Monday, December 22, 2008

sTaY At HOme

i like the image i project. i guess i have to agree that i'm vain that way. hey, this look works for me. the slightly rumpled, glasses askew, uncombed hair piled on top of my head look. so what if i'm still wearing the same t shirt i had with me 4 yrs ago. its clean, its not torn. what more do u want? i just have to sleep in it. not go on national television darn it. who pays 20 dollars for 'home clothes' anyways??? color coordinated jammies. ha! its all a scam run by big companies to fool females into thinking they need to get this stuff to look gud. aaah i'm onto them. gimme that money and let me buy myself a book.

so i didnt comb my hair today. atleast its in a clip on the top of my head. hair is a waste of time anyways. the world wud be a lot better off if we all collectively shaved our heads. [ heyy wierd is just a matter of perspective ok ? :P ]
ok ok so when in the mood i can look reasonably ok. i mean i can pass off as human. but the rest of time?? in the confines of my own home? where a man [ and a woman ] is supposed to be comfortable?? oh come on ppl. gak! leave that shirt alone. its a perfectly gud shirt. < give it back!! >

ok so i look sleepy any time of the day u poke me. and i may look confused.. when ppl are talking to me. thats not a crime... go bug someone else. i dont have to look sharp at 3 in the afternoon, just coz u said so... heyyy stay away from my bunny floppy shoes !! they keep my feet warm!!

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