Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ca'T nOT faCe iT

nyhooo what do you do when ur confronted with the stupidity of the world and the harsh harsh reality of it. no matter how you try to ignore it, it just smacks you in the face. heyy you can avoid the news, stop reading the papers... since todays news is anyways obsolete tomoro and its already tomoro in australia, all news is automatically rendered redundant [ ya thats why i stay away from the news. pfft ]
and yet, your whacked in the head by reality and told "heyy look at me. i'm getting worse"
so someone killed themselves over increasing debt. someone i knew. someone who lived close to my house. reminds me of the time my grandma's second cousin's sister-in-law's cousin's family.... the time the entire family hung themselves. the kids were teenagers. and no i don't know why.
:-/ [ ya i know ]
look at all this and tell me you want to bring a kid into this.
how do u equip them to handle this stuff. i'm thinking my unique style of a combination of burying my head in the sand and cracking inappropriate jokes is not quite the way you want to go.... i KNOW i'm not capable of handling reality. i'm just asking if your sure "ARE YOU?"

mebe the answer is you teach the kids to think about it. sympathize with it. and understand the world is not perfect, but its all we got. and sometimes bad things happen. which is no one's fault. but it happens. and people have to move on to rebuild their lives. and we shudn't lose heart nor humility and gratefulness for how lucky we've been so far. and try to be better human beings everytime we're reminded on how it really cud be soo much worse. and try to lend a helping hand to others who might be going through a bad patch.. etc etc.
well what was it anon said?? be kind to others... yes yes. teach them all that.

too much heavy stuff. i'll just go back to burying my head in the sand. if i can't see trouble, then for sure trouble can't see me....

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