Friday, November 19, 2010

jUsT anOThEr dAy

it started out normal,

7:45 wake up bleary eyed
7:47 stumble to the bathroom
7:53 switch on the shower and let it run to get hot water
8:10 fire alarm starts beeping.
8:11 i run out and start batting away like crazy at the fire alarm.

wait whaT?

yeah.. its been a normal day.

well atleast office might be peaceful right? but i have to move my desk, to another cubicle a few aisles away. and ofcourse my monitor is locked to the cubicle and i've lost the keys.
ofcourse now they've got to cut the cable, and then they've gotta have a witness < me > and i have to say "aye i give you permission to cut the gosh darn cable"

oh yeah... its just another day.

leaving in a few hours. AND i'm hungry. AND i'ts raining.

Friday, November 12, 2010


note to self: nelly, just a dream

anyone there?

ofcourse it feels like i'm all by myself , gently floating in space.
especially that its 11:01:04 and i'm in the office.

oh coz i'm having an affair with a chinese device driver developer.

is what i want to say. and seriously it would be better than the sad truth.

which is that i'm not even having an affair with a chinese device driver developer.

what i AM having. is a BIG HEADACHE. trying to duplicate stuff done , 13.5 hours away < on a good delta flight > and having to sync up with folks everyday... and having an a*hole yelling at u and making u cry in the office.

oh well.

that's the price we pay for SELLING OUR SOULS TO THE CORPORATE DEVILS.

ok mebe i shud lay off the sugar.. just thinking....

ooh i DID go to the LAME-O < now how do i do strike through? > , i mean .. ahem.. awesome diwali celebration thing we had. actually a couple of dances were good. but the singing.. umm and the oldies dancing.... oh well never mind.
far more than what i did, innit?

11:25:34 and i'm still stuck here. situation has gone from bad to worse.
the sd card had a file system corruption and i had to repartition and reformat. and it still doesnt work.

my life is officially hell.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LazY rOoMies iS to tRAsh

it's easier to take out the trash, when you're fueled by the righteous anger of the fully justified.
don't know what i mean?

have you ever had that annoying roommate who always made a mess, and who never cleaned up after themselves and lets the trash bags just pile up in the middle of the room?

and do you remember huffing to yourself on the simple laziness of your roommate and flouncing to the nearest trash disposal unit in ur appt complex carrying 2-3 trash bags and each step a step in protest of your roommates deficiencies and a symbol of ur self-martyrdom in putting up with the possibly worst roommate in the whole wide world!

and yet,

when ur living by yourself, it's so easy to justify that

it's too cold today.
there's just one bag, thats not efficient. let me wait for a couple of bags.
the bag isn't even full yet! < not even enough trash ! >
its raining
just don't feel like it

i say, lazy roommates help you throw out trash.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

fiNd oF tHe dAy

look what i found stumbling.
ladies , gents and all those folks in between, here's pogo, an australian DJ.

ahhh sunday morn.. cereal, cartoons - a match made in heaven.

good tidings on the way, will tell u all about it later.

you should stumble, if you aren't already. something interesting to read on a rainy sunday afternoon -
Photo of the day

and meanwhile you can listen to this on a rainy sunday afternoon -
8 track - stay in bed

update: for those who are confused about the video, tis guy who takes movie clips and makes music out of them. pretyy clever don't u think? don't forget to check out other videos too!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pUNcH in YouR'e tiMe cARdS

would you believe if i said i have seen the calendar of my boss and calculated the number of hours he is in a meeting?

here is the stats:
me : 20 hours in a week spent in meetings which is 50% of the time if you consider a 40 hour workweek. if you think in terms of how many hours i actually work, its more like 44.4%.
my boss : 30 hours in meetings which is 75% of the week but if u consider the actual number of hours that he probably works, more like 50%.

so it looks like the time spent in meetings just increases the total number of hours u spend at office coz we try to maintain a 50% cutoff and compensate by working more.
ok i don't want that promotion. thank you very much.

one of the main things that worry me, is that i see ppl who joined a yr before me, 2 yrs before me and they give a very good indication of where i'll be in mebe 2-3 yrs from now. < ok mebe i can drag my feet and move along a lil more slowly, but i still gotta move > and then i see the kind of lives they lead. one guy has become just plain 'chubby' and the girl looks like a walking zombie and lives on cereal.

oh well. i can always wear bamboo clothes and go back to raising chickens in some remote village forest near my house back home.
oh but i'd miss "House" so much.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pAPpaRAZzi sHOts

when folks , ur friends or families send you pics of their vacations.
and u feel that mild twinge of envy < or indigestion .. oh whatever..... u took ur pick > when u wish you were on that vacation instead.

but sometimes u get a situation where ur faced with 300 pics of ppl. patel snaps we call it, and its just pic after pic of ur friend posing in front of some of the most amazing scenery and essentially blocking ur view. < hey!! i wasn't lucky enough to go there myself and mebe u cud let me live vicariously through u, u douchey << ok now i'm just making up words >> >
but what if they are not only standing in front of plain ol awesomeness, but standing with their awesome dolce gabana glasses. i mean its bad enough that u block my view, then on reams and reams of pics, u force my eye to be drawn to ur crazy sunglasses that after the 145th pic , just make u look blind.

have u looked at ppl wearing sunglasses?? have you looked at 300+ pics of the same 2/4/6/x ppl with sunglasses? do they or do they not look like blind ppl ?? and slightly ________. < i'm too polite to fill it >

why do ppl assume it makes them look cool?
ok ok i'm guilty of doing that too. i too have a couple of pics somewhere in which i'm wearing my sunglasses and i think i look awesome. but i have 2.
are u frikin kidding me??
ur singlehandedly ruining my favorite vacation spots.

i did not mean to spell out 'ho' out there.

sLeeP oF iNnoCenSe

if you can't sleep

click here to fall asleep :P

LaTe reSpOnsE

big oooops

i had a meeting at 8 today.

a staff meeting where everyone meets and you need to be present in person.

and i woke up at 8.

i didn't even remember the meeting till i came to my desk and switched on my laptop.

i'd put a sad smiley out there if i wasn't so busy laughing at the comedy of it.

can u imagine telling grownups that you missed the meeting coz u slept in ?

it's hillarious!!!!! and sad!!! i don't know if i shud be :( or hahahaha

oh god. < groan >


now the reason i wasn't able to get up, is coz i was dreaming of a revolution in personal transportation. the whole city to be connected by these tubes, and u get into one and say the gate number and just get whisked away to ur location.

also before that, i dreamt i was caught in a burning building.
not very pleasant, except for the fact that i think there was a ghost and i was ghost hunting after the building burnt down.