Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fOnd MemORieS aNd beAtiNGs - 2

my favorite passtime when i was a kid was to annoy my mom. :P
nothing irritated her more than to have me spout readers digest and womens era platitudes to her.

things like
-"the best way to teach a kid is to set an example" < when i caught her lying to a friend >

-"you should never tell your child, they're useless. it destroys their self esteem." < when she was frustrated i wudn't do my chores. i didn't even know what self esteem meant. i was 6? 7? >
[ heyy in my defense the only objection i had was that i got the laundry chores coz i was the 'girl' and my brother got away scot free coz he was a 'boy' and never needed to know that. hufff. in my book fair is fair. the exact argument she used was that i wud need to know how for my husbands house!! goddamn it. i was SEVEN!! and besides, i admit it, i'm fat-ass lazy ]

-"desire is the root cause of all unhappiness. so said budhha." < when she tried to make me covet baubles for my uncles wedding >
"everyone will be wearing such grand jewelry, don't you want gold bangles too? why don't you ask your dad for new gold bangles" [ guess who got to wear them for the wedding :D ]

-"this is no way to raise a child. the readers digest says you should always justify your orders with rational explanations. not just say - coz i said so" < when i didnt understand why i had to do something and my brother didn't"
"screw the readers digest. your not my mother in law!!"

women's era was a complete washout man. it took me for-ever to understand the meaning of the magazine name. i didn't understand half the aunty agony columns, and i spent most of the time looking at the pictures of food in the recipe section and pestering my mom to make them. but the biggest problem was that if i was caught reading that magazine back then.... oooh boy somebody gotta get hurt realll bad!

oh btw i still use that
"aasewe dukhkhake moola kkarana" line on her. esp when she starts on her wish list. u ever notice how that wish list NEVER EVER decreases with time. just the opposite it increases exponentially!!

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  1. wat does that line mean?
    its not in hindi for sure!