it in india, i need to call some college buddies. oh no shoot too late. quick what time is it in europe? how about new zealand??? anyone awake anywhere in the world. i have 3 minutes before my next meeting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

iNtELLigEnT tRoLLinG

if i was smart. you know what i would do.

i would script something on FB that would troll through my contacts every day and leave a happy b'day message.
it doesnt have to be a special message. just a "hey! happy b'day. have a great year.. blah blah"

done. then i dont have any mortal enemies. and the burden is on THEM to reply back to me nicely for remembering their b'day.

if i was smart, i would turn my entire FB over to a troll. i might have a better social life too.

stupid M rejected my upgrade to an iphone 4S. baaka.

yes i am learning japanese now, since i'm on the 198th episode of na-ru-to.
ha! baaka M.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

rOaD tRiP mEmoRieS

this is what happens if you don't listen to your mechanic and get your alignment fixed before a 3000 mile road trip. K! you failed me !! YOU are the auto genius in the family.. that's why i married you!! pfffft

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

yOuR uPdAte cAMe a LiTtLE tOo eARLy

this is great. just great.
you ask me to come. nay infact you literally plague me with needy emails to come help you.

i finally make tickets to fly across the country. book my hotel, book my rental car, book my cab. book the heck out of my itinery. and then what happens?
then you call me 6 hours before my flight, and tell me you fixed the issue. so you don't need me to come after all.

this is great. just great.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

oNLinE gAmEs

facebook is wonderful. if nothing else, fb is filled with my 16 year old cousin and her classmates. and like a gazillion pics of her with couple of other ppl , looking cute [ what? i did say they're looking cute .. that's about as nice as i can be ]

what is wrong with 16 year old girls. was i as giddy back then ? god i hope not.
ok, so i log in once a while, when i'm completely bored. and just want to find that one person i feel like sending a message. i mean it IS an online glorified address book, isn't it? but lo ! what do i find?
3 pages of pics of my cousins and all of them with comments such as
"sooooper cute"
"looking cool"

which is OK. i can scroll down. it's ok, i don't have carpal tunnel syndrome at all.

but then i find, pics of children. 5 YEAR old children on my status updates. good lord , i have peers who have 5 year old children ? who are then decked up like mini-creepy brides for their 5th b'day ?
and i have to look at those pics ??

sigh. ofcourse then i give up and start playing angry birds.

i wonder how many honest ppl spend time on farmville. the other day , my cab driver spent a good 20 minutes talking about how great farmville was. so, we don't have the time or the back bone to actually farm anything. not even plant a cactus. and yet we are perfectly happy , staying online harvesting fruit or raising virtual sheep. isn't it great?
is there already a game for hunter-gatherers? i mean its kind of biased against the agri folks isn't it? maybe a game for hunting down animals and driving them to extinction. how about discovering new continents and giving all the natives hep B ?
that's a good game? "here, i now name this continent Ninjaland and now you all can die of syphilis"

Friday, November 4, 2011

gOoD LuCK FriEnD

so i have a friend in the office. is it politically incorrect to mention that she's from the land up north at home and she's getting married in true style to someone from who's a lot less north from home ?
ok i'll be slightly less obscure.. she's chinese , he's marathi. specific enough for you?

i think it's awesome. Ofcourse. i especially envy their indo-chinese wedding which is apparently meeting up at an office, signing a few papers and then driving home. she's apparenlty planning to wear jeans.
sigh... hello.. Jealous !
no fuss , no muss. i mean if i could just sign some paper online and send an email.. how awesome would that be?

like clicking an "I accept" button at the end of a 42 page contract with Apple or Google.

cool huh. i wonder how cool would weddings be, if all we had to do was click a button or some kind of a digital signature... man i am way ahead of my times.


it's been a while since i felt this numbing in the nether regions of my digits. jeez, when will this winter end [ ok so it's been about 2 days since it started ]. did i mention that i hate icy winters. did i mention that i hated my time in pitts.

while i spend all my time getting over the weather and watching naruto.. [ yes my new and already fast fading obsession ]

it's friggin cold out here. never a fan of the north-eastern weather, now i'm steadily regretting my long drawn draggin my feet decision to move to the noreast.
can we move to california? or bangalore?
how about next week ??

i can hear my manager quickly getting bugged with me. he just completed my transfer request form after a month of him dragging HIS feet. hope i atleast get a raise out of it.

on the other side of the globe, ppl have kindly informed that i am giving birth in 2.. nay 3 months. THANKS for the headsup aunties !! i never even KNEW.... imagine my shock if you hadn't taken it upon your kind selves to inform me and it had just ... just happend??

what a blessing aunties are.. aren't they ? the happy gossiping penguins !! aaAARgh.

what DO you say, when ppl tell you that. hellooooo i know maybe i put on a few pounds.. but i'm not THAT fat. hmmmmph darn these cookies.