Friday, December 26, 2008

nO kiDdiNG

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shush shush.
don't make so much noise. i think their attention is diverted for a second. they're not looking this way.
this is perfect. but we gotta make it quick. oh and you better not sneeze just as we've got one foot outside the door....

heyy. you try shaking off a whole horde of the lil devils when they're stuck to you like barnacles. awfully sweet kids, but... ya but. there's always a but somewhere isn't there? and you got to lay the rules right in the start.

No no NOO its not ok to hit me on the head with your wooden folding chair. >_<
oww owww quit pulling my hair. hey hey heyyee don't sneak up on me and pinch me kid. heyy if you do that again.. i'm gonna ... gonna.... i'm gonna Tell your MOM.


oh btw i have it on good authority, that i'm the mental equivalent of a 9 yr old.
the good lady was so amazed she kept staring at me and shaking her head...
"man ur just an overgrown 9 yr old aren't you??"
"look how happily she's eating the idlis :O"
"its like having another kid, no wonder she fits right in"
"why don't you tell the rest ice-cream before dinner isn't goo... oh you've already started eating the ice-cream"

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaahh stay away stay away go go go all systems go Wilson.. make a dash for the doooooooo.........

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