Tuesday, December 23, 2008

biG hEAd oN mE

ok ok ok maybe my head is getting too big for me. hufff not literally man, i meant metaphorically. i mean who am 'I' to comment on these good decent folks???
for all i know they could be honest, god fearing citizens who are much better humans than me. [ i'm not hu... ok ok wee can address that later ]
most of you are now offended by my prev posts. some of you say that i complicate things too much.
"who does she think she is anyways?? its always been done that way. girls nowadays. just don't know their place" - [ dad's first sister when some girl refused her son ]
since i had like 6 uncles and a cousin brother married after my frontal lobes ad neo-cortex were developed. i was painfully aware of wat was happening and part of the girl hunting process.
i have to admit. it bothered me. a lot.
sometimes i'd be part of conversations where i'd be praying for a meteor to hit our house. most of the time i'd be silently cheering for the girls.

"no no she looks very joru [ tulu word meaning arrogant ]. she won't do at all. i want a paavam girl who won't answer back" [ NUMBER ONE CRITERIA OF MILs. mebe they shud get the worthless son married to a COW??? ]
"she's too dark"
"she's too short"
"she's too fat"
"she doesnt have good teeth"
"she's passed her degree" [ verbatim. and its a problem coz said uncle is a PUC runaway ]

is it any wonder that i would fight back??
when this whole bunch of ppl would sit around me and complain that
"girls don't listen to anyone anymore. want things done their way. too many expectations in the qualifications of the guys"
"girls nowadays. no respect for the institution of marriage. refuse to listen. money has spoiled them, made them joru."
[ you BET YOUR ASS money has spoiled them. go girls!!! ]
"not ready to compromise at all. refuse to listen to sense. and get married at 21-22."
TRUST ME. i was in the middle of THIS conversation May 2008. it went on for a solid hour and a half. and all the time i had a small smile on my face,looking down at my hands and not saying ONE word. i caught an uncle's eye in between [ he's a cool chap btw. a lil misguided, but true ] and he was like "OMG she's one of them. look at her silently defending her entire generation of girls!!"
thats when the lot of them pounced on me demanding to know if i thought like the rest of the girls 'out there'.
sorry, but i cudn't help grinning ear to ear as i cheerfully told them just exactly where they could stick it.

heyy its nice to be married. IF u find someone who can stand you. by all means go for it. i totally agree. but i don't NEED it like i need air to breathe. i don't NEED ppl telling me that if only you wud change this about yourself or that about yourself you cud get married. or i DON'T NEED ANYONE to tell me how i have to settle for something coz i'm growing old and will be lonely 30 years down the line. its an important distinction many fail to comprehend.
heyy, mebe i will be depressed and lonely later but atleast i won't be controlling this insane desire to bash his head in for the next 30 years.

and besides i'm not compatible with this species man. how many times i gotta tell you?

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