Sunday, March 15, 2009

evERyOnE sHoULd dO it

i HAVE to be super smart coz M's dad would make us do this everytime we broke the rules...
he also kind of followed the musketeers philosophy.
one for all and all for one.

the corporal way

i lived in mortal fear of M's dad my entire childhood. i mean more than my own parents. hey! so my mom just hit me, but he would hit and then LECTURE. and usually the lecture would hit me on some level that i'd be bawling my eyes out in the first 10 minutes.


i never got over that. i'd like literally be quaking in my shoes whenever he entered the room. the only way i really got over it, was to move very far away and not meet him except in social occasions.
u weren't exactly free from terror even then. i remember this one time we had gone to his house. and within 15 minutes he had got the weighing scale out and he was checking all our weights.


the worst part was i had my other random friend with me. and he made her get on the scale too!!!

whoa. but mebe i'm smarter coz of all the baskis we did coz of him. that's what we called it back then. baski.
dumb name ha.

btw i started watching family guy and i think my intelligence is soon going to reach that of a rat.

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