Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hApPy nEW YEAR tO e1

heyy AAAA,
sorry i missed ur call. was in a party. who knew middle aged ppl with pre teen kids cud party so wild!! on the other hand i might be really really sub standard in the party scene thing.

u soo missed it, seeing me in drag i mean. u know i was trying it for the first time. applying heavy duty makeup myself. yeah didn't turn out that great. but the good news is that kids didn't run screaming when they saw my face. yaay :)

nyhooo happy new yr!! and no i'm not drunk. just a lil tired out from dancing like insane. normally i don't do the whole happy new yr and all that jazzy stuff, but this yr i'm soo buzzed u know.. so here it goes. happy new yr!!
may all your troubles last as long as your new yr resolutions!! ok ok MY new yr resolutions!!
what else? oh ya noo i'm not drunk. another yr ushered in sober, where i'm still single. and [ no no not ready to mingle... that's so tacky , maaan ] wait why am i talking about being single?? must be really buzzed. wat i meant to say was where i still didn't have a single drink. so prob means i'll end yr 2009 a teetotaller too.

k now i'm too bussed.... no buzzed. so happy new yr and have a.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
< fallen flat on the screen >

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