Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gRaCioUSneSs at it'S beSt

what if someone invited you into their home?

and then proceeded to tell you these set of rules. about how you shouldn't

1. enter the kitchen
2. not touch the fridge
3. if ur cooking and getting food, then get your own ladles.
4. you can use the microwave, but one of the household members will heat the food for you
5. please come into our home and enjoy a lovely dinner.

are you SERIOUS.
trust me!! this is not science fiction

what would YOU do if someone said all this to you??
i'd slap them. yup i would.

i mean this is like my family. all the way OVER HERE. jeez this is precisely why i left my village far far behind.
"you know america wasn't founded so that everyone could be better, america was founded so that everyone could be anything they damn well pleased"

my family is a bit like that. treating everyone like lepers. its irritates me LIKE HELL



  1. ehh?? W have i just been insulted??

  2. its impossible to insult Nobel laureates and the like.

  3. :O
    are u being sarcastic missy??

    ah ah aaah. i'm keeping an eye on you.

    btw its an interesting question, let me start with what socrates said...