Sunday, December 28, 2008

nEw rEsoLUtioNs - 2

this year in 2009

1. i will not watch any purple octopus singing and dancing stupid songs. [ i'm hoping, if this is a resolution, then i can give that as a valid excuse. "sorry, its my new yrs resolution. you can't make me watch this along with ur devil spawned tiny tot. woops i don't mean to call you the devil, but are you sure ur not??" ]

2. i will not be a wuss. i will eat all my vegetables and that includes the mellon family and eggplant family. why? actually there is no logical reason i shud EVER have to eat anything that squishy. so scratch that. [ ok i will continue to be a wuss ]

3. i will not be a wuss and allow 4 year olds to walk all over me >_<. [ no no no. i won't bend over and be your horse just coz your mommy thinks its cute ]

4. i will not have children in 2009. [ yesssss. push it off for another yr... ok ok as i point out to the fascinated horror of many. technically you DON't NEED to be married to have kids. :D boy oh boy, u should just watch ppl's face when you do that.
them: u need to get married. ur getting old. u shud have childen.
you: why? who says u need to be married to have children? , < say it blandly >
them: appalled silence. blood draining of their face....noo you wudn't... ]

5. be kind to fellow strangers. everyone has the right to be a stupid jackass.
[ heyy anon this is for you. see? i already removed that one post about.. ok ]

6. i will go to india. [ its been 3 years? thats it? seems forever... ]

7. i will pepper spray anyone asking about my marriage and prince charming or anyone wishing me that i get married soon to be 'happy'. [ heyy mebe my prince charming got distracted by this blonde swedish bimbette. what the heck am i supposed to do >_< let it go already ]

8. i will eat less ice cream

9. i will eat more chocolate icecream [ i meant i'd eat less vanilla ]

10. i will not whine anymore. [ :O ooooooh NOW we're getting to the heavy stuff. tough one QoD. lets see how long before you break. 10 says she doesn't last till noon ]

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