Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bAbiEs mAkE YoU HApPy.

Note to self: Buble, haven't met you yet.

wonderful weather, lotta work, crazy days, beautiful skies, friends getting engaged/ falling in love, having fun, what more can one ask for?

Happy b'day R, and congrats on getting engaged.
congrats S on ur baby.
congrats M&D on ur new baby
congrats A on ur baby.
ufff too much happening around me. makes me feel like burrowiing myself deeper into my cave.

ok so i moved, and ok so it sometimes feels like a cave.

huff man this baby shower is going out of hand, ya know. baby showers are not really my thing.
i mean all the baby food tasting games ( uuuurgh ) and a whole afternoon of baby talk and baby stuff. its gonna be a very painful weekend.

sigh. ok. i shall brace myself. take a deep breath and somehow survive this weekend.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

caBbaGe HeaDs aNd crAZy tV

have you watched TV lately?

is it me, or has there been a glut of ads showing women how to solve their bloating, gas, constipation, irregularity , etc etc problems.

why is the US suddenly obsessed with the ... uhhh.... regularity of women?? and what the heck are they trying to tell us??
its even more confusing coz it comes directly after an ad for hamburgers.

really?? activa. blah blah beano, and its all for women!! wat exactly are they trying to tell us???


this part was supposed to be a full post wall by itself and it would have been called - why does my friend have 3 cabbage heads in his kitchen?
but mebe thats a bit too long. i mean really? why does someone who lives alone, find the need to go out and buy 3 std sized cabbage heads? ( i will not exaggerate, its not super large or anything, just normal sized)
isn't one good enough? this is just cabbage hell.

this is real life true btw. yup yup yup.


i am now completely integrated into my team. total intel person, team member. that's me. i look like a sleep deprived crazy person with my hair sticking in all directions.
and looking a little dazed and i'd blink in surprise if you pushed me out of the building into the sunlight.


yaaaaaaaaaaawn sleepy day at office.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hArd daYs aNd beST daYs

well heard it on the radio -
the script.
and i kinda like it.

its been a hard couple of days for almost everyone i know.
its been a hard couple of weeks for almost everyone i know.
its been a hard couple of months for almost everyone i know.
ok its been a hard couple of years for everyone i know.

well here's to hoping the rest of 2010 isn't as crappy as the first quarter. and really if its just gonna get worse, then i can't take this till 2012!!!
u know... coz the world is just gonna end then.

today even the security guard of my building noticed that i walk with my head down since the yr started. ofcourse its usually work and i'm thinking about how to solve my next thing on my todos or making a mental tally of what i have going on.
but since this is the second time, that someone has asked me to not look like i'm walking the last mile....

i don't really remember having carefree days, i guess i'm just not the kind of person to not have cares. darn cares!!
but then i wasnt the kind of person to be not smiling like a cheerful idiot either.

oh well till then we have music and mebe u should just go carpe the hell out of ur diem.

oh btw a russian guy sent me a rose today.

ok ok only a picture of a rose. but it WAS a nice rose.


honest to god, this was an ad on craigslist.

$40.00 OBO This TV stand made me popular, this TV stand changed my life, and I want it to change your life as well. When I got this stand I was a short weak little man... Now I am strong like Moose. Let this stand change your life... Invite it into your life and will will change you, put it down, put your TV on it, and watch the good times come rolling in. It has 3 amazing glass shelves that can hold anything... Like Glitter, DVD's, Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Stereo Equipment...I will also include with purchase all rights of awesome that may come about due to purchase of this... But I will take no responsibilities for any misuse of it's powers, or ill ju-ju that comes from the purchase, like if your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, gardner, pool boy etc... start to love this more than you...

like seriously, wtf??

i have a few questions to my roomie. namely why are there 3 large cabbage heads in the fridge.
like seriously, wtf?? who's gonna eat all that cabbage???