Monday, December 29, 2008

dO ThE tAnGo aND sPit in iT

i'll show her. < grumble grumble > telling on me that i was mean to her. wait till she walks in that door and a whole bucket of flour falls on her head. ha! its genius!
and then the paint will splash on top of it on her face. maybe i'll spit in her food too.... < grumble grumble >
ruin my b'day will she? and eat MY cake??

wat? waddaya mean she's only four? so WAT?
be an adult??? who's the adult??? no no i don't wanna. >_<
ya ya i know i can make nice with her. i pandered to 2 other kids. i can pander to the third instead of rolling my eyes at everything she says. [ kids pick up on those vibes you know..ya ya ]. i guess its not helping that every time she makes an incredible dumb comment, i grimace and give a bland look. maybe she's just used to people laughing at everything she says, and twittering over her every word. [ so why does the whole world think that they have the smartest kid in the world.
"oooh look your kid can walk on two legs. yaay for mankind. no no 15 billion people before you have never done it quite the same way. this is different. yaay..." ]

ok so i shouldn't have told her to shut up when she was annoying the crap outta me. or mebe i shudn't have threatened to pull out all her hair when she was doing the same to me.ok, so i should have been the adult. i'm 26 after all < grimace >. sure sure. i could have played with her and put in all that effort.

but I DON'T WANNA >_<
and besides this is more fun this way.


  1. its like the intervening 20 years never happened :P

    i'm stuck in a time warp of 20 years ago...

  2. losing a battle of wits against a 4 year old? What's this, ur second childhold?.. :-p ?

  3. ..on more thought, that one has a rather sad view of life, no? I much rather prefer this one:

  4. its too profound for my current state of mind


    i think i'll go to NY this week. been trying to get a hold of A.A.the.JA but he seems to be holed up with some hot babe and refuses to answer the door. Heyy wake up its 3 in the afternoon already. u've been at it for the last 40 hours straight!!!