Saturday, December 27, 2008

cOrREct rEsPonSes aNd pUrPLe OctOpuS

you know i thought that without venting i really woudn't have much to write. i mean i can't write about the purple singing and dancing octopus i had to spend an hour watching. or the kids [ did i mention the kids ?? ] or the wierd ... ok forget that [ i can't be breaking a resolution so soon!! ]

so a lot of people forget my b'day. thats ok. i can remind you guys :P whats funny is that sometimes if ur wishing me a happy b'day, my response wud be "hey thanx! and a happy b'day to you tooo"


only you QoD... only you... rofl

R predicts that when i wake up tomoro, i'll suddenly be hit by a lightning bolt and be wise. its like some switch wud be switched on. or a flickering tubelight, wud flare bright or something.. and i'd suddenly become mature.
ok i'm waiting too. infact i'm so excited to see this happen, i'm not sleeping tonight!!! [ did i mention my chikamma predicted this wud happen at 24, then at 25, then now at 26... ]

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