Monday, March 30, 2009

iN tHy hALloWeD pReSEnce

god god woman where have you been ???

around. it the library. it's very peaceful there you know. with ducks quacking, birds singng, children laughing.... and surrounded by all those books. aaaaah to sit there and read.
in between those floor to ceiling shelves. on a bright and sunny day. and read some story. any story.
you know how ppl who read are so snobbish about it.

which books do you read. always has to lead to some intellectual and snobbish name.
oh i'm reading < insert fancy name here > written by < another fancy name >
do you really enjoy it?? if you did, wouldn't you stay up all night and finish the book in one go???
or are you just reading it so that you can act all pompous in parties and quote the author???

sorry. i guess thats not me. let me loose in a library and i straight away head to the comics section. sure. if the writing is good and someone tells a good story or makes a good point, i'll read your heavy and snooty book that makes me ponder and think and my head ache. but most of the time, they're just self absorbed ppl trying to prove to the world how great they are.

now all i want to do is read a story. a simple story. with funny characters. or interesting characters. of them doing silly stuff. a mystery, a drama, no tradgedies, well not too heart breaking one's anyways.
so i'll stick to the enyd blytons and the calvin and hobbes. and simple stuff like that.

and so what if i find my fav batman comics in the 8-12 section. hey!! gimme back my book!! i got a lot of catching up to do u know....

aaah now i'll go there everyday after work. spend an hour or two in the library. till they close. it's like my very own temple u know :) i cud weep with joy....
< sniff >

so if i disappear for long stretches of time... well you know where to find me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

hOw to tAke it gRaceFULly




i'm kind of drunk.

oh nice. [ what else can i say ?? ]

yeah i'll have to talk to you later.

no no you should totally talk. i mean its always fun to hear drunk ppl on sooo many topics.

well i can't. not today. i'm with someone. i picked up someone at the bar.

what are you saying!

i said i picked someone at the bar, and i'm now with them so i can't talk.

what ARE you saying!!

i'm not kidding. ha ha. i really did.



all....riiiit...eeeeyy then. just don't get up tomorrow to find yourself handcuffed to the bed and all your money stolen.
good GOD man.

a CaLM AnD pEACefuL daY

i can just almost feel it. the breeze on my skin.
the cool, uplifting sensation as i sit there.

i can imagine it so well, i can almost taste it. i'd lay on my back and look at the sky. pier 41 wasn't all that different. and that's wat i did this time. no i didn't lay on my back in public and fall asleep. [ i'd have really been a sea lion then ]
but i did sit there for half hour, and bask in the sun.

this one is cool too...
time will pass, clouds will move, and yet you cud just sit and gaze. and if ur bored you'd get up, take a mad dash down the pier and jump into the water with a great bloodcurdling scream :P

just for kicks :P

aaaah to be surrounded by a calm and peaceful water body. that's where i'd like to retire :) like when i'm old. like around 45 ;P

oh btw... thanks to BugsBunny for the pic.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tOtAL suRpriSe oNLy

there i am... doing ma thing. lulla la la laaa hmmm doing ma thing. checking on my cousin brother.. oooh here's the link to his orkut site. let me check wats happening in his life.. oooh pics.
aaah i c some nice pics in the snow and stuff... let me see.... seen these before.

wait.. is that... wat the... you have GOT to be kidding me. there is only ONE female in his orkut friends list???? and that female is ME !!
aah there it is, i see wait. that's our other cousin sister.
OMG my cousin has NO FEMALE FRIENDS !!!!

< choking on my glass of orange juice, coughing and gaping with my mouth wide open >

by GOD, i can't believe it. well actually i can. his mom is a lil... hmm how can i put this nicely. actually i can't :P
so she's my dad's sis. and she's... well strict?
i dunno. but considering he's like a couple of years older than me. i would have thought.
well then. this explains a lot. no wonder he has no clue about appropriate conversation with girls.

:O < blinkin my eyes slowly and processing this information in ma head >

LoOkiNG inSiDE yOu

its interesting to analyze people. to see what makes them tick.
and if they would listen/ have the patience... to hold up a mirror to show them what the world sees.

so for the last couple of days, they've been asking me to do a profile for each of them. and most have argued.... most needed clarification on what i meant. [ well coz most times my thoughts are so scrambled ] and sometimes i surprise them with wat i say. almost everyone starts out disagreeing [ coz we always feel so misunderstood don't we? ], till they realize that we're talking about the same thing. just that i wasn't so articulate about it. and then it's interesting to see the look of surprise or in the sound of their voice, when i say something that's so obvious to me, and they think they hide it so well.

do you really think your so hard to read?
do you really think your all that unique? that no one around on this planet can understand what you feel. has not gone through some of the same stuff.
ofcourse you ARE unique. atleast that's what everyone hopes :P
but life is all about paradoxes. all about contradiction. that's a fact. shrug. and till you get that, i'd still say u have growing up to do.

k i lost my train of thought. but all i know is i'd rather be writing /reading ppl than this program the ISP for distortion correction.

but man if there is one thing i know about myself. i really hate to be told i'm wrong when i think i know something. i really really dislike losing :P

cOLd bEgiNniNgS

"aaah aaaah aaaachooo"
"bless you. how did you catch that cold anyways??"
"welllll.... so here's the thing. so you know how cold it was last night. and so today when i went to the car, it was all frosted up. and i didn't have a ice scraper yet. so i called up S and asked if i could come wit him and he was nice about it, but he asked me why. and i didn't really want to justify the reason i wanted a favour coz it always makes me feel so dumb. you know?"
"yeahhhhhh... go on"
"so i went back to my car in 10 minutes and by now it was mostly melted in the front and back and only side windows were frosted. and so i thought i could manage, but then after i started driving i freaked out coz i couldn't like.. see anything. so i rolled down the windows and came to office with my windows rolled down"
"your kidding right"
"no no but then it was soooo cold, so half way through where i knew i mostly only had to go straight from there, i rolled them back up. but then my fingers are frozen solid. coz u know i.. kind of.. scraped away the ice on the rear window using my fingers."
"what are you?? retarded???"
"i dunno. aaaaahh aaaaaaahhh aaaaaachooooo"

"but what did you do yest?"
"oh i had a horrible time. i got lost forEVER. i left home at 4:30 and reached my destination at 6:15. and that it was only 21 miles away !!" :O
"but i thought u had a GPS!!!"
"I KNOW!! I DO!!"
"my god. your insane."
"thnx. aaaaaachooo"
"so you got your thing done, right?"
"yeah. all by myselb doo. i'b so broud ob myselb" < sniff >

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sO teLl mE

how in the world do you ping someone right out of the blue and ask them about any bad news they might have had.

"hey. did you get laid off?"
"cough, cough. ummm yes i did"

"well that certainly sucks"
"yes it does"
< awkward silence >
"so did u catch the basketball game last night??"


bEiNg a pEsT tHe riGHt waY

it's true. am a public menace. btw if you see someone driving on the road without their lights or with the hood open or with the trunk open or some such thing. or driving like a crazy old drunk. then i strongly advise you to give that car a wide berth as you don't know what she would do. i mean i would do. in a pinch kinds.

it's official. i drive like a crazy old batty lady. octagenarian lady kinds.
in fact they might drive better than me.

all these controls in the car confuse me.
and i refuse to drive faster than i can manage just coz u glare at me through my rear view mirror young man.
and if i get ... wait did i tell you all this already??? gawd even my memory is beginning to fail me completely. i wonder if i have alzheimers.....

anyways the only consolation is my parking. i park so well, i could weep with joy.

oh all right. let me tell you about my jigsaw puzzles instead. so i remembered my old obsession after seeing it in N's place in SF. and i got myself 3. a 500 , 750 and 1000 piece. ok so i had to lounge around in the kiddy toy section in Target till i found them. and ok so i kind of started freaking out when i saw cradles and baby cribs and car seats and baby things. ok i don't know what they were ok? they were things. things that would be involved in baby care. somehow. ok so i hightailed it out of there... took a desperate right turn and voila !! the puzzles section.

so i grabbed three and jogged... no skipped to the checkout. if you think i was obsessed before, let me just tell you that you aint seen nothing it. i've been known to skip food, sleep for the sake of jigsaw puzzles. i've also been known to sit in one muscle cramping position for hours just so i could find one piece.
and when extremely tired i'd just fall flat on my face by the side of the puzzle. when forced to eat i'd eat by the puzzle...oh boy oh boy oh boy!! i can't wait to start ^_^

oooh ooooh i bought myself a scrap book too. i mean i know picasa has some pictures and orkut is mostly like a scrap book. and i know i really really REALLY need to organize my pictures and posts and groan... gawd there is so much i need to fix in my life.
ok but i'll do it tomorrow.

you know i applied this Johnson and Johnson baby oil to my face, so that my skin would be as smooth as a baby's bottom [ :P ] but now i drank some water and i think some of the oil went into my mouth, coz i feel all slippery inside. like my tongue especially :-/

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mY dAy ouT in ThE ciTy - 2

omg!! i was obsessed with alcatraz. i have like a gazillian pictures...

u have to realize most of the pics were point and shoot. so.... considering... i'd say i'm a darned good picture clicker :P

mY daY oUt iN tHe ciTy

my lame attempt at art. ok fine. i get it already. but u have to admit , it's a good camera.

wait this church one was from a moving cable car. hey!! it's darn clear isn't it???

wilsoooooooooooon i found you.....

i love it. LOVE IT!!

tHe daiLY sCaRe

just when i thought things were getting dull and boring around here and i was having a relatively quiet day..

so today i go to Target. to buy my jigsaw puzzles right? [ btw i got 3 ]
and then i walk out. its dark and btw Target is only like 3 blocks away from home..
and i keep all the stuff including my new scrap book for my travels in the passenger side and i get in.

start the car and slowly start moving. gps is ready but not on. come on its only 3 blocks. how bad can it be.

woops. spoke too soon. passenger car door flies open while i'm driving :O
wtf didn't i shut it properly??
i swerve, move into the next avail parking lot with visions of clipping some walking old lady with my swinging passenger door swimming in my head. and i stop the car. phew. ok nothing happened.
switch the car off. phew. lean over and try to close the door.
not closing. < frown in confusion > try again.
stop the car. put the handbrakes. get out. go look at it. handle was stuck. so unstuck it and close. ok it closed.
get back in the car. wear seatbelts. try to start the car. car won't start. remove handbrakes. car still won't start.
uh oh. i forgot to change the gear. its still at D.
and it won't move.
so now the gear won't move and i can't start. hmm lights are on. switch off lights.

i dunno. it might help. try again.
slowly start panicking. try calling someone.
ok think think. something about neutral. the neutral gear. try that. oh yeah it moves to neutral. if u push hard enough. try again.
voila!! car has started. phew.

take a minute to slow racing heart.

drive slowly out of parking lot. it's dark now. getting confused with all the lights and stuff. can't see the lane lines. or the speedbumps.

good lord why is the guy flashing his lights at me.
oh shit. my lights were off.
wait. why is he flashing them again?
isn't this the right one? mebe its the other one. but that can't be. that is parking lights. isn't it? but that one is so bright. wats the dim and dip thing. why the heck does this car have more controls than my driving instructors car???
ok i'll call it. i stick with this one. that's what i think it is. i'll go home and check.

take the turn to enter the appt complex. now its relatively lesser traffic here on this road. so let me try switching these different controls. hmm still too bright. ok park. smooth park. perfect 10. good. ok now let me get out and check.

i drove home in my parking lights. damn it. i made the wrong call again.
dow < wince >

the dragon lady was right.
lookout hillsboro, QoD is on the road now < wince >

iF yoU tHinK so

that was when i moved the world...

how perceptive would you consider yourself?? do you catch nuances??? do you unknowingly hurt others by your offhanded comments?? do you knowingly do it?? do you 'get' undercurrents?

chances are, that if you are a guy, you probably don't. any of it...
chances are, if you are a mom, you do. all of it.

what makes you sensitive? or thick skinned?? emotionally weak or strong??
no no i'm not asking how you become that way. what i mean is what/how should a person be if he/she has to be considered emotionally strong? or weak?? or any or all of that stuff??

ok so i have some random thoughts in my head.
but i see people around me. do you? like 'see' them?? or are you so wrapped up in what you think/say/do that you just skim the surface of others, like you would a book?

Monday, March 23, 2009

LucKy tOeS

aaaaaaaaa R played this song on a infinite loop all through the weekend and now i can't get it out of my head...
aaaaaahhh mebe i can transfer it to your head now


so you find it wierd huh? that a couple of best friends can all of a sudden fall for each other??
what's wierd?? i've seen wierder.
and there's a whole bunch of reasons how its possible. the simplest being that it never is all of a sudden. someone was in denial.

bottom line is as far as a human goes? anything is possible. ppl are wierd. period.

aNd we foLlowED thE yeLloW briCK rOAd

just coz i have a massive party hangover the size of canada

and for some reason i really like chick songs.

oh phooey to you. don't listen to it then.
reached at 2 last night. phew was that an exhausting trip.

after i was unceremoniously dumped in N's place , ditched by my 'friends' boohoo
i actually spent an awesome time with this jigsaw puzzle and looking out the window. hey Wilson!! i want to live on the 17th floor tooooooo. and in SF downtown overlooking the bay.
yup yup i do!! >_<

so after the engagement, where we ragged [ the indian ragging style ] her fiance, and made him dance with her. and go down on one knee to exchange the ring. and played games :P and well had loads of fun. then we went to A's place for midnight cold coffee and pictionary.
its hillarious to pit the guys vs girls.
OFCOURSE the girls won :P well what do you expect?? when the words that guys come up with is constipation and crap and random.
:D to be fair, the guys weren't really giving hard words. they were more into having fun than actually winning. and the tough words they gave us?? that we cudnt crack like 'ridiculous'.. but that was WAY too hard !!! >_<
on the other hand, they managed to guess 'tutorial' by drawing the pyramids and king tutakahmen :O

ok so -

A draws a square box with 3 legs and a tail like thing
A nods her head while the rest are like "WAT?? how did you get ELEPHANT from that???"
A draws some thing like water drops falling out of the tail end.
we start yelling "pee? cow dung? poop? shit? ..."
A frantically nodding her head
they guys are still scratching their heads on the elephant. how the heck DID you get elephant from that < looking at it from all angles >
N yells CRAP!
we win

N draws a guy and an apple
We start guessing, "adam and eve?, newton? gravity? serpent? eden?..."
she draws a big circle with ppl on the outside and a baby looking thing on the inside
"cult? hospital? delivery?..."
"no no NO" N gives up. its GIBBERISH.
< blank looks all around > "WAT THE HECK WAS THE APPLE FOR???"

i don't think i laughed so hard in my life !! all night.
and 4 AM someone wanted to watch the sunrise. but that wasn't for another 3 hours thanks to daylight savings.. so we went for a ride in the convertibles. everyone in SF has coupes. man was it COLD !! :O
saw the view of the city from the top of a mountain and walked in the door at 5

not much happened on sunday. i managed to be the only one looking like a hungover has been in my yesterday's clothes till i cud go where my luggage was and..
note to self: next time don't take an entire suitcase full of clothes to SF. your wearing guy's t-shirts anyways.

aah went to the flea market. i LOVE the flea market. how come we don't have one here?? and besides everytime i see a flea market, i really really want to start nesting :D

ok TMI ppl. too much info in one post. which is why i like to divide them up into 3 posts a day.

oooh oooh btw i have now decided i like thai food. coz Osho was really nice.

ok so here's the thing.
i want to make a scrap book of all my travels. really i do.
like the gift we gave resh. a scrap book of memory snaps ^_^

Friday, March 20, 2009

sMeLLy fiSh iN tHe BaY


i walk around SF. and contrary to R's expectations i don't get lost. well not too much anyways. :P
went to fisherman's wharf, pier 39. saw the sea lions. whoa! wait a sec. yup that's right. i said SEA LIONS!!!

they are SO AWESOME >_< my true brethren. just flop on the deck and bask in the sunshine.

on a side note, i didn't know woman actually went aaaaw when they saw stuff. i mean my god, that's just a stuffed toy of a baby sea lion..aaawww how cute :P

so ok. i saw pier 39. the grotto part. a quick walk through the SF museum of wierd mechanical things. u know like how they make the whole carnival and full things so that u put a coin in and all this wierd stuff starts happening.. kinda like a cuckoo clock but on a grander scale?

right. then a quick drive through china town. [ OMG it's totally like the movies.. u know... the one with that car chase, and those paper string lanterns hanging across and jacki chan??... ]

saw the biggest Macy's that could possibly exist. union square, the jeremiah brown? something ship, the submarine [ just from the outside ] the biggest church on the west coast... [ from the outside ] the crazy crooked road part. walked through some nasty stinking sea food place street. >_<
but i saw SEA LIONS !!
:) walked out on that bay walk thing. saw the alcatraz part...

ok so i wanted to see so much more.. but mebe some other day..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

a ComPLeTe dAy

in retrospect, one should never write a post in anger. makes you look like an arse.

ok i think i get the hang of this. the basic rule is one should never rant in a public space where anyone who reads it will be judging...and thinking.... "my god what an pompous ol fart!"

right right.
well, the primary reason for them saying that is coz they weren't there when the thing that happened to you, to make you rant happened to you. you know? so they don't share your .... uhhh... pain?

VH: "what are you? you are a complete disaster"
me: "when did you figure that out? was it when i told you that i had left my car unlocked the whole day yesterday in my parking lot? or when i told you that last night i forgot my wallet in the car, but it was thankfully locked."
VH: "You WHAT??"
me: "or mebe when i told you that i got completely screwed up on the road and somehow managed to stop at a green light and the guy behind me honked at me, at which point i panicked and....."
VH: "god! stop Stop. enough. i can't take it anymore. your a menace"
me: "when did you figure that out? was it when i told...."
VH: "aaaargh your insane."

VH: "dude you have a flight in 6 hours. do you know which airlines your on"
me: "no"
VH: "what time is your flight"
me: "9:00" [ it's not, but i know i'll get flak for not knowing the time of my own flight. i'm pretty sure its 9.. or thereabouts.... i mean i'm pretty pretty sure its in the evening. ] "ok ok let me check. ooops its at 6"
VH: :O

it's sad when you view a dinner invitation from a complete stranger with suspicion and fear. i mean so what if i barely know the security guard of my building. she seems nice. and besides i think she just broke up with her boyfriend. her hair was wee bit of a mess, her nose was runny and she seemed too cheerful and emphasizing the fact that she was a free bird.
oh she thought a girls night out would be a good thing.

no no no. ofcourse she's not part of some secret cult that would tie ppl up and cut out their entrails to offer them to the moon god. i mean i'm sure you need a virg..

so i'm headed to cali today right. so no one will be free on friday. so apparently they're gonna point me in a general direction and tell me to go see some places.
right. so am thinking if i should take my GPS, you know?
but then again, i don't have the best track record of keeping track of my things. so the fewer stuff i have.. on another note, and this is only for the girls. i'm finally free of the lunar curse. for this month that is. atleast i think so. u know what i'm talking about. the girl thing. yeah. 20 days. not too bad. unfortunately the whole thing will start all over again in 10 days. oh yaay. the joy of being a woman. >_<

ok but back on track. so N wants us to dance in S's engagement. [ are you KIDDING me??] and wear sari's and dance [ :O ]
and the 5 girls will learn the steps on sat morning where the engagement is on sat evening. and i'm like counting the number of ppl i don't know > number of ppl i know... and basically freaking out.
wait i don't have a sari. phew. well that takes care of one thing. now if only i can break a leg in time...hmmmmm


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gRaCioUSneSs at it'S beSt

what if someone invited you into their home?

and then proceeded to tell you these set of rules. about how you shouldn't

1. enter the kitchen
2. not touch the fridge
3. if ur cooking and getting food, then get your own ladles.
4. you can use the microwave, but one of the household members will heat the food for you
5. please come into our home and enjoy a lovely dinner.

are you SERIOUS.
trust me!! this is not science fiction

what would YOU do if someone said all this to you??
i'd slap them. yup i would.

i mean this is like my family. all the way OVER HERE. jeez this is precisely why i left my village far far behind.
"you know america wasn't founded so that everyone could be better, america was founded so that everyone could be anything they damn well pleased"

my family is a bit like that. treating everyone like lepers. its irritates me LIKE HELL


sTOp tO tHiNk aboUT iT

500 odd posts and i'd still say we've just scratched the surface.
there's so much i wish i could say....

well anyways.

it's funny. i don't know half of anything about you. as much as you know about me. don't you find yourself fascinating??
aren't you amazed at your own neuroses? at how stupid or how wonderful you are?? what made you that way? with all your hangups and ocd's??
your stupid pjs and your funny bone?? with your nerves and that flash in your eye when something an especially touchy topic is mentioned.
that laugh, or giggle. or chuckle. or hopeless grin.

how can you not have stories to tell me?

O once said, everyone has a story.

i wonder what's yours??

tO coNTiUe tHe sToRY

omg i HAVE to tell you guys about this...

remember that wedding i told you about? a couple of days back?? you know the ostentatious grand wedding??

so you know what else they did?? to celebrate the grand love of their loves.. i mean lives??
i saw this snap.

and they were sitting ON AN ELEPHANT.


< flabbergasted silence >



and a HORSE??? ok i get the horse.. but .... but.... < spluttering > ELEPHANT???

in my town only GOD sits on an elephant.. u know.. festival times.. and the king of mysore. during the dasara thing mebe.

yes yes this is my roommates sister who is a doctor from M.

< head reeling >
also i think god gave me a roommate designed to torture my already tortured soul. last evening she ran the tap on the kitchen sink for a straight 15 minutes, just so she could see the bubbling water phenomena while the water drained.
[ i know your thinking "wat the...." and yes. my thoughts exactly ]
i was like aaaaaaaaargh!! my eyes!! that's potable water that kids in angola are not getting.. wat the heck are you doing. < almost pulling my hair out in an agonized manner while clutching the sides of my head ... >
god knows what she was trying. something about a broken garbage disposal and the effect of the dishwasher on the water in the sink.


Monday, March 16, 2009

jUiCe hER uP

white, tiny and delicate... nestled in the middle of a row of hulking brutes of vehicles.

oh alright alright. uh oh... my trusty steed has turned me into a poet. oh dear.
that was quite unexpected.

oh well. something had to give.
i think it's just age taking it's toll. in my doddering old age, i'm turning into a sentimental fool. weepy and all nostalgic. and crying at the drop of a hat. or mebe its just the cycles.
the cycles man, they're a curse.
yup they are. [ you just had a horrid vision of me continuing on and on and on... on this topic for many many days didn't ya? ]

anyhooo, i know have my trusty steed. to take me yonder, through the meadows and over hills and vales...[ ya i had aspirations for the stage once upon a time ]
yeah yeah. i got my car. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah brain meltdown.

"hey ma, i got a car"
"how much did u pay"
"too much. u shudn't have given a penny more than 7k"
"wat the..... how the heck do YOU know?? and where were you until now??? < choking and going red in the face >"
"you know my cousin? her sister's brother-in-law? they're in the US. apparently a major recession is going on... everyone is selling the shirt off their back. you paid too much"
< me lapsing into an indignant silence >

Dido Thank you

so i couldn't find a video where embedding was enabled. so sue me.
pffft < imagine me blowing you raspberries >


guess who's coming back?? soon. yaay. you would never guess. ok ok psssssst it's supposed to be all hush hush.
yeah your SO right. its W.
i'm soo souped. i can't sleep at all.

and this week being the engagement and all.
i'm kind of completely juiced. ok a lil bit hopped on... on nothing. i had chocolate milk and later some orange juice.
eeeeew wierd combination.

i hope your actually listening to the song. yeah am talking to you. i thought we already had that covered. the fact that only 3 ppl are currently here...
u , me and bub. bub is kinda slow. needs some time to catch up. he's still on post number of 47. [ omg she's just rambling now... ]

ok. ok. i can do this.
what were we talking about?
wait i had something important to say.
i.. aaah.... i.....

oh yeah. i'm project leader kind of. of that ngo thing. u know... the school. right right. i'm supposed to keep the project on track.
< grimace >
[ yes i hear what your saying bout handing off the project to me but all the while my mind is going OMG WAT IS WRONG with you ppl. don't give her RESPONSIBILITIES. SHE IS CLUELESS ]
shrug. oh well. good luck to you, portland kids.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

evERyOnE sHoULd dO it

i HAVE to be super smart coz M's dad would make us do this everytime we broke the rules...
he also kind of followed the musketeers philosophy.
one for all and all for one.

the corporal way

i lived in mortal fear of M's dad my entire childhood. i mean more than my own parents. hey! so my mom just hit me, but he would hit and then LECTURE. and usually the lecture would hit me on some level that i'd be bawling my eyes out in the first 10 minutes.


i never got over that. i'd like literally be quaking in my shoes whenever he entered the room. the only way i really got over it, was to move very far away and not meet him except in social occasions.
u weren't exactly free from terror even then. i remember this one time we had gone to his house. and within 15 minutes he had got the weighing scale out and he was checking all our weights.


the worst part was i had my other random friend with me. and he made her get on the scale too!!!

whoa. but mebe i'm smarter coz of all the baskis we did coz of him. that's what we called it back then. baski.
dumb name ha.

btw i started watching family guy and i think my intelligence is soon going to reach that of a rat.

Friday, March 13, 2009

fOLloW tHEm aRoUnD eVerYWHerE

here's a really neat video

Crisis of Credit

so i notice i have this tendency to attach myself to a higher power. well not necessarily a higher power... anyone with even a mm of brain more than me. [ how exactly do we measure brain capacity again?? ]

it's happened all my life. never having had an older sibling... i tend to project to anyone who seems like a good candidate. attach myself like a barnacle to the side of a ship. hang on like that pesky flower stuff that gives you pollen allergies...

my first friend was Nivedita. in kg2. i was 5 years old. she was taller than me. so i thought she was really smart. as far as i remember she was bengali. and when we turned 6 she went away to india i think.
followed her everywhere. she was like my bestest friend. thought she was the smartest person in the whole wide world, so i'd ask her any question i had. infact, did a pretty good imitation of duckling following mother goose :P
she had a boycut and i think she wore glasses. and the day she left, she told me to take her address and write her a letter and i rem asking her "what's a letter"
so she shook her head at me, and told me what it was. i then went to my mom and asked her to take down the address. and my mom was talking to someone and she was like "yeah yeah sure i will"
so my friend goes away and then after a few days i ask my mom for the address coz i want to talk to my friend. u know, like write her a letter. and my mom just gives me this look and says

"aren't kids supposed to have a low attention span or something?? i didn't take it"
"yeah i thought you would just forget about it... so i didn't take it"
"i just lost my bestest friend in the whole wide world. my first bestest friend btw, coz you WERE TOO LAZY TO WRITE DOWN FOUR LINES?????"
"ha ha. how cute. now run along and play with your dolls"
"dolls are stupid and so are you. you didn't even take her address!!!"

WHACK < wince >

well now you know why i got so many wollops as a kid...

but then the trend continued u know... wherever i'd go i'd find someone more mature, more stable and more knowledgeable than me. and they'd sort of lookout for me [ hey Q don't forget to pay your rent this month ] and then basically i'd end up telling them everything and asking their advice on everything.

"hey that guy just hit me, what should i do?"
"hey, pink dress or green?"
"hey which college should i apply to?"
"hey, my scooter just broke down. what should i do?"
"hey i'm out of petrol, what should i do?"
"hey, which car should i buy?"
"are you going to the wedding?"
"did you do your taxes?"
"where should i buy my groceries?"
"i have fever, what should i do?"
"who should i marry?"

poor souls. i can actually track them along the trajectory of my life.
started with N, then it was Ani, Van, Bru, Ind, Meg, Pal, She, Ja, Ash, Nish, SJ, [ only girls so far ], Cha, PR, R, An, K.

wait there's only 3 guys on that list. whoa. that's so wierd.
well there you have it.
my list of mother hens. the one's i follow around like a baby chick.
cheep cheep kinds.

these are the ppl i'd prob follow blindly off a cliff or into some fire...but i'd draw the line at a kidney. yeah... sorry :P

its particularly noticeable when i go shopping with them ( recently was R )
it's hillarious to see a grown female follow another grown female around like a puppy in and around the aisles. even the most random and complicated patterns. i'd be right on her heels....

disclaimer: the above list isn't exactly a list of best friends. i mean i've had some best friends who i wouldn't take any advice from [ most of my best friends were kind of... ummm... terminally insane. no offense X. and you know i'm talkin about u, if ur reading this... oh never mind.i'm sure you got the point ] and oh K. this may not be the best time, your kind of on the best friend list. < cough and look away at the horizon > [ hey i don't go for any mushy stuff. right. ]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

riGhT sHiFt iN tHinKinG

well?? what do you think???
@K - your not allowed to make your displeasure of the color known... we all got it.. u don't like baby blue cars.

oh btw i had a very scientific reason for picking this car. coz

OBVIOUSLY the color

but wait. did you say u have a brand new one for 12k instead??

oh mebe i'll just end up going for that. provided i get the car that is...

i'm so ditching the baby blue. i'm not THAT much girl :P

you know how when your searching for the right choice. see its not the price that i really care about. its not even anything really. i mean what do i know about cars.
you probably already know that i don't really understand market value. i mean price is such a function of value to you. in this economy tmv means jack shit. and so does kbb. is kbb a reflection of the current economic times? do they take the falling car sales into account??
i don't know.. they're prob more reliable if they do.

i mean someone would prob not pay 50 bucks for a book which i would buy no questions asked.. how do you actually measure value? well mebe u can. but u can't explain it to me in a way i could understand it.
so why am i thrashing around trying to find a good deal?

ok so here's the thing.
i'm going to buy a car. and then since i'm such a blabbermouth i'm going to tell a lot of ppl about it. and then if i don't have a good story about how i got it soo cheap, then i have to listen to TONS of ppl telling me how i screwed up. now i wouldn't mind screwing up as long as i didn't have to listen to EVERYONE on this planet and their friend lecture me... telling me how i could have done better if only i had done a lil bit of this or that.
aiyy aaiiyyy aaiiy.
enough already [ groan ]

yes yes i know.your greatness the big head found an awesome deal. you managed to get a bmw for 10k or watever. [ hey anon, this is a random number from the top of my head... don't beat me with a stick coz of it ] but this is the best i can negotiate ok? no i cannot play games , no i cannot haggle. and yes i tend to trust the most inappropriate ppl who then come to know wat a gullible idiot i am and yes i almost made the dealer salesman guy my best buddy of the week. but hey.
he's not THAT bad. infact he reminds me of my elder brother. wait. i don't have an elder brother. what i mean is if i had an elder.... ok now i'm rambling.

but you see?? how i get lost and all twisted and frazzed?? [ i invented that word btw so anon don't beat me up with a stick for this too... jeez man without the number of disclaimers i got to put here, it's almost taking the fun out of ..... ]

so that's why i want a good deal.

sigh. i wish i could tell you what exactly is happening in my life... but i can't.. well i can but i'm not supposed to. and besides you don't have time to listen to such a long story anyways :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tHiS wiLL tAkE aLl dAy

so i was watching this series.. lie to me.

and its darn interesting you know. they analyze the facial expressions to determine if ppl are lying or not.
that's interesting :) esp since a fair amount of psychology is explained in the series.

so in my all day meeting today ? guess what i did?? ^_^

yup yup. just sat and looked around at ppl. i saw confusion, disgust, suspicion, boredom and one guy was even giving my manager the finger!
:O [ almost did a double take right there ]
i couldn't help grinning when i saw him. you know the gesture. palms together with only the middle fingers of both hands extended and pressed together... touching the nose...


other than that the meeting was a complete wash. i mean we spent an hour on the fact that we have too many meetings. and how to work when we have too many meetings. so basically we have my manager imparting his words of wisdom, saying "you should prioritize. don't attend meetings you don't have anything to learn or contribute"

[ dude! this would be the first meeting i'd give the ol heave ho!! ]

what do you do when ppl call other ppl depressing.
you RUN for a ringside seat to observe and note on all the associated behavioural characteristics displayed by the said depressing person.

oh btw i'm not only NOT gymming anymore. i had free ice cream in my office today.
and that too CHOCOLATE. yaay !!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oNLy fOr ThE giRLs


oh puhlease. don't be such a putz.

anyways. on another note. i wonder how strong your constitution is... i mean can i write of topics that are usually not spoken of in polite circles?? topics that, traditionally, all guys pretend don't exist and are polite enough to cough and look the other way when, even vaguely referred to in their presence.
i get it. get that some things make you uncomfortable. but puhLEASE.
it's a big part of my life.
i shouldn't have to dance around the fact that once every month, i leak like a porous bucket with a stupid hole in it or you don't have to start looking up at the sky and whistling the pied pipers tune if i even by mistake bring it up ....

you know culturally we have so many topics that are taboo. i never understood that. most times i'd embarrass people around me by talking of things they didn't want to hear. i mean stuff like my feelings, my dad, emotions, your fears, etc etc
:P [ but those are topics for another day. mebe tomoro ]

but this?
i mean come ON. it's a big part of my life. so i got no problem talking about it.
ok so i'm all that comfortable talking about sex or nude ppl. but that's only coz i don't want to talk about it with YOU. jeez man, i hardly know you. it's like sharing your toothbrush. [ eeeeeewwww ]


so anyways.

you know. you have to hand it to women. [ if this topic is beyond your scope, here... take 10 bucks and go to the corner shop for a sweetmint and let the adults talk for a bit ] i mean anyone who can do this month after month. sigh. i hate it you know.. especially since i seem to have a pathological problem wherein once it starts, it takes forever to stop. [ hey. my annual average was 45 days a couple of years ago... ] and i tell you... its a pain. oh you imagine a constant leak from your orifice and consider it's propensity to ruin your clothes. and then consider also that literally, your life force is bleeding out of you....
luckily though i don't follow the lunar calendar. till last year i seemed to follow some moon of pluto calendar where i'd be under the influence only twice a year.
it still wasn't a piece of cake. twice a year. for about 45 days i'd be a snarling irritated walking oestrogen hormone.


and now. sigh.

this year. something changed. now i have it every month. unfortunately it lasts for 15 days. so that's half a month gone. make that 150 days a year.

aaaw hell. this is just wat i needed...

i can't decide what's worse. the before or the after... and then there is the suspense movie each time. will it stop? won't it?? will i just bloomin bleed to death this time around??? meds?? hormone pills. aaaw crud they just give me an early glimpse into menopause. i really hate those pills.

guys? they don't really get it. worse, are those particular well meaning, helpful good samaritans.
"oh your tired? why don't you go exercise a bit." [ and while i'm at it why don't i smash your face in? ] i can't get over the number of ppl who ask me to work out when i'm feeling exhausted, cranky and downright irritable. [ i once had an HB level around 7 when i was asked to join the gym. needless to say i was too tired to move my leg and kick the person. instead i did the only thing i could, fall on my face and go to sleep ]

oh puhlease don't ask me to see a doctor. the last time i saw a doctor was in 2002, after a gazillion tests, he finally diagnosed that i was pathologically hormonal [ you think? ] and the only way to stabilize it was to get pregnant. [ you bet i wanted to pull his tongue out of his throat, wrap it around his neck and strangle him with it - J D Robb ]

Monday, March 9, 2009

teLLinG nO liEs

i once had this friend
he unfortunately suffered from the condition that he was too nice.
lets call him rf. and before you nutjobs out there come up with all sorts of crackpot explanations, it simply means random friend

rf: "i think your really nice"
me: "why? do you have a fever?? why would you say something like that??" [ very suspicious of ppl who call me nice ]
rf: "no i really think your sweet. i don't think you'd hurt anyone"
me: [ looking up at the sky ] "mebe you've had too much sun?? i don't know what else could induce this madness. you know you should really be more carefull before calling ppl such nasty things such as nice... [ changed the subject. ]



few days later



rf: so how was the movie?
me: what movie??
rf: yest you said you couldn't talk on the phone, coz u were in a movie theater....
me: i did?? oh i was prob lying. oh well no biggie. [ cheerfully whistling and back to brewing tea ]


rf: you LIED??? you mean you lied... < choking > how could you!!! how can you just lie so blatantly....
me: oh.. relaaaax. it's not like it's the first time. i do it all the time , to get out of doing stuff i have no interest in doing.. [ only prob is i forget and then get caught... ]
yaawn. why? wat's the big deal?? [ opening one eye and peering curiously at rf ]
rf: how could you [ more and more emotionally hysterical ] i thought you were this sweet person who couldn't be so devious.
me: yeah... about that... :D i just got tired of being nice. must have been some temp madness that i went along with it.. it was quite funny to see you think i was nice...

rf: omg .... your like... your like .... < choking and sputtering >
me: spawn of the devil?? a bitch?? yeah i've heard that one before.
rf: shocked silence. [ you called yourself a bitch and didn't even bat an eyelash at it ]
me: right then. i need to go. i got some work.... wooops oh yeah right. actually i'm just bored, so i'm going home to take a nap.


hmm for some reason , things were never quite the same with rf again...
some ppl find it so hard to trust anybody :P

oNE tHReaD oF thE paSt

when most people hear that i've lived in the middle east all my life, their eyes kind of pop out.... you know go wide and do an :O
no its not cool. i hated it there. more so coz i was a girl. girls don't exactly have the run of the land. well if memory serves me right, no one had the run of the land, except the locals....

but worse was the vast community of ... you know those ppl who came from your homeland to be the blue collar labour class. man they really scared me sometimes...

no no you can't tear at me for generalizing my bias against blue color workers in the middle east. most were from kerala.... ofcourse not ALL prob were... how would i know..
but after being groped, eve teased and scared shitless countless times, i think i have the authority to say.... that strangers scare me. and all blue color workers do.

it's my legacy from the middle east. a running vein of cowardice in my backbone.

it's not like parents don't try to protect the kids.
"get home before dark"
"no going alone anywhere more than 100 feet from the house"
"no playing outside without adult supervision"
"no going to some person's house to learn piano"
"no, you can't go to the supermarket by yourself to get a coke"

it's not like only girls have to watch out....

shrug. well that was life as we knew it. just keep a sharp eye out... unfortunately did i mention i got really bad instincts??
and poor reflexes to boot. most times i'd just be stupified that something so dumb could happen.
i had this friend. my neighbour. she was pretty i guess. the four of us would play outside everyday. me, my brother , she and her brother.
twice this older teenager local guy tried to drag her away. when we were coming back home.... both times we were saved by our parents coming out looking for us.

yeah yeah i'm brooding. i know.

there was this one picnic i went to. was i 8? 10? i don't remember. a bunch of us had gone in this big bus to a nearby park. and everyone got off to play in the park. for some reason i wanted to come back.. oh yeah i wanted a hairband or water bottle or something.
so i come back, and this bus driver and his friend are in the bus.

it's unfortunate that when i'm left to my own devices, i invariable act stupider than normal.

well he asked me something. something really harmless. and guileless idiot chatterbox that i am, we struck up a conversation. now there wasn't anything sinister about that. i spoke for 5 minutes. all ^_^ and happy. and then i wanted to get off. the bus i mean. well it was at that point i realized i was boxed in and he wouldn't let me go. and when i say wouldn't, he simply blocked my way and was laughing. i looked out the window and wondered if i should scream.

ppl were far away. and making a lot of noise. i really doubted anyone would hear me. i was still smiling, coz i didn't really want to show i was worried.
u know if i remember it right i even considered jumping out the window. heck, what was a broken leg compared to anything else....

well finally i didn't have to do anything drastic. he was only blocking the middle aisle of the bus, so i simply jumped over the seats. unfortunately he thought it would be funny to hold my ankle and not let go. well i did the only thing i could. kicked him hard and jumped out the bus. i swore up and down and over all the gods i wasn't getting back in the bus.
so on the way back home, i insisted that i'd ride back in some random family's car.

ofcourse the fuckall bastard had the gall to grin at me, watching me all the while and when i'm about to leave. as in the car is about to leave, he walks up. cool as you please, tells me to roll down the window.
[ i was sitting alone in the locked car, while the rest of the ppl were a lil away and distracted ]
well what do i do? idiot that i am, i roll down the window, [ well he couldn't really do anything at that point ] and he has the balls to ask me for my phone number. [ for god's sake we didn't have cell phones back then. i don't think it was invented yet ]
ofCOURSE i'm dumbstruck. i shake my head unable to believe the guy and say i don't have a phone and after doing that twice i roll up the window fed up with the whole thing.


being a kid in the middle east wasn't a piece of cake. being a girl, even more so.

well. everyone's got a story don't they?
and mebe i can't come up with a funny one everyday. now can i ?

hey, boob guy, were you the same guy who questioned the authenticity of the posts???
it's up to you. you know. it can be whatever you want it to be.



shrug. do you really think i care, what you believe.

[ btw u guys should really pick fake names. like dear ol' granpa cacafonix. if you want you can take multiple names. i don't care... ]

River flows in you - instrumental
and no i didn't want to put that video here. but if you got 4 minutes, you can listen to it.

i'M wiTh stUpiD, aGaiN

there are some things guys will never get about women.
and one of them is how females make decisions.

i mean decisions on imp stuff like which car or which house to buy. like major things.

now i'm looking at cars. and sometimes i'm completely baffled by my reasoning.
[ what i mean is sometimes my rational side just sits back and stares at me like i don't know me at all... wat the.... ]
right. so i go through this silly list. and how can i tell which one is good???? [ car? guy? apparently i have the same issues everywhere... ]
well i definitely don't want that car, coz it looks funny. in the picture. ok so what if all of them are the same model?
oh no i don't want this car, cause the dealer doesn't seem to be interested in selling me a car at all.

hmmm this one seems ok. but its 50 bucks more than the other one. pictures? well they're all the same model... you mean i have to look at ALL their pictures?? jeez man.

so i call this guy and he kind of .... steamrolls me. before i know it, i'm clutching the phone to my head. and like a zombied parrot blurting out my social security number and date of birth to him. while the voices in my head are screaming at me [ WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!! ] and i can SOO see R yelling at me when i tell her about this. [ the first thing R told me when i got my SSN was "guard it with your life. let NO ONE, including GOD know. i don't really understand why, coz right now. the verizon guys, the electricity bill guys, the bank guys, the office guys, lot of ppl seem to know my SSN. not to mention the jc penny girl who tried to get me this card..... ]

i keep the phone down half traumatized and i'm thinking. GOOD LORD, i am going to be the victim of fraud. aaaaaaaaarrgh. and on my way to the brain meltdown which happens atleast once everyday.. i have to see this jerk writing about me , i don't know what he's calling me in the previous post. listen hon, just coz you got male breasts, you don't have to be jealous of females who are by nature supposed to have em u know.. [ talking about the last guy who i asked to fob off. i mean how rude can you get!! :O ] calling me a.... a... < sputtering >

anyways i'm sure i have more to say on how women make decisions rationally. [ i liked this guy's shoes and his wife is pregnant so i'll buy a car from him ]
i mean i'm sure we come to a decision in a thoughtful and rational manner and we have sound scientific reasons for everything we do. [ just that no one else on the planet can figure it out. ]
< grimace >

alrite alrite. time out.
yes yes i know. i really earned my title as reigning queen. [ is that spelled right? ]. mebe what i need is one of those giant signs flashing over my head saying "warning stupid person walking."

ok so the day will come when my neuroses will end and i'll be able to disable the anon posting on my blog. try and get all your jollies by then....
and if i just seem plain tired, that's coz I AM. i slept 4 hours last night. [ MAG book ] and i can't seem to remember my last meal....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

riNg thE bELls bRiGHt anD eaRLy

me: ok that's it. i've decided. we've reached a breakthrough here....i'm getting married this year.
mom: OMG are you serious?? u'r FINALLY ready?? i'm so happy. so that's why i called u know. there is this guy in....
me: no no lets get this straight. i'm not ready. but i had this horrrrible HORRIBLE vision in my head of myself.... 5 years down the line..... you WAKING ME UP ON A SUNDAY MORNING to TALK ABOUT GUYS. aaaaaaaaaaaargh. that's a HORRIBLE FUTURE. i'd just as soon blow my brains out. i can't take this for another 5, 10, 50 years. it's my life or my sleep. i chose sleep. alright that's it. pick one, point me at someone. if they're able and willing to marry me and of sound mental health while they make that choice. its fixed. consider it fixed. let's just get ON WITH IT SO I CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP.
mom: so are you ok with this guy?? thot you didn't like him...
me: no no no not liking someone is noooooo reason to reject an alliance!!!
the main 3 questions have to be asked.... is he able? is he willing? is he of sound mental health??
ring the bells. and lets get ON WITH IT.
mom: oh come on!! this is a question of your life here... no pressure. take your time.
me: take your.... < sputtering > woman!! we are losing valuable sundays here!!
do you know how many sunday mornings i have lost already???
there will be NO TAKING TIME. nyaaaaahhh life shmife. who cares...
mom: why can't you just find someone on your own. just say the word that you will, and i'll drop the whole thing tonight. and leave you to it.
me: what are YOU?? i've been saying that for the last 2 YEARS!! [ albeit in the wishful hope of being left alone and getting some sleep ... do you even hear a WORD i say??? ]
mom: maybe you can search for someone on the internet.
me: eeew eeeww eeeeeeeeeewwww i'm NOT trolling the internet for guys. the internet is sacred and not to be sullied with these shenanigans of yours.. YOU corrupt your time with the internet...
mom: [ losing interest in the direction this is going ] so what's your word on this guy. shall i give him your email id??
mom: yes yes. give it to THEM ALL. post it in the newspaper for all i care.
this is the frickin year. it is SO gonna happen. i don't even want to THINK about the fate of my sundays in 2010 if it doesn't happen this year. i GIVE UP. you have finally nagged me , beat me to submission. anything has to be better than this.
[ imagining me being woken up for the same reason, 2012, 2014, 2020.. aaaaaaaaaargh. brain meltdown.]

oh god. instinctive gag reflex.

Friday, March 6, 2009

biG piCtuRes iN mY miNd

imagine your getting hitched. or leg shackled as they say it.
imagine 33k INR for your makeup and hairstyle...
imagine each sari that costs around 25-50k and that's for you alone and u need enough for all the 10 days...
imagine a procession that stops traffic. and has a 1000 ppl and a picture of that would put a movie set to shame...
imagine 4 receptions for your one wedding.
imagine wearing different gold and diamond jewelry each day. obv they match your clothes...
imagine the procession has the band ppl, the dancing ppl, the trumpet ppl and all other insane stuff...
imagine the humongous halls, overloaded with flowers, different venues for each day and decorations that wud cross ur eyes...
imagine a padmashree awardee sings at your wedding as a personal favour to ur mom in law.
imagine that your siblings and relatives also bought a gr8 deal of ornaments and clothes for the wedding...

imagine all this. this is your wedding.
the happiest day of your life.

my opinion on this?? :) no comments.

no really. i'll keep my thoughts to myself. you can draw ur own damn conclusions.
and yes, if u detect that i'm a bit frayed around the edges and mebe ... just mebe a lil on edge today??... you are very perceptive. i advise you to tread softly boyo...

sPeaKiNG oF mURdeR

don't ask, but u were wearing the most revealing swimsuit, like ur entire left side was open or something. and u walked into my office like that

and u got one of my old best friends with u .... and i was shock.
i was like R!!! this is totally inappropriate for the office and then u told that u liked wearing a swimsuit so much in from now on ur wearing only that. everywhere and anytime.

well it wasnt as much a swimsuit as it was this really short frock with the left side completely open to the elements

and then someone was plotting my murder.

or was it the other way around???
i don't know... but the rest of the night, was spent in plotting the perfect murder. i think half way through i realized the only reason i was doing that, was because i'm half way through this murder mystery book. when i'm awake that is.

god lets hope that's the reason...

ok here, i got one.
a chinese, a russian and an indian.
no this is not a 'they walked into a bar joke'
this is my teleconf meeting yesterday. ha! u got that right. no one understood what the other was saying...
one spoke too fast [ take a guess ], one spoke with no inflection at all, and one spoke too slow and it was a royal circus with the one who spoke too slow trying to explain the Performance primitives derived and profiling those codecs on the ***** processor using those primitives.... also finally how you trace through them using any and all performance analyzers , while all i wanted to know was what was Qt* runtime libraries and where would i get them.
wait. sorry this is not my office email to Qi. this is my blog.. woops typing in the wrong window here...

oh groan, getting a book into the office is SUCH A BAD IDEA!!
i am pretty sure i'll get NO WORK done today. that book is a MAGNET for my brain.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

cOminG baCK to HaviNG fuN

yaaay my room mate is back !! that's like so coool ^_^

yaay.. one month of being by myself... going nuts... being more by myself... sure it was peaceful and all... but now we can have some serious fun !! especially now that i've reinvented myself as a slightly less anal person.

yaaay this is sooo coo.... oowww < stubbed my toe on a really humongous suitcase >
no no i'm ok... i'll be alright. i'll just turn that way and ...
woooops... thud. < tripped over some strewn about luggage >

ok that's it. am going back to hole myself in my room so i don't break my hip or something.... < limping away, trying to salvage some dignity >

wait. hang on. did u just say daylight savings time???
OMG. my MOM just got the hang of the time zone diff. [ she woke me up at 6:30 instead of 5:30 today. how kind.... ]
don't tell me i have to confuse her again!! aaaaaaaaaaww man, i don't think i want to go through this again....

ok ok i admit. i got tired of those leaky pipe ads :D
that was fun while it lasted... now. let me get back to my stitching this giant purple head covering for my head....

bLoOd wiLl teLL

star of the week:

me: hey, i joined this ngo. i'll fwd you the email, so you can join too...
anon: your going to spoil the minds of innocent kids? and help old ppl die faster?hahahaha.
me: hey. this is for teaching kids math and science.
anon: you should help india develop nuclear weapons. psycho scientist.
me: what??
anon: teach them to bomb P
me: no can do. the ngo is started by Bangladeshis
anon: you shouldn't join this. join red cross or unicef. reputed brand. not some local money laundering racket.
me: WAAT. this is not.... < sputtering >
anon: for all you know, they might be stealing child kidney and sending to north korea
me: by god ur insane. these are intel folks
anon: intel inside, mental outside. ok buy me a chip. so i can play games.
me: fine they would give me a free one, once i complete one year.
anon: having to wait one year for a 2500 rs chip is not worth it. i can understand if it's a car...but why would they do that?? what will you do with it? fit it in your boss's behind and give him a kick. so he will work faster??? hahahahaha
me: by god ur insane. < stunned and repeating the same thing >. your going up on my blog.
anon: what blog? you should abuse amitabh bachchan on your blog.
me: huh? what??
anon: then you will get your 15 min of fame too.. like salman and seem to have a lot of time on earth.
me: not really. just cut down on sleep and you can save time...
anon: whoa.. now u are becoming philosopher. if u save time now when will u get it back??.... think about it. so better dont save... and waste it. hahahah.i like it
i am getting smarter by day. i think i should be making more money than this...
i want to become doctor. i will check online for courses..
me: you want to be a doctor??? waat. but u just finished your mba.
anon: yeah i want to be a surgeon
me: you can't be a surgeon by taking online courses!!
anon: my boss is coming to town tomorrow. i'm not going to office.
me: how can you not go to office???
anon: it's better to buy shoes than see his face. and besides i'm watching a movie. so i'm not going tomorrow also.
me: also??? [ oh god dear lord heavens above... ]

[ still reeling from the verbal attack ]
ppl i'd like you to meet .....

the star of the week, or mebe year.. ok century.

my brother.

by GOD he's insane :D

ooh ooooh by the way, guess who i saw in the lift this morning?? a scotsman in a KILT. AWESOME!! honest to god, scottish guy wearing a kilt in our office. life doesn't get any better than this i tell ya....

yOU caN jOin iN toO

ok so lets get down to brass tacks...

first of all. i had pad thai today. ok ok its unrelated to anything remotely relevant. ok ok i had pad thai yest seeing how its already beyond midnight where i park my butt ....

right. so pad thai aint so bad... it could have been worse.

but the main point isn't that. it's the fact that i now have a google group of ppl who are willing to spend an hour a week or mebe two, doing some stuff for the NGO i joined. ok so i'm asking you to join. hey! it's not hard work. its not like i'm asking you to go to a class room of kids and talk to them. all i'm saying is we want to make these ppt tutorials of algebra text books. and mebe once we have a standard format and stuff we can distribute to more schools... ok so what i'm looking to set up is a pool of resources, where i can just feed in the requests as i get them from the schools here and who ever has time can pick it up.
with enough ppl in the pool, i think we can always find someone to do what we need??

so it keeps it easy for you. no hard commitments. let's all take baby steps here.
ok so if you are interested... just leave a comment and we'll find a way.

now. yaaawn. did u read bout those guys building their own road so that they could get married?? that is SO wierd. but good. ok if u want the link, just go to the other blog listed under my name.. you know.... the news feed.

ok i have a question for you. when was the last time you consciously thought of BODMAS??
^_^ I KNOW !! cool aint it??
sorry. math always did uplift my soul :P

ok. now the latest buzz. imagine. your on vacation. for 4 weeks. in this economy. and you decide to take another week off. and your manager asks you to come back. and you say there aren't tickets. and HE SEARCHES for tickets in makemytrip and sends you the link. and you say that that's too expensive. and you can't come back.

man you have some cajones. don't ya :P
i really admire your golden ... ahem!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

foR reASonS uNkNown

your kidding me right? no. wait. don't tell me. i might just die of shock.
no really. don't tell me.

hey! i asked you not to tell me.
S is getting married. the S, in australia?? my lab partner for 3 years of undergrad and horrible horrible labs, S???
your kidding , right?

OMG are u INSANE. i KNOW S. like know KNOW him. there's nothing like watching another guy copy from your lab notes for 3 straight years to know his character. u know like how ppl's character just shines through when they're in hot water?? well let me tell you... ok.
well actually he was a pretty funny guy.
we had a good dynamic in our team of 3 ppl.

i did the lab work, and they kept me from being bored. a running commentory. instant radio. that was my reward for doing the prep, lab work and submitting reports. constant entertainment. i did lecture a bit on how smoking and excessive drinking was bad for health... but then later i just gave up. [ hey! everyone needs their crutches. and who am i to preach?? ]
ok. so i know them. kind of. my two lab partners... and one of them was S.australia.
and he's EFFIN getting MARRIED???

i think i might just die of terminal shock today.

no no. no no.
not that he shouldn't.

but i kind of thought from an evolutionary perspective....well forget it. i'm sure he's a good guy now... i mean... aaw heck. i'll just shut up now.

groan. i can't WAIT to see what kind of ads pop up for this.. i have this nasty feeling that i'm going to end up writing more posts ABOUT the ads than.... anything else... sigh.

dEep BluE fLuffY miST


btw i thank K, without who we would not be here today.
i mean here. listening to these songs ;P

it is all because of K's efforts, we now have ads about jumping beans and rusty pipes and dancing dogs to read everyday. u know what's gonna happen don't you?
i'm going to start mentioning random unonnected words just to see the web crawler thing go insane trying to figure out what ads to put there.
ooooh i'm just evil ^_^ < chuckle with glee >

aaw man all my labels are out of whack.. i SO have to reorganize them... can u imagine reshelving 500+ posts... groan..
ocd?? you BET!

tHe nEw SensE

ok so i DID tell you to brace yourself didn't i??

yeah i have to admit. i'm not too thrilled with this myself. maybe i can change it to only text or something. but you have to admit, its pretty funny to see ads for leaky faucets under the post :P
wooops there they are again!

ok ok. enough kidding. with my crazy titles and whacko stuff that i write, god knows what we would see in the ad blocks.

make money?? ARE U KIDDING ME?? how would i make money with random ads of plumbers??
are YOU looking for a plumber?? what the heck are you doing here then???

aaw man. u know i'll get tired of it pretty soon don't you?
just deal with it till then...

ok so anyways. its a brilliant day. i mean freakishly bright. i mean really really REALLY AWESOME outside. now if only i can hunt down that random person who invited me to live off of them... my life would be set.
ok am a lil jittery today.. u noticed huh ?

ok i gtg now. toodles...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oF LenTiL gArdeNs anD leAky piPes

hey!! wait.
have i stuck to my new years resolution to not bad mouth morons???

:D u know what becker says don't you.
he says the world is full of morons and if someone doesn't point it out to them. they'll never know it. so he's going to change the world. one idiot at a time :D
aaah becker. father of house :P

well anyways. i havent bad mouthed anyone recently have i?? or vented or been mean. that's nice. hey/ mebe i'm turning a new leaf!! aaaw who am i kidding.

hey!! so what if there was this cartel. you know of evil ppl plotting to turn everyone into noodle brains or earthworms ...
that reminds me.
note to self: NO OPEN TOED SHOES IN EARTHWORM SEASON. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew



oh right back to the cartel of evil lords who want to turn us into their mindless zombies... wait maybe that's Microsoft and Apple. [ ok that was a really bad joke.. sigh i'm running out of steam aren't i?? ]

wait!! i got something......

nopes... i already told you that one.

oh come on. i feel like a leaking bucket. GIMME A BREAK HERE..
ok ok PMS is always bad. esp when it takes up 60% of the month. well u know why its called PMS right ? yeah .... coz the name Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

right right. recycling jokes is bad... yaawn. oh alright. toodles already.


Monday, March 2, 2009

rAinS anD stOrmS to WatCh

when i was a kid, i wanted to be many things.
but most of all i wanted to be a writer.

no no i'm not talking about the 4 year age when you want to be an engine driver or something... actually i never wanted to be an engine driver. i did want to be a pilot though... along with a dancer, a rock star, an actor in the theatre, a mafia mob gangster, a gold smuggler [ too much famous five has that effect sometimes.. ], a chef, a hotel manager [ well u know.. my dad and all... ], an architect, war correspondent... aah the list was endless.

but when i started to really think about what i wanted to do. i wanted to be a writer. i mean i really did.
can u tell ? :D

oh well.
travel around the world, writing. sitting on a beach and writing. sitting in a library and reading...

oh well here's to a gr8 monday

City of the week or month or day...

qUicK sTart aNd juMPinG beAns

brace yourself. thanks to the shenanigans of K, now you all have to endure being bombarded by data... well why should i spoil the surprise for you guys?? besides, its supposed to be consumer specific... aaaaah uh uh aan. you can't get me to spill the beans...

so another monday and by now you all are in your offices, labs or whatever toiling away hard at your chosen endeavors..... ok that's it. that's the best i can do for waxing philosophical right now. suffice to say, today i give back my trusty steed [ back to the stables, my four 'tire'd beast ] and here's to hoping i get my car soon.

and for that particular dah'ling out there who's wondering how i ever managed without a car for so long.. let me tell you. i have it on good authority that there are a few indian females and chinese females out here, who have spent years in LA without a car. and some ppl in detroit too.
so there! i'm not a wierdo. there are wierder ppl around. ok ok. stop hounding me already. i said i'd get a car didn't i??

right so i'll post the pics of my shaky one handed quick snapping once R gives them to me :)
and really! you can't expect me to be exciting so early on a monday morning !!

gimme a break willya??