Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sTOp tO tHiNk aboUT iT

500 odd posts and i'd still say we've just scratched the surface.
there's so much i wish i could say....

well anyways.

it's funny. i don't know half of anything about you. as much as you know about me. don't you find yourself fascinating??
aren't you amazed at your own neuroses? at how stupid or how wonderful you are?? what made you that way? with all your hangups and ocd's??
your stupid pjs and your funny bone?? with your nerves and that flash in your eye when something an especially touchy topic is mentioned.
that laugh, or giggle. or chuckle. or hopeless grin.

how can you not have stories to tell me?

O once said, everyone has a story.

i wonder what's yours??

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