Thursday, March 26, 2009

LoOkiNG inSiDE yOu

its interesting to analyze people. to see what makes them tick.
and if they would listen/ have the patience... to hold up a mirror to show them what the world sees.

so for the last couple of days, they've been asking me to do a profile for each of them. and most have argued.... most needed clarification on what i meant. [ well coz most times my thoughts are so scrambled ] and sometimes i surprise them with wat i say. almost everyone starts out disagreeing [ coz we always feel so misunderstood don't we? ], till they realize that we're talking about the same thing. just that i wasn't so articulate about it. and then it's interesting to see the look of surprise or in the sound of their voice, when i say something that's so obvious to me, and they think they hide it so well.

do you really think your so hard to read?
do you really think your all that unique? that no one around on this planet can understand what you feel. has not gone through some of the same stuff.
ofcourse you ARE unique. atleast that's what everyone hopes :P
but life is all about paradoxes. all about contradiction. that's a fact. shrug. and till you get that, i'd still say u have growing up to do.

k i lost my train of thought. but all i know is i'd rather be writing /reading ppl than this program the ISP for distortion correction.

but man if there is one thing i know about myself. i really hate to be told i'm wrong when i think i know something. i really really dislike losing :P

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