Thursday, March 26, 2009

tOtAL suRpriSe oNLy

there i am... doing ma thing. lulla la la laaa hmmm doing ma thing. checking on my cousin brother.. oooh here's the link to his orkut site. let me check wats happening in his life.. oooh pics.
aaah i c some nice pics in the snow and stuff... let me see.... seen these before.

wait.. is that... wat the... you have GOT to be kidding me. there is only ONE female in his orkut friends list???? and that female is ME !!
aah there it is, i see wait. that's our other cousin sister.
OMG my cousin has NO FEMALE FRIENDS !!!!

< choking on my glass of orange juice, coughing and gaping with my mouth wide open >

by GOD, i can't believe it. well actually i can. his mom is a lil... hmm how can i put this nicely. actually i can't :P
so she's my dad's sis. and she's... well strict?
i dunno. but considering he's like a couple of years older than me. i would have thought.
well then. this explains a lot. no wonder he has no clue about appropriate conversation with girls.

:O < blinkin my eyes slowly and processing this information in ma head >

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