Thursday, July 22, 2010

SpOkeN biTeS

it's hard talking to extended family on the other side.
i thought it was hard to get along old fogeys in my family before..

but after last dec, there are a few concepts i find hard to digest .. oh forget accept.

the notion that there now is my "side" of the family and his "side". really really hate that. i mean i cannot even begin to describe how much i hate that term and that concept. family is family and should be hated/barely tolerated/ignored equally.

its a medieval very colloquial term, that we've heard ppl using all our lives and which seems to express literally what it's supposed to... but it also somehow conveys a division... or a partition if you will. which i really don't want to.
i mean i already was pretty busy, making fun of "my" folks, now if i have to make fun of "his" folks. then i'd like to make fun of all of "them".. toegther.
keeps it simpler for my brain, that way.

( but you know what i mean .. just the idea of having to keep the... ahem.. "relatives" seperate and make fun of them seperately is gonna burn some extra cycles in my brain. which i don't wanna do )

so here's me banishing the sides and mashing them all up together. from now on, i shud refer to all the .. ahem.. relatives in some single group way. yet to be defined.

( i need to find a funny name but yet not too insulting , u know? coz some of them are really computer literate and might be reading this as i type.. ok not as i type.. but you know what i mean. and its really hampering my style < ya right! > )

so. getting back to the list.
what was i saying again ?
oh ya stuff i never get used to.

so you know how they say families are different , and ofcourse they are. but its not really that. all familias are wierd < that's not a typo > and yet we're just used to the eccentricities of our own. it's when we're faced with new eccentricities out of the blue is when we're blinking in a dazed way and wondering "what happened".
it's easier if you're the kind of person, who generally likes ppl .. like K.
but if you happen to be some neurotic, paranoid person like .. ahem.. someone .. then it's really hard not to smack someone sideways in the head, knock them unconcscious and make a run for it.

it looks like i'll not be completing the list today.
but another thing i wanted to mention, that makes me very hesitant to talk to these folks , is that my brain has to constantly kind of censor my thoughts and replace all singular references to K with the plural. now the reason i find it hard, and i only have a 50% success rate, is that brain isn't used to censoring anything. my traditional solution for censoring the brain, was to keem mum.
but now sometime's brain is forced to speak up and then you can watch me fumbling in all my glory.. stumbling over words, tripping until i don't know what's up or what's down anymore.

now it's not so bad when i talk about K , right? coz i can always make sure i never ever directly refer to K at all. < yes my solution, is to just omit the reference and continue with the sentence. ppl make the connection on their own .. the brain can be a powerful friend.. my.. uh.. friend > or the other option is to seamlessly break into english mid-sentence. < its these times that i really appreciate all that the brits have done for us >

but what do you do, when you slip up and refer to Their spouses in the singular.
oooooh now you've really done it.
if X doesn't refer to her own husband by his name, and refer's to him in the plural, how could YOU do it???
uh oh... major blooper. so then i hurry up and move to some topic that will take their mind off , off my foot-in-the-mouth moment.
now to go one step further, its more complicated if you have friends/colleagues with the same names .. which only means that the names come oh-so-easily to you and you just spill them every sentence..

"so how's M.. < ow >. did you and M go to that picnic you were talking about? < ow > i mean the other day K was thinking of calling M < ow , ow stop talking already. >"

ya i shud just shut up. maybe i shud switch languages to swahili. think that would help?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

giFtiNg nAtUre

K's bday's coming up.. and while i troll the online world wondering what i can get him... i stumbled across this site... pretty funny!! and the comments are even more hillarious!! some ppl really don't get a joke.

Funny Blog someone else wrote.

it's true!! if i had to count the number of things K's given me on his own.. < that's without me saying i want it.. >

K: "lookout for the post, i've sent u a package."

me: "really!! what did you send???" < secretly thrilled. it's the first time i'm getting something from him in the post. >

package arrives

i open it

it's Alton Brown's "gear for the kitchen"

K: "what? you didn't like it?? it talks about how to pick the right shaped utensils and knives and equipment for the kitchen. and i read it the other day, and it was so technical..."

i reset my expectations of poor K. now i just tell him what i want and he gets it.. which is gr8 coz now i can go all "ooh i love it, you shouldn't have"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bAke mE a biTe

hey !!

i baked !!

and it was edible!!

incredible isn't it??


i mean , i had a bite, and i didn't spontaneously combust or turn sick .. or .. or ANYTHING!

that's awesome.

i made date and cashew nut cake.

you your right, i'm completely awed by myself. ok ok so it didn't have as much sugar.. but it was chewy. and soft. and not like a brick.

that's awesome !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

tO reAlLy waLk abOvE thE cLOudS

note to self : shontelle, impossible.

how does it feel to be above the clouds? how does it feel to be weave your hand through a cloud? i think i'll be pushing the limits of language to actually describe it.

the only way to truly experience the olympic national park is to backpack through the country. this time we tried a more sanitized view of the park. staying in the olympic lodge, and then going round to all the spots.
couldn't do the coast or the ferry to victoria.

but mebe next time.

i just heard. today my grandma passed away. may her soul rest in peace. and i don't want to talk about it anymore.

i'd rather just listen to the songs.
and just look at the stars..........