Thursday, March 12, 2009

riGhT sHiFt iN tHinKinG

well?? what do you think???
@K - your not allowed to make your displeasure of the color known... we all got it.. u don't like baby blue cars.

oh btw i had a very scientific reason for picking this car. coz

OBVIOUSLY the color

but wait. did you say u have a brand new one for 12k instead??

oh mebe i'll just end up going for that. provided i get the car that is...

i'm so ditching the baby blue. i'm not THAT much girl :P

you know how when your searching for the right choice. see its not the price that i really care about. its not even anything really. i mean what do i know about cars.
you probably already know that i don't really understand market value. i mean price is such a function of value to you. in this economy tmv means jack shit. and so does kbb. is kbb a reflection of the current economic times? do they take the falling car sales into account??
i don't know.. they're prob more reliable if they do.

i mean someone would prob not pay 50 bucks for a book which i would buy no questions asked.. how do you actually measure value? well mebe u can. but u can't explain it to me in a way i could understand it.
so why am i thrashing around trying to find a good deal?

ok so here's the thing.
i'm going to buy a car. and then since i'm such a blabbermouth i'm going to tell a lot of ppl about it. and then if i don't have a good story about how i got it soo cheap, then i have to listen to TONS of ppl telling me how i screwed up. now i wouldn't mind screwing up as long as i didn't have to listen to EVERYONE on this planet and their friend lecture me... telling me how i could have done better if only i had done a lil bit of this or that.
aiyy aaiiyyy aaiiy.
enough already [ groan ]

yes yes i know.your greatness the big head found an awesome deal. you managed to get a bmw for 10k or watever. [ hey anon, this is a random number from the top of my head... don't beat me with a stick coz of it ] but this is the best i can negotiate ok? no i cannot play games , no i cannot haggle. and yes i tend to trust the most inappropriate ppl who then come to know wat a gullible idiot i am and yes i almost made the dealer salesman guy my best buddy of the week. but hey.
he's not THAT bad. infact he reminds me of my elder brother. wait. i don't have an elder brother. what i mean is if i had an elder.... ok now i'm rambling.

but you see?? how i get lost and all twisted and frazzed?? [ i invented that word btw so anon don't beat me up with a stick for this too... jeez man without the number of disclaimers i got to put here, it's almost taking the fun out of ..... ]

so that's why i want a good deal.

sigh. i wish i could tell you what exactly is happening in my life... but i can't.. well i can but i'm not supposed to. and besides you don't have time to listen to such a long story anyways :P


  1. OMG i'm the 4444th visitor.
    that's so freaky.

    i was also the 666th visitor :P
    i kind of like that number along with 13

  2. you mean friday the 13th?