Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tHe daiLY sCaRe

just when i thought things were getting dull and boring around here and i was having a relatively quiet day..

so today i go to Target. to buy my jigsaw puzzles right? [ btw i got 3 ]
and then i walk out. its dark and btw Target is only like 3 blocks away from home..
and i keep all the stuff including my new scrap book for my travels in the passenger side and i get in.

start the car and slowly start moving. gps is ready but not on. come on its only 3 blocks. how bad can it be.

woops. spoke too soon. passenger car door flies open while i'm driving :O
wtf didn't i shut it properly??
i swerve, move into the next avail parking lot with visions of clipping some walking old lady with my swinging passenger door swimming in my head. and i stop the car. phew. ok nothing happened.
switch the car off. phew. lean over and try to close the door.
not closing. < frown in confusion > try again.
stop the car. put the handbrakes. get out. go look at it. handle was stuck. so unstuck it and close. ok it closed.
get back in the car. wear seatbelts. try to start the car. car won't start. remove handbrakes. car still won't start.
uh oh. i forgot to change the gear. its still at D.
and it won't move.
so now the gear won't move and i can't start. hmm lights are on. switch off lights.

i dunno. it might help. try again.
slowly start panicking. try calling someone.
ok think think. something about neutral. the neutral gear. try that. oh yeah it moves to neutral. if u push hard enough. try again.
voila!! car has started. phew.

take a minute to slow racing heart.

drive slowly out of parking lot. it's dark now. getting confused with all the lights and stuff. can't see the lane lines. or the speedbumps.

good lord why is the guy flashing his lights at me.
oh shit. my lights were off.
wait. why is he flashing them again?
isn't this the right one? mebe its the other one. but that can't be. that is parking lights. isn't it? but that one is so bright. wats the dim and dip thing. why the heck does this car have more controls than my driving instructors car???
ok i'll call it. i stick with this one. that's what i think it is. i'll go home and check.

take the turn to enter the appt complex. now its relatively lesser traffic here on this road. so let me try switching these different controls. hmm still too bright. ok park. smooth park. perfect 10. good. ok now let me get out and check.

i drove home in my parking lights. damn it. i made the wrong call again.
dow < wince >

the dragon lady was right.
lookout hillsboro, QoD is on the road now < wince >

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