Thursday, August 30, 2007

tRAiL miX

there are some scary nuts out there in the world !

go and read any forum, any public discussion or anywhere where a whole bunch of people post their opinions /suggestions...
u'll immediately see them crawling out the woodwork.. while i was always one who held out that there was yet some hope for mankind, even i'm hard pressed to admit that we're slowly losing our sanity in this age.

while there are a whole horde of ppl peacefully living their lives and making the best of what they can, ther's also a whole bunch of crazies out there. and i don't mean crazy in the haha ur funny crazy sort of way. i mean the scary crazy - we'll come to your house and chop u up kind of way.

scary. sends shivers down my spine. imagine an outbreak of something like mad cow disease amongst humans. jeez , though some say it might have already happened :-/

toO sOoN

its been 4 days and i can't believe i'm already ill.

i just feel like sticking my head in the sink... and throwing up.

groan.... i know this feeling ... this feeling of the walking zombie. of the feeling of having more on your plate than i can probably handle...

but somehow after all the cribbing there's a strange exhilaration.. life is gud. it just is.

didn't i mention somewhere that i was disgustingly cheerful. :P

on another note, everyone who reads my posts. both of u that is, shud remember that all i write is written in my personal strange vein of humor. never meant to offend and if someone is offended, well....
well heck i'm not gonna apologize !! but .. really not much i can do to make u feel better now is there ?

mebe u shud learn to laugh at yourself. mebe i can give u a couple of links where ppl have ridiculed me. oh trust me there are a few, and they'r hillarious and i was sooo pissed after reading them .. lol
a gud read anyday and guaranteed to cheer u up.

its a tough world , isn't it? anything u do or say may go op on someone's blog. scary !!

but life is ridiculously funny. and everyone is insane. and the sooner u realize that the sooner you'll get the joke.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

pOst iT

this is soooo stupid its funny.

i post a letter the other day and address it the way i've always been taught ..
to on top, from at bottom.

and guess what ? this freakin place MUST do it the other way around musn't it ?
so i ended up posting the letter to myself.

man its ridiculous. well there's something crossed of my must-do-before-30 list

tEn rEasONS

I'm just going to document this , coz i see myself sending this to a lot of guys over the next couple of decades...
this is solid gold advice for the guys... girls mebe next time..

so, your not interested. and you don't know how to wriggle out of another fixup.
well don't go around saying anything willy nilly and getting me into trouble.

there are parent certified and non parent certified excuses. the trick is figuring them out and then making sure u give the excuses that don't get ANYONE into trouble..

for some reason parents don't understand incompatibility. they just tell you to work harder.. work harder at what ??? really pissing each other off??? thats working reaal well already ..
but one thing they DO understand is if you tell them the girl is incredibly ugly.
now you have a prob if she's not, coz u obv cant tell them that. they immediately know ur upto something.
but if she's a normal lookin person, or like most of the population, prob has atleast one flaw, then there's ur answer. if its me. well there ya go !! u got ur excellant excuse ready :D

another one which fits all girls(sorry girls :D) is that u can just tell them she's wierd. thats it. nothing more. thats sufficiently vague and also something they cant argue around. its ALSO something they cant tell my mother who in turn will NOT chew me up for being an ass.

so don't tell them stuff like i said i didn't have time (i prob don't)...
actually don't tell them anything i said. thats just gonna come back and bite me in the ass and cause a lot of grief all around, coz then i gotta save my skin and deploy counter attacks :-/

hmm i did say ten reasons didn't i ?

well then ther's
self obsessed
career oriented (most parents hate such girls)
too serious
doesn't have same future plans as me (neither prob has ANY plans but this cud work)
not serious at all ( u gotta use the one which is opp to u for this one to be of any use)
not career oriented enough (??!! not sure if this will fly so mebe we better skip it)
no personality
don't like her. (this is one of the simplest and one of the best. its so vague that no one can say anything against it. though if u have a thinking parent they may ask you to justify it.. then u gotta repeat any of the above)

and u get the idea...
now u understand that NONE of these have to be true. they just have to be convincing.
some of the things u shud NOT be tellin are

she's got a boyfriend ( even if this IS true, dude, ur just gonna have crowshit on ur hands, if not the boyfriend behind u)
she said ______________. (again don't repeat conversations.. its such a turn off guys. u really dont want to turn into a bitch)
she parties too much
she doesnt want to have kids (hey this may be true, but if my mom comes to know i actually said that she WILL have my head)

and etc....

so by now, u shud have some idea how to do this gracefully without sending everyone involved into a panic attack ...
the best way ever is ofcourse, to actually grow a pair of balls and tell the girl herself, instead of her finding out from a 2 AM angry call from her mother.
:-/ {grimace}

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

tiMe fOR a cHaNGe

for a change !

for all the hindi fans out there. ofcourse only 2 people are probably reading this blog ....

so this is for you and me :P

and if your not a fan of hindi music, well u shud still listen. u never know when something has the potential to surprise you...

wAt i'VE dOne

yeah yeah i know.
its overkill...

but i want this up here, so sod off !
on another note, since the sem has started , u see so many kids panicking, running around.. and worried. will they survive another gruelling semester ? will they be in hell on earth ? will they wish they were never born ?

have you read games people play ? by eric berne ?
u should, he has a very interesting hypothesis bout the roles people play in every day transactions...

yeah yeah i know i'm entering the geek mode, but say, if i'd rather spend an evening in the lab rather than in a club, doesn't that make me a geek ??

but look at the video. go on, take a look and mebe u'll think twice before u decide not to recycle or u throw away food, or before ur polluting the planet or before u pass by a hungry kid without doing anything bout it

"be nice to geeks, one day u'll be working for them."
- bill gates

bUt i hATe miNe MOre

enuf of the slow mushy songs.

one of my favs, and if u've stuck with me so far. HAS to be one of yours too...

bAck tO heLL

what do you do when your prof tells you , he has submitted a paper in your name to some conference???

run screaming through the floor and jump out the window.
thats what you do.

am screwed.

no really. if i thought last sem was hard. this sem am done for.
forget friends. forget hanging out. forget everything. forget timepass.

am done for.

Monday, August 27, 2007

fiRSt dAy oF cLaSseS

am exhausted , but i think i love it.
and it reminds me why i came back.

i'm sure that before 2 months, i'll be heartily cursing myself. but then when this all is over and i know i'll walk the stage. i can be happy that i did it. after all the fighting, the pain.

to continue, its a penance. isn't that wat my prof had said so long ago. and if the fire is in us, we'll embark on a journey. long and painful. but in the end
we'll be able to paint all the colors of the wind ....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


so i did it again. worked my magic.

nope i aint telling u wat i did ;P and its not anything ur thinking right now

on another note, sem starts tomoro and gud luck to all my classmates out there !!
this is a wildly inappropriate song ( as in a song that does not fit anything related to the starting of fall not inappropriate as in censored) dedicated to u !!!

can't wait till dec !!!

ciao :P

bEfoRE scHOoL sArTS

so we had a party yest at home.

it was cool fun. the first party we hosted at home, after i came here. realized that a party means a lot of cleaning !

well after the potluck we were supposed to go to a club. but we went there, its raining and then we see, that they need a age proof id. but most of us we don't have that.

and one of us wasn't even 21 !!!

so after a lot of wandering on the street in the rain and dark. we come home. play games, chat a bit and then everyone goes home...

lol some party.
though for a bunch of geeks was pretty gud i think... am too hung over for a better post !


Friday, August 24, 2007

LeT tHE gaMeS bEGiN

how do you approach your own doom.
how do u approach a long obstacle course where u know it involves swimming underwater for a really long time and potential drowning ?

you take a deep breath before you jump into the water ....
and mebe listen to this song.
a lot.

you just have a vague memory of the prev semester. your optimistic that you won't actually goof of so much this semester. that you'd have learnt your lesson and also some time management in the process....

hey its gonna be tough. no one promised a cruise , now, did they ?
i know i'm probably repeating this video in the blog. but what the heck.
don't crib, mute it for chrissake !!!

this is such a high energy song. and all you really need is loads of energy. for those late nights.
for those days ur brain is gonna hurt.
like physically hurt.

for all those moments when ppl around are losing their minds and trying to drag u in with them. u know like the zombies of the undead...
take courage.
take hope.

it'll be over before u realize it.
you don't know wats next ? you'll know when the time is right?

grades? jobs? marriage? life?
ships? gigantic iceberg? titantic? ocean?

oh i'm sorry i thot we were doing some kind of word association...

oh come on. cheer up , its only gonna get worse ;)

tHaT's nOT a NicE tHinG tO saY

you know what tends to be surprising to me everytime. its how i forget that everyone is a story waiting to be told.
at any point in your life look at the people around you, and there's a story waiting to be told. if you only have the time and the patience to listen.
too many times i think we rush through lives barely glancing at the folks around us.
all too often caught up in our own lil lives, pretending we're the centre of the universe and our problems are probably wat the fate of the universe hangs on. but sometimes, just sometimes, we stop for a sec in our mad dash through the rat race which passes off for living these days and listen with astonishment when the person next to us ( also racing, but paused ) tells us a story. of a life that makes us think,
"well i'll be damned,....."

and i'm astonished not by the stories, (though they are sometimes stranger than fiction itself) , but at how often i have to be reminded bout what's real and what's important.

and ofcourse you get to meet well meaning friends who tell you in a very kind tone,
that they like hanging out with you , coz ur not a very threating person to their ego. u know... like not a very intellectually intimidating person.
oh thnx THAT really cheers me up :-/

just what i needed. to be told that half the people think my head is filled with vanilla. ofcourse then they did say i was not very boring also. which apparently was the other half of the reason they liked to hang out with me.
glad to be of service. oh noooooo. my feelings aren't hurt at aaaaaaalllll....

hmmmph i'm still miffed.... sniff....
ur lucky i didn't hit u with - what u kindly said - were my massive arms.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


in this crazy life, through these crazy times...
hey its a nice song, so sue me if i aint got no crazy ramblings to go with it

oh well

this song is a tribute to actually doing absolutely nothing of value today. yup feels gr8 to be completely unproductive. the true meaning of a summer break and i guess now i'm really american !

have a gud day !

Monday, August 20, 2007

tHE sHOwiNg

u know i thought bout this for a while.. and it always puzzled me.

why do girls hate the whole guy-coming-to-see-her routine ?
i think i can now figure it out ..

have u ever been to one of those shows ?? chances are u haven't. i call it a show , coz that exactly what it is. it struck me today. the girls hate it so much coz they feel exactly like the poodle with a ribbon in its ear in a dog show.
u know.
the owners primp the poodle, give it a nice makeover. and very proudly strut around with the poor dog on a leash. take it thrice around the circle. and then ask it to perform some moronic tasks, to show its accomplishments.. if u do well , u may even get the prize !! the sappy propsect !
yup. thats precisely why girls hate those whole 3 ringed circus shows that passes off for guy-coming-to-see-the-girl thing. and does he come alone and only once?

first his parents. then his mom's sisters, then his dads sisters. then his grandma, then his siblings , then if they all go back to report that things are ok. the girl isn't some hideously deformed frankenstien , then the visually sensitive chap comes along. and u know, just KNOW that all of them come just to 'check' you out. they dont care what you think bout the russian presidents stance on chechnya, or what you think of the Israeli situation of the middle east.

and for all these visits , wat does the girls mom do? u know wat she's gonna be doing. cooking up a storm, embarrassing her daughter by insisting that the girl cooked it. (heck i cud swear my mum did that once, needless to say i think i gave her a look that wud freeze hell itself. prob why the guy said no, i might have included him in it too ..)
and all throughout they'll have this insane proud air coz the parents have toiled for 23 odd yrs and produced this prize specimen of a ....of a... wat ? cow? dog?
i'd say cow.
u know.... in a cow market ? where the farmer raises this calf and then goes to sell the cow. how proud he is?
yup parents look exactly like that.
and u know how the farmer endlessly tells you how gud the teeth and hooves are ??
yup yup
u know what i'm talking bout, don't you ??

oh no. i dont mind at all if u think i can make samosas and if u hallucinate that i'll be making them for you everyday after the wedding. don't mind at all.

yeah , i'm surprised it never struck me before. we don't really care if u wanna 'see' us. its just the creepy feeling of being a cow in a market or a poodle in a dog show that gets on the nerves sometimes.
i gtg now. i have to pretend to make tea. uh oh there goes the doorbell, quick where's my ribbon ?? .......

lAuGHing aT cLOUds

its been raining crazy from morn. while the rest of the world finds themselves going insane becoz of the rain, i find myself mentally tap dancing.
reminds me so much of home. of m'lore. of tea. of warm beds. of kittens who'll cuddle in ur lap.
oh hot bhajjis.

of sitting in ur courtyard under a canopy, sipping tea and looking out the green fields soaking in the rain.
of school children walking home in the rain, sloshing in their rainy shoes. of oxen ploughing the fields, in the rain.
of me and my best friend parking our scooter and walking home in the rain, waving at astonished shopkeepers. of sneezes and sniffles and snuggling under warm rugs.


hmmmm singin... oh come on. dont be so grumpy. u have to admit this is a gud tune and a classic. oh come on. smile a bit, twirl that umbrella and the incessant rain aint so bad :P
let the stormy clouds chase ...

mmm singin... and dancing ...mmmm

Monday, August 13, 2007

wALkinG aWay

its a rainy day. this is a nice song and i'm in a fey mood.
enjoy the song !!

no random rambling today :P

Friday, August 10, 2007

u kNow

there's something wrong with you when -
its raining outside when u wake up , and u remember the umbrella when ur getting soaked on the way to work ...

someone's got it in for you when -
you buy an expensive sun screen lotion and the weather report says its gonna be raining for the next 6 months ...

its a disaster -
when you've been having a casual conversation off and on over the last 6 months with a person thinking it was person A, and yet you feel something doesn't add up...
and then one fine day realize the reason its not adding up, is coz its person B and you don't know person B that well...

its not meant to be -
when he says "i love you", and you think - "have I done my laundry this week ?"

its not meant to be -
when he says "i'm hurt, you were insensitive to my feelings" and you think -
"do you want matching bangles and nailpolish, now that you've had the sex change?"

its gonna be a tough course -
when your prof says, "i think 4 hours of sleep is plenty, come to me if your sleeping less than that"

this is gonna be a series post, i'll be adding to it with time. my fav u know.. an ongoing series...


Thursday, August 9, 2007

hEck wiTH iT

I had a busy week, but nothing spectacularly different ya know...
the same ol same ol...

talk with ppl, tell them what you think, get accused of being mentally unhinged....
have ppl suggest I get professional help.... call them retarded fuckheads... throw a tantrum .. nothing very new. the same ol same ol...

phew ! proving our sanity can be really very thirsty work. we could go for a drink right bout now. oh , u ask who is we??
well, since so many ppl already think we're off our rockers , there was no point in hiding all my multiple personalities... our multiple personalities... errr .. this cud get a lil confusing.. hang on while we figure it out....
oh fuck it.

thats my new fav word. at anything i want to ignore. or forget. i'll say bygones.
and in case u didn't get the obscure reference to prime time TV its from ally mcbeal.. no i dont have too much time on my hands to bring up obscure tv ...

ugh all this 'we' talk makes me feel like gollum from LOTR :-/ and trust me , even i can safely say i'm not THAT ugly.
anyhooooo wats new is that another one of the human race has declared me insane.
i believe the exact words were , and i quote verbatim -

"u have a history of disturbing behaviour. u look like ur bout to fall of the edge. u shud think of getting some professional help. have u looked at YOU recently"
oh and i believe the words extra terrestrial was also used somewhere....

HQ, our cover is blown.

now u know.

now i got not choice but to send Jeffrey after you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

sLiCK aS oiL

ok now am really pissed.

i mean really really pissed.

why ? oh u wanna know? i'll tell u why ! oh u don't wanna know ? we'll i'll still tell you.

ther's this chap. well its always bout A chap isn't it? bane of my life. these chaps.

anyways. some chap.. call him 'AS'. one short of another 'S' pings me talkin casually. askin how i am.
now , I can't remember who he is. I don't know who he is. he cud be anyone. my college buddy/ office buddy/ highschool buddy ..wait a sec didnt i go to an all girls high school ??? ok scratch that last one. unless someone had a sex change and i was not told. hardly think i'd forget that .. ok ok back to this retarded story.

so he pings me. and i say something suitably vague which is wat i always do when i dont know who i'm talking to. and suddenly he calls me. on gtalk ya know. hey now THATS an invasion of privacy !! i dont expect ppl to call me without warning. I'm in the lab !! u dont call me when i'm in the lab. hey if i dont know who u are theres a very gud chance u shudnt be calling me at all.
so now i was annoyed. shut him up and told him dude back off.

but does he listen ????

tells me some story that he's on an oil rig , feeling lonely ... yada yada yada..
ok ok. i get the point. ur in hell. my heart bleeds for u. but hey ur going home in 24 days. i'm going home in 240.
dude , grow a pair !!

ok ok i dont want to be mean so i listen to this for a while. and its been a slow season and i need the hunting practice..... but he goes on and on. and starts getting really whiney. now i have ABSOLUTELY zero patience.
ive slept for 3 hours every night for the past week. and my temper is sooooo close to a volcanic eruption.
hey you. yeah u. dont crib bout 12 hour workshifts to a person who works every waking hour and sleeps for only 4 hours on average.
12 hours is a luxury.

so he says "kill me"
honest to god. thats what he says.
"kill me"

wtf ??????
gladly dude, but unfortunately its physically impossible. we're thousands of miles apart.
hey, i'm not gonna sit and coo at a person i met online and i hardly know.

so he starts TELLINg me to be sure to get my headphones the next day so we can talk.
yeah right. why dont u hold your breadth ? thats gonna happen.
suuuuuuuuuuuuuure, it will...

ofcourse i told him no u nitwit ! waddaya take me for???

and now i was sooooooooo pissed. this was the limit. hey i'll give compassion a shot anytime but right now, i'd really like to sock someone on the nose. hmmmmph

hmmmmmmmmph is right. with one finger on the block button. i see he's asked me to wait a sec. now what ?
oh crap the same old drivel. am blocking this guy before i really loose my tem....

lAtE aT niGHT

it's late. actually very early.
oh i cant make up my mind. what is it if u haven't slept and its 5 AM in the morning ?

got a demo tomoro. a lot rides on that demo. i'd like to be worried ya know. but am sooo tired , that i cudn't care anymore.

its funny. now that school starts, i may actually find it more relaxing? i don't think so, but i won't be spending more time in school than i already am.

thats for sure. so sure. thats for sure.

god i hope it goes fine tomoro. else am dead.