Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dAy 1 oF AwEsOME cLAsS

i kind of liked my old blogger design.
 oh well. anyways,

so i signed up for this really really cool class. or so i thought. Linux device driver developement class.

 and i'm really excited to listen to lectures for a change.

 ofcourse i'm freshs back from Boston, so i OBviously have Jetlag. and i come to class at 6:15AM and be prepared to wait for 2 hours.

 all is well. or as they say in dutch alles goed. then the folks start trickling in.. and ppl slowly fill up all the empty spaces. class starts normally enough. in 10 minutes someone has a question...i'm prepared to listen with baited breath, these are some great minds of intel. surely they have insightful questions.


"is there a UI interface to format the thumbdrive ? my linux screwed up my thumbdrive and now i can't see it."
instructor is silent. he looks around. he asks quietly, "are you a windows programmer"
"yes" i see his face getting a little red.
and someone hastily jumps in. "you should install gparted, thats an easy UI interface for formating filesystems."
"how do i do that?" here let me show her. she is slowing down our class!
"uh oh, you don't have any network connection installed. but i have it in my virtualbox. how did you install this thing?"
"i don't know. i dont have shared folders , my thumbdrive is not detected, no network connection... windows is so much easier"
"DON'T SAY THAT" [ that's me unravelling a bit here ]
i must have startled her with my vehemence. she finally gets her thumbdrive formatted on a windows machine. [ she actually then swapped her hard disk to get a linux hard disk so she wouldn't have to deal with virtualbox!! ] so then she goes up to the instructor, and practically mumbles "windows is so much easier, i dont think i like linux as much"
"i HATE windows" [ that's me unravelling a little bit more ] " i'm a die hard linux fan"
instructor looks at me sympathetically, i guess he understands more than anyone else how i'm about to slap someone something fierce.

 anyways all that's done. she's quiet now. and probably warned by the look in my eye. the instructor continues.. and shows some of us how to untar a file , copy contents.
"can't i just use the UI for that? isn't there drag and drop?"
OMG U.F.M [ and incase you don't get it.. it's Unbelievable effing MORON ]

 aaaaaaaargh. stupid windows programmers who know nothing about nothing.

after a while on another topic the guy sitting to the right of me, suggested locking down pages in user space. i don't know what that means exactly, but the isntructor's jaw dropped, his face definitely turned purple and he said "NO, DON't EVER DO THAT". still that guy was pretty convinced he wanted to do it.

talking about system calls and the stack depth, someone else had an argument if it was 4 or 5. while this smartass [isn't there atleast ONE in every class ] chimes in " my GOD, you unix guys quibble over everything. registers are CHEAP, who cares how many arguments you pass and the stack depth. it DOESN't MAtter"

i left before i really slapped him.

alles NOT goed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

aM i a nErD a GeEk oR nEiThEr??

urk! i can't imagine how it could get much worse. i could SWEAR that i had booked my tickets a week ago! but then i check last night, and OMG, i couldn't find the paperwork! it never went through!! so here i am two days before i need to leave without a ticket! what will happen???? [ 2 days later... ] ok i'm on a flight to portland.. phew.. made it on time. but curses !!! i've got a united ticket... though it's operated by conti.. so that's a good thing.. but then the seats are so terrible, i got a terrible neck and shoulder ache... but they DO have direct tv, which is ofcourse not free, so not at all helpful.. argh!! i hate conti. saw an episode of new girls. hmm i like this quirky crazy female.. though she is a little too crazy if you know what i mean. it's sad to think of what i've become. sat evening, i spent configuring my VirtualBox on my windows host to behave perfectly or even better than the machine in the lab. it's so perfect it brings tears of joy to my eyes... no more downloading and uploading files to my machine .. stupid windows to linux limitations. now i simply have a shaerd folder and voila ! i'm in heaven. and then ofcourse it's been a while since i watched some star trek. silly costumes, completely fake looking sci fi stuff and jean luc picard... there isn't a better way of spending a sat evening, yes and that includes looking at the silly makeup for data. you can clearly see the "android" getting older and saggier. Riker .. poor riker. after 6 seasons, he just looks drunk , or stoned or beer'd up. speaking of beer, we went to niagra for the long weekend. was awesome ! i don't think i could have imagined how awesome it could be. after that we went to a vineyard and that's where i was amazed to see my FIL try some wine!! woohoo.... go FIL!! sleepy now. yaaawn. jet lag catching up. i gotta go back and play with my new linux box.

Friday, September 2, 2011

eXpANdiNg tO fiLL sPaCeS

i can't believe how much stuff we've accumulated in just a short month after moving into our new place.

and NOW i can't believe how i survived 5 years without any of this stuff. it's funny huh, when you look around yourself and notice all the nice and shiny new toys you ABSOLUTELY need to complete your day. like.. like angry birds and tea kettles.

while i await my deadly midnight meeting , i'm forced .. really forced to wonder.
OMG what is WRONG with me. i'm working more than 12 hours a day. urk! it's horrid. leaves a very bitter taste in ur mouth. yes work does. well atleast excessive work does.

i think i'm forced to admit .... maybe half my problems are self made. aaw shucks ofcourse most of my issues are self made.. [ who am i kidding? ] maybe i was a little careless or a little complacent or just too tired. in any case, apparently my stuff is the only one incomplete, and everyone is suddenly awake to the fact that i exist.

oh well. atleast tomorrow i won't have to stay up half the night. and i can always catch some sleep on the flight to and fro from this place.

yaawn, damn you stupid pigs. die!