Thursday, March 26, 2009

cOLd bEgiNniNgS

"aaah aaaah aaaachooo"
"bless you. how did you catch that cold anyways??"
"welllll.... so here's the thing. so you know how cold it was last night. and so today when i went to the car, it was all frosted up. and i didn't have a ice scraper yet. so i called up S and asked if i could come wit him and he was nice about it, but he asked me why. and i didn't really want to justify the reason i wanted a favour coz it always makes me feel so dumb. you know?"
"yeahhhhhh... go on"
"so i went back to my car in 10 minutes and by now it was mostly melted in the front and back and only side windows were frosted. and so i thought i could manage, but then after i started driving i freaked out coz i couldn't like.. see anything. so i rolled down the windows and came to office with my windows rolled down"
"your kidding right"
"no no but then it was soooo cold, so half way through where i knew i mostly only had to go straight from there, i rolled them back up. but then my fingers are frozen solid. coz u know i.. kind of.. scraped away the ice on the rear window using my fingers."
"what are you?? retarded???"
"i dunno. aaaaahh aaaaaaahhh aaaaaachooooo"

"but what did you do yest?"
"oh i had a horrible time. i got lost forEVER. i left home at 4:30 and reached my destination at 6:15. and that it was only 21 miles away !!" :O
"but i thought u had a GPS!!!"
"I KNOW!! I DO!!"
"my god. your insane."
"thnx. aaaaaachooo"
"so you got your thing done, right?"
"yeah. all by myselb doo. i'b so broud ob myselb" < sniff >

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