Thursday, February 25, 2010

puRrs LiKe a kiTteN

so i got my car serviced today. and after a reallly long time, it actually runs like how it's supposed to. in fact, to use inappropriate metaphors like Dan Brown, it's as smooth as dark soy chocolate milk flowing down your throat on a hot summer day.

ha! u thot i was gonna talk about K purring like a kitten. didn't you?? weeeellllll, i can neither confirm nor deny that rumour, and neither can i confirm nor deny the involvement of a large containment of chocolates that might or might not have exchanged hands for my silence on that matter.
oh ha! you'r not gonna get any info THAT easily.
but yumm these chocolates are deLISH!!

on another note. i DID get my car serviced, my ISP moved over. shifting is well under way. the total cost of me getting bored and moving out of my house is turning into quite a large number
200 to cancel verizon
400 for my car - ok its not really related. but i just like adding large numbers
300 for my tooth - wat exactly does this have to do with me moving again ?
xxx for new bed ?
xxx for new couch ? i wonder what's a good price. should i buy, shouldn't i??
aaaah decisions decisions.

i also signed up for a house on the ground floor. and all those who know my penchant for forgetting to lock doors, close windows.. [ mebe declaring this on a public website and one that's SO widely read isn't such a great idea.... ] wooops.

but i'm excited. finally moving to MY space after ... uuhhh lets see. FOUR years. well that took awhile.

and finally have a proper kitchen for the first time in my life. [ i don't consider one counter, or a kitchen that i share with other humans, as a proper kitchen. ]
only I shall rule in MY domain. :D
[ oh that's just something new i've picked up.. my evil laugh. hillarious isn't it?? i know !!]

ok so. i shall set this house in my image [ oooh not pretty ]
and i shall set this kitchen to reflect my food habits [ which means bread, jam and pasta in the pantry? ]
and the living room shall be a sweet haven of comfort [ currently have NO living room furniture except for a floor cushion. ppl who come to my house, be ready to sit on top of each other on the floor cushion. ]
and the bedroom shall soothe even the most tired person who will be lulled to the land of dreams... [ i don't like the thermostat, so its usually freeze-ur-butt-off-cold-ass freezing in my bedroom. ]

so when r u coming home?

Friday, February 12, 2010

hAVe a niCe wOrK daY

things i hear at work on a normal day -

"i'm in the midst of resetting my brain"

"you need to internalize this data and come up with better answers"
< while i'm at it, should i masticate it too? >

"you need to be a go getter"
< no i mean really, what do you want me to do? just tell me wat to do next man >

"we need a home run on this and you should hit the ball out of the ballpark"
< oh good lord in heaven, we've gone to sports metaphors NOW !!! >

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LearNinG iT in bABy sTePs

maybe I envy you. you with your smiles and charm and the ability to say the perfect thing. or maybe you even care? i wouldn't know...
I was like that till the mid 2000's. with the usual. "oooh nice outfit", or "ooooh nice wall hangings" or "oooh nice pulao, you cook awesome food".

with the being polite, and the constant lying. all the time, white lies to make ppl feel better. and observing more and more ppl, doing that and getting disillusioned coz it was almost like second nature. it didn't even bother anyone.
a white lie here, a wihte lie in their day and they didnt even give it a second thought. so ingrained in their lives, and nature's that it came out .. all smooth as better and so what if it was just empty words that basically was just sound to fill airwaves??


and THAT's when i gave up, turned around, looked them dead in the eye, and said ....
"ugh, i hate coconut. no i wouldn't like to taste those macaroons."
"it doesnt look good on you." and sometimes the "you look ugly in pink"
"WHO made that swan crochet thingy??? its hideous!"

whatever came to my mind.

ofcourse it didn't make me POPULAR.
it made me a social nuisance. coz i wasn't playing the games anymore. all the stupid games ppl play. ofcourse i had awkward moments. and ok i didn't lose my sanity completely, so i didn't say EVERYTHING on my mind.

but i lost that natural ability to be charming and say those lil white lies. now it's natural to me to say the truth. and THAT's dangerous. coz no one wants to hear it. not even me from other ppl.

and since i can't bear to take the responsibility for any of my actions ( :P childish and immature, yes yes ) and yes, maybe its coz my tolerance for stupidity is really decreasing to new lows.... i completely blame this on all the ppl i was hanging out for the last couple of yrs. continuous exposure to fakeness and fake smiles and showing fake concern, i think THAT's wat really snapped my mind.

and suuuuuuure i embarrass myself sometimes. boy!! do i!!
i dunno if i really want to be like you again. i'm not sure i want to go back to uttering those crappy inanities. what i really wish, was i genuinely liked those things or genuinely cared about it.
N was like that, and that's why i used to like him. until he got a gf and she tamed him.
zero social skills. its a surprisingly light way to live. where your not bothered by the layers and layers of complex social skills, that we learn from childhood, so we can be one of the herd.

aargh hate being one of the herd.

but once again, i'm just rambling by now.

so anyways, i'll go back to at least controlling my truths to myself. i mean who really cares if i think ur center pieces are hideous. u didn't ask for my opinion right? and i need to make it an instinct to keep my mouth shut.
and i guess that's the next step. sigh.

so much to learn, so much time to goof up till i do!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oFfiCe wOeS

poor S. trying to make me watch some show on TV, or read it online in the manga format for the last couple of months...

poor S, doesnt know that constant pestering and insisting i do something doesn't make me more inclined to do it but in fact WOULD make me more inclined to hiss, spit and claw some furniture...

dude, really give it a rest. i'm NOT gonna watch a show that has 400 episodes and has still not finished.

gosh this has been a long week. and only coz i spent last week on stumpleupon; god's gift to procrastination. :P

got my yearly review back from M who as u all have already met is my manager. after the usual complaints, that i shud do this and do that ( less procrastination ) he said one of the main comments he had was my written communication skills were poor.


< awkward silence >


< crickets chirping >


< me staring blankly at him >

really? REALLY? my spoken communication is good? and my written communication is terrible??

sigh... i wonder where i can go to learn some written "formal" english.

ps: the only official stuff i've written in a yr out here is my status reports which goes like this.
today i did this. yest i did that. and the day before i tried this and miserably failed.

i wonder how he can do it. the guy sitting next to me, i mean in the next cubicle.
How he can go from meeting to meeting repeating the same information to different ppl. so much for being a planner. ha! if he had planned it better, he cud have said what he had to say ONCE or put it clearly in an EMAIL in "very proper formal english".

really i might just stab him in the eye one of these days with this fork.right this very fork thats on my desk right here.

aargh, go to a conference room you... you... planner!!


its sunny out today. and seriously! its hard to stay in a foul mood, when its sunny outside. and while i blink slowly and turn towards the sun, like a sunflower, just so i can soak up some rays. i feel a little less like a vampire.


yaay sunny days are here again. i don't care wat mother nature says, its officially spring in my book and i'm packin away my winter gear!!

wHy sO seRioUs

many ppl , that is really many many ppl asked me many questions about the wedding. one of them was -
"whyyyyy aren't you smiling in any of the reception snaps??????? it's ONLYEEE once in a life time [ well we don't know that, and while chances are that i wouldn't want to go thru THAT again, it cud be arranged.. mebe a second reception !! :O ]! and you'll never get that day again!"

well, the short answer to that is - i was reaaaaaaaaaaaallly tired as the reception was the next day and i didn't have time to recover from the wedding.

the long answer is - i was actually frowning in concentration trying to decide if i was gonna faint, and if i did, the best angle to do that. see, now when skinny ppl faint, they look all airy and dainty and fragile. when .. ahem 'healthy' ppl faint - that too on stage, they look like a sack of burnin hot potatoes.
and then i'd have to field the inevitable questions, and wise ass remarks.
"i hope the stage didn't crack"
"i hope the earth didn't crack"
"did we just have an earth quake?"

haha very funny guys.
yes , so i was calculating many things in my mind. there are lots of logistics to fainting u know.. right side, left side. away from the crazy person who just grabbed my hand to shake it. back at my seat? falling towards K is surely a recipe for falling flat on my face as he seems to be busy shaking random person i dunno #447's hand. hmmm..

so u see, no wonder i wasn't smiling in any of the pics.