Friday, March 27, 2009

a CaLM AnD pEACefuL daY

i can just almost feel it. the breeze on my skin.
the cool, uplifting sensation as i sit there.

i can imagine it so well, i can almost taste it. i'd lay on my back and look at the sky. pier 41 wasn't all that different. and that's wat i did this time. no i didn't lay on my back in public and fall asleep. [ i'd have really been a sea lion then ]
but i did sit there for half hour, and bask in the sun.

this one is cool too...
time will pass, clouds will move, and yet you cud just sit and gaze. and if ur bored you'd get up, take a mad dash down the pier and jump into the water with a great bloodcurdling scream :P

just for kicks :P

aaaah to be surrounded by a calm and peaceful water body. that's where i'd like to retire :) like when i'm old. like around 45 ;P

oh btw... thanks to BugsBunny for the pic.

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