Wednesday, May 30, 2007

tAmiNg dE wiLD uN's

I went to this opera..
No, not a real one. what do u think I am ??? sane?
I went to an opera by first graders. my cousin was in it.
I have to admit it was a fascinating experience. like visiting a zoo.
a rare and exotic ecosystem of hyperactive kids whose habits resemble drunk baboons, and their excited parents who are busy capturing everything on tape so they can embarrass their kids 20 years later in front of their dates..

"so u want to marry my son eh ? excellent idea ! do u want to see videos of my son singing in an opera in the first grade ? he's soooo cute. infact all the shows he's done till today is on youtube... and..."

u get the idea. but seriously, it was pretty ok. ofcourse they were out of tune, most were in their own gaga land, some had no clue wat was going on and the teacher was desperately trying to salvage the situation by joining in with the hand movements...
ok ok they were seven i'll back off.
they were actually very good. when i saw the teacher giving cues to the kids , so that they knew the steps, i had a strange deja vu experience of seeing this in a circus. u know where the animal trainers tell the animal what to do by showing them weird hand signals and then u pat their head???
this way u get parrots to talk and dolphins to jump, mebe seals to clap..
nice to know kids are mental equivalents of parrots. hey. i meant the really smart one's.

now i'm not so scared of them anymore. parrots are harmless, unless they attack you and gouge out one of your eyes, right? you don't suppose that happen often, right?

ok ok i gotta go... see ya later !!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

sPreAd yOur wiNGs

This is dedicated to you.
well don't be so surprised, Yes I'm perfectly capable of making mass dedications to folks irrespective of who they are.

Annnnyways... i think this song is uber cool and mebe its just me, but i felt much much better after listening to this song.
not so much of a loser , and the glimmer of possibilities at a far distance...

and this time i'm NOT gonna crack the joke that the far away light cud be an oncoming train :P , no i'm not gonna, no matter how tempted I am...

oh tosh ! i got nothing more to say .. well then enjoy the song and i'll be back when .. well i'll be back.

oh btw watch "The Secret".

Thursday, May 3, 2007


"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you have tried."

The worst part of having a bad experience is when you KNOW , your gonna learn absolutely NOTHING from it, but use it instead to write a blog.

I mean the least you cud do was actually learn from you mistakes , right? so that you wouldn't repeat them again ?
Oh but Nooooo.... who said I had that much sense. and if I did, would I even be here?

When you have failed miserably, there is a little ( the operative word being little )
consolation if you have built character bcoz of it. But when all u do is write a blog and then promptly forget about it, thats when I get reaaaaally worried.

Oh its gonna be this way, from now on. You get a quote in every blog and honest to God there will be an attempt at finding gud ones. after all what else do I do in class ?

Maybe this is a good time to drop out and start a comic series... now if only I could draw and had a killer idea .....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

cOdiNG loSErs

I'm one of them. complete loser when it comes to c++ coding.

its funny coz i always thot logic was one of my USP, and then comes along pointers...
with its hillarious error messages .. very informative btw -
" system error - aborting , sorry for the inconvinience "

sorry , my ass !!
they say when it works its one of the most beautiful things. puuuhlease..
the operative word is not when, its an if.

why i crib ? well after spending like hours and hours on something , after having working code in matlab. then try and converting it to c++. after hours n hours of core dumps... do u still wonder?

one thing is for sure. i'd rather , do java than c++. but am afraid... very very afraid.. i think am stuck with c++ for a long long time... god i cud cry !

i can feel my damn computer heating up trying to process all these images.
its just not right.. uh oh its slowing down now..

oh crap think its cras.....