Friday, March 13, 2009

fOLloW tHEm aRoUnD eVerYWHerE

here's a really neat video

Crisis of Credit

so i notice i have this tendency to attach myself to a higher power. well not necessarily a higher power... anyone with even a mm of brain more than me. [ how exactly do we measure brain capacity again?? ]

it's happened all my life. never having had an older sibling... i tend to project to anyone who seems like a good candidate. attach myself like a barnacle to the side of a ship. hang on like that pesky flower stuff that gives you pollen allergies...

my first friend was Nivedita. in kg2. i was 5 years old. she was taller than me. so i thought she was really smart. as far as i remember she was bengali. and when we turned 6 she went away to india i think.
followed her everywhere. she was like my bestest friend. thought she was the smartest person in the whole wide world, so i'd ask her any question i had. infact, did a pretty good imitation of duckling following mother goose :P
she had a boycut and i think she wore glasses. and the day she left, she told me to take her address and write her a letter and i rem asking her "what's a letter"
so she shook her head at me, and told me what it was. i then went to my mom and asked her to take down the address. and my mom was talking to someone and she was like "yeah yeah sure i will"
so my friend goes away and then after a few days i ask my mom for the address coz i want to talk to my friend. u know, like write her a letter. and my mom just gives me this look and says

"aren't kids supposed to have a low attention span or something?? i didn't take it"
"yeah i thought you would just forget about it... so i didn't take it"
"i just lost my bestest friend in the whole wide world. my first bestest friend btw, coz you WERE TOO LAZY TO WRITE DOWN FOUR LINES?????"
"ha ha. how cute. now run along and play with your dolls"
"dolls are stupid and so are you. you didn't even take her address!!!"

WHACK < wince >

well now you know why i got so many wollops as a kid...

but then the trend continued u know... wherever i'd go i'd find someone more mature, more stable and more knowledgeable than me. and they'd sort of lookout for me [ hey Q don't forget to pay your rent this month ] and then basically i'd end up telling them everything and asking their advice on everything.

"hey that guy just hit me, what should i do?"
"hey, pink dress or green?"
"hey which college should i apply to?"
"hey, my scooter just broke down. what should i do?"
"hey i'm out of petrol, what should i do?"
"hey, which car should i buy?"
"are you going to the wedding?"
"did you do your taxes?"
"where should i buy my groceries?"
"i have fever, what should i do?"
"who should i marry?"

poor souls. i can actually track them along the trajectory of my life.
started with N, then it was Ani, Van, Bru, Ind, Meg, Pal, She, Ja, Ash, Nish, SJ, [ only girls so far ], Cha, PR, R, An, K.

wait there's only 3 guys on that list. whoa. that's so wierd.
well there you have it.
my list of mother hens. the one's i follow around like a baby chick.
cheep cheep kinds.

these are the ppl i'd prob follow blindly off a cliff or into some fire...but i'd draw the line at a kidney. yeah... sorry :P

its particularly noticeable when i go shopping with them ( recently was R )
it's hillarious to see a grown female follow another grown female around like a puppy in and around the aisles. even the most random and complicated patterns. i'd be right on her heels....

disclaimer: the above list isn't exactly a list of best friends. i mean i've had some best friends who i wouldn't take any advice from [ most of my best friends were kind of... ummm... terminally insane. no offense X. and you know i'm talkin about u, if ur reading this... oh never mind.i'm sure you got the point ] and oh K. this may not be the best time, your kind of on the best friend list. < cough and look away at the horizon > [ hey i don't go for any mushy stuff. right. ]

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